Another 9 1/2 Weeks (1997)

Despondent at losing his lover, a man (Mickey Rourke) wanders the streets of Paris and has an affair with her kinky friend (Angie Everhart).

Fig (2014)

An injured man struggles through the elements to fulfill his wife's dying wish for a single fig.

The United States of Albert (2005)

In the 1920s, Albert (ric Bruneau) sets off from Montreal for Hollywood, intent on a career playing heroes in the movies. Along the way, he finds himself embroiled in numerous adventures, including an encounter with Jack (Roy Dupuis), a ladies' man golfing his way through West Coast deserts. He also meets and falls in love with a radical Mormon, Grace (milie Dequenne), who believes polyandry is the answer to polygamy. Then he's forced to be a real-life hero at a California train stop.

Gypsy (1993)

Ambitious stage mother Rose Hovick (Bette Midler) wants desperately for her daughter, June (Jeffrey Broadhurst), to become the vaudeville star she never was. With the help of savvy but kind-hearted agent Herbie Sommers (Peter Riegert), Rose realizes her aspirations for June, but when her new star rebelliously elopes, June's shy sister, Louise (Cynthia Gibb), reluctantly steps into the spotlight, transforming herself into the legendary burlesque star Gypsy Rose Lee.

The Soldier's Tale (2007)

People discuss war's devastating effects on soldiers.

Big Town Czar (1939)

A racketeer's (Barton MacLane) younger brother (Tom Brown) quits college to join him and ends up killed by a rival gang.

A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Wicked Wives (1993)

The lawyer (Paul Sorvino) borrowing Perry's office defends the widow (Kathy Ireland) of a fashion photographer (Eric Braeden) with four ex-wives.

The Big Pond (1930)

A singing Frenchman (Maurice Chevalier) meets an American heiress (Claudette Colbert) and gets a job at her father's (George Barbier) chewing-gum factory.

South of the Border (1939)

Secret agent Gene Autry (Gene Autry) and partner Frog (Smiley Burnette) are sent to Mexico on a dangerous mission. There Gene takes a liking to a local lady named Dolores (Lupita Tovar). But, when his bosses reveal to Gene his task, he's stunned to learn that the target of his criminal investigation is his new love's brother, Andreo (Duncan Renaldo). The job takes Gene and Frog to the island of Palermo, Italy, where they discover that greedy Andreo's dealings are about to foment a war.

The Rainbow Kid (2015)

A young man with Down syndrome searches for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Design for Scandal (1941)

Outraged when stern Judge Cornelia Porter (Rosalind Russell) rules in favor of his extravagant wife in their divorce, newspaper magnate Judson Blair (Edward Arnold) hires unruly reporter Jeff Sherman (Walter Pidgeon) to provoke a scandal with the judge. Pretending to be married, Jeff follows Cornelia to Cape Cod and assumes the studio and identity of a local sculptor to impress her. Although Cornelia initially resists Jeff's overtures, she soon softens and, to Jeff's surprise, so does he.

Bis (2015)

Two childhood friends (Franck Dubosc, Kad Merad) find themselves transported back to 1986 and stuck in the bodies of their 17 year-old selves.

Christmas Oratorio (1996)

A mother's accidental death affects three generations of her family.

Gold Fever (1999)

Filmmaker David Lickley examines the cultural, economic and historical significance of gold.

My Husband's Wife (2010)

Pawan's grandfather makes him marry an Indian girl to overcome his playboy image.

It Was Him or Us (1995)

A woman (Ann Jillian) abused in her past must save her daughter (Monique Lanier) from a violent and dangerous boyfriend (Richard Grieco).

Contract Killers (2014)

Arrogant assassin Lee-Seng (Rob Young) has one night to kill a squad of vigilantes hunting down drug dealers. Everything goes according to plan until Marshall survives the attack and goes on the run with a beautiful young woman.

Statute of Limitations (2016)

A man (Louis Mandylor) takes the fall for his friends after they break into a mansion and accidentally kill the owner. Twenty years later, he is released and becomes obsessed with his old girlfriend (Ashley Scott).

