It's Such a Beautiful Day (2011)

A man struggles to salvage his shattered psyche.

Chopsticks (2019)

A gifted but insecure woman has a transformative experience when she asks a con man to help recover her stolen car.

Buffalo Rider (2016)

A rebellious Thai-American girl, sent to live with relatives in rural Thailand, clashes with an entire village when she befriends a mute boy and inspires him to compete in the annual buffalo race.

Danger Ahead (1935)

An armored car driver becomes the main suspect when a shipment of gold goes missing.

Hide and Seek (2016)

While living a comfortable life with his wife and child, a germophobic man realizes his estranged brother may have committed a terrible crime.

Trust Me (2015)

A huckster from small-town America goes to Hollywood to make his fortune.

Impulso (2018)

Choreographer Roco Molina creates a new show for the Thtre National de Chaillot in Paris.

Capes (2016)

When the city's superhero finds himself short a sidekick, he comes up with an unlikely solution to his staffing problems.

Goodbye, My Big Cat (2016)

A Chinese man travels to America to reunite with his first lover.

Give and Take (1928)

A linguistic anthropologist goes to a reservation to record indigenous songs for his research.

Lucid Dream (2017)

After searching for his abducted son for three years, a devastated father attempts to track down his missing child through lucid dreams.

M Seeking W (2015)

An artist suffers a creative crisis and believes the muse has abandoned him.

Old Man (2004)

A couple moves into a house where a murder took place.

Camp New: Humble Pie (2017)

Counselors at Camp New challenge each other in a duel of athleticism, pranksters steal pottery, and campers plan the fall extravaganza.

Better Angels (2018)

Filmmaker Malcolm Clarke compares the day-to-day lives of ordinary Chinese and American citizens.

TVTV: Video Revolutionaries (2018)

In the 1970s, video makers use the new portable video camera to document the world and create satirical shows about whatever interests them.

Zoe and the Astronaut (2018)

A woman who has Leukemia spends her last days showing an astronaut the wonders of Earth.

The Devil's Claim (1920)

A novelist uses his love affairs as inspiration.

Cremaster 1 (1996)

The position of the reproductive organs during the embryonic development process.

Some Prefer Cake (1998)

A woman wonders what life has to offer as she works in a warehouse while helping write jokes.

Naa Bangaaru Talli (2013)

Durga wants to pursue higher studies in Hyderabad. Unknown to her, her father Srinivasu is involved in people trafficking. Srinivasu's enemies end up kidnapping Durga and force her into prostitution.

La substància (2016)

In 2010, Chinese developers arrive in Cadaqués to research their plans to build a replica town as a holiday destination.

Fatma 75 (1975)

Fatma, a third-year university student, is followed on a journey of feminist discovery through the ages.

Lake Fear 3 (2018)

A demonic evil is unleashed and follows a man who recently escaped its clutches. Trying to evade the demon, the man hides in a bar with two women. It becomes a battle for survival as the evil spirit tries to collect the souls of three new victims.

The Empty Hands (2017)

Mari must defeat her late father's student in karate if she wants to succeed the dojo.

Gap-Toothed Women (1988)

An ode to a certain type of woman.

Same Time Next Week (2017)

A widow and a widower struggle to let go of the past as their friendship blossoms into romance.

Cat Skin (2017)

A shy photography student's life is illuminated when her voyeuristic nature leads her to a beautiful woman.

The Shop of Songbirds (2014)

A seller of songbirds rescues a magical bird.

I Feel Better (2018)

A man who suffers from severe back pain is unable to find a medical explanation for his ailment.

Quiet, Please (1939)

A temperamental film director is continually changing the script in the middle of production.

Our Century (1983)

A man paves his own way to his soul.

The Fourth Dimension (2001)

A meditation on time, travel and ceremony in the form of a journey..

Ice Cold In Phoenix (2004)

A man makes one final attempt to reconcile with his abusive father.

Wolfe (2018)

A woman plans out her death in front of her relatives.

Do You Know That Cats Sleep on the Roof (2015)

After being brutally assaulted by her boss, a waitress joins a group of female vigilantes.

Pretty To Think So (2008)

An unemployed banker falls for an attorney.

Mountains on Fire (1931)

During World War I, two former friends face off against each other in the Tyrolean mountains.

Memoir (2016)

A scientist is developing a cure for Alzheimer's disease when he receives a mysterious visitor.

The Black Sea (2015)

Five friends arrive at a beach house on the Oregon coast for a holiday weekend. Allison seems troubled, but the other four don't say a word or intervene until she suddenly disappears.

Small Town Christmas (2018)

Nell's last stop on a nationwide book tour takes her to Springdale, the hometown of Emmett, a young man she met while both were junior copy editors at a New York publishing company.

Lest We Forget (1935)

A history of Canadian involvement in World War I.

One and Many (2017)

Flies are drawn to a streetlight.

The Wild Pussycat (1969)

A woman seeks revenge for her sister's suicide.

Shiner (2004)

An insecure boxer turns the tables on his stalker.

Owned, A Tale of Two Americas (2018)

The dark history behind the U.S. housing economy.

Intimate Strangers (2018)

Four friends reunite after a long time and play a game to reveal each other's secrets.

Happy Face (2018)

A handsome teenager deforms his face and attends a support group for disfigured people.

Our Struggles (2018)

Olivier is a workaholic, but when his wife, Laura, vanishes from the family home, he must face up to his responsibilities to their two children.

