Sradha (2000)

A senior officer (Mohanlal) of an anti-terrorist wing fights criminals threatening national security.

East of Java (1935)

Castaways attempt to fend off attacks by the wild animals that were shipwrecked with them.

College Coach (1933)

To turn around its ailing football team, Calvert University hires James Gore (Pat O'Brien) -- a coach renowned for producing results. But his successes are often achieved at the expense of academic ethics. Gore uses cash to lure athletes to the team and cuts deals with teachers to pass his players. But one of the team's stars, Phil Sargeant (Dick Powell), doesn't like the game that Gore is running. Meanwhile, the coach's wife, Claire (Ann Dvorak), is looking elsewhere for romance.

Divine Waters (1985)

The career of John Waters, director of cult films, includes "Pink Flamingos" and "Polyester."

The Sleeping Beauty (1964)

The Kirov Ballet performs the fairy tale of Princess Aurora (Alla Sizova) and Prince Desire (Yury Solovyov), with music by Tchaikovsky.

Elephant Fury (1953)

City dwellers panic when a herd of escaped elephants goes on the rampage.

Boy (2009)

A poet sells his collectibles to hire a male stripper on New Years Eve.

The Magnificent Yankee (1950)

Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes (Louis Calhern) spends his leisure time at his home, where he entertains guests with the assistance of his loving wife, Fanny (Ann Harding). His most trusted friend is Judge Louis Brandeis (Eduard Franz), with whom he spends hours debating the law. When Fanny dies, Holmes is heartbroken and aimless, but he finds direction again by dedicating himself to his court duties and teaching the Harvard law clerks who come to work for him.

Avalanche (1969)

Assorted people are subject to a mass of loosened snow.

Die Todesstrahlen des Dr. Mabuse (1964)

The infamous doctor steals a device that will make him the ruler of men's minds.

La Scoumoune (1972)

A European gangster (Jean-Paul Belmondo) helps his framed friend (Michel Constantin) but then must deal with U.S. racketeers and the police.

Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man (1981)

A self-made Italian cheese manufacturer suffers personal and financial crises when his son is kidnapped.

After the Dance (1935)

An innocent escaped convict (George Murphy) finds refuge as part of a stage act with a cabaret dancer (Nancy Carroll).

Color of the Ocean (2012)

Two refugees arrive in the Canary Islands and interact with a tourist and a cop.

Ten Days Without Love (2001)

After his wife, Sara (Marcela Walerstein), leaves him for his own father, psychiatrist Miguel (Sergi Lpez) is given no time to recover when his mother-in-law, Elvira (Mara Jos Alfonso), arrives to visit, oblivious to the situation. While trying to hide his marital problems from her, Miguel tracks down troubled junkie Paquito (Javier Dorado), a patient who has stolen from him. Unable to retrieve the money, he forms an unlikely friendship with Paquito's sister, Jasmina (Mariola Fuentes).

The Lilac Bus (1990)

Life changes for five people and the driver (Con O'Neill) of their Dublin-to-Rathdoon weekend bus.

That's My Face (2001)

In 1996, the filmmaker journeyed to the city Salvador Da Bahia - the African heart and soul of Brazil - seeking the identity of the spirits who haunt his dreams. Twenty years before, his mother made a parallel journey when she migrated with the family to Tanzania, East Africa in search of a mythic motherland. Shot entirely on silent Super 8 film by three generations of an African American family, "That's My Face" creates a mythopoetic feast of self-discovery.

To Die Standing (1991)

An out-of-control federal agent (Cliff De Young) hunts a drug lord with a lawman (Robert Beltran) in Peru.

Derelict (1930)

Adventure follows a ship on its watery course between Latin America and the United States.

Trapped (2009)

As he prepares to celebrate the signing of an important contract, a wealthy businessman (Corbin Bernsen) faces betrayal from all sides.

Air: The Musical (2010)

Three stories follow people who feel disconnected and yearn to find their place in the world.

Daybreak (2003)

The lives of several residents (Pernilla August, Jakob Eklund, Marie Richardson) of a small Swedish town change over the course of 24 hours.

The Legend Of Suram Fortress (1986)

The Suram Fortress is in a constant state of construction -- that's because it's always crumbling just as they are about to complete it. Since the fortress will serve to defend the kingdom from foreign intruders, this is a serious problem. To solve this perplexing mystery, a young man visits a fortune teller (Veriko Andzhaparidze) who offers a startling proclamation: For the fortress to stand, someone must be buried inside it. Soon enough, the young man realizes that this person is him.

