Ya Nunca Más (1984)

A young singer with an excellent voice loses his mother and then has to face the amputation of his leg.

Keep the Aspidistra Flying (1997)

When successful advertiser Gordon Comstock (Richard E. Grant) abruptly walks away from his career to pursue his dream of being a poet, his path is much more difficult than expected. At first encouraged by a prior publishing of his work, Comstock has trouble finding work, and soon financial problems begin to pile up. Also frustrating is that his former co-worker and girlfriend, Rosemary (Helena Bonham Carter), seems uninterested in sex, although she does stand by him despite his struggles.

Una Estrella y Dos Estrellados (1960)

Tin Tan wants to be a star, but is rejected by the filmmakers, while the woman he is in love is chosen.

Thumb Tripping (1972)

Two hippie hitchhikers (Michael Burns, Meg Foster) meet characters on the road in late-1960s California.

The Sterile Cuckoo (1969)

Uptight college freshman Jerry Payne (Wendell Burton) finds a carefree friend in zany Pookie (Liza Minnelli). After an awkward meeting on the bus, where they are headed to different colleges, Pookie quickly works her way into Jerry's life. She makes an unannounced visit to Jerry's campus, and before long annoyance turns to affection, and friendship turns to romance. But with Pookie's increasingly neurotic behavior, how long can this love affair last?

A Sailor-Made Man (1921)

A young, love-struck millionaire (Harold Lloyd) is smitten by a prudent young woman (Mildred Davis) right before he makes the most important decision of his life. He joins the Navy, in part to improve his standing with his love's spit-and-polish man of a father (Noah Young). When she is kidnapped by a sadistic maharajah, the inexperienced hero leaps into action to save his bride to be from peril. The maharajah's minions have other ideas, however, and the young officer's toughness is tested.

Chicago Cab (1998)

A nameless Chicago cab driver (Paul Dillon) picks up more than 30 different passengers over the course of a typical December day. Many of his fares are rude, from the evangelical Christians who force their small daughter to try to convert him, to the couple who pretend to have sex in the back seat. The driver tries to maintain his calm even as the passengers drive him crazy. As the day progresses, he tries to intervene, wondering how to help some of the mistreated women he picks up.

Loving Memory (1971)

The late Tony Scott's first feature-length film tells the story of an isolated brother and sister living with painful memories and a dark secret on the Yorkshire Moors.

Phantom (2000)

A trash collector (Ricardo Meneses) obsesses over a motorcyclist (Andre Barbosa) and embarks on a series of homosexual encounters.

Girl Model (2011)

Filmmakers chronicle a 13-year-old Russian girl's experiences as she tries to fulfill her dream of becoming a model in Japan.

Janam Janam (1988)

A man recollects a past life and tries to solve a murder.

El Hijo de Pedro Navaja (1987)

The son of a pimp and a prostitute hones his switchblade skills to defend women from harm.

I've Gotta Horse (1966)

An irresponsible pop singer avoids rehearsals for his upcoming show to play with his animals.

Reflections of War (2007)

Two stories of war in Europe alternate between 1943 and 1993.

This Man Can't Die (1969)

A lawman (Guy Madison) finds his parents slain, his partner (Pietro Martellanza) held hostage and his town corrupt.

Western Code (1932)

Tim Barrett (Tim McCoy), a renowned lawman, rescues Patty from a ruffian and saves her brother from being lynched.

Actors and Sin (1952)

Two parts: "Actor's Blood," about an actor (Edward G. Robinson) covering up for his daughter (Marsha Hunt) ; "Woman of Sin," about a frantic Hollywood agent (Eddie Albert).

Buster & Chauncey's Silent Night (1998)

Two 19th-century Austrian mice evade a voracious cat, aid a kidnapped orphan, foil thieves and help create a holiday classic.

Tear Gas Squad (1940)

A nightclub singer (Dennis Morgan) joins the police force to impress a policeman's (John Payne) girlfriend (Gloria Dickson).

Homemade Hillbilly Jam (2005)

Three Ozark Mountain families come together to perform foot-stomping music for the masses.

State Department: File 649 (1949)

An American agent dedicates his efforts to curtailing the activities of a nefarious Chinese military leader.

School for Sex (1969)

An Englishman (Derek Aylward) bilked by his ex-wives offers to teach young women how it's done.

South Seas Adventure (1958)

Several people have amazing experiences from Hawaii to New Zealand.

Julie & Jack (2003)

The seemingly perfect love between a computer chip salesman (Justin Kunkle) and a software developer (Jenn Gotzon) is put to the test.

