My Brother's War (2005)

A woman disguises herself as a man and takes her brother's place in the Confederate Army.

The Guilty Generation (1931)

The rivalry between the Chicago-based family gangs of Mike Palermo (Leo Carrillo) and Tony Ricca (Boris Karloff) continues after Mike relocates to Florida. Mike's daughter, Maria (Constance Cummings), raised in a convent, loathes her father's criminal activities, despite living off the money he makes and enjoying the social status he cultivates. Maria soon meets Tony's son, Marco Smith (Robert Young), who has changed his name -- and the couple's ensuing romance challenges the long, bloody feud.

The Quick and the Undead (2006)

Bounty hunters protect surviving humans from hungry zombies after a viral apocalypse.

Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande (2011)

Criminals abduct a politician's son to use him against land grabbing by the Government.

Time of Indifference (1966)

A matriarch, her daughter (Claudia Cardinale) and a family friend (Shelley Winters) are courted to ruin by a schemer (Rod Steiger) in late 1920s Italy.

King of the Ants (1999)

A college football player's lack of field time displeases his ambitious father.

Two Minute Warning (1976)

The Los Angeles Police Department, led by Capt. Peter Holly (Charlton Heston), learns that a madman is planning to open fire on football fans in a packed Los Angeles Coliseum. Holly finds himself at tactical odds with SWAT commander Sgt. Button (John Cassavetes) as the fans -- including gambler Sandman (Jack Klugman), a pickpocket (Walter Pidgeon), car salesman Steve (David Janssen) and his girlfriend, Janet (Gena Rowlands) -- unknowingly risk their lives while the gunman takes aim.

The Other World (2001)

A woman (Marie Brahimi) tries to find her missing husband (Nazim Boudjenah) in Algeria where Islamic fundamentalism is sweeping the country.

Riders of the Range (1949)

A cowboy (Tim Holt) and his Irish-Mexican sidekick (Richard Martin) help a woman (Jacqueline Wells) whose brother is in debt.

Who Needs Bears? (2011)

Naturalist Alejandro searches for proof bears have returned to Spain's Asturias region, while his brother Guillermo becomes depressed about the planet's fate.

Street of Women (1932)

Dress designer Natalie Upton (Kay Francis) has been having an affair with married architect Larry Baldwin (Alan Dinehart). Larry wants his daughter, Doris (Gloria Stuart), to be old enough before he asks for a divorce from his wife, Lois (Marjorie Gateson), who takes no interest in him. Complicating matters is the fact that Natalie's younger brother, Clarke (Allen Vincent), and Doris are in love and plan to get married. Natalie must choose between what she feels is right and what she desires.

Unashamed (1932)

A debutante's (Helen Twelvetrees) brother (Robert Young) stands trial for killing her no-good lover.

Murder on the Waterfront (1943)

A Nazi spy tries to steal a top-secret Navy thermostat on the West Coast.

The King's Beard (2002)

In this animation, Rufus (Robin Edwards) heads to the Mirrored Kingdom to fulfill his dream of opening a barbershop. Unfortunately, he discovers that no one in the land gets a haircut, in honor of the unkempt hairdo of King Cuthbert (Peter Egan). But the king's mile-long beard isn't a style choice -- it's the result of a spell cast by his wicked brother, Jasper (Colin McFarlane). With the help of a wizard (Jim Broadbent), Rufus just might be able to free the king and get some customers!

Triple Threat (1948)

An arrogant college football player turns professional, taking his bad attitude with him.

The Road to Singapore (1931)

A doctor's wife (Doris Kenyon) falls for a playboy (William Powell) in a stuffy British colony in the tropics.

El Medico: The Cubaton Story (2011)

El Medico has to choose between serving the state as a doctor or fulfilling his dream of being an artist.

Spin the Bottle (2000)

Five friends in their 20s meet for the first time since childhood and learn painful secrets about one another.

