Valley of the Eagles (1951)

A Swedish scientist (John McCallum) and policeman (Jack Warner) track the scientist's wife, assistant and invention into Lapland.

5 Time Champion (2011)

A teen (Ryan Akin) begins to question his own sexuality while the adults around him are mired in romantic entanglements of their own.

Tomorrow at Ten (1964)

A British policeman (John Gregson) tries to find a rich man's (Alec Clunes) son before a kidnapper's (Robert Shaw) time bomb blows.

Roar of the Press (1941)

A police reporter (Wallace Ford) suspects that a suicide may be murder.

The Courtship of Andy Hardy (1942)

In the small town of Carvel, the family of Judge Hardy (Lewis Stone) welcome eldest daughter Marian (Cecilia Parker) back from New York but are dismayed when she takes up with the local "wolf." Hardy then asks his son, Andy (Mickey Rooney), to take out Melodie Nesbitt (Donna Reed), a teen at the center of a custody dispute. When Melodie develops a crush on him, Andy gets nervous. Meanwhile, Mrs. Hardy (Fay Holden) nervously suspects that she's being cheated on a mail-order gift for the judge.

The Great Dan Patch (1949)

After the death of his father, a horse trainer, scientist David Palmer (Dennis O'Keefe) devotes himself to Dan Patch, a harness-racing horse. When the horse's driver takes ill, David drives Dan to a record time at a Kentucky track. When David refuses to sell the farm, his wife (Ruth Warrick) divorces him. With his attention now focused on his horse, David grows closer with trainer Cissy Lathrop (Gail Russell). As they fall in love, Dan Patch tries for racing glory.

Rose of Cimarron (1952)

A marshal (Jack Buetel) tries to head off a cowgirl (Mala Powers) on a manhunt to avenge her Indian foster family.

Kurtulus Son Durak (2012)

Neighborhood women try to cheer up psychologist Eylem, a newcomer to the building who was recently dumped by her boyfriend.

Big and Hairy (1998)

A boy (Robert Burke) recruits a young sasquatch onto the local basketball team, with unforseen results.

Mirror of Death (1987)

Beaten by her boyfriend (John Reno), a woman (Julie Merrill) uses voodoo to become beautiful and lure men to death.

The Lone Rider in Ghost Town (1941)

A cowboy (George Houston) must protect gold prospectors from murderous racketeers.

Summer Job (1989)

Coeds (Amy Baxter, Sherrie Rose, Cari Mayor) cavort with guests and co-workers while working at a Florida resort.

The Siege of Sidney Street (1960)

A police inspector (Donald Sinden) tracks down Russian anarchist Peter the Painter (Peter Wyngarde) and his gang in circa-1911 London.

The Mango Tree (1977)

As World War I rages in the distant background, Jamie Carr (Christopher Pate) passes through the last year of high school in what he's always thought of as his quiet Queensland town. But his opinion of it changes dramatically when the rantings of a loose-cannon preacher (Gerard Kennedy) rile up the townsfolk in ways he didn't think possible. Jamie soon finds himself inadvertently swept up into a manhunt, and in the process decides that city life might be more to his liking.

Tremendo Amanecer (2004)

A vampire prowls the streets for blood and the reincarnation of his dead lover.

The Killer (2006)

Cab driver Nikhil becomes witness to a spree of killings by a ruthless contract killer.

Valentino Returns (1989)

A '50s teen (Barry Tubb) with a pink Cadillac courts a farmer's daughter and tries to keep his father (Frederic Forrest) out of trouble.

I Am a Dancer (1972)

The profile of Kirov Ballet defector Rudolf Nureyev includes dance scenes with Margot Fonteyn, Carla Fracci, Lynn Seymour.

Rio Sonata: Nana Caymmi (2010)

The life and career of Brazilian singer Nana Caymmi.

Long John Silver (1954)

Sulking in a Panama tavern after the events of "Treasure Island," Long John Silver (Robert Newton) learns that a rival pirate has kidnapped the governor's daughter and Jim Hawkins (Kit Taylor). After convincing the governor that only a pirate can catch a pirate, Silver sets out to rescue Jim, who has a medallion showing the location of hidden treasure. Silver tries to return to Treasure Island but is marooned with Jim on Socorro Island, where the foiled and angry kidnapper is hiding.

