Low & Peachy (2015)

A sarcastic loser gets help putting his life back together.

Handle With Care (2017)

An oil worker has a difficult time relating to his adopted son after his wife dies. In desperation, he takes his son on a trip to Colombia to find his biological mother.

Christmas Apparition (2016)

A mother works hard to make a beautiful Christmas while her children freeze in their house.

The Gentleman (1994)

After facing a tragic incident in the past, a middle-class businessman, Vijay, lives a secret life as a thief and robs the affluent to help the underprivileged. He carefully eludes the police forces at several instances.

De Pernas pro Ar 2 (2012)

A married woman succeeds in business but fails emotionally and sexually. However, her neighbor, who owns a store that has erotic products, fails at business but succeeds emotionally and sexually.

O Concurso (2013)

Four people are going to take an exam in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The four of them decide not to study and spend the weekend prior to the exam exploring the city.

Higher Than the Sky (1989)

Kishan falls for a woman whom he rescues from some gangsters and she gets pregnant with his child. However, circumstances lead Kishan to jail and she ends up marrying a policeman. Years later, Kishan is back in her life pitted against her husband.

El 5 de Talleres (2015)

An Argentine soccer player realizes that his career has come to an end, and he must face real life with a new trade away from sports.

Joseph (1995)

The biblical son of Jacob escapes from treachery and slavery to deliver his people from famine.

1 Percent (2017)

When the leader of a motorcycle gang is released from prison, he must fight his former deputy for control of his turf in an epic clash of gang warfare and personal rivalry.

Battle (2018)

When her father loses his fortune, a young woman's life is turned upside down; amid the chaos, she meets a street dancer who teaches her how to become her true self.

Victoria Gotti: My Father's Daughter (2019)

Based on the novel by Victoria Gotti.

Fourth Quarter (2018)

A star high school athlete has to fight for his future and his life when a new girl makes an accusation.

Because of Soccer (2008)

After losing a bet on the World Cup, two hapless brothers have to use their limited wits to pay off their debt to a bookie.

Out of Blue (2018)

Mike Hoolihan is an unconventional New Orleans cop investigating the murder of renowned astrophysicist Jennifer Rockwell, a black hole expert found shot to death in her observatory. As Mike tumbles down the rabbit hole of the disturbing case, she finds herself grappling with increasingly existential questions of quantum mechanics, parallel universes, and exploding stars - cosmic secrets that may hold the key to unraveling the crime, while throwing into doubt her very understanding of reality.

Magnificent Sinner (1959)

Shortly before his assassination, Czar Alexander II (Romy Schneider) falls in love with a schoolgirl (Curt Jurgens).

Sambandh (1969)

A man learns that the woman he loves is about to get married.


Crónica del sufrimiento que soportaron José y María con Jesús de 7 años al huir de los asesinos del rey Herodes.

Weak Spot (1975)

An innocent tourist agent is accused of belonging to an underground resistance and has to play a cat and mouse game with the secret police.

Almost There (2016)

Three men search for happiness in the twilight of their lives.

Tanks for Stalin (2018)

Russia deploys a new cutting-edge tank against the Nazis.

5 Star Christmas (2018)

The Premier of Italy and his companion find a dead body in their hotel suite while on a trip to Hungary. As they try to avoid a scandal, they become embroiled in a series of comedic situations.

The Oddsockeaters (2016)

Small creatures that live alongside humans love to eat one sock from every pair they find.

Ek Aur Mahasangarsh (2011)

Three youngsters sharing a common career goal find themselves entangled in the problems of two star-crossed lovers. Their lives take a dramatic turn when they try helping the couple.

Insaniyat ki Jung (1997)

Despite his parents' wish to get him married, a man finds it difficult to finalize a bride for himself. Things seem to change after Lakshmi enters his life, but his fate has other plans.

Birth Reborn 3 (2018)

A look at a So Paulo birth center, featuring interviews with mothers, doctors and midwives.

Forbidden Cuba (2016)

Gil Bigelow, an American businessman, is sent on a covert mission to Cuba to find an executive gone rogue and plant the seeds for future business expansion. On arrival, Gil quickly gets swallowed in the unknowns of Havana. Traveling deeper into the island, he's stripped of his routines, gadgets, and bearings, and he finds his eyes opened to the vibrant culture of Cuba -- challenging his corporate directives, his identity and everything he's known.