Visions (1996)

Electricity blinds a homicide detective (Erik Estrada) and gives him psychic visions of a murderer.

The Spanish Earth (1937)

A chronicle of the longtime Loyalist struggle against the scourge of fascism.

Iron Gate, the Exile of Perón (2012)

Shortly before his final return to Argentina, Juan Perón (Victor Laplace) records his memoirs of the exile.

Matters of Life & Dating (2007)

A woman (Ricki Lake) tries to maintain her confidence when she returns to the dating scene after having a mastectomy.

For the Emperor (2014)

A former professional baseball player becomes entangled in loan-sharking and mob connections after a fixing scandal ejects him from his sport. When his girlfriend vanishes he is forced to confront his mentor and enter a deadly battle.

Death Falls (1992)

Friends (Roberts Blossom, Beverly Garland) help a wrangler (Rip Torn) evade the police and a vengeful drunkard who is stalking him.

Hello Sucker (1941)

Bickering lovers (Peggy Moran, Tom Brown) buy a talent agency from con men and try to make it pay.

The Bride He Bought Online (2015)

A lonely and unstable man seeks revenge against three teens who created a fake mail-order bride blog.

Stuck Outside of Phoenix (2013)

On the eve of his move to Seattle, Hote dates a love interest, fights his best friend, and plays in front of a large crowd at a festival.

Captive of Billy the Kid (1951)

The sheriff (Allan "Rocky" Lane) solves the case of five cowboys dying over a map to Billy the Kid's gold.

Terror in the Night (1994)

A fugitive killer (Joe Penny) posing as a policeman arrests two campers (Justine Bateman, Matt Mulhern) in the Arizona mountains.

I Want to Go Home (1989)

A U.S. cartoonist (Adolph Green) in Paris meets his daughter's professor (Grard Depardieu), a fan of his work.

Chatty Catties (2015)

In a world where cats can communicate with people, Shelby's cat Leonard helps her when she begins dating a musician.

Liza, the Fox-Fairy (2015)

Liza seeks love until a spirit turns her into a fox fairy out of jealousy. As every man who desires her starts to die horribly, Liza fights to overcome the curse.

Point of Impact (1993)

An ex-Miami customs officer (Michael Par) infiltrates a crime ring to find answers about his friend's death.

Happiness Ahead (1934)

A bored heiress (Josephine Hutchinson) leaves high society and falls in love with a window washer (Dick Powell).

Countdown (2016)

A madman captures a young boy and rigs him with explosives. Ray Fitzpatrick (Dolph Ziggler), still haunted by the loss of his own son, will defy orders to stop the clock and save a life.

The Screaming Skull (1958)

A man (John Hudson) tries to drive his second wife (Peggy Webber) mad at his dead first wife's Southern mansion.

Sens dessus dessous 3D (2015)

An 11-year-old girl's five emotions try to guide her through a difficult transition after she moves from the Midwest to San Francisco.

Charles Dickens' David Copperfield (1993)

The hero is a cat in a musical adaptation of the tale set in London.

The Dark Horse (1932)

The Progressive Party needs a candidate for governor, and, when its top picks drop out, it settles on dim-witted Zachary Hicks (Guy Kibbee). Party secretary Kay Russell (Bette Davis) has a crush on political strategist Hal Blake (Warren William) and believes he could improve Hicks' chances. But Hal is in jail for not paying alimony to his ex-wife, Maybelle (Vivienne Osborne). The party bails him out, and he gets to work. Then a vengeful Maybelle shows up, and the campaign takes a wild turn.

Man With a Million (1953)

In Edwardian London, American sailor Henry Adams (Gregory Peck) is destitute and living hand-to-mouth. By sheer luck Henry gets embroiled in a unique bet between wealthy brothers Roderick (Wilfrid Hyde-White) and Oliver Montpelier (Ronald Squire). The brothers present Henry with an envelope containing a one-million-pound banknote, a bill whose mere existence, Oliver contends, will allow Henry to survive comfortably for an entire month without spending any money.