Remolino (1961)

The story of a woman who plays with the feelings of two men, making them fall in a whirlwind of passion.

The Ship That Died of Shame (1956)

After World War II, veteran George Hoskins (Richard Attenborough) persuades his skipper, Bill Randall (George Baker), to use their old naval ship for a small-time smuggling operation. But the nefariousness of their activities soon increases, and the men begin shipping dangerous weapons. Around that time, the ship begins to revolt against the veterans that it led through the war, breaking down at inopportune moments, almost as if to express its disapproval.

Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus (2011)

Filmmakers Fritz Heede and Nijole Sparkis show that Jesus is not a historical figure and he was invented by Caesars using pagan myths.

The Ritual (2000)

Nightmares haunt an archaeologist who is searching for an ancient Celtic relic.

Han Matado a Tongolele (1948)

Mysterious events occur in a theater after the famous dancer Tongolele announces her retirement in order to get married.

Love and Learn (1947)

A New York socialite (Martha Vickers) plays working girl around two struggling songwriters (Jack Carson, Robert Hutton).

Naughty or Nice (2012)

Krissy Kringle (Hilarie Burton) receives Santa's naughty or nice book by accident and starts exposing the naughty deeds of people around her.

Barney: Mother Goose Collection (2011)

Barney and friends have fun with classic nursery rhymes.

The City of Your Final Destination (2007)

An academic (Omar Metwally) goes to Uruguay to persuade the heirs of a deceased author to grant him permission to write the man's biography.

Family Secret (2009)

Geno reunites with his family after his grandmother's death, then something terrible happens: Her spirit returns to butcher family members with a meat cleaver.

Max & Mona (2004)

A South African villager (Mpho Lovinga) is accompanied by a troublesome goat as he makes his way to Johannesburg to study medicine.

Stolen Hours (1918)

Diana falls in love with her friend's brother and leaves when she finds out he is married.

Get Rich Quick (2004)

A corrupt detective's interrogation of a surfer exposes the Emerald City's underbelly.

Jack in the Box (2008)

Six people play a deadly game of musical chairs to entertain Junior. Whoever is left standing is brutally killed until only one player is left.

Pierre and Marie (1997)

Pierre Curie (Charles Berling) meets his future wife (Isabelle Huppert) in Paris, and together they juggle the rigors of science and family.

Chlorox, Ammonia and Coffee (2004)

A pregnant, single woman robs a convenience store after she is abandoned by a man.

Out of Season (1998)

Forced to care for her dying uncle (Dennis Fecteau) in suburban New Jersey, a city woman (Carol Monda) falls for his female friend (Joy Kelly).

Miracle in Soho (1958)

An Italian girl (Belinda Lee) falls in love with a road-gang worker (John Gregson) in the Soho district of London.

Whatever (1999)

A computer programmer (Philippe Harel) and a 28-year-old (Jos Garcia) with no sexual experience have no friends and only bad luck with women.

Shelter (2003)

Three inner-city teens stay in a beach house, and when jealousies erupt, their makeshift family is put to the test.

Naughty or Nice (2004)

A Chicago shock jock's (George Lopez) new persona has an impact on a young listener with a life-threatening illness.

Finding Preet (2005)

A successful Indian-American woman tries traditional and modern methods to find true love.

Don't Look Down (1998)

Haunted by visions of her sister's violent death, a woman (Megan Ward) seeks treatment for fears of meeting a similar fate.

The Gentleman Bandit (2002)

A criminal gets out of jail and finds out his double-crossing partner (Peter Greene) is now a policeman.

Alias the Champ (1949)

Gorgeous George gets framed for murder in the ring as part of a plot by gangsters to cash in on wrestling money.

Cathy's Curse (1977)

An 8-year-old girl (Randi Allen) becomes possessed, through a rag doll, by her demonic aunt.

Bad Girls Dormitory (1984)

A blonde (Carey Zuris), a brunette (Teresa Farley) and a redhead (Natalie O'Connell) are prisoners of a reform-school headmistress.

Rogues' Gallery (1968)

A private eye gets in trouble when he tries to help a woman in distress.

The War of the Volcanoes (2012)

Ingrid Bergman and Anna Magnani film rival productions.

Absent (2010)

Filmmaker Justin Hunt examines the problem of fathers who abandon their children.

This Space Between Us (1999)

A young filmmaker (Jeremy Sisto) struggles to get over his wife's (Vanessa Marcil) death while trying to make it in Hollywood.

Las Movidas del Mofles (1987)

Alcohol flows freely amongst a hard-drinking mechanic (Rafael Incln) and his buddies.