Vidrohi (2002)

Devan is accused of murdering Jeeva, a photographer, as a video recording of the murder shows a man like him. When a CBI officer nabs Devan, he learns some bitter facts that makes him help the latter.

Lal Patthar (1971)

A teetotaller falls in love with a courtesan, brings her home and breaks his abstinence. Years later, he marries a girl half his age, but is jealous and vengeful when he discovers about her past.

Nene Raju Nene Mantri (2017)

Jogendra decides to become a politician for the sake of his wife Radha's happiness. However, as time passes, his ambitions lead him to get deeply embroiled in the world of dirty politics.

He vuelto (2018)

Mussolini returns to Italy 72 years after his death.

Angel Face (2018)

A woman decides to abandon her young daughter after a night of drunken excess.

Copy (2018)

A man uses his lookalike robot to strike a balance between his married life and an extramarital affair. However, this gives rise to various complications as the robot tries to get rid of him to be with his wife forever.

Ezequiel Campa: Live and on Weed (2019)

The Argentine comedian explores various topics.

Super Shastri (2012)

Subramanya, who belongs to a priest family, falls in love with Sowmya, the daughter of a village gangster. To impress her family, Subramanya turns from a priest to a gangster.

Sounds of Paris (A Conversation With Elie) (2018)

A philosophical conversation with a young man at a cafe in Paris.

Roads in February (2018)

After the death of her father, a young woman travels to Uruguay to visit with her paternal grandmother, who she hasn't spoken to since she immigrated to Canada. She is received coolly, and the village she grew up in now seems mundane and unfamiliar.

Love, Romance & Chocolate (2019)

An American chocolatier enters a contest to become the chocolatier for the royal family of Belgium. While she's focused on winning the contest, the ad exec in charge of contest publicity ends up winning her heart.

Aliens Stole My Virginity (2009)

A woman hires filmmakers to investigate her alien abduction.

Emergency (2018)

Several young black and Latino friends carefully weigh the risks of calling the police during an emergency.

Days After Your Departure (2018)

A man questions the meaning of his own existence.

Moths & Butterflies (2017)

A socially awkward man decides to try to live a little.

Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People (2018)

Hungarian immigrant Joseph Pulitzer becomes one of America's most feared and admired newspaper moguls and a crusader for freedom of the press.

Vaanam (2011)

The lives of five individuals living in different places converge at a point, resulting in the transformation of their persona and purpose.

Toofan: One Man Army (2004)

Udhaya and Vasanthi love each other, but when he learns that she is engaged to another, he moves to another city. Here he is framed for a crime; Vasanthi finds out and sets out to prove his innocence.

Broken Hill Blues (2012)

Young people cope with life in a small Swedish town known only for its cold weather and iron mines.

Foreclosed (2013)

When a husband and wife have financial problems, they must face the foreclosure of their home.

Sueo mgico (2018)

A magician loses control of everything in his act, including the rabbit.

Is There a Picture (2019)

The formation and growth of the art form known as photoconceptualism in Vancouver.

Who Will Write Our History (2018)

In November 1940, days after the Nazis sealed 450,000 Jews in the Warsaw ghetto, a secret band of journalists, scholars and community leaders decides to fight back. Led by historian Emanuel Ringelblum and known by the code name Oyneg Shabes, this clandestine group vows to defeat Nazi lies and propaganda, not with guns or fists but with pen and paper.

Chains of Love (2013)

A woman attempts to surprise her boyfriend but catches him with another girl.

It Grows Dark (2016)

A man's hellish journey begins with a drawing of a demented teddy bear.

Rendez-vous à Kiruna (2013)

A workaholic architect receives a phone call from the police asking him to travel to Sweden to identify his son's body.

Parenthèse (2016)

Hoping to reconnect with their youthful enthusiasm, three 50-something friends embark on a sailing tour of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Party's Over (2018)

Two women establish a bond of friendship that extends beyond the walls of an addiction treatment center.

Mexicanos de bronce (2016)

After repeatedly being in and out of prison, three men try to move forward and make sense of their lives by forming a band.

Lord & Master: The Movie (2018)

A wealthy, charismatic part-time detective unravels a dark family secret while investigating a terrorist organization.

Flow (2017)

A man's secrets threaten to ruin his marriage.

