Freedom Songs: The Music of the Civil Rights Movement (2009)

Music's role in the struggle for equality and human rights.

Chocolate Wars (2010)

Three top chocolatiers vie to build a showpiece to win $5,000 and headline a celebration at the Santa Barbara Zoo in California.

Handbag Clearance (2001)


Freestyle Motocross (2003)

Handball (2001)

Coverage of handball competition.

David L. Wolper Presents

Profiles, documentaries and adventure.

Spring Praise-A-Thon Kickoff (2010)

Movie Entertainment (2005)

A behind the scenes look at the biggest celebrities and their movies.

Space Invaders (2000)

Tommy Walsh gives people home improvement advice.

That Time of the Month (2010)

Showcasing the film and video work of lesbian and bisexual women.

A Christian Ebner Christmas (2009)

Singer Christian Ebner performs holiday-themed selections.

Zopilote's Season (2010)

Documentary based on a novel by Paco Ignacio Taibo II about a conspiracy against the first president of the Mexican Revolution.

The Living Word

For over 25 years, Evangelist Tommy Combs has been sharing his solid bible teaching to countries all over the world.

Blues at Kings 4:00pm ET Today (2009)

Circle of the Earth (2003)

Space footage and stories of faith provide a rare glimpse into the personal lives of those who build, launch, and pilot the U.S.A. rockets.

PDGA Disc Golf

Seven Up

A group of children who are 7 years of age are interviewed about their individual hopes for the future.

Killer Cure (2007)

Desperate men and women in search of a medical miracle.

The Who: The Kids Are Alright (2010)

A collection of performances and interviews with Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle and Keith Moon.

Phillies Focus (2010)

E! Investigates: Bullying (2010)

Tormentors target other young people because of their looks, size or sometimes no reason at all.

The Vanishing (2009)

A decorated Marine vanishes on the eve of his court-martial.

The Loch Ness Monster (1998)

A 1934 photo seems to be evidence of the creature, first documented in stone by ancient Picts.

Handel's Messiah (2000)

DW in Focus: Measures for Money Management (2010)

The never-ending debates on regulating banks, stifling bonuses and simplifying financial products.

Circling Around: The Violin Virtuosi (2005)

The violin training program at Indiana University includes the teaching of Mimi Zweig.

Killer Hornets (2002)

Giant hornets, honeybees and yellow jackets battle for territory.

Everything 80's (2010)

The best of pop music from the 80s.

Dam Beavers (2009)

Beavers and their dams.

Girls From the North Country (2010)

Roots folk-pop duo Dala performs with special guests the Good Lovelies and Oh Susanna.

Eminem Takeover (2010)

All things Eminem including videos, interviews, music and biographical information.

Louis Theroux: Law and Disorder in Johannesburg (2009)

Louis Theroux visits Johannesburg, where residents find themselves surrounded by crime, forcing some to take the law into their own hands.

Teen Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses (2009)

Holistic health expert Amanda Hamilton tackles teens with humiliating conditions.

Voices of Memory

Cherokees, African-Americans and others preserve their cultures in stories passed from generation to generation.

Mountain Biking (2001)

The Blues (2010)

Classic blues from the 60s to the new artists of today.

Mountain Biking (2004)

Highlights and action from the sport of mountain biking.

Latino Tropical (2010)

Today's hottest salsa, rumba and tropical songs.

2002 Original Breeders' Cup (2009)

Original telecast of the 2002 Breeders' Cup.

The Music of Buddy Holly & The Crickets (2010)

The career of Buddy Holly; performances and interviews form individuals who played key roles in the development of Holly's career.

Halloween Night (2002)

Folk Roots (2010)

The best songwriting and storytelling.

Mountain Born: The Jean Ritchie Story

Performances footage and interviews profile the career of the Appalachian folk singer.

Original Mt. Pleasant (2010)

Private Life of Plants (1995)

Egypt: Secret Chambers Revealed (2002)

A robot looks behind a sealed stone door inside the Great Pyramid.

Mosaic: World News From the Middle East (2001)

English news reports from Middle Eastern broadcasters.

Chili Bowl Midget Nationals (2010)

Composing the Beatles Songbook: Lennon and McCartney: 1966-1970 (2008)

Performance clips, archival footage and testimonials illustrate the collaboration between John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Mississippi Remixed (2010)

The history and present state of race relations in Mississippi.