Allegheny Uprising (1939)

In Colonial America, Jim Smith (John Wayne) leads a group, including the intense Janie MacDougall (Claire Trevor), that tries to figure out who is supplying the area Native American tribes with weapons. He suspects corrupt trader Ralph Callendar (Brian Donlevy), but does not have proof yet. Jim's accusations fall on deaf ears with unsympathetic British commander Capt. Swanson (George Sanders). Worse, Callendar, sensing that Jim is on to him, frames the hero for murder.

Best Friend (2005)

A vicious woman (Claudette Mink) terrorizes a friend (Megan Gallagher) who has a seemingly perfect life.

Lightnin' (1925)

Lightnin' Bill Jones (Jay Hunt) and his sidekick have dealings with a sheriff.

The Fantastic World of Juan Orol (2012)

Juan Orol has a life full of adventures until he gets into the filmmaking industry.

My Boyfriend's Back (1989)

The producer of a TV special reunites the Bouffants (Sandy Duncan, Jill Eikenberry, Judith Light), a 1960s girl group that had one hit.

Men Without Women (1930)

U.S. destroyers race to save the crew of a foundered submarine as the sailors (Kenneth MacKenna, Frank Albertson, Paul Page) hopelessly prepare to die.

Haunters of the Deep (1985)

Falling rocks trap men in a haunted Cornish tin mine.

The Towrope (2012)

A Colombian refugee tries to rebuild her life in a guest house on the shores of a lake in the Andes.

Curtain Call (1998)

Book publisher Stevenson Lowe (James Spader) isn't sure he wants to get married, despite the protestations of his girlfriend, Julia (Polly Walker). The closest he gets to making that kind of commitment is buying a house -- a purchase that, much to Julia's consternation, doesn't involve her. Still, Lowe isn't likely to get lonely in his new home because it's inhabited by two married ghosts, Max (Michael Caine) and Lily (Maggie Smith), who argue as much as they offer relationship advice.

The Kid Rides Again (1943)

William Bonney (Buster Crabbe), known as outlaw Billy the Kid, breaks out of jail, where he was being held for a crime he didn't commit. Tipped off by his friend Fuzzy Jones (Al "Fuzzy" St. John), Billy heads for a small town to find Mort Slade (I. Stanford Jolley), the man he believes framed him. Slade has been rustling cattle and then buying out ranchers who can't make their payments. Billy has a hard time convincing people that he's not the real outlaw, and must confront Slade himself.

Peloton (2011)

With the help of his best friend, Phil (K.C. Clyde) starts training and putting his life back together to become a competitive bicycle racer.

Singularity Principle (2012)

Consequences arise when scientists delve into parallel universes.

The Law vs. Billy the Kid (1954)

After riding into New Mexico, William Bonney (Scott Brady) and Pat Garrett (James Griffith) are hired by rancher John Tunstall (Paul Cavanagh). Bonney's hard work wins Tunstall over, but his romance with the old man's niece makes foreman Bob Ollinger (Alan Hale Jr.) jealous. Learning of Bonney's criminal past, Ollinger leads a posse against him that kills Tunstall instead. Bonney vows to avenge his boss' death, and his ensuing killing spree earns him the nickname "Billy the Kid."

The Seas Beneath (1931)

A World War I submarine captain (George O'Brien) learns news that may compromise his decision to attack a German vessel.

Who the Hell Is Juliette? (1997)

This documentary by cinematographer Carlos Marcovich details the unlikely friendship between Yuliet Ortega, a 16-year-old Cuban prostitute, and Fabiola Quiroz, a Mexican model, who met on the set of a music video on which Marcovich was working. Spanning almost two years, the film follows the pair to Mexico City, both U.S. coasts and Cuba, exploring each woman's attitude toward their absent father along the way. Marcovich organizes a reunion between Yuliet and her father in an emotional climax.

Miramar (1997)

A literature teacher, a producer and a glamorous actress help shape a young film director's (Joao Rebello) career.

King Arthur Was a Gentleman (1942)

Stationed in Africa, a British soldier (Arthur Askey) believes that he possesses King Arthur's famous sword.