The Wall (1975)

Two brothers (Shashi Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan) head for a showdown when one becomes a policeman, and the other, a criminal.

Convict Stage (1965)

Outlaw Jeb Sims (Joe Patridge) and his brother, Johnny (Eric Matthews), rob a stagecoach and kill the sister of gunfighter Ben Lattimore (Harry Lauter). Hunting down the killers, Lattimore is shot by their mother. He recovers and pursues the brothers, finding them caught and en route to prison. The marshal escorting them convinces Ben to spare the Sims' lives and help bring them to justice. Unfortunately, the Sims' mother is also on board and armed, plotting to free her boys.

Limbo (2010)

A woman (Line Verndal) suffers an emotional breakdown after learning that her husband (Henrik Rafaelsen) has been cheating on her.

Power Play (2002)

Matt Nash (Dylan Walsh) is a Los Angeles reporter investigating a power plant that has been linked to the disappearances of three environmental activists. During his search for information, the city is plagued by huge earthquakes, which may be caused by a nuclear energy corporation's dangerous tests. With the help of scientist Gabriella St. John (Alison Eastwood), Matt must escape mysterious attempts on his life while trying to find the truth before it's too late for the people of California.

Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence (1939)

Joe (Glenn Ford), a clerk in New York City, hits the road to claim the land he bought in Arizona. But having spent all of his savings on the land, he must hitchhike. He meets a drifter named Tony (Nicholas Conte) and then Spanish refugee Anita (Jean Rogers). Together the three run into the "Professor" (Raymond Walburn), an erudite hobo. The quartet travel across the country, getting into scrapes, avoiding the police and encountering others hit hard by the Great Depression.

2012 Battle for Supremacy (2012)

Two men, an accused terrorist and a soldier, try to survive on a toxic planet after their prison transport crashes.

Inferno (1953)

When selfish and arrogant millionaire Donald Carson (Robert Ryan) fractures his leg during a desert vacation, his wife, Geraldine (Rhonda Fleming), leaves with their friend Joseph Duncan (William Lundigan) to supposedly get help. However, the two of them are really lovers who are leaving Carson to die in the heat. Slowly, Carson realizes he is on his own and vows revenge on the traitorous couple. Having had a privileged life, Carson must now use his wits to stay alive.

Stealing Time (2001)

Friends (Peter Facinelli, Ethan Embry, Scott Foley) graduate from college, move to Los Angeles and come up with a scheme to rob a bank.

The Devil's Pipeline (1940)

An engineer uncovers an oil boss's harsh treatment of his workers on a tropical island.

Mr. X in Bombay (1964)

Shobha Mathur's father is a professor who is carrying out experiments on various issues. One day while doing so, he makes an employee named Manohar drink a portion, which results in his death.

Simitrio (1960)

The adventures of a blind teacher who is a victim of endless practical jokes and mischief by his students.

Complexo - Universo Paralelo (2011)

Residents of Rio de Janeiro's most dangerous slum try to survive.

Blazing Guns (1943)

The governor sends the Trail Blazers (Ken Maynard, Hoot Gibson) to tame a cow town.

Deporting Prometeo (2009)

After Ecuadorians are arrested in an airport, authorities schedule their deportation.

Silent Witness (2013)

A London nobleman (Lionel Atwill) takes the blame and stands trial after his son strangles a lover (Greta Nissen).

Pale Blood (1990)

His search for a mate leads a vampire (George Chakiris) to Los Angeles, reportedly a site of vampire activity.

Dial Red O (1955)

Upon receiving a divorce summons, a patient escapes from a mental institution, only to become the prime suspect in his wife's murder.

La Sobrina del Señor Cura (1954)

A priest is in serous trouble and must discipline his troubled niece who acts up at all the local parties.

Gestacion (2009)

An unexpected pregnancy tests the relationship of a teenage couple (Adriana Alvarez, Edgar Romn).

I'm Not Like That No More (2010)

Felipe is a lazy 30-year-old who lives with his parents until he reconnects with a classmate named Jill who inspires him to turn his life around.

Nuit de la glisse: At the Very Last Moment (2012)

Extreme-sports aficionados ski glaciers in Greenland, surf off the coast of Portugal, race down mountains on bikes, and take on other thrilling escapades.

Beyond the 7th Door (1987)

An ex-convict (Lazar Rockwood) and his French-maid lover (Bonnie Beck) are trapped in a castle's chambers of terror.

Intimate Relations (1953)

A father and son both fall in love with the same woman, straining family ties.

