Der tolle Bomberg (1957)

The Mad Bomberg (German:Der tolle Bomberg) is a 1932 German comedy film directed by Georg Asagaroff and starring Hans Adalbert Schlettow, Liselotte Schaak and Paul Heidemann. It is an adaptation of the 1923 novel The Mad Bomberg by Josef Winckler, which was later made into a 1957 film of the same title. The film's art direction was by Otto Erdmann and Hans Sohnle.

Der müde Theodor (1957)

Tired Theodore (originally Der müde Theodor) is a 1957 West German film directed by Géza von Cziffra.

Tough Guise: Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity (1999)

Kill or Be Killed (2010)

Swing Ding Amigo (1966)

"Swing Ding Amigo" is a 1966 Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Robert McKimson with a story by Sid Marcus. It stars Daffy Duck, Speedy Gonzales and other mice.

Kill for Love (1982)

Outcast (1990)

Death Scenes (2012)

Death Scenes is a 1989 mondo film starring Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey and directed by Nick Bougas.

Sweetheart Murders (1998)

Free Eats (1932)

Free Eats is a 1932 Our Gang short comedy film directed by Ray McCarey. It was the 112th (24th talking Our Gang episode) Our Gang short that was released.

Killing vs. the Flying Man (1967)

Death from Beyond (2006)

Frau im Strom (1939)

Woman in the River (German:Frau im Strom) is a 1939 drama film directed by Gerhard Lamprecht and starring Hertha Feiler, Attila Hörbiger and Oskar Sima. The film was made by Wien-Film, a Vienna-based company set up after Austria had been incorporated into Greater Germany following the 1938 Anschluss.

Franklin: A Symphony of Pain (2015)

Cactus River (2012)

Tongs: A Chinatown Story (1986)

Frank Lloyd Wright's Home & Studio (2009)

Cats and Mice (2016)

Soft Shoulders, Sharp Curves (1972)

Soft Shoulders, Sharp Curves (German: Die Auto-Nummer - Sex auf Rädern) is an erotic, comedy film directed by Gabriel Axel and Richard R. Rimmel, and released in 1972.

Der Haustyrann (1938)

Der Haus-Tyrann is a 1959 West German film directed by Hans Deppe. It is based on the play The Scoundrel by Hans Reimann and Toni Impekoven.

Surf, Sand and Sex (1994)

Franco ...ese hombre (1963)

Franco, ese hombre, translated into English as Franco, that man, is a 1964 documentary film by Spanish director José Luis Sáenz de Heredia. It follows the military and political career of the Spanish Head of State Francisco Franco until the 25th anniversary of the end of the Civil War. It uses diverse footage and interviews Franco's doctor in Morocco, Manuel Aznar Zubigaray, and Franco himself. It is a commemorative documentary of the 25th anniversary of Franco's victory in the Spanish Civil War.

The Butterfly (2009)

Heimweh nach St. Pauli (1963)

Homesick for St. Pauli (German: Heimweh nach St. Pauli) is a 1963 German drama film directed by Werner Jacobs and starring Freddy Quinn, Josef Albrecht and Ullrich Haupt. Heinz Pehlke was the cinematographer. It was based on a musical by Lotar Olias and Gustav Kampendonk. A German singer who has enjoyed massive success in the United States, returns to his hometown, the St. Pauli district of Hamburg. The film was one of the many foreign films that Jayne Mansfield made in the 1960s, after becoming a star in the late 1950s in films like: The Girl Can't Help It (1956) and Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (1957).

Keeper of the Necklace (2007)

Thrust in Me (1985)

The Major and the Steers (1955)

Monarca (2011)

The Mad Maestro (1939)

Lucas, the Ear of Corn (1977)

One Arm Hero (1994)

Bolívar, a Tropical Symphony (1981)

Suicide Me (2003)

Frk. Møllers jubilæum (1937)

Frøken Møllers jubilæum is a 1937 Danish comedy film directed and written by Lau Lauritzen Jr. and Alice O'Fredericks. The film stars Liva Weel and Victor Borge .

Water Wars (2014)

The Blue Mansion (2009)

The Blue Mansion is the second film from director Glen Goei. The film had its world premiere at the 14th Pusan International Film Festival and was released in Singaporean theatres in an edited NC16 version at the request of the distributor on 22 October 2009. The uncut version was classified M18 by the Media Development Authority. The film was the opening film of the Berlin Asian Hot Shots Film Festival 2010 and was in competition at the Tokyo International Film Festival 2009 and the Shanghai International Film Festival 2010. It debuted in Kuala Lumpur on 18 March 2010 and was shown in Penang during the George Town Festival 2010.

L'unica legge in cui credo (1976)

A Bloody Fight (1988)

Criminal Hunter (1988)

Dreamland (2009)

Dreamland (Icelandic: Draumalandið) is a 2009 Icelandic documentary film about politics, environmental preservation and damming, focusing on the Kárahnjúkar Hydropower Plant and its environmental impact. The movie is based on the book Dreamland: A Self-Help Manual for a Frightened Nation by Andri Snær Magnason. The film's soundtrack is composed by Valgeir Sigurðsson.