The Laws of the Universe: Part 1 (2018)

University students secretly fight against reptilian aliens from outer space.

The Captive God (1916)

A Spanish boy finds himself in the jungles of Mexico after a shipwreck. He is rescued and raised by a tribe that has never seen a European before.

Against Wind and Tide: A Cuban Odyssey (1981)

Thousands of Cubans flee their country in 1980 during the Mariel boatlift.

Rupert of Hentzau (1923)

An actor returns to Ruritania to play the king once more.

Bitter Melon (2018)

When a Filipino-American family reunites for a Christmas party, the holiday takes a dark turn when they conspire to murder an abusive bully.

Dark Highlands (2018)

A Japanese artist visits the Scottish Highlands to paint but becomes the target of a sadistic killer. Alone, suffering from exposure and hunted, he must find a way to survive.

Goliath (2019)

A couple's love is tested when they discover they are about to become parents.

The God Inside My Ear (2017)

After experiencing a peculiar and sudden breakup with her boyfriend, a woman discovers a world of conspiracies, strange voices and horrifying visions.

Waiting for Waldemar (2017)

A German family moves to Canada during World War II.

Robot Wrecks (1941)

Kids build a robot to help them with their chores.

Oscillations (2017)

A man learns that a ghost is haunting is brother.

Crisis Jung (2019)

A brokenhearted hero pursues a quest to reunite with his lost love.

Old Man Football (2017)

Grown men and women return to Corpus Christi Carroll High School to play a football game against recent graduates and other younger alumni.

Glass Lips (2006)

A set of meditations and flashbacks of the grotesque.

The 420 Movie (2009)

Musicians have to find marijuana before 4:20 in the afternoon.

High Desert (1993)

Campers encounter a deadly biker gang.

In My Steps (2017)

Three people face their obsessions.

Quick Pick (2006)

A man scours Miami for a lost lottery ticket worth $135 million.

The Enchanted Cottage (1924)

When a disabled World War I veteran moves to a small cottage, he meets a plain and kind woman.

Robert Kennedy Remembered (1968)

Newsreel footage, archival stills and home movies of the senator.

Bodyslam: Revenge of the Banana! (2015)

Seattle semi-pro wrestlers fight to keep their league alive after a jilted newcomer turns them in for operating without a permit.

Winter Hunt (2017)

Lena lies her way into the Rossberg family home to get to a former Auschwitz guard.

The Dark Side of the Womb (2017)

The path to love is anything but smooth for two social outcasts.

Jackrabbit (2017)

An indigenous boy has a timely reconnection of culture and lineage when he runs away and encounters his uncle.

Retired (2017)

Gods among men shepherd forgotten spirits back home.

Missing Indigenous (2018)

Two detectives investigate the killing of a young woman marked with a killer's deadly signature.

Spy in Love (2016)

A retired intelligence officer searches for a missing airplane, unwittingly interrupting his grandson's wedding along the way.

Kingdom Of The Vampire (2007)

A man discovers his mother's grisly habit of murdering neighborhood children.

Incubus (2002)

A strange woman comes to take a painter's daughter to collect on a debt.

The Dragon's Blood (1957)

The legendary Siegfried becomes invulnerable after slaying a dragon with a magic sword.

Aulad (1968)

A poor couple gets separated from both their sons, while one of them is given up for adoption, the other one gets into trouble and runs away.

The Bridge Game (2003)

Four women gather every week on a bridge to remember their friend.

Red Cockroaches (2004)

As New York is ravaged by acid rain, a young man's banal life is interrupted by a young woman.

Human Hearts (1922)

A drag queen dazzles fans with impersonations of Diana Ross and Donna Summer.

I Am Somebody (1970)

In 1969, 400 underpaid black women go on strike to demand union recognition.

The Craven Sluck (1967)

A married woman becomes enamored with a mysterious man.

The Trade (2017)

Wrestler "Sick" Nick Mondo takes a look at his life, his legacy and his impact on a younger generation.

Mountain Fever (2017)

Held hostage in his own home, an incompetent Englishman is forced to team up with his captor to fight off the "survivors" of a fatal flu epidemic.

Scarecrows (2018)

After trespassing on farmland, vacationing teens are kidnapped and left to die in crop fields.

When the Old Phone Rings (2017)

A fraternity acquires an old mansion, unaware of its gruesome past. The first night in the new house may be the last for the fraternity members, as they begin receiving sinister prank calls.

The Face in the Wall (2017)

A cameraman witnesses a mysterious face emerge from a wall, but nobody believes him.

The Book of Birdie (2017)

An introverted girl sent to a convent begins to disrupt the lives around her.

A Zombie Movie (2009)

Two inept directors battle for power while their cast rises up against them.

Get You Back (2017)

A suicidal man and a waitress pull vengeful pranks on their enemies.

The Doll (2017)

A young woman purchases a doll with a secret hunger for blood off a street drifter, and is soon fighting for her life.

Wayne (2018)

Wayne Gardner's journey to become the 1987 World Motorcycle Grand Prix Champion.

In Extremis (2017)

A man and his family struggle to survive a cataclysmic storm that threatens to destroy everything around them.

Leprechaun Returns (2010)

Sorority sisters unwittingly awaken a depraved leprechaun who decides to teach them a lesson in murder.

We the People (2004)

A worldwide exploration of economics.

Winter Story (2016)

A desperate woman seeks revenge against the drunken driver who killed her family.