Gestation (2009)

An unexpected pregnancy tests the relationship of a teenage couple (Adriana Alvarez, Edgar Romn).

Disgraced (1933)

In the course of her work, a model meets her fiance, but her bliss is tainted when she becomes involved in a murder.

Who Goes There? (1952)

A British diplomat (Nigel Patrick) comes home and finds a palace guardsman's jilted girlfriend (Peggy Cummins).

Disobedient (1953)

A father and son both fall in love with the same woman, straining family ties.

Mujeres en Mi Vida (1950)

A composer has various lovers and the jealousy of one of them causes problems in his life.

The Horse (1969)

An elderly farmer (Jean Gabin) discovers that his grandson has become involved in drug trafficking when he happens upon a white substance hidden at the family farm.

The Hiding Place (2000)

Family secrets and the onset of senility in his mother (Kim Hunter), about to be admitted to a geriatric hospital, weigh heavily upon a 49-year-old man (Timothy Bottoms).

Hypnotized and Hysterical (Hairstylist Wanted) (2002)

Three women -- Elodie (Olivia Bonamy), Marianne (Amira Casar) and Natacha (Marina Fos) -- search for redemption and companionship despite the obstacles mounted against them. Elodie battles to regain custody of her daughter, despite the fact she has been fired once again. Marianne attempts to stifle an affair with an art dealer while searching for love. Natacha, a hairdresser, tries to track down her missing cat. Songs and animation are peppered throughout this tale of friendship and atonement.

Mission: Impossible III (2006)

A survey of zany inventions, mostly 1930s, includes an electric spaghetti fork and passenger-plane ejection seats.

Señora Tentación (1948)

A composer gets work for a dancer who is in love with him, and suddenly he forgets his blind girlfriend.

Don't Gamble With Love (1936)

A reformed gambler returns to his old ways despite the fact that it means losing his wife.

The Ride (2000)

Drivers for an urban cab company contend with the risks of their profession.

Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh (1991)

A police detective (Jake Dengel) teams up with his buddy's daughter (Susann Fletcher) to investigate cult-ritual mutilations.

About Face: The Supermodels, Then and Now (2012)

Carmen Dell'Orefice, Carol Alt, Isabella Rossellini, Christie Brinkley, Beverly Johnson and other models discuss their groundbreaking careers.

UFO in Her Eyes (2011)

A Communist Party official launches a publicity campaign after a Chinese woman (Shi Ke) tells of seeing a UFO above their village.

Suckerfish (1999)

Two salesmen (Dan Donovan, Tim Orr) selling wholesale pet supplies encounter and try to discredit a third who threatens their profits.

The Dog Who Stopped the War (1984)

Rural Canadian youngsters (Cedric Jourde, Julien Elie, Maripierre Arseneau-d'Amour) spend their holiday in a marathon snowball fight ended by a St. Bernard.

Bananas! (2009)

Lawyer Juan Dominguez represents Nicaraguan produce workers who are suing Dole Food Co. over health problems they believe were caused by its use of a banned pesticide.

Savage Harvest (1980)

Drought-driven lions surround a safari guide (Tom Skerritt) and his ex-wife (Michelle Phillips) and family in Kenya.

Don't Get Personal (1936)

A pair of college rejects earn money by driving a woman from New York to Ohio in her dilapidated old car.

Suspicion (2011)

A terminally ill gangster (Brad Blaisdell) develops a close bond with a law student (Suzanne May).

Un Quijote Sin Mancha (1969)

A lawyer trying to fix everyone's problems, instead causes problems, which always end up in funny situations.

The Count of Monte Cristo (1961)

Based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas. A man unjustly imprisoned for 20 years makes a daring escape and seeks revenge.

Dos de Abajo (1982)

Two masons find a hidden treasure in the construction site in which they are working, and they become victims of a big chase.

