The Walton Legacy (1997)

A look at the Hamner family of Schuyler, Va., the inspiration behind "The Waltons," and how this small-town family impacted the United States.

The Wanderer (1994)

The Wanderer is a fantasy drama television miniseries of a British origin, first transmitted on Sky One from 14 September to 7 December 1994, and comprising 13 hour-long episodes.

Savage Planet (2000)

The Earth's natural fury is revealed through a blend of eyewitness accounts and scientific data.

Zebra: Patterns in the Grass

Wildlife filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Johnson follow herds of zebras migrating across the plains of Africa.

Savage Seas (1999)

Ocean storms can build enormous power; global warming.

The War on Our Shores

Looks at German U-boat activity in U.S. coastal waters during World War II.

The Washington Opera Presents Le Cid (2001)

Placido Domingo sings the role of the hero in the company's production of Jules Massenet's 1885 masterpiece; Emmanuel Villaume conducts a combined orchestra; with Elisabete Matos, Hao Tang Tian. (French; English subtitles)

Zelig (1997)

Saved From the Wrecking Ball (2007)

The Farnsworth House near Chicago is a one-story structure of steel and glass, with geometric designs and transparent walls.

The Wayne Manifesto (1996)

A boy named Wayne and his friends explore the world around them.

Spira Mirabilis Joue La Symphonie N1 De Robert Schumann (2014)

Saving Our Reefs (2006)

The Key Largo Marine Sanctuary encompasses North America's only living coral barrier reef.

Our Life's Essential Information (2008)

Organizing medical, financial, legal and personal documents and data.


Sucré. Salé. Las Tartas de Osvaldo (2015)

The Welk Stars: Through the Years (2009)

Biographies of 18 solo and group artists from Lawrence Welk's musical program; host Mary Lou Metzger.

Our Mr. Sun (1956)

The rays of the sun affect the Earth. Live action/animated.

The Westerners

Savor the Southwest

Chefs prepare Southwestern dishes.

Our National Pastime (1995)

The Ohio Village Muffins re-create baseball games from the Civil War era.

Our Ohio (2005)

Lifestyles, heritage and culture of Ohio.

The Who at Kilburn 1977 (2008)

The group performs Dec. 15, 1977, at Gaumont State Theatre in London.

The Who: Live at Royal Albert Hall (2001)

The band performs with guests Bryan Adams, Noel Gallagher, Nigel Kennedy, Paul Weller and Eddie Vedder.

The Who: Tommy and Quadrophenia Live (2006)

Selected clips from The Who's rock operas include performances by Billy Idol and Elton John and a live version of "Quadrophenia."

The Whole Child: A Caregiver's Guide to the First Five Years (1998)

Instruction on fostering children's development.

Zolotye Parni (2005)

Zona de Impacto (2007)

The best of extreme sports with exclusive material about people, characters, and professions.

The Wiggles: Getting Strong! (2007)

New songs allow children to dance, play musical cushions, learn about the five senses and explore language.

The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends (1992)

The enchanted world of Peter Rabbit and the adventures within.

The World's Best Beaches (1999)

Touring the world's top beaches, from Brazil's Copocabana to Hawaii's Waikiki.

The World's Biggest Boy (2007)

Jambik, age 7 weighs as much as a baby elephant.

Outdoor Dreams (1999)

Outdoor Dreams is an exciting, entertaining and informative outdoor television show that targets the family and family entertainment through outdoor sports viewing.

The World's Deadliest Gangs (2002)

The most infamous and dangerous gangs.

Outdoor Family Adventures (2006)

Families experience outings together.

Outdoor GPS (2008)

Outdoor information source for Northwest hunters and fishermen. Owin and Dave take phone calls, answer viewer emails, talk to wild life experts and offer their own expertise.

The World's Greatest Fair (2004)

The 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, Mo.

Jérémie Rohrer dirige `Il Monde Della Luna' par Haydn à l'Opéra de Monte-Carlo (2015)

This opera was recorded on March 23, 2014, at the Opra de Monte-Carlo.

The World's Most Dramatic Police Chases (2002)

Host John Bunnell.

The World's Most Shocking Ads (2004)

A look at the rudest and the crudest commercials from around the world.

The World, the War, and Texas (2007)

Veterans and civilians provide accounts of World War II and its impact on life in Central Texas.

América por Dentro: Alaska, Hielo y Fuego (2015)

Outdoor Traditions (1994)

The Yorkshire Ripper (2005)

A profile of the infamous serial killer.

Outdoors With Archie Phillips

Outdoors in the Heartland (1996)

Hosts Bob Richardson and Larry Woodward present outdoor adventures.

Lo mejor de José Mota presenta (2015)

Science Mysteries Revealed (2015)

Show 50 Anos - Especial de Aniversário (2015)

Outerwear Sale (2000)

Science Quest (1996)

Iván Fischer Conducts Symphonies 1 & 2 By Brahms With The Budapest Festival Orchestra (2015)

Budapest Festival Orchestra with Ivn Fischer and Johannes Brahms.