Close (2019)

After an attempted kidnapping, a counter-terrorism expert is assigned to safeguard a wealthy young heiress.

Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip (1940)

Mickey Mouse stuffs Pluto into a suitcase to sneak him aboard a train.

SpacePOP: Princess Power (2017)

Five teenage princesses disguise themselves as intergalactic pop stars to resist an evil empire and spread the joy of music, beauty and freedom.

Alice at the Store (2017)

A 92-year-old woman visits the same pub every day.

American Dreaming (2017)

Undocumented immigrants lobby for the right to attend public universities.

Aswang Next Door (2017)

A man believes he's a child-eating monster, so he informs his pregnant neighbor.

Whisper of Horror (2016)

A woman discovers that her new husband has some serious control issues.

Hoai (Ongoing, Memory) (2017)

A woman breaks up with her longtime girlfriend and moves back in with her father.

The Hideout (2014)

Five thieves take refuge in a cabin as an epidemic begins to spread.

The Last Tip (2016)

An old man reminisces about the past while visiting his favorite restaurant one last time.

The Pea Shooter (2017)

Two children form a deep bond despite their different religions.

Christmas Eve (2018)

Strangers share an unexpected moment on a cold night.

Bis zum Horizont, dann links! (2012)

Bored retirees decide to steal an airplane and fly to the Mediterranean.

6 Models in Hell (2012)

Six models meet at a Philadelphia warehouse to audition for a fashion show. To their horror, they realize that they've actually walked into a sadist's trap, and he intends to torture each of them.

AKA Amber (2016)

A formerly homeless teenager faces a difficult decision.

The Box (2017)

An old man traps a mouse in a cardboard box.

Red and Silver (2016)

Two birds help each other survive the winter.

Postpartum (2016)

A good mother would never hurt her children.

Trap (2016)

Best friends fall in love with the same woman.

Panaah (1992)

Four ruffians are changed by their encounter with an innocent child.

The Numbered Hours (2017)

A man who only has a few months to live returns home and tries to regain the love and trust of his estranged family.

Oomai Vizhigal (1986)

A 1986 Tamil crime drama starring Vijayakanth.

Hope (2016)

A young man hits rock bottom and has nowhere left to turn. With the loss of all hope, desire and motivation, he slowly builds his life back up through faith and trust in God.

Saint Martin De Porres (2019)

The life and mystical revelations of Saint Martin de Porres, the 17th-century model of Christian love of neighbor.

True Love Waits (2013)

A display maker believes she's being sabotaged by a younger co-worker.

Vellum (2018)

A woman gets stuck ride-sharing with a violent white supremacist.

La Vague (2015)

Three witches try to save their home from a flood.

The Challenger Disaster (2019)

The untold true story.

Lili (2016)

A girl sits on the roof of a crumbling house, guarding her treasured belongings.

Andrej (2014)

A glass of water completely changes a man's life.

Acuario (2016)

An orange fish attempts to thrive in a damaged ecosystem.

Second Skin (2016)

A girl wears a cardboard box everywhere she goes.

Shadow Fighter (2018)

An inner-city teen forms an unlikely bond with a homeless ex-boxer.

The Passport (2017)

A man wakes up in a large city, and he's bruised and doesn't have any memories. As he tries to figure out what happened to him, things take a violent turn as he learns who he really is.

Losing Hearts (2009)

In 1870s France, a young boy witnesses his father transition from a strong patriot into an enemy collaborator.

Picnic on the Grass (1959)

A scientist believes that love and sex will prove the downfall of the human race until he meets a woman and a wizard.

Show Down (2016)

Two rich businessmen will do anything in their power to put a stop to the relationship between their children.

Baked Pears (2013)

A man accidentally hits someone with his tractor.

What Next (2016)

A radio host who acts tough talks about seeing her parents' volatile marriage as a child and how the experience has led to troubling consequences in her adult life.

Vanjagar Ulagam (2018)

A man is accused of killing his neighbor, and a journalist uses the crime to lure a gangster out.

Webcast (2018)

When a student filmmaker suspects that her neighbors are involved with the abduction of a teenage girl, she begins to run surveillance on them and soon finds herself caught up in a world of old religions and dark witchcraft.

Suburban Coven (2018)

Newlyweds who are seeking help for their sexual dysfunction are pulled into a dangerous game with their neighbors that may cost them their lives.