Cow and I (1960)

Charles Bailly (Fernandel) is a Gallic farmer who has been captured by the Nazis and must work for them in Germany against his will. Eager to flee captivity and his cruel, uncaring German bosses, Charles opts to escape, and boldly makes his way toward France, hiding in plain sight by walking with a cow. Given his unusual situation, Charles befriends the creature, which he names Marguerite, and together they trek across the European countryside towards freedom.

On Air (2012)

Claire Martin, a reclusive 40-year-old radio host, offers advice to female callers but is incapable of maintaining a normal life off the air.

The Nasty Rabbit (1964)

Spies mingle at a dude ranch where a Soviet (Mischa Terr) plans to let loose a disease-carrying rabbit.

C...ings Farm (2009)

Three couples travel to a farm where group sex may be the solution to their problems.

Hell's Hinges (1916)

A saloon owner (William S. Hart) begins to change his ways when he meets the new preacher's (Jack Standing) sister (Clara Williams).

The Passion Play (2010)

A filmmaker agrees to direct the commemoration of Good Friday in a small Tuscan town to avoid a lawsuit.

Zombie Massacre: Army of the Dead (2012)

A government biological experiment goes horrifically wrong, and the residents of a sleepy Maryland town turn into ravenous flesh-eating monsters.

Sangeet (1992)

Struggling musicians arrive in Bombay to seek their fortune and meet a woman who shares their passion for song.

6.5 Special (1958)

Two teenage girls (Dianne Todd, Avril Leslie) take a train to London with several pop acts rehearsing for a TV show.

Kid Colter (1985)

In the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, young Justin Coulter (Jeremy Shamos) gets caught in the middle of a chase between two groups of spies. They kidnap him and eventually leave him for dead in the forest. But Justin's father, Bill (Jim Stafford), trained his boy to survive in the wild. Using the skills taught to him by his father, Justin fights against the harsh elements and wild animals of the mountains to make his way back home and reunite with his worried family.

Cowboy in Manhattan (1943)

A lyricist is urged by a producer to pass himself off as a wealthy Westerner to enhance his image with a musical star.

Dancing Mothers (1926)

Neglected by her philandering husband and her busy daughter (Clara Bow), a woman (Alice Joyce) makes a play for the man both she and her daughter love.

Hello Brother (1999)

A ghost (Salman Khan) seeking revenge for his death haunts the man (Arbaaz Khan) who received his heart in a transplant.

Bhrashtachar (1989)

Journalist Bhavani intends to expose and bring to justice a corrupt politician who pretends to be a social worker. However, she soon finds herself trapped in a web of conspiracies.

Grotesque (2009)

A doctor with extreme and depraved needs kidnaps a couple and forces them to compete in a game of torment that slowly erodes their hopes of survival.

Kaun? (1999)

Two men (Manoj Bajpai, Sushant Kumar) visit a woman (Urmila Matondkar), home alone, who heard a news report of a killer on the loose.

Love at the Twilight Motel (2009)

A commentary on love, loss and the human condition.

Porridge (1979)

An English jailbird (Ronnie Barker) accidentally escapes from prison, then tries to break back in.

Transcending: The Wat Misaka Story (2010)

The life story of the first person of color to be drafted into what is now the NBA.

Love Note (1987)

Craig falls for Darby, a bitter young woman with terminal cancer.

Raiders of the South (1947)

A federal agent (Johnny Mack Brown) rounds up outlaws in the Southwest.

Your Money or Your Wife (1961)

To inherit her fortune, an Englishwoman (Peggy Cummins) learns, her husband (Donald Sinden) must die or she must be divorced.

Touched (1983)

Young lovers (Robert Hays, Kathleen Beller) escape from their mental hospital to make a life in the outside world.

Hail (2011)

Dan is released from jail and reunites with the love of his life, Leanne. When she is ripped away from him, Dan falls into a savage hallucinatory state as he searches for revenge.

The Assailant (2009)

A Brazilian fighter (Alton Carmo) must avenge the murder of his martial-arts mentor.

BorderLine (2012)

The post-9/11 relationship between the United States and Canada continues to change.

Avalanche (1969)

Assorted people are subject to a mass of loosened snow.