Lemon (2011)

Performer and poet Lemon Andersen, who won a 2003 Tony Award, works on a show called "County of Kings."

Race (2007)

In the future, drivers compete in interplanetary car races that determine the fate of the universe.

Miss Tacuarembó (2010)

Based on the novel by Dani Umpi.

Vampira And Me (2013)

Filmmaker R.H. Greene delves into the rise and fall of actress Maila Nurmi, who gained fame as television icon "Vampira."

The Gay Desperado (1936)

Mexican gangster Pablo Braganza (Leo Carillo) plays by his own rules. When a movie theater owner stops an altercation by having famous singer Chivo (Nino Martini) entertain, Pablo kidnaps Chivo and takes over a radio station on his behalf. Later, inspired by the American gangster movies he loves, Pablo abducts two more innocents and set out to find American gangster Butch (Stanley Fields). His hope is that the American bad guy will teach him how to be more like screen mobster George Raft.

The Hiding Place (2000)

Family secrets and the onset of senility in his mother (Kim Hunter), about to be admitted to a geriatric hospital, weigh heavily upon a 49-year-old man (Timothy Bottoms).

Bang Rajan (2000)

In 1765, under the command of the new Burmese king, an army of warriors sets out to attack Ayutthaya, the previous capital of Thailand. However, while en route, the army faces a challenge they'd never anticipated in the village of Bang Rajan, where men and women take up arms against the invaders. Nai Than (Chumphorn Thepphithak) emerges as the leader in battle, but after he's injured, Nai Jan (Jaran Ngamdee) steps up to take control, while the other villagers contribute to the effort.

Fists Of Steel (1991)

The CIA pits two boxers against an international terrorist (Henry Silva) and his KGB-trained henchwoman (Marianne Marks).

Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh (1991)

A police detective (Jake Dengel) teams up with his buddy's daughter (Susann Fletcher) to investigate cult-ritual mutilations.

Ufo In Her Eyes (2012)

A Communist Party official launches a publicity campaign after a Chinese woman (Shi Ke) tells of seeing a UFO above their village.

Bananas! (2009)

Lawyer Juan Dominguez represents Nicaraguan produce workers who are suing Dole Food Co. over health problems they believe were caused by its use of a banned pesticide.

L'île de Black Mór (2004)

A teenager steals a map and sets sail to find the treasure of the notorious pirate known as Black Mor.

Antibody (2002)

Scientists use a tiny experimental craft to navigate through a terrorist's body to find and destroy a nuclear detonator.

Don't Get Personal (1936)

A pair of college rejects earn money by driving a woman from New York to Ohio in her dilapidated old car.

Deewana Mastana (1997)

A thief (Anil Kapoor) and a wealthy man (Govinda) both fall in love with a beautiful psychiatrist (Juhi Chawla).

God's Country (2012)

Meghan (Jenn Gotzon), a young and talented executive, goes to the Mojave Desert to convince a Christian landowner to sell his property. During her stay, she experiences a spiritual transformation and calls on her favorite investor to save the land.

Hella W (2011)

Estonian-born Hella Wuolijoki (Tiina Weckstrm) becomes a feminist writer, an intellectual and a liberal politico.

Waqt (1965)

Family members separated by disaster find their lives interconnect.

Strip-Tease (1962)

A ballet dancer living in Paris (Nico) accepts a job in a strip club and devises an act that captivates audiences and catapults her to stardom.

Million Dollar Weekend (1948)

An embezzler (Gene Raymond) woos a widow (Stephanie Paull) in Hawaii, then loses his loot to a bad guy (Francis Lederer) and tries to get it back.

Clash of the Wolves (1925)

A man (Charles Farrell) tames and befriends a wounded wolf.

Double Confession (1950)

Murder and blackmail mar a vacation for eight people at a seaside resort.

Cosmonaut (2009)

A Russian teen develops her ideals during the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States.

Ballistica (2009)

A man trains in a deadly form of hand-to-hand combat combined with firearms, then the CIA uses him as a weapon against terrorism.

Double Exposure (1944)

A magazine editor (Chester Morris) tries to establish the innocence of a photojournalist (Nancy Kelly) accused of murder.

Absent (2011)

Martin vies for the love and affection of Sebastian, his sports coach. Sebastian tries to keep Martin at arm's length as they inch closer and closer to crossing the line.

To Begin Again (1982)

A dying poet (Antonio Ferrandis) returns to Spain and reunites with his lover (Encarna Paso) from 40 years before.

The Last Movie (2012)

An actress turns the filming of a movie into a thriller of its own when she delves too deeply into a role.