Sachaai (1969)

Long-separated friends meet after several years, each unaware that one is a criminal and one is a police inspector.

Assault of the Party Nerds (1989)

Coeds (Michelle Bauer, Linnea Quigley) go all out at a rush party to help a four-man fraternity lure new members.

Isle of Darkness (1997)

After learning of several suicides, a teacher (Sofie Grbl) begins to suspect a killer is responsible.

Dushman (1990)

A father and son were separated because of a local gang; years later the father seeks revenge.

Dance Hall (1929)

A shipping clerk (Arthur Lake) spends his lunch money on a ballroom dancer (Olive Borden), who falls for a pilot.

Thomas (2001)

The Apostle Thomas (Ricky Tognazzi) questions the resurrection of Jesus (Danny Quinn) and sets forth to investigate.

Frontera (1980)

A pair of misfits experience romance, but dangerous, exciting, surprising and violent events threaten it.

Bleacher Bums (2002)

A businessman, two gamblers, a blind man and other loyal fans cheer for a woeful Chicago baseball team.

The White Lioness (1996)

A small-town Swedish cop (Rolf Lassgrd) discovers a mysterious connection between a woman's death and an assassin.

Dr. Minx (1975)

A small-town doctor (Edy Williams) becomes a suspect while probing her rich husband's mysterious death.

War and Love in Kabul (2009)

Hossein and Shaima struggle to keep their love while living in constant fear of reprisals from the male members of their families.

Caesar Must Die (2012)

Inmates in a high-security prison prepare for a public performance of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar."

Alive (2002)

A man (Hideo Sakaki) battles an alien organism that jumps from body to body.

Strangers May Kiss (1931)

After years of fighting off the advances of her old flame Steve (Robert Montgomery), Lisbeth (Norma Shearer) settles into a steamy, casual romance with journalist Alan (Neil Hamilton). Against the advice of her happily married aunt Celia (Irene Rich) -- who encourages her to demand a serious commitment -- Lisbeth continues to see Alan, even after she hears he may have a wife in France. When Alan's work sends him abroad, a lovesick Lisbeth struggles to understand her feelings.

A Song Is Born (1948)

A group of music professors, including Frisbee (Danny Kaye) and Magenbruch (Benny Goodman), are writing an encyclopedia of music. A pair of window washers introduces the duo to a pioneering musical form called jazz. Frisbee and Magenbruch start going to nightclubs to hear the new sound and become involved with club singer Honey Swanson (Virginia Mayo), who is running from police because they want her to inform on her gangster boyfriend, Tony Crow (Steve Cochran).

Get That Man (1935)

A private eye (E. Alyn Warren) forces a limousine-taxicab driver (Wallace Ford) to pose as a lost heir.

Remembering the Cosmos Flower (1999)

Though classmates persecute a schoolgirl who has HIV, a close friend remains true to her.

Mars Needs Women (1966)

Five ambassadors from Mars, led by Dop (Tommy Kirk), come to Earth in search of one thing: women. Because of a strange genetic defect, Mars women can produce only males, and their species is now on the verge of extinction. The Martians court all likely candidates, such as a stripper (Bubbles Cash), a flight attendant (Donna Lindberg) and a doctor (Yvonne Craig). Some red-blooded American men, however, are not happy about this scheme and aim to stop it.

The Given Word (1962)

Ze do Burro considers his donkey to be his best friend. So, when the beast falls ill, Ze swears an oath that if his donkey recovers, he will carry a cross across the country and give his land to the poor.

Going Wild (1930)

Rollo and Lane get off a train in a town where an air ace is supposed to perform. When someone mistakes Rollo for the daredevil pilot, he has to figure a way out of the predicament.

Yeh Saali Zindagi (2011)

Two gangsters commit a blunder and get their love lives entangled with their criminal deeds.

Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker! (2002)

A candy addict and her friends battle zombies for a load of Halloween treats.

The Last Flight (1931)

American pilots (Richard Barthelmess, Johnny Mack Brown) surround a single woman (Helen Chandler) in Paris after World War I.