Detention (2011)

A teenage outcast (Shanley Caswell), her friend (Josh Hutcherson), a nerd (Aaron David Johnson), and other students face terror from a serial killer who targets high-school students.

Goldirocks (2003)

A promiscuous woman (Sasha Ormond) tries to sleep with three members of a music group.

Finding Home (2012)

Katie tells Wesley a secret while camping and runs away into the woods when he gets angry. Wesley finds her hours later and they make up -- but neither of them can remember how to get back.

The Red Dwarf (1998)

A lonely dwarf (Jean-Yves Thual) turns violent when a torrid affair with a business client (Anita Ekberg) ends.

Zapata en Chinameca (1970)

An old man remembers Emiliano Zapata, the Mexican revolutionary who defended the rights of the peasants.

You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet (2012)

A who's-who of French actors are summoned to hear the reading of a playwright's last will and testament. They are asked to view a recording of a play in which all have starred over the years, and as video rolls, they all act out their old roles.

When Love Comes (1998)

A has-been Australian singer (Rena Owen) seeks consolation from a gay friend (Simon Prast), who has a crisis of his own.

About Sarah (1998)

A young woman (Kellie Martin) decides whether to continue her medical career or care for her mentally impaired mother (Mary Steenburgen).

In the Flesh (1999)

A policeman (Ed Corbin) falls in love with a student (Dane Ritter) who is working by night as a male prostitute.

El Caballo del Diablo (1975)

An evil man is dressed in black and rides his horse of the same color to make abominable and illegal things.

Me (1968)

Abandoned by his mother, a 10-year-old (Michel Terrazon) exhibits disturbed behavior in a succession of foster homes.

Karroll's Christmas (2004)

A greeting-card writer (Tom Everett Scott) wants to renew his grouchy neighbor's holiday spirit after a misguided visit from Christmas ghosts.

Rotation (1949)

A mechanic withdraws from reality after the Nazis take away his neighbors.

I Love You All (1980)

Alice (Catherine Deneuve) is a beautiful French career woman who has avoided a committed relationship by having a series of lovers over the years. For one holiday, she invites four of her past flames over to dinner on the same evening. Reuniting with Patrick (Grard Depardieu), Simon (Serge Gainsbourg), Julien (Jean-Louis Trintignant) and Claude (Alain Souchon) all at once proves to be both awkward and enlightening, both for Alice and her former beaus.

Children of Hannibal (1997)

Unable to find work, Domenico (Silvio Orlando) decides to rob a bank and flee to Switzerland. When his plan goes awry, Domenico takes businessman Tommaso (Diego Abatantuono) as a hostage. Facing financial problems and trapped in a loveless marriage, Tommaso is eager to escape from Italy and convinces the hapless Domenico to journey with him to Egypt. Joined by Tomasso's policeman lover, Orfeo (Flavio Insinna), the trio hits the road to get out of Italy.

Council of the Gods (1950)

International corporations collude with Nazi Germany before and during World War II.

Piernas Cruzadas (1984)

A Spanish Flamenco dancer and a shy girl with similar appearances, switch identities.

2103: The Deadly Wake (1997)

A security officer (Michael Par) clashes with a freighter captain (Malcolm McDowell) ordered to dump toxic waste in the ocean.

The Old Barn Dance (1938)

Mr. Thornton (Ivan Miller), the wealthy owner of an exploitative tractor company, drives horse breeder Gene Autry (Gene Autry) and his faithful sidekick, Frog Millhouse (Smiley Burnette), out of business. Thornton swindles the townspeople and -- to add insult to injury -- secretly signs on as the underwriter of Autry's new singing cowboy radio show. After angry listeners confront him about his affiliation with the tractor company, Autry struggles to stop Thornton and clear his own sullied name.

Requiem for Murder (1998)

Anne Winslow (Molly Ringwald), a late-night deejay at a classical music station, becomes the object of one of her listener's affections. At first, the mysterious fan sends her flowers, but then starts killing people. Police Detective Lou Heinz (Christopher Heyerdahl) and his partner, Samantha Parks (Lynne Adams), investigate the murders linked to Winslow, compiling a long list of suspects that includes an amorous co-worker and a belligerent music teacher.

La Leyenda del Bandido (1944)

A wicked soldier becomes obsessed with an engaged woman and plots how to eliminate the innocent boyfriend.

Shoot Out at Big Sag (1962)

In Montana, a gun-toting preacher wants to run some transplanted Texans off of some coveted real estate.

Prime Time (2008)

Youths who participate in a macabre TV program kidnap a man and his girlfriend, a psychologist who works with victims of terrorism.