Filmmaker Intervention - Sam Macaroni (2012)

Boobheads (2009)

When Life Gives You Lemons (2010)

The Box (1981)

Revolte dans la prison (1931)

Amor, Vida de Mi Vida (2007)

Storybook Classics: King Solomon's Mines (1986)

We (1981)

Wir (German: Wir; English: We; Russian: Мы) is a 1982 German television film based on the 1921 Russian novel We by Yevgeny Zamyatin. Zamayatin was partly influenced by Jerome K. Jerome's 1891 essay The New Utopia, as well as by the writings of H.G. Wells, who, at the time, was a popular apostle of a scientific socialist utopia. Wir was the first film adaptation of the Russian novel, and was written by Claus Hubalek, directed by Vojtěch Jasný and produced by German TV network ZDF. The film presents a world of harmony and conformity within a united totalitarian state.

Roaming by Ray Mcdonald (2008)

Hulmerist (1991)

The Who: Live from Toronto (1984)

Vicky Pattison's 7 Day Slim (2013)

I Hear Your Scream (2008)

Clown (2002)

Sterne (1959)

Stars (German: Sterne) is a 1959 film directed by Konrad Wolf. It tells the story of a Nazi officer who falls in love with a Greek Jewish girl while escorting Jewish prisoners through Bulgaria to a concentration camp. The film won the Special Jury Prize at the 1959 Cannes Film Festival.

This Man in Paris (1939)

This Man in Paris is a 1939 British comedy mystery film directed by David MacDonald and starring Barry K. Barnes, Valerie Hobson and Alastair Sim. A British journalist and his wife travel to France to investigate a counterfeiting rang involving a British aristocrat. It was a sequel to the 1938 film This Man Is News. It was made at Denham Studios.

The Candid Candidate (1937)

The Candid Candidate is a 1937 Fleischer Studios animated short film starring Betty Boop and Grampy.

Not Now (1936)

Not Now is a 1936 Fleischer Studios animated short films starring Betty Boop and Pudgy the Pup. It is now public domain.

Paris, roman d'une ville (1990)

Sea Racketeers (1937)

Sea Racketeers is a 1937 American film directed by Hamilton MacFadden.

Here Is Mariah Carey (1993)

O Crime de Aldeia Velha (1964)

The Crime of Aldeia Velha (Portuguese: O Crime da Aldeia Velha) is a 1964 Portuguese drama film directed by Manuel Guimarães.

Half-Pint Palomino (1953)

Barney Bear sets out to capture the world's smallest horse.

A Bergman Tapestry (2004)

Taiga (1992)

Taiga (1992) is an eight-hour documentary directed and photographed by Ulrike Ottinger. It focuses on the life and rituals of nomadic peoples in Northern Mongolia, specifically the Darkhad nomads and the Soyon Uriankhai.

Now That You're Dead (2009)

Angst (2013)

Anatomy of a Liar (2012)

The Pig's Retribution (1999)

The Days God Slept (2013)

The Village (2012)

Io non protesto, io amo (1967)

Io non protesto, io amo (Italian for I don't protest, I love) is a 1967 Italian musicarello film written and directed by Ferdinando Baldi and starring Caterina Caselli and Terence Hill (here credited as Mario Girotti).

The Mailbox (1977)

The Mailbox is a 1977 American 24-minute short film produced by BYU Motion Picture Studios. The film is available through the Brigham Young University Office of Creative Works on a compilation DVD with other LDS films.

A Girl Called Tigress (1973)

The Major Lied 'Til Dawn (1938)

The Major Lied 'Til Dawn is a Merrie Melodies cartoon released to theaters on August 13, 1938. This short was directed by Frank Tashlin. The short was written by Richard Hogan and animated by Phil Monroe.

The Little Bantamweight (1938)

Grand Opera (1978)

Journey of a Story (2012)

Cold Nights (1955)

Egghead Rides Again (1937)

Egghead Rides Again is a 1937 Merrie Melodies cartoon, released by Warner Bros. and directed by Tex Avery. It was first released to theaters on July 17, 1937. The cartoon marks the first appearance of Egghead, a character who eventually evolved into Elmer Fudd.

A Family Basketball Team (1998)

Aki Na Ukwa (2002)

Aki na Ukwa is a 2002 Nigerian comedy film directed by Amayo Uzo Philips and starring Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze. The film launched the acting careers of the two actors.

Amsterdam Affair (1968)

Amsterdam Affair is a 1968 British crime film directed by Gerry O'Hara and starring Wolfgang Kieling, William Marlowe, Catherine Schell and Pamela Ann Davy. The plot follows Dutch policeman Van Der Valk, who investigates a novelist who is accused of murdering his mistress. It was based on the novel Love in Amsterdam by Nicolas Freeling.

Il Protocollo Sabbia (2006)

The Taxi Driver (1975)

36 Secrets of Courtship (1982)

Dokyumento poruno: Toruko tekunikku dai hyakka (1975)

New Lesbian World: Rapture (1975)

First Prize Irene (1969)

Ordinary nurse Irene Grunschwitz is won as 'first prize' in a lottery of a private club which leads her to spend two weeks in the Balearic Islands with the man who won her.

RANDOM (2008)

The Pied Piper of Basin Street (1945)

The Red Green Story: We're All in This Together (2008)

Box (1982)

Vite (1969)

In the Land of the Gold Mines (1908)

Adultery Italian Style (1966)

Adultery Italian Style (Italian: Adulterio all'italiana) is a 1966 Italian comedy film written and directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile.

Wadley (2008)

Voltes V (1977)

Instants (2013)

Humanoid Monster, Bem (2012)