Secret Enemies (1942)

After the death of a close friend who worked as a secret agent, Carl Becker (Craig Stevens) is spurred to leave his law practice and girlfriend (Faye Emerson) behind to avenge the death of his lost confidante. Becker goes deep undercover to hunt out a dangerous nest of Nazis led by the notorious Dr. Woodford. However, this daring American finds more than he bargained for when he discovers his duplicitous lady love is in league with America's enemies.

Subway to the Stars (1987)

A Brazilian musician scours the Rio shantytowns and poor suburbs in a desperate search for his missing girlfriend.

The Letter for the King (2008)

Sixteen-year old Tiuri risks his future as a knight to fulfill a promise and discovers adventure, honor and love along the way.

Beresina or the Last Days of Switzerland (1999)

Russian student Irina (Elena Panova) is desperate for a Swiss passport, and gets her opportunity when she's sponsored by attorney Alfred Waldvogel (Ulrich Noethen) and fashion designer Charlotte De (Geraldine Chaplin). Of course, they have their own motives -- namely, transforming the girl into an upscale prostitute who specializes in servicing the lewd desires of Switzerland's elite. But, when the pair break their promise to Irina, she begins a battle that may end up toppling the government.

Tainted (1984)

A small-town teacher's (Shari Shattuck) husband (Gene Tootle) dies killing a prowler; her sister-in-law (Park Overall) helps her hide the bodies.

Road (2002)

A stranded motorist (Manoj Bajpai) menaces the two unwary lovers (Vivek Oberoi, Antara Mali) who stopped to help him.

Heavy Trouble (1977)

A petty thief gets involved with crooked informants who demand a percentage of his loot.

We the Living (1942)

In the midst of the Russian Revolution, Kira (Alida Valli), the daughter of a bourgeois factory owner, strives to forge a path of her own. While pursuing her goal to become an engineer, this brazen rebel becomes romantically involved with Leo (Rossano Brazzi), a wild at heart aristocrat, and Andrei (Fosco Giachetti), an idealistic communist. This torrid love triangle leads to tragedy all around, as each character clashes with the constraints of their communist-controlled society.

Frankenstein (2011)

Victor receives transmissions from his TV that tell him how to create his own friend, and things are great until his creation tells him that he is a poor excuse for a man.

Black Tights (1960)

Maurice Chevalier introduces tales by the Ballet de Paris: "The Diamond Crusher," "Cyranno de Bergerac," "A Merry Morning," "Carmen."

My Brother's War (2005)

A woman disguises herself as a man and takes her brother's place in the Confederate Army.

The Guilty Generation (1931)

The rivalry between the Chicago-based family gangs of Mike Palermo (Leo Carrillo) and Tony Ricca (Boris Karloff) continues after Mike relocates to Florida. Mike's daughter, Maria (Constance Cummings), raised in a convent, loathes her father's criminal activities, despite living off the money he makes and enjoying the social status he cultivates. Maria soon meets Tony's son, Marco Smith (Robert Young), who has changed his name -- and the couple's ensuing romance challenges the long, bloody feud.

The Quick and the Undead (2006)

Bounty hunters protect surviving humans from hungry zombies after a viral apocalypse.

Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande (2011)

Criminals abduct a politician's son to use him against land grabbing by the Government.

Time of Indifference (1966)

A matriarch, her daughter (Claudia Cardinale) and a family friend (Shelley Winters) are courted to ruin by a schemer (Rod Steiger) in late 1920s Italy.

King of the Ants (1999)

A college football player's lack of field time displeases his ambitious father.

Two Minute Warning (1976)

The Los Angeles Police Department, led by Capt. Peter Holly (Charlton Heston), learns that a madman is planning to open fire on football fans in a packed Los Angeles Coliseum. Holly finds himself at tactical odds with SWAT commander Sgt. Button (John Cassavetes) as the fans -- including gambler Sandman (Jack Klugman), a pickpocket (Walter Pidgeon), car salesman Steve (David Janssen) and his girlfriend, Janet (Gena Rowlands) -- unknowingly risk their lives while the gunman takes aim.