The Clean and Narrow (2000)

An ex-convict (Jack Noseworthy) wants to start over and take care of his wife (Laura Leighton) and her mentally impaired brother.

The Man Who Understood Women (1959)

Movie producer Willi Bauche (Henry Fonda) is so obsessed with planning the career of his starlet wife, Ann (Leslie Caron), that he has neglected to make her feel loved. Frustrated with his lack of attention, Ann quits the business and runs off with soldier Marco Ranieri (Cesare Danova). Willi becomes so upset that, while drunk, he orders a hit on Marco -- but then realizes that Ann is also in danger. He rushes to save her, trying to finally show the love that he neglected for so long.

A Christmas Reunion (1994)

Santa Claus (James Coburn) tells a story, which brings an orphan and his reserved grandfather (Edward Woodward) together.

The Sword of the Barbarians (1983)

A warrior vows revenge for the destruction of his village and the death of the woman he loved.

Bubble Bubble Meows and the Meteor Stomachache (2014)

A cat, string bean and marshmallow robot search for a cure to an accidental meteor ingestion.

Goldie Gets Along (1933)

A New Jersey girl (Lili Damita) leaves her boyfriend (Charles Morton) and hitchhikes to Hollywood to become a star.

Portia on Trial (1937)

Portia Merryman (Frieda Inescort) is a lawyer assigned to defend a woman on trial for shooting her lover, Earle (Neil Hamilton). Coincidentally, Portia once knew Earle's father and has reason to resent the family.

Not Wanted on Voyage (1957)

Cockney stewards (Ronald Shiner, Brian Rix) don disguises and mingle to catch jewel thieves on a cruise to Tangier.

Castle Rá-Tim-Bum (1999)

A family of wizards practicing magic in its castle awaits a planetary alignment to fortify its powers.

The Big Night (1951)

A 17-year-old (John Barrymore Jr.) grabs a pistol and goes looking for the sportswriter who caned his father (Preston Foster).

Cry for Me, Billy (1972)

A young gunfighter (Cliff Potts) falls in love with an Indian survivor (Oaxchitl) of a cavalry massacre.

Brown of Harvard (1926)

A college freshman faces failure in his athletic endeavors.

Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold (1984)

The Pecos Kid (Ken Roberson) and a blonde (Laurene Landon) race a Mexican colonel (Luis Lorento) and renegades to gold guarded by Indians.

Society Dog Show (1939)

Pluto competes against high-society dogs in a dog show and flirts with a cute Pekinese.

Maa Aur Mamta (1970)

Henry entrusts an unwed Maya with the care of a newborn infant, leaving her to explain the presence of the child.

Kentucky Woman (1983)

Maggie Telford (Cheryl Ladd) is a single mother working as a waitress in a small Kentucky town. She gets by with the help of her father, Luke (Ned Beatty), a coal miner. But a life in the mines has given Luke black lung, leaving him unemployed and the family strapped for cash. Desperate to make ends meet, Maggie goes to work in the mines. As a miner, Maggie has to struggle to overcome not only the dangerous work environment, but the sexist attitudes of the male miners.

Badman's Country (1958)

Pat Garrett (George Montgomery) has retired from law enforcement and is on his way to Abilene, Kansas, to meet his sweetheart. He learns that Butch Cassidy (Neville Brand) and his gang are preparing to rob an incoming train carrying half a million dollars, so Garrett calls in Wyatt Earp (Buster Crabbe) and a few other lawmen to move some of Cassidy's gang they've already arrested. When the Abilene locals refuse to stand up to Cassidy and his outlaws, Garrett must take matters into his own hands.

Pony Express Rider (1976)

A young man (Stewart Petersen) joins the pony express and searches for his father's killer.

Mirror, Mirror 4: Reflection (2000)

A homeless man possessing a passageway to hell recruits unhappy teens at a rave party.