The Fierce One (1974)

A boy raises a wolf cub, but when released into the wild, it returns to attack him.

Flatworld (1998)

A movie gangster terrorizes the world of paper cutting.

The Living Dead Man (1926)

A man (Ivan Mosjoukine) enjoys his newfound freedom when his family thinks he's dead, and he falls in love.

The Hidden Half (2001)

After reading her confessional letter, an Iranian judge (Atila Pesiani) discovers his wife (Niki Karimi) was a former militant.

Music From Another Room (1998)

As a young boy, Danny (Jude Law) helped deliver his neighbor's infant daughter, Anna Swann. Despite his various relationships, Danny's always felt that he was destined to marry Anna. Twenty-five years later Danny returns to his home town and runs into a full-grown Anna (Gretchen Mol). The only problem is that she is already engaged to Eric (Jon Tenney). Not one to give up on fate, Danny insinuates himself into Anna's family life, which forces him to contend with some rather eccentric characters.

Fire: Nature Unleashed (2004)

A forest ranger (Bryan Genesse) leads a group of hikers into an abandoned mine to escape a raging forest fire.

She Goes to War (1929)

A spoiled socialite (Eleanor Boardman) takes the place of her cowardly boyfriend (Edmund Burns) on a World War I battlefield.

Artemisia (1997)

An artist (Michel Serrault) encourages his daughter's (Valentina Cervi) delvings into areas previously forbidden female painters in 17th-century Rome.

Exotic World and the Burlesque Revival (2011)

Dixie Evans runs a museum in the Mojave Desert that features burlesque memorabilia, costumes and portraits of former stars.

Mausam (1975)

A doctor learns he fathered a child years earlier and tries to save her from a life in prostitution.

Pirates of the Prairie (1942)

An undercover marshal (Tim Holt) catches crooks posing as vigilantes.

The Masque of the Red Death (1964)

A tyrannical 12th-century prince is intrigued by a girl and takes her to live amid the immorality of his court.

XTC Just Don't Do It (2006)

A young girl (Sem Veeger) starts abusing drugs while taking dance lessons.

Captains of April (2000)

Before the 1974 overthrow of facism in Portugal, a teacher (Maria de Medeiros) begs her minister brother to help two of her students, who are being held by the secret police.

Black Sheep (1935)

A gambler (Edmund Lowe) and his girlfriend (Claire Trevor) meet his long-lost son on a cruise ship.

The Wings of the Dove (1981)

A 20th-century prostitute arranges for an actor to romance her lonely and terminally ill daughter in Venice.

The Imported Bridegroom (1989)

A Jewish landlord (Gene Troobnick) brings a scholar (Avi Hoffman) from Poland to marry his daughter (Greta Cowan) in circa-1900 Boston.

The Game (1989)

During the mayoral election in New York City, Leon Hunter (Curtis Brown), a talented African-American advertising executive, agrees to work on the campaign of candidate Carl Rydell (Carolina Beaumont). Rydell is a white bigot with reactionary views and seems the polar opposite of Hunter. His friends are appalled at his apparent lack of ethics, but Hunter, ever the master strategist, has an ace up his sleeve that may ultimately help the black candidate in the race.

Coming Apart (1969)

An obsessed psychiatrist (Rip Torn) secretly films himself and neurotic women in his apartment.

The Stranger I Married (2005)

After a near-fatal car crash, a man awakens from a coma with no memory of his wife (Wendy Crewson) and children.

Who the Hell's Bonnie & Clyde? (2005)

On the run after stealing a fortune in cash, young lovers hide out in a crumbling industrial town.

The Crazy Stranger (1997)

Seeking a folk singer, a Frenchman (Romain Duris) takes up with a drunkard (Izidor Serban) and a peasant woman (Rona Hartner) in a wintry Romanian village.

Bade Ghar Ki Beti (1989)

Mala is a poor girl who marries into a wealthy family at the behest of a patriarch. However, after his death, she must deal with abusive relatives and yet strive to restore harmony in the family.