The Death Ray Mirror of Dr. Mabuse (1964)

The infamous doctor steals a device that will make him the ruler of men's minds.

Sube y baja (1958)

A fool achieves to be given a job in a department store, not knowing that this will become his nightmare.

Tomie (1999)

An immortal demon (Miho Kanno) returns to haunt her former best friend, who has amnesia as the result of a traumatic event.

Ni Modo, Así Somos (1981)

Love and hate shape the sexual indulgences of a few couples.

That's My Face (2002)

In 1996, the filmmaker journeyed to the city Salvador Da Bahia - the African heart and soul of Brazil - seeking the identity of the spirits who haunt his dreams. Twenty years before, his mother made a parallel journey when she migrated with the family to Tanzania, East Africa in search of a mythic motherland. Shot entirely on silent Super 8 film by three generations of an African American family, "That's My Face" creates a mythopoetic feast of self-discovery.

Nada (1974)

A ruthless policeman (Maurice Garrel) hunts terrorist kidnappers of the U.S. ambassador in Paris.

Heartbreaker (1983)

A Mexican-American (Fernando Allende) woos a blonde (Dawn Dunlap) amid his Los Angeles subculture of lowrider custom cars.

Derelict (1930)

Adventure follows a ship on its watery course between Latin America and the United States.

Air (2010)

Three stories follow people who feel disconnected and yearn to find their place in the world.

Looks and Smiles (1981)

Two friends (Tony Pitts, Graham Green) take separate paths after losing their jobs when a steel mill closes down.

International Settlement (1938)

An American drifter (George Sanders) is taken for a gunrunner and must flee Shanghai with a singer (Dolores del Ro).

Robo Geisha (2009)

Android geishas battle each other and assassinate targets.

Coroner Creek (1948)

A gunfighter (Randolph Scott) loses his beloved in a robbery and hunts the man (George Macready) to blame, who is living off the loot.

Convict Stage (1965)

Outlaw Jeb Sims (Joe Patridge) and his brother, Johnny (Eric Matthews), rob a stagecoach and kill the sister of gunfighter Ben Lattimore (Harry Lauter). Hunting down the killers, Lattimore is shot by their mother. He recovers and pursues the brothers, finding them caught and en route to prison. The marshal escorting them convinces Ben to spare the Sims' lives and help bring them to justice. Unfortunately, the Sims' mother is also on board and armed, plotting to free her boys.

Power Play (2002)

Matt Nash (Dylan Walsh) is a Los Angeles reporter investigating a power plant that has been linked to the disappearances of three environmental activists. During his search for information, the city is plagued by huge earthquakes, which may be caused by a nuclear energy corporation's dangerous tests. With the help of scientist Gabriella St. John (Alison Eastwood), Matt must escape mysterious attempts on his life while trying to find the truth before it's too late for the people of California.

Fort Courageous (1965)

After the commander is wounded, a disgraced sergeant tries to redeem his honor by leading the troops against Indians.

Fast Forward (2009)

Two best friends (Akshay Kapoor, Rehan Khan) take part in a high-energy dance competition.

Maniac (1977)

A Southwestern millionaire (Stuart Whitman) hires a hit man (Oliver Reed) to fix a $5 million problem that won't go away.

Whatever It Takes (1986)

A Vietnam veteran struggles with a series of demeaning jobs, his father's failing business and a rekindled romance.

The Sweeney (2012)

Because of an old grudge, a trial deputy tries to implicate a wealthy woman in a murder.

Primates of the Caribbean (2012)

In his dreams, Marco is a cool cop who solves major crimes; in actuality, he is a dedicated beach officer on a tropical island. He gets his chance to be a hero when he uncovers a developer's plan to take over the island.

Tibetan Dog (2012)

After his mother dies, Jiantan has to leave Xi'an to live with his father on the Tibetan steppe, where he meets a golden dog that helps him cope with the new challenges ahead.

Crime of the Century (1946)

A reporter disappears mysteriously when he learns too much about a crime.