The Immigrant (2005)

The shooting death of a migrant raises questions about the Mexican and American border crisis.

Doulos, the Finger Man (1961)

A gangster stool pigeon comes into conflict with a faithful member of the mob.

Killer Biker Chicks (2009)

When a band's car breaks down, the band gets caught in the crossfire of corrupt cops, the meanest killer biker chicks ever to ride the roads, and another gang of bikers.

Riders of the Rio Grande (1943)

The Three Mesquiteers (Bob Steele, Tom Tyler, Jimmie Dodd) spare a ruined banker who thinks they came to kill him.

What Becomes of the Children? (1936)

Neglected as children, two siblings lead troubled lives as adults.

Welcome to L.A. (1976)

Carroll Barber (Keith Carradine) is a noncommittal, independently wealthy musician who spends his time drifting about Los Angeles from bed to bed. Carroll jumps in and out of relationships with Ann Goode (Sally Kellerman), a real estate agent, and Nona Bruce (Lauren Hutton), the mistress of his father, to name a few. Also in Carroll's orbit is restless housewife Karen Hood (Geraldine Chaplin) and her husband, Ken (Harvey Keitel), an executive who works with the senior Barber.

Desert Vengeance (1931)

The bandit leader of a remote town falls in love with a deceitful woman.

We Were One Man (1979)

In 1943 after rescuing a wounded German soldier (Piotr Stanislas), a man (Serge Avedikian) becomes his friend and then his lover.

The Desperate Man (1959)

A reporter is forced outside the law when the jewel thief he was trailing abducts his partner.

The Sleeper's Wife (2010)

After learning about her husband's terroristic activities, a woman (Yvonne Catterfeld) tries to flee with her young son (Faraz Kafi).

Destination Unknown (1942)

Foreign spies and police pursue an attractive Dutch spy throughout Peking.

Drei (2010)

A bisexual man (Devid Striesow) has affairs with both members (Sophie Rois, Sebastian Schipper) of a longtime couple who have lost their sexual spark.

Small Creatures (2011)

Cracks appear in the friendship among three 14-year-old teenagers.

Tonight We Raid Calais (1943)

An English commando (John Sutton) spotlights a Nazi munitions plant for RAF bombers in France.

The Undying Monster (1942)

With its history of murder and suicide, the affluent Hammond family is seemingly cursed. When deaths on the British clan's estate draw the involvement of Scotland Yard, investigator Bob Curtis (James Ellison) arrives to look into the mysterious matter. Oliver Hammond (John Howard) and his sister, Helga (Heather Angel), are among the relatives who must contend their family's dark secret, which involves the legend of a werewolf. Can the macabre legacy of the Hammonds be stopped?

Fate of a Man (1959)

Based on a story by Mikhail Sholokhov. A man's spirit is tested by the horrors of war.

Tirando a Gol (1966)

The rivalry between the parents of a soccer team produces a romance.

Walk Tall (1960)

To keep peace an Army captain (Willard Parker) hunts an outlaw-gang leader (Kent Taylor) for raiding Indians.

Wolf Dog (1958)

An intelligent canine soothes tensions between farmers and ranchers disputing land rights in the Canadian frontier.

Blood on the Streets (1974)

An unlucky French gangster (Alain Delon) vows to avenge the slaying of his partner by a rival gang in 1930s Marseille.

You Have to Run Fast (1961)

Gangland killers catch up to a doctor (Craig Hill) hiding as a store clerk in a country town.

Ocean Frontiers: The Dawn of a New Era in Ocean Stewardship (2011)

Biologists, fishermen, farmers, industrialists and others collaborate to save the world's oceans from destruction.

Girl With Hyacinths (1950)

A porter tries to find out why a girl killed herself.

The Devil Pays Off (1941)

A former Navy man attempts to redeem his honor by exposing a shipping tycoon's dealings with the enemy.

Bienvenido-Welcome (1995)

The lover of a husband ruins his life, when she leaves in the mirror the message 'welcome to the world of AIDS.'

Smoky (1946)

Wandering cowboy Clint Barkley (Fred MacMurray) spots runaway horse Smoky and leads him back to his ranch. Owner Julie Richards (Anne Baxter) hires the drifter despite Clint's refusal to talk about his past. Clint tames the headstrong black stallion, and man and horse become close. When Clint fires ranch hand (and former partner in crime), Frank Denton (Bruce Cabot), he steals Smoky in retaliation. As Smoky is passed from one owner to the next, Clint searches for his companion.