The Other World (2001)

A woman (Marie Brahimi) tries to find her missing husband (Nazim Boudjenah) in Algeria where Islamic fundamentalism is sweeping the country.

Riders of the Range (1949)

A cowboy (Tim Holt) and his Irish-Mexican sidekick (Richard Martin) help a woman (Jacqueline Wells) whose brother is in debt.

Who Needs Bears? (2011)

Naturalist Alejandro searches for proof bears have returned to Spain's Asturias region, while his brother Guillermo becomes depressed about the planet's fate.

Street of Women (1932)

Dress designer Natalie Upton (Kay Francis) has been having an affair with married architect Larry Baldwin (Alan Dinehart). Larry wants his daughter, Doris (Gloria Stuart), to be old enough before he asks for a divorce from his wife, Lois (Marjorie Gateson), who takes no interest in him. Complicating matters is the fact that Natalie's younger brother, Clarke (Allen Vincent), and Doris are in love and plan to get married. Natalie must choose between what she feels is right and what she desires.

Unashamed (1932)

A debutante's (Helen Twelvetrees) brother (Robert Young) stands trial for killing her no-good lover.

Murder on the Waterfront (1943)

A Nazi spy tries to steal a top-secret Navy thermostat on the West Coast.

The King's Beard (2002)

In this animation, Rufus (Robin Edwards) heads to the Mirrored Kingdom to fulfill his dream of opening a barbershop. Unfortunately, he discovers that no one in the land gets a haircut, in honor of the unkempt hairdo of King Cuthbert (Peter Egan). But the king's mile-long beard isn't a style choice -- it's the result of a spell cast by his wicked brother, Jasper (Colin McFarlane). With the help of a wizard (Jim Broadbent), Rufus just might be able to free the king and get some customers!

Triple Threat (1948)

An arrogant college football player turns professional, taking his bad attitude with him.

The Road to Singapore (1931)

A doctor's wife (Doris Kenyon) falls for a playboy (William Powell) in a stuffy British colony in the tropics.

El Medico: The Cubaton Story (2011)

El Medico has to choose between serving the state as a doctor or fulfilling his dream of being an artist.

Spin the Bottle (2000)

Five friends in their 20s meet for the first time since childhood and learn painful secrets about one another.

Allegheny Uprising (1939)

In Colonial America, Jim Smith (John Wayne) leads a group, including the intense Janie MacDougall (Claire Trevor), that tries to figure out who is supplying the area Native American tribes with weapons. He suspects corrupt trader Ralph Callendar (Brian Donlevy), but does not have proof yet. Jim's accusations fall on deaf ears with unsympathetic British commander Capt. Swanson (George Sanders). Worse, Callendar, sensing that Jim is on to him, frames the hero for murder.

Best Friend (2005)

A vicious woman (Claudette Mink) terrorizes a friend (Megan Gallagher) who has a seemingly perfect life.

Lightnin' (1925)

Lightnin' Bill Jones (Jay Hunt) and his sidekick have dealings with a sheriff.

The Fantastic World of Juan Orol (2012)

Juan Orol has a life full of adventures until he gets into the filmmaking industry.

My Boyfriend's Back (1989)

The producer of a TV special reunites the Bouffants (Sandy Duncan, Jill Eikenberry, Judith Light), a 1960s girl group that had one hit.

Men Without Women (1930)

U.S. destroyers race to save the crew of a foundered submarine as the sailors (Kenneth MacKenna, Frank Albertson, Paul Page) hopelessly prepare to die.

Haunters of the Deep (1985)

Falling rocks trap men in a haunted Cornish tin mine.

The Towrope (2012)

A Colombian refugee tries to rebuild her life in a guest house on the shores of a lake in the Andes.

Curtain Call (1998)

Book publisher Stevenson Lowe (James Spader) isn't sure he wants to get married, despite the protestations of his girlfriend, Julia (Polly Walker). The closest he gets to making that kind of commitment is buying a house -- a purchase that, much to Julia's consternation, doesn't involve her. Still, Lowe isn't likely to get lonely in his new home because it's inhabited by two married ghosts, Max (Michael Caine) and Lily (Maggie Smith), who argue as much as they offer relationship advice.