18 Meals (2010)

An actor tries to woo a co-star with food, and a married woman invites an old flame over for a bite in two of several sketches revolving around breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sor Batalla (1990)

A nun is sent to a distant town ruled by an evil man and using her faith and joy tries to change him.

Chabelo y Pepito Detectives (1973)

Chabelo and Pepito have conflicts with their neighbor, a grumpy and unfriendly old man than one day catches them.

Rosario (1970)

Two actors marry and form the perfect marriage, but another actress envious of their success intends to destroy them.

The Crime Patrol (1936)

A boxer (Ray Walker) discovers a love of law enforcement after joining the police department for its athletic facilities.

The Living Coffin (1959)

Terrified of being buried alive, a woman makes plans to have an alarm system installed in her coffin.

Perseverance: The Story of Dr. Billy Taylor (2012)

The life of former Michigan running back Billy Taylor.

We Are the Hartmans (2011)

When the owner of the last suburban rock club in a town falls ill, his family gathers to sell the place, leading to a rebellion by the neighborhood of musicians, drunks and drag queens that frequent the club.

Blood Guardian (2009)

Jason witnesses his father's murder and spends years in and out of jail. He tries to lead a normal life until people he is connected to are gruesomely murdered one by one and he is the prime suspect.

Beautiful Boxer (2004)

He fights like a man so he can become a woman.

The Crusader (1932)

A reputable newspaper is in jeopardy of becoming a scandal sheet because of one of its reporters.

Black Picket Fence (2002)

Filmmaker Sergio Goes profiles an aspiring rapper who lives in a Brooklyn housing project.

Killing Spree (1991)

Reading his wife's (Courtney Lercara) racy journal sends a Florida man (Asbestos Felt) off on a manic course of mayhem.

Antilles sur Seine (2000)

With the help of his two sons and a policewoman (Chantal Lauby), a mayor (Med Hondo) tries to get his wife back from kidnappers in Paris.

Black Cobra 3: Manila Connection (1991)

An agent (Forry Smith) teams up with his father's buddy (Fred Williamson) on a jungle mission to recover stolen weapons.

Season in Hell: Evil Farmhouse Torture (2004)

Carl and George flee the East Coast after terrorist attacks and search for supplies in a farm house owned by a deranged man who keeps a basement full of women.

Where the Boys Are '84 (1984)

Coeds Jennie (Lisa Hartman), Sandra, Carol (Lorna Luft) and Laurie (Lynn-Holly Johnson) go to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., for spring break.

The Silver Fleet (1943)

Considered a traitor for helping Nazis construct submarines, a Dutch engineer (Ralph Richardson) later redeems himself.

La Spagnola (2001)

A teenager (Alice Ansara) must grow up fast after her father leaves her nagging mother (Lola Marceli) for another woman.

Last of the Duanes (1941)

Based on Zane Grey's tale of a man who gains an unfair reputation as a gunfighter while out to avenge his father's death.

Assisted Living (2003)

Todd (Michael Bonsignore), a 27-year-old slacker working as a nursing home janitor, gets through his days by taking drugs, goofing off and playing seemingly harmless pranks on the elderly residents. But things change after Mrs. Pearlman (Maggie Riley), who is beginning to show symptoms of Alzheimer's, starts to mistake Todd for her son who never visits. One day, Todd must decide whether to pretend to be someone he isn't -- and following his decision, he undergoes a spiritual awakening.

Pier 13 (1940)

A policeman makes the startling discovery that his girlfriend is involved in a waterfront smuggling racket.

We Were One Man (1980)

In 1943 after rescuing a wounded German soldier (Piotr Stanislas), a man (Serge Avedikian) becomes his friend and then his lover.

Sand (1949)

A horse breeder (Mark Stevens) and a ranch girl (Coleen Gray) track an escaped stallion in the Colorado wilderness.

Small Creatures (2010)

Cracks appear in the friendship among three 14-year-old teenagers.

Tonight We Raid Calais (1943)

An English commando (John Sutton) spotlights a Nazi munitions plant for RAF bombers in France.