Och, Karol (1985)

Atlanta (2007)

De Rolling 2: Por el sueño mundialista (2014)

The Perfect Guy for My Girlfriend (2009)

Saxophone (1978)

Factory (2004)

Happy Man (2000)

Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa (2002)

Parlez-nous d'amour (1976)

Eva, the Factory Girl (1935)

On the Last Verse - A Small Film About Death (1999)

Achados e Perdidos (2007)

Madame de Sade (1992)

Sergeant Klems (1971)

Man Walking on Snow (2001)

Man Walking on Snow is a 2001 Japanese drama film directed by Masahiro Kobayashi. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival.

Exhibition on Screen: Vincent Van Gogh (2015)

The Cage (1975)

Okuni and Gohei (1952)

Les pyramides bleues (1988)

Gırgıriyede Şenlik Var (1982)

Mudiyanaya Puthran (1961)

Mudiyanaya Puthran is a 1961 Malayalam-language film, directed by Ramu Kariat. It stars Sathyan, Ambika Sukumaran, Kottayam Chellappan, P. J. Antony, J. A. R. Anand, Miss Kumari, Adoor Bhavani, Kedamangalam Ali, PA Thomas, Kambisseri Karunakaran, Thoppil Krishna Pillai and Adoor Bhasi. It was the film adaptation of the popular stage play written by Thoppil Bhasi in 1957. The film was shot at Vijaya and Vauhini Studios. It is one of the best social movies in Malayalam, which told boldly the real life struggles of workers, projected social evils like untouchability etc. It won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Malayalam.

A tiro limpio (1963)

Two Faces of the Dollar (1967)

Johnny Golden Poker (1966)

Dönerse Senindir (2016)

Hands of A Gunman (1965)

Hands of a Gunfighter is a 1965 Spanish-Italian western film directed by Rafael Romero Marchent.

The boy who couldn't swim (2012)

Renoir: Revered and Reviled (2016)

Karacaoğlan'ın Kara Sevdası (1959)

Red Quicksilver (2010)

Mikula and Mikulka (1988)

Here We Are (1978)

Siin me oleme! (Estonian; English: Here we are!) is an Estonian movie of 1979, written and directed by Sulev Nõmmik. The script was compiled on Juhan Smuul's motifs from Suvitajad (Estonian for Summer tourists).

Katastrofa w Gibraltarze (1983)

Yiddish Connection (1986)

Paddle to the Sea (1966)

Based on Holling C. Holling’s beloved Caldecott-awarded children’s book, William Mason’s stunning film follows the adventures of a tiny, wood-carved canoe as it forges its own path from Lake Superior through the Great Lakes and down to the Atlantic Ocean. Buoyed by beautiful photography and a sense of true wonder about the sun, Earth, and water, the Academy Award–nominated Paddle to the Sea is an unforgettable tribute to the forces of the natural world, as well as a thrilling journey across the waves and rapids of North America.

Tkies khaf (1924)

Scorpio Rising (1969)

Scorpio Rising is a 1963 American experimental short film directed by Kenneth Anger and starring Bruce Byron as Scorpio. Themes central to the film include the occult, biker subculture, homosexuality, Catholicism, and Nazism; the film also explores the worship of rebel icons of the era, such as James Dean and Marlon Brando. Like many of Anger's films, the film does not contain any dialogue; it instead features a prominent soundtrack consisting of 1960s pop, including songs by Ricky Nelson, The Angels, The Crystals, Bobby Vinton, Elvis Presley, and Ray Charles.

The So-Called Caryatids (1984)

Vingt-quatre heures de la vie d'un clown (1946)

Jackson Pollock: Love and Death on Long Island (1999)

La scuola più bella del mondo (2014)

I Got Plenty of Mutton (1944)

A wolf, deprived of meat by war rationing and starving, sees an article in the newspaper about a sheepdog leaving his flock to join the army and thinks it will be easy pickings...

Knife in the Back (1975)

Journey to Mars (2005)

Casper's Halloween Special (1979)

Casper's Halloween Special is a 1979 Halloween television special produced by Hanna-Barbera featuring Casper the Friendly Ghost and his friend Hairy Scarey from the animated series Casper and the Angels. The special was directed by Carl Urbano and premiered on NBC on October 30, 1979.