Outlaws (1960)

Lawmen enforce law and order in the Old West.

1945: The Year That Changed the World (2007)

An account of what is regarded as the most fateful year in modern history.

1968: The Year That Changed America (1998)

Historical moments of 1968; Vietnam War; civil rights movement; assassinations of Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.

Outrageous Taxi Stories (2012)

Nine true stories concern New York City cabs.

1977 Portland Trailblazers: 7 Years to Glory (2008)

Commemorating the journey from the team's inaugural season in 1970 to the 1976-77 Portland Trail Blazers NBA championship.

Science in Focus: Shedding Light on Science (1999)

Then Came Bronson (1969)

The story of Jim Bronson, a young newspaperman who sets out on a cross-country quest by motorcycle to discover the meaning of life after his friend commits suicide.

Then Churchill Said to Me (1982)

Then Churchill Said to Me is a television comedy series starring Frankie Howerd and Nicholas Courtney. Made in 1982, the series was not screened until 1993.

Science of Crime (2011)

Series examining cases in which science was utilized to convict a violent criminal.

Science of Special Effects (2000)

Cinematic special effects come from varied fields, including medicine, aerospace, electronics and computing.

Over Alaska (2001)

A journey over Alaska by land and air features many areas not accessible to travelers and close-ups of bears, moose, eagles and whales.

Over America (1995)

Tom Skerritt narrates an aerial portrait of the United States that parallels its expansion westward. Produced in high-definition TV.

Science of Teaching Science (1999)

Over California (1994)

An aerial portrait of California's forests, deserts, mountains, cities and beaches. Produced in high-definition TV.

Over Canada

The changing seasons of many remote Canadian areas are filmed and set to the music of some of the country's most popular artists.

Science of the Deep (2000)

Exploring the mysteries of the ocean depths.

Over Ireland (1998)

An aerial view of the lush farmland, weathered bluffs, country cottages and Celtic monasteries of the Emerald Isle.

Hit-La Canción (2015)

Over the Heart of Alaska (1996)

A history of flying in the 49th state is interwoven with the personal stories of an air-taxi pilot, an Air Guard refueler and other fliers.

Intervención Caracas y Bogotá (2014)

Over the Rainbow (1993)

A woman lives in an apartment above a pub with her husband's best friend and her just-out-of-prison husband.

They Called Me Kathy (1999)

Katharine Hepburn narrates this autobiography filled with family films and re-enacted scenes retelling the story of her youth.

They Came for Good: A History of Jews in the United States (2001)

The influence of Jewish citizens in American life and Colonial politics following their arrival in Manhattan in 1654.

They Filmed the War in Color: France Is Free (2005)

The German Occupation to the aftermath of the Liberation of France.

Overland (2002)

Danza Colombia: Trayecto Indígena (2015)

Scorpions (1996)

Microfilming techniques and special effects illustrate survival techniques of the arachnid.

Cacá Bueno Contra el Mundo (2014)

Things We've Made (2003)

Products manufactured in Pittsburgh include rye whiskey, toys, pots and pans, steam engines and televisions.

Amjad Ali Khan `live' à la Philharmonie de Paris : Nuit du raga (2015)

Music and entertainment from Paris.

Lifetime Sports Academy: Where Everybody Wins (2005)

A summer program promotes sportsmanship and healthy lifestyles in children.

Scotland: The Land (1999)

Lift Every Voice (1999)

New York choirs sing spirituals and gospel. Includes a historical background of the music.

Agro Notícias

Scott Martin Challenge (2005)

Scott Martin and a challenger go head-to-head in a unique fishing tournament format.

Scottish Open Highlights (1996)

Wayne Riley triumphs.

This Is America With Dennis Wholey (1994)

News events and issues affecting America and the world.

Scottish Premier League Soccer (2007)

Scouting for Adventure (2008)

Descárate sin Evadir (2015)

Lighter Than Air (2000)

Scrapbook Memories (1999)

Scrapbooking techniques for chronicling family life and history.

This Is the Life (1996)

Solving problems with Christian solutions.

Lightning (2000)

The most-powerful electrical force on Earth.

Premio Iberoamericano de Cine Fénix (2014)

The first installment of American Award Phoenix Film, an independent recognition body that promotes the films made in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Twelve categories in competition.

P.D. James Mysteries (1994)

Police drama series based on the fiction of P.D. James.

Like Father Like Son (2005)

The ex-wife of a convicted serial killer believes her teenage son may be following in his father's murderous footsteps.

P.O.W.: Japan's Prisoners of War (2001)

Survivors of the Japanese POW camps reveal their harrowing memories.

This Week in Bible Prophecy

With hosts Peter and Paul Lalonde.