Rwanda & Juliet (2016)

Professor Emeritus Andrew Garrod travels to Kigali, Rwanda, to help Rwandan college students from both Hutu and Tutsi backgrounds put on a play.

Como un Relámpago (1996)

A young man (Eloy Azorn) leaves his affluent home in search of his father (Santiago Ramos).

Embraceable You (1948)

A small-time hoodlum (Dane Clark) falls in love with a girl (Geraldine Brooks) he accidentally hits with his car.

Crossroads (2011)

On the verge of retirement, a railway driver (Tomokazu Miura) becomes upset when his wife decides to return to nursing.

Gambeeram (2004)

After the death of his wife, a police commissioner raises their daughter on his own despite the danger he faces in his daily job.

The Backyardigans: Super Secret Super Spy (2007)

An agent must stop a villainous woman from stealing three top-secret containers.

After the Fall of New York (1984)

The good losers of World War III send a hero (Michael Sopkiw) and his sidekicks to find the last fertile woman (Anna Kanakis) on Earth.

Ghosts of Rome (1961)

Italian ghosts panic when their princely host dies and his nephew plans to sell the house.

Jailbait (1993)

A Los Angeles policeman (C. Thomas Howell) and a runaway teen (Renee Humphrey) team up to bring down a crime network.

These Three (1936)

Martha (Miriam Hopkins) and Karen (Merle Oberon) graduate from college and turn an old Massachusetts farm into a school for girls. The friends are aided in their venture by local doctor Joe Cardin (Joel McCrea), who begins a relationship with Karen, and a prominent woman whose granddaughter, Mary (Bonita Granville), later enrolls in the new school. Mary soon reveals herself to be a spiteful child and tells a scandalous lie about Martha and Joe that threatens to destroy the lives of all involved.

Caterina Goes to Town (2003)

Catarina (Alice Teghil) moves with her father, Giancarlo (Sergio Castellitto), and mother, Agata (Margherita Buy), from her country town to Rome. At her high school, she finds herself in the middle of a tug-of-war between leftists, led by Margherita (Carolina Iaquaniello), and opposing rightists, led by Daniela (Federica Sbrenna) -- and they all want to use her for their own ends. Her overbearing father gets in on the act, hoping the parents of Caterina's new friends can get his novel published.

Let's Go! (2014)

In 1968, Laura returns to Munich for her father's funeral, where she must face her family's traumatic history.

The Racers (1955)

He may spend his days driving a bus, but Gino Borgesa (Kirk Douglas) is intent on becoming a race-car driver. At the Grand Prix in Monte Carlo, Gino falls for Nicole (Bella Darvi), a beautiful ballerina. Although he lacks the lucrative backing of other drivers, Gino makes a splash on the European racing scene with a series of unprecedented, death-defying wins. But his winner-take-all spirit risks breaking up his relationship with Nicole -- not to mention ending his life on the track.

The Children of Sanchez (1978)

A lusty Mexican laborer (Anthony Quinn) lives with his family in one room, drives out a daughter (Lupita Ferrer), wins a lottery and builds a house.

Gold Coast (1997)

A drifter (David Caruso) and a hit man (Jeff Kober) complicate matters for a mob widow (Marg Helgenberger) who must avoid romance in order to claim her inheritance.

After Midnight (1927)

A practical woman tries to live in her sister's wild style.

Snow White: A Tale of Terror (1997)

An innocent young woman finds refuge from her wicked stepmother (Sigourney Weaver) with seven forest-dwelling outcasts.

Lots of Ice and a Little Bit of Water (2006)

Two sisters (Mariana Ximenes, Paloma Duarte) hatch a plan to kidnap the grandmother who tormented them as children.

The Hairdresser (1984)

A janitor calls on his gay twin for help after having second thoughts about the theft of some cash.

Another Love Story (1986)

An unhappily married businessman (Arturo Bonn) has a homosexual relationship with a younger co-worker.