The Kid Rides Again (1943)

William Bonney (Buster Crabbe), known as outlaw Billy the Kid, breaks out of jail, where he was being held for a crime he didn't commit. Tipped off by his friend Fuzzy Jones (Al "Fuzzy" St. John), Billy heads for a small town to find Mort Slade (I. Stanford Jolley), the man he believes framed him. Slade has been rustling cattle and then buying out ranchers who can't make their payments. Billy has a hard time convincing people that he's not the real outlaw, and must confront Slade himself.

Peloton (2011)

With the help of his best friend, Phil (K.C. Clyde) starts training and putting his life back together to become a competitive bicycle racer.

Singularity Principle (2012)

Consequences arise when scientists delve into parallel universes.

The Law vs. Billy the Kid (1954)

After riding into New Mexico, William Bonney (Scott Brady) and Pat Garrett (James Griffith) are hired by rancher John Tunstall (Paul Cavanagh). Bonney's hard work wins Tunstall over, but his romance with the old man's niece makes foreman Bob Ollinger (Alan Hale Jr.) jealous. Learning of Bonney's criminal past, Ollinger leads a posse against him that kills Tunstall instead. Bonney vows to avenge his boss' death, and his ensuing killing spree earns him the nickname "Billy the Kid."

The Seas Beneath (1931)

A World War I submarine captain (George O'Brien) learns news that may compromise his decision to attack a German vessel.

Who the Hell Is Juliette? (1997)

This documentary by cinematographer Carlos Marcovich details the unlikely friendship between Yuliet Ortega, a 16-year-old Cuban prostitute, and Fabiola Quiroz, a Mexican model, who met on the set of a music video on which Marcovich was working. Spanning almost two years, the film follows the pair to Mexico City, both U.S. coasts and Cuba, exploring each woman's attitude toward their absent father along the way. Marcovich organizes a reunion between Yuliet and her father in an emotional climax.

Miramar (1997)

A literature teacher, a producer and a glamorous actress help shape a young film director's (Joao Rebello) career.

King Arthur Was a Gentleman (1942)

Stationed in Africa, a British soldier (Arthur Askey) believes that he possesses King Arthur's famous sword.

The Fierce One (1974)

A boy raises a wolf cub, but when released into the wild, it returns to attack him.

Flatworld (1998)

A movie gangster terrorizes the world of paper cutting.

The Living Dead Man (1926)

A man (Ivan Mosjoukine) enjoys his newfound freedom when his family thinks he's dead, and he falls in love.

The Hidden Half (2001)

After reading her confessional letter, an Iranian judge (Atila Pesiani) discovers his wife (Niki Karimi) was a former militant.

Music From Another Room (1998)

As a young boy, Danny (Jude Law) helped deliver his neighbor's infant daughter, Anna Swann. Despite his various relationships, Danny's always felt that he was destined to marry Anna. Twenty-five years later Danny returns to his home town and runs into a full-grown Anna (Gretchen Mol). The only problem is that she is already engaged to Eric (Jon Tenney). Not one to give up on fate, Danny insinuates himself into Anna's family life, which forces him to contend with some rather eccentric characters.

Fire: Nature Unleashed (2004)

A forest ranger (Bryan Genesse) leads a group of hikers into an abandoned mine to escape a raging forest fire.

She Goes to War (1929)

A spoiled socialite (Eleanor Boardman) takes the place of her cowardly boyfriend (Edmund Burns) on a World War I battlefield.

Artemisia (1997)

An artist (Michel Serrault) encourages his daughter's (Valentina Cervi) delvings into areas previously forbidden female painters in 17th-century Rome.

Exotic World and the Burlesque Revival (2011)

Dixie Evans runs a museum in the Mojave Desert that features burlesque memorabilia, costumes and portraits of former stars.

Mausam (1975)

A doctor learns he fathered a child years earlier and tries to save her from a life in prostitution.

Pirates of the Prairie (1942)

An undercover marshal (Tim Holt) catches crooks posing as vigilantes.

The Masque of the Red Death (1964)

A tyrannical 12th-century prince is intrigued by a girl and takes her to live amid the immorality of his court.