Deadfall (2012)

A village schoolteacher (Vera Tschechowa) flees from gangsters with a smuggler (Rutger Hauer) who becomes her lover.

The Day Christ Died (1980)

This film follows Jesus Christ (Chris Sarandon) in a moment-by-moment depiction of his final day. After being betrayed by his disciple Judas Iscariot, Jesus is arrested as a blasphemer and brought before Pontius Pilate (Keith Michell), Roman governor of Judaea, who gives the Hebrew people the option of saving either Jesus or a thief named Barabbas. The people choose to save Barabbas, which leads to Jesus' torture and eventual death on the cross.

Group Marriage (1972)

A complicated juggling of bed partners ultimately leads to a double menage a trois.

Night in London (1967)

A woman joins forces with a syndicate member to overthrow a crime lord.

One Man Force (1989)

Suspended by his boss (Ronny Cox), a big Los Angeles detective (John Matuszak) is hired to solve a rock star's kidnapping.

Eventual Salvation (2008)

An 80-year-old grandmother returns to Monrovia, Liberia, to rebuild her home after the civil war.

West of the Brazos (1950)

Two Irish cowboys (Jimmy Ellison, Russ Hayden) take an oil-rich ranch away from outlaws.

Academy of the Muses (2015)

University of Barcelona philology professor Raffaele Pinto leads a simulating college seminar on women's roles in inspiring art and historical literary muses, which is attended entirely by actresses.

Long Time Since (1998)

A mysterious man (Julian Sands) helps a troubled artist (Paulina Porizkova) recall a car accident she may have had years earlier.

Broth of a Boy (1960)

An Irish codger (Barry Fitzgerald), 110, wants a piece of the action for doing a British producer's TV show.

The Flying Ace (1926)

When a war hero returns to his former job as a railroad company detective, he must capture a gang of railroad thieves and recover $25,000 of company cash.

Passion Flower (1986)

An expatriate U.S. banker (Bruce Boxleitner) joins a Singapore tycoon's (Nicol Williamson) married daughter (Barbara Hershey) in love and hatred of her father.

Sun (1997)

A Jewish surgeon (Roger Hanin) recalls teen years in World War II Algeria, during which his mother (Sophia Loren) raised the family in his father's (Philippe Noiret) absence.

Leona Helmsley: The Queen of Mean (1990)

The story of the New York hotel owner (Suzanne Pleshette) is told, from 1953 to her tax-fraud case with husband Harry (Lloyd Bridges).

The United States of Albert (2005)

In the 1920s, Albert (ric Bruneau) sets off from Montreal for Hollywood, intent on a career playing heroes in the movies. Along the way, he finds himself embroiled in numerous adventures, including an encounter with Jack (Roy Dupuis), a ladies' man golfing his way through West Coast deserts. He also meets and falls in love with a radical Mormon, Grace (milie Dequenne), who believes polyandry is the answer to polygamy. Then he's forced to be a real-life hero at a California train stop.

Gypsy (1993)

Ambitious stage mother Rose Hovick (Bette Midler) wants desperately for her daughter, June (Jeffrey Broadhurst), to become the vaudeville star she never was. With the help of savvy but kind-hearted agent Herbie Sommers (Peter Riegert), Rose realizes her aspirations for June, but when her new star rebelliously elopes, June's shy sister, Louise (Cynthia Gibb), reluctantly steps into the spotlight, transforming herself into the legendary burlesque star Gypsy Rose Lee.

The Soldier's Tale (2007)

People discuss war's devastating effects on soldiers.

Big Town Czar (1939)

A racketeer's (Barton MacLane) younger brother (Tom Brown) quits college to join him and ends up killed by a rival gang.

A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Wicked Wives (1993)

The lawyer (Paul Sorvino) borrowing Perry's office defends the widow (Kathy Ireland) of a fashion photographer (Eric Braeden) with four ex-wives.

The Big Pond (1930)

A singing Frenchman (Maurice Chevalier) meets an American heiress (Claudette Colbert) and gets a job at her father's (George Barbier) chewing-gum factory.

South of the Border (1939)

Secret agent Gene Autry (Gene Autry) and partner Frog (Smiley Burnette) are sent to Mexico on a dangerous mission. There Gene takes a liking to a local lady named Dolores (Lupita Tovar). But, when his bosses reveal to Gene his task, he's stunned to learn that the target of his criminal investigation is his new love's brother, Andreo (Duncan Renaldo). The job takes Gene and Frog to the island of Palermo, Italy, where they discover that greedy Andreo's dealings are about to foment a war.