Professor Mamlock (1938)

A German-Jewish doctor moves to Moscow to escape Nazis.

J'aurais pas dû mettre mes Clarks (2014)

A man's desire for recognition leads to his downfall.

Two-Fisted Law (1932)

A rancher (Tim McCoy) sets out to expose a gang of crooked cattle dealers who swindled him out of his property rights.

Cowboy and Lucky the Last Stand (2012)

Cowboy and Lucky are in over their heads and take their last stand.

Beverly of Graustark (1926)

An American woman impersonates her injured cousin to prevent a villain from taking over his kingdom.

Flight of the Innocent (1992)

Set in southern Italy, 10-year-old schoolboy Vito (Manuel Colao) lives with his family, who profits by kidnapping the children of the wealthy and ransoming them. When Vito's family is killed in a bloody rampage by a competing crime family, he flees to Rome to escape murder at the hands of a scar-faced killer (Federico Pacifici). Taught by his family not to trust the police, he contends alone with certain death and with making amends for the sake of his dead family.

Bermuda Mystery (1944)

A private eye (Preston Foster) and a niece (Ann Rutherford) investigate when six World War I veterans start dying in the same week.

Youth (2015)

Fred (Michael Caine), a retired composer and conductor, vacations at a Swiss Spa with his longtime friend Mick (Harvey Keitel). As Mick crafts what may be his final screenplay, Fred is given the opportunity to perform for the Queen.

The Star Maker (2012)

A brave boy hopes to fix a machine that stops stars from falling out of the sky.

Betty Co-Ed (1946)

College snobs mistakenly let a carnival singer (Jean Porter) join their sorority.

Bonanza: The Return (1993)

Ben Cartwright's old friend (Ben Johnson) and the ranch foreman (Richard Roundtree) join the family to defend the Ponderosa from a tycoon.

The Wild Affair (1963)

A bride-to-be decides to have one last fling at her office holiday party.

Invasion Quartet (1961)

Injured officers (Bill Travers, Spike Milligan, John Le Mesurier) sneak out of a hospital and cross the English Channel to silence a Nazi cannon.

Season of the Witch (1972)

A bored housewife's life spins out of control after she dabbles in the occult. Written and directed by George A. Romero.

Fall (1997)

After having a number of chance encounters, New York City cabbie Michael (Eric Schaeffer) and renowned model Sarah (Amanda De Cadenet) begin an unlikely affair. With Sarah's aristocratic husband, Phillipe (Rudolf Martin), away in Europe, she is free to engage in such impulsive infidelity, but eventually the lovers have to confront the reality of their relationship. Just when Sarah thinks she has Michael figured out, however, he makes a surprising revelation.

Survive Girls (2008)

Two sexually charged stories of survival. In "The Hunger" a woman wanders out into the forest to end her life, and "The Hidden" features a young woman accosted in the shower by a stranger with a remarkable resemblance to her boyfriend.

Falasha, Exile of the Black Jews (1983)

Filmmakers visit remote mountain regions to report the persecution and destruction of black Ethiopian Jews.

Always Worthy (2015)

An aspiring actress has to overcome herself to find success in Hollywood.

Enormous Changes at the Last Minute (1983)

New Yorkers Virginia (Ellen Barkin), Faith and Alexandra (Maria Tucci) have men problems in three vignettes based on Grace Paley short stories.

Because I Have the Looks (2012)

Charo, a 13-year-old teenager living illegally in Berlin with her mother, turns to her friend for help when her mother is arrested and she faces deportation.

Luna (1979)

Teenager Joe Silveri (Matthew Barry) has a troubled relationship with his mother, Caterina (Jill Clayburgh), a renowned opera singer, and her husband, Douglas Winter (Fred Gwynne). After Douglas commits suicide, Caterina moves to Rome to join an opera tour, taking Joe with her. However, Joe becomes increasingly unstable and develops a heroin addiction. Sensing her son is slipping away, Caterina attempts to form a closer bond with him, but the two soon develop an unusual relationship.