Once a Year It Does Not Hurt (2014)

Verônica (2009)

Badhuset (1989)

You're A Good Sport Charlie Brown (1975)

You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown is the 14th prime-time animated TV specials based upon the popular comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz. It was originally aired on the CBS network on October 28, 1975.

Rififi en la Ciudad (1964)

The Maid at the Helm (1911)

Microphone Test (1980)

Der Schatten des Meeres (1912)

Cock-a-Doodle Dog (1951)

After a long hard day of being a dog, Spike wants nothing more than to get some shut-eye. Unfortunately for him, the barnyard rooster just wants to crow all night, and the noise is keeping Spike up!

Le Dieu Saturne (2004)

Fishin' Around (1931)

Blue Eyed (1996)

Blue Eyed is a 1996 documentary film by Bertram Verhaag in which Jane Elliott is teaching a workshop on racism.

The Drunkard's Reformation (1909)

A Drunkard's Reformation is a 1909 American drama film directed by D. W. Griffith. Prints of the film survive in the film archive of the Library of Congress. Biograph advertised the feature as "The most powerful temperance lecture ever depicted".

Sancta Maria (1942)

Salaviinanpolttajat (1907)

Salaviinanpolttajat is a Finnish film made in 1907. While only 20 minutes in length, it is generally considered the first fictional film made in the country and as such, the starting point of Finnish cinema industry.

Late Summer (2001)

The Herring Murder Case (1931)

La tour (1928)

The Beach Party (1931)

La magia de Los Parchís (1982)

Cindy liebt mich nicht (2010)

Le Berceau de Cristal (1976)

Death and Devil (1974)

Van Gogh (1965)

Van Gogh is a 1948 short French film directed by Alain Resnais. It won an Oscar in 1950 for Best Short Subject (Two-Reel). It is a remake of a film made the previous year.

Bosphore (1964)

Traffic Troubles (1931)

Count Bobby, the Terror of the Wild West (1965)

No me pidas que te bese, porque te besaré (2008)

From Hare To Eternity (1997)

From Hare to Eternity is a 1997 Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam cartoon in the Looney Tunes series, directed by Chuck Jones. The voice of Bugs is performed by Greg Burson and the voice of Yosemite Sam is performed by Frank Gorshin.

The Deceased (1965)

Uomini senza donne (1996)

Ceremony (1994)

One Fine Day (1979)

Sparkling Fox (1994)

Sparkling Fox is a 1994 drama film directed by Wu Ziniu. It was entered into the 44th Berlin International Film Festival where it won an Honourable Mention.

Made in the USA (2001)

Un, dos, tres, al escondite inglés (1970)

The Weight Of Success (2019)

The Weight of Success is a “warts and all” documentary that chronicles the life and work of Dr. Angela Lauria, one of the fastest rising stars in the self-help and life coaching industries. Five years ago she was broke, she started a business to teach aspiring life coaches and self-help authors how to write a book that “makes a difference.” Now she is a multi-millionaire living in a castle and has helped over 500 authors complete their goal to finish writing their books. While her fans and supporters believe she may become the next Oprah Winfrey, her rapid success has cost her friendships, colleagues and strained family relationships. Is Life Coaching a Scam? Do they help or do they hurt? This documentary aims to inspire the audience to answer for themselves: are Life Coaches modern prophets or are they just concerned with profits? You decide.

I Was a Soldier (1970)

Made for Granada in 1970, I Was a Soldier was one of the few titles to deal explicitly with the Vietnam War at the time.

Ecce Homo - I Sopravvissuti (1969)

Newman Laugh-O-Grams (1921)

The Artist & The Pervert (2019)

Bosko the Speed King (1933)

Caravane (1934)

La 7ème cible (1984)

L'Arlésienne (1942)

L'Arlésienne is a 1942 French drama film directed by Marc Allégret, starring Raimu and a young Louis Jourdan. It is based on Alphonse Daudet's play of the same name.

The Ball Player and the Bandit (1912)

About Sidorov Vova (1985)

Small Town of Anara (1980)

Flacas Vacas (2012)

Critters: Bounty Hunter (2014)

Rebellion of Japan (1967)

Escape to Nowhere (1973)

Bosko the Drawback (1932)

Os Machões (1972)

Who the Hell's Bonnie and Clyde? (2004)