Private Lives of Triplets (2001)

Fascinating insight into life with triplets; the tears and joys of having three babies at once.

Footwear & Accessory Clearance (2009)

Super Formula Championship Racing (1998)

Jay-Z Takeover (2010)

The artist takes over.

Strikeforce: Evolution (2009)

Cung Le vs. Scott Smith; Matt Lindland vs. Ronaldo Souza. From San Jose, Calif. (Card subject to change)

Christmas Specials (2009)

MLB Mosaic Channel (2010)

See all the games currently airing on MLB EXTRA INNINGS on one channel with this rotating mosaic service.

Formula One Preview (1998)

Formula 1 Racing (2000)

Auto racing action from the Formula One circuit.

The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping: The Crime That Won't Go Away (1997)

The kidnapping of the son of Charles and Anne Lindbergh, and the subsequent trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann and resulting media frenzy lead Congress to make kidnapping a federal offense.

David Attenborough's Natural World (1995)

The Jump On (2009)

Preview of the night's Fan Night matchups; review the past week of NBA action.

ESPN Films (2009)

Series of documentaries looking back through the history of sports.

Kids That Kill (2000)

Mexican League Soccer (2000)

25 Things You Didn't Know About ... Seinfeld (2010)

Facts about the series.

The Real Housewives Top 25: The Early Years (2010)

Favorite moments from the first seasons of the Housewives series.

Out for Laughs: Toronto (2010)

Gay and lesbian comics from Toronto take the stage at the Al Green Theatre.

Southwest Yard & Garden (2000)

A gardening show for the Southwest.

Private Screenings: Betty Hutton (2000)

The actress discusses her career.

Mountain Stage HD: Arlo Guthrie and the Guthrie Family Legacy Tour (2008)

Arlo Guthrie and his family deliver original songs as well as Woody Guthrie classics; Arlo talks about his father's legacy and the value of music.

David Bisbal (2003)

Mountain Stage HD: Darrell Scott and Reagan Boggs (2008)

Songwriter and guitarist Darrell Scott was steeped in country music as a child; singer Reagan Boggs performs her story songs.

The Legend of the Three Trees (2001)

Three special trees change, grow and learn their purpose as part of God's plan.

Madeira Island Open Highlights (1996)

Gold's Gym Fitness (2016)

Gym-quality fitness solutions.

The Legendary Victor Borge (2000)

Archival material shows the comedian performing his routines "Phonetic Pronunciation," "Inflationary Language" and "The Timid Page-Turner."

Bruins at Maple Leafs 7 pm ET Today (2010)

Prince: Rave (2003)

A band joins the musician in his Paisley Park recording studios in Minnesota; guests include Lenny Kravitz, Rosie Gaines, Sly and the Family Stone, Amanda Lewis and Jerry Martini.

Mickey: It's Gotta Be the Shorts (2000)

Mickey Mouse animated classics.

Celebrity Cheaters (2010)

Infidelity plagues Hollywood.

All-Star Game Highlights: 1983 (2009)

All-Star Game Highlights: 1984 (2009)

MotoGP Racing (2008)

The Leon Charney Report

Discussions of national and international topics with Leon Charney.


A weekly magazine series devoted to motorcycles.

The Leprechauns' Christmas Gold (1981)

In search of a Christmas tree, a boy accidentally releases a bad-tempered banshee from her pine-tree prison.

Operation Peace Flight (2009)

The historic flight from Israel to Jordan; narrated by Capt. Barry Schiff.

The Les Miles Show (2005)

LSU football.

Motorcycle Racing

My Flag (2009)

The significance and symbolism of the Israeli flag.

Sky Link Group (2010)

Kid Chocolate

A Cuban boxer recalls his successful career.

Educational Programming

Variety children's educational shows.

For the Rights of All: Ending Jim Crow in Alaska (2009)

The Native Alaskan civil rights movement; narrator Peter Coyote.

Motor City Madness: 1989 Detroit Pistons (2000)

Interviews and highlights of the Pistons first NBA championship.

Kid Concoctions II (2005)

John and Danita Thomas share recipes using common household ingredients.

Argentine National Basketball League (2001)

Cycling Home From Siberia With Rob Lilwall (2009)

Rob Lilwall rides his bicycle from Siberia to his home in London.

Blackhawks at Flyers 1:00pm ET Today (2010)