Paradise Canyon (1935)

Rough-and-tumble federal agent John Wyatt (John Wayne) receives an unusual undercover assignment: He must infiltrate the ranks of an Arizona-based medicine show. Wyatt's boss suspects the show's shifty-eyed proprietor, ex-convict Dr. Carter (Earle Hodgins), of running a massive counterfeiting operation. With the full cooperation of the local authorities, Wyatt poses as a sharpshooter and begins his investigation -- only to fall for Carter's beautiful daughter, Linda (Marion Burns).

La Mujer Policía (1987)

A housewife decides to change her life and enlist in the Police Academy and uncovers a gang of exploiters.

Law of the Badlands (1950)

Texas Rangers (Tim Holt, Richard Martin) catch counterfeiters for the Secret Service.

Autumn Sun (1996)

Middle-aged Clara (Norma Aleandro) is a single Jewish woman living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After posting an ad in a newspaper, she is taken with one of the respondents, Raul (Federico Luppi). Despite initially hitting it off, Clara shuns Raul when she discovers he isn't Jewish, but soon regrets her actions and attempts a reconciliation. When Clara's brother, to whom she's lied about having a boyfriend, plans to visit, she recruits Raul to stand in, and soon the two fall in love.

Ya Nunca Más (1984)

A young singer with an excellent voice loses his mother and then has to face the amputation of his leg.

Keep the Aspidistra Flying (1997)

When successful advertiser Gordon Comstock (Richard E. Grant) abruptly walks away from his career to pursue his dream of being a poet, his path is much more difficult than expected. At first encouraged by a prior publishing of his work, Comstock has trouble finding work, and soon financial problems begin to pile up. Also frustrating is that his former co-worker and girlfriend, Rosemary (Helena Bonham Carter), seems uninterested in sex, although she does stand by him despite his struggles.

Una Estrella y Dos Estrellados (1960)

Tin Tan wants to be a star, but is rejected by the filmmakers, while the woman he is in love is chosen.

Thumb Tripping (1972)

Two hippie hitchhikers (Michael Burns, Meg Foster) meet characters on the road in late-1960s California.

The Sterile Cuckoo (1969)

Uptight college freshman Jerry Payne (Wendell Burton) finds a carefree friend in zany Pookie (Liza Minnelli). After an awkward meeting on the bus, where they are headed to different colleges, Pookie quickly works her way into Jerry's life. She makes an unannounced visit to Jerry's campus, and before long annoyance turns to affection, and friendship turns to romance. But with Pookie's increasingly neurotic behavior, how long can this love affair last?

A Sailor-Made Man (1921)

A young, love-struck millionaire (Harold Lloyd) is smitten by a prudent young woman (Mildred Davis) right before he makes the most important decision of his life. He joins the Navy, in part to improve his standing with his love's spit-and-polish man of a father (Noah Young). When she is kidnapped by a sadistic maharajah, the inexperienced hero leaps into action to save his bride to be from peril. The maharajah's minions have other ideas, however, and the young officer's toughness is tested.

Chicago Cab (1998)

A nameless Chicago cab driver (Paul Dillon) picks up more than 30 different passengers over the course of a typical December day. Many of his fares are rude, from the evangelical Christians who force their small daughter to try to convert him, to the couple who pretend to have sex in the back seat. The driver tries to maintain his calm even as the passengers drive him crazy. As the day progresses, he tries to intervene, wondering how to help some of the mistreated women he picks up.

Loving Memory (1971)

The late Tony Scott's first feature-length film tells the story of an isolated brother and sister living with painful memories and a dark secret on the Yorkshire Moors.

Phantom (2000)

A trash collector (Ricardo Meneses) obsesses over a motorcyclist (Andre Barbosa) and embarks on a series of homosexual encounters.

Girl Model (2011)

Filmmakers chronicle a 13-year-old Russian girl's experiences as she tries to fulfill her dream of becoming a model in Japan.

Janam Janam (1988)

A man recollects a past life and tries to solve a murder.

El Hijo de Pedro Navaja (1987)

The son of a pimp and a prostitute hones his switchblade skills to defend women from harm.

I've Gotta Horse (1966)

An irresponsible pop singer avoids rehearsals for his upcoming show to play with his animals.

Reflections of War (2007)

Two stories of war in Europe alternate between 1943 and 1993.

This Man Can't Die (1969)

A lawman (Guy Madison) finds his parents slain, his partner (Pietro Martellanza) held hostage and his town corrupt.

Western Code (1932)

Tim Barrett (Tim McCoy), a renowned lawman, rescues Patty from a ruffian and saves her brother from being lynched.

Actors and Sin (1952)

Two parts: "Actor's Blood," about an actor (Edward G. Robinson) covering up for his daughter (Marsha Hunt) ; "Woman of Sin," about a frantic Hollywood agent (Eddie Albert).

Buster & Chauncey's Silent Night (1998)

Two 19th-century Austrian mice evade a voracious cat, aid a kidnapped orphan, foil thieves and help create a holiday classic.

Tear Gas Squad (1940)

A nightclub singer (Dennis Morgan) joins the police force to impress a policeman's (John Payne) girlfriend (Gloria Dickson).

Homemade Hillbilly Jam (2005)

Three Ozark Mountain families come together to perform foot-stomping music for the masses.

State Department: File 649 (1949)

An American agent dedicates his efforts to curtailing the activities of a nefarious Chinese military leader.

School for Sex (1969)

An Englishman (Derek Aylward) bilked by his ex-wives offers to teach young women how it's done.

South Seas Adventure (1958)

Several people have amazing experiences from Hawaii to New Zealand.

Julie & Jack (2003)

The seemingly perfect love between a computer chip salesman (Justin Kunkle) and a software developer (Jenn Gotzon) is put to the test.

Remolino (1961)

The story of a woman who plays with the feelings of two men, making them fall in a whirlwind of passion.

The Ship That Died of Shame (1956)

After World War II, veteran George Hoskins (Richard Attenborough) persuades his skipper, Bill Randall (George Baker), to use their old naval ship for a small-time smuggling operation. But the nefariousness of their activities soon increases, and the men begin shipping dangerous weapons. Around that time, the ship begins to revolt against the veterans that it led through the war, breaking down at inopportune moments, almost as if to express its disapproval.

Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus (2011)

Filmmakers Fritz Heede and Nijole Sparkis show that Jesus is not a historical figure and he was invented by Caesars using pagan myths.

The Ritual (2000)

Nightmares haunt an archaeologist who is searching for an ancient Celtic relic.

Han Matado a Tongolele (1948)

Mysterious events occur in a theater after the famous dancer Tongolele announces her retirement in order to get married.

Love and Learn (1947)

A New York socialite (Martha Vickers) plays working girl around two struggling songwriters (Jack Carson, Robert Hutton).

Naughty or Nice (2012)

Krissy Kringle (Hilarie Burton) receives Santa's naughty or nice book by accident and starts exposing the naughty deeds of people around her.

Barney: Mother Goose Collection (2011)

Barney and friends have fun with classic nursery rhymes.

The City of Your Final Destination (2007)

An academic (Omar Metwally) goes to Uruguay to persuade the heirs of a deceased author to grant him permission to write the man's biography.

Family Secret (2009)

Geno reunites with his family after his grandmother's death, then something terrible happens: Her spirit returns to butcher family members with a meat cleaver.

Max & Mona (2004)

A South African villager (Mpho Lovinga) is accompanied by a troublesome goat as he makes his way to Johannesburg to study medicine.

Stolen Hours (1918)

Diana falls in love with her friend's brother and leaves when she finds out he is married.

Get Rich Quick (2004)

A corrupt detective's interrogation of a surfer exposes the Emerald City's underbelly.

Jack in the Box (2008)

Six people play a deadly game of musical chairs to entertain Junior. Whoever is left standing is brutally killed until only one player is left.