Children of War (2014)

Several former child soldiers undergo trauma therapy and emotional healing in a rehabilitation center.

In the Hour of Victory (2012)

The discovery of a long-lost bundle of letters reveals the story of an Allied soldier who died on the battlefields of World War II.

Steppin' in Society (1945)

A vacationing judge (Edward Everett Horton) sets out to reform the same mobsters who mistook him for a notorious racketeer.

Hemorrhage (2012)

A killer's dark nature re-emerges following his release from a mental institution.

A Decent Arrangement (2014)

Accompanied by his cousin (Shabana Azmi), an Indian-American copywriter (Adam Laupus) goes to India to find a bride.

Silk Hat Kid (1935)

A woman exerts influence upon a mobster's bodyguard to give up his lifestyle and turn his efforts to social causes.

Blue Collar Boys (2012)

A construction worker and his lifelong friends face a dilemma that tests their loyalties.

The First Traveling Saleslady (1956)

In 1897 New York, Rose Gillray (Ginger Rogers) struggles to keep her corset business afloat. When Rose suggests that singer Molly Wade (Carol Channing) wear her daring new corset in her revue, the show is shut down. In debt to steel manufacturer Jim Carter (David Brian), Rose declares she can sell steel wire to stubborn cattle ranchers in Texas and clear her debt. Along the way, Rose is joined by Molly, inventor Charles Masters (Barry Nelson) and cattle baron Joel Kingdom (James Arness).

The Daughter (2013)

Flaring tempers and emerging secrets reveal that the criminals who kidnapped a politician's daughter and her friends are after more than just money.

Sweatshop (2009)

Some friends break into an abandoned factory and find it is not empty, as they expected.

Your Uncle Dudley (1935)

A paint store owner turns his attention to civic affairs while his business falls apart.

Bicycle, Spoon, Apple (2010)

Filmmaker Carles Bosch follows Catalonian politician Pasqual Maragall for two years as he wages a public battle with Alzheimer's disease.

The Supreme Happiness (2010)

In 1950s Rio de Janeiro, a youth discovers the wonders of love and sex.

For You I Die (1947)

An escaped convict (Paul Langton) tries to change his ways when he falls in love.

I Want My Name Back (2011)

The rise, fall and rise again of original members of The Sugarhill Gang.

Room to Breathe (2013)

At-risk students at a San Francisco middle school try mindfulness meditation to improve their grades and lessen behavioral problems.

Feeding Grounds (2006)

A mysterious creature stalks a group of friends in the desert.

Haiti Untold (2012)

Famous and not-so-famous people put their heads together to effect radical changes in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010.

Love Possible (2012)

A secretary (Srishti Sharma) tries to get her playboy boss (Karan Mehra) interested in running his company, and also tries to prevent others from taking advantage of him.

Kinyarwanda (2011)

During the Rwandan genocide some neighbors crossed the lines of hatred to help each other.

San Francisco Docks (1941)

A woman struggles to prove her dockworker-boyfriend innocent in the murder of a crooked politician.

Rock 'n' Roll (1978)

A clothing-factory worker seeks relief from the hassles of everyday life at the local dance hall.

Invitation Only (2009)

Five friends go to a party that descends into an event of torture and murder.

100th Street Haunting: The Ghost of Richard Speck (2012)

Terror strikes a group of paranormal investigators at the site of a killing spree.

Endgame (2001)

A couple (Corey Johnson, Toni Barry) befriends a violent gangster who keeps a young man (Daniel Newman) in his apartment for sexual reasons.

Private Property (1960)

A hoodlum (Corey Allen) plots to seduce a lonely housewife (Kate Manx) and turn her over to his virginal friend (Warren Oates).

Professor Creeps (1942)

Down-on-their-luck private eyes (Mantan Moreland, F.E. Miller) probe the case of a Harlem socialite (Florence O'Brien) whose suitors mysteriously vanish.

Goth (2003)

A savage but charismatic woman (Phoebe Dollar) leads two Goth teens on a dark journey fueled by drugs, violence and depravity.

Reform School (1939)

Youngsters at a reform school adjust their hardened attitudes when a dedicated probation officer (Louise Beavers) replaces cruelty with kindness.

The Psychic (1968)

An advertising executive (Dick Genola) turns into a self-centered opportunist after an accident leaves him with extrasensory abilities.

Rasa Yatra (2012)

A meditative journey reaches from the Himalayas into Vrindavana.

A Connecticut Yankee (1931)

Making a delivery to a mysterious mansion in a rainstorm, radio salesman Hank Martin (Will Rogers) is knocked out when a suit of armor topples on him. Upon awakening, Hank finds himself in the time of King Arthur (William Farnum). At Camelot Castle, Hank uses a cigarette lighter and his skill with a lasso to save himself from being executed as a demon. Hank so impresses Arthur that the king orders him to joust with one of his knights to save the life of Princess Alisande (Maureen O'Sullivan).

Game Over (2005)

An ex-convict (Andre "Chyna" McCoy) reluctantly enters a brutal, underground-fighting tournament.

Pati Patni (1966)

A tale of love, marriage and possible betrayal.

Shehzada (1972)

A wealthy DIG of Police is approached by a poor freedom fighter, who would like his daughter to get married to the DIG's son.

Other Side Of The Game (2010)

A drug dealer resorts to desperate measures after he is framed for theft and murder.

Playing for Change (2003)

Music producer Mark Johnson, founder of the global music education initiative Playing for Change Foundation, examines the passions that drive some musicians to take to the streets with their art. Drawing on interviews with and footage of a diverse range of musical talents from Los Angeles, New Orleans and New York City, Johnson celebrates the unbridled yearning to create and perform that is common to these performers, who span all musical styles and walks of life.

Pripyat (1999)

In the aftermath of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe, nearby Pripyat was rendered a virtual ghost town. Austrian documentary filmmaker Nikolaus Geyrhalter travels to the once-bustling city to tell the story of the residents who chose to stay behind. Focusing on the lives of Pripyat's largely elderly population and the Soviet government's heavy-handed response to the calamity, Geyrhalter uncovers the dark secrets behind one of the worst environmental disasters in history.

Orchids to You (1935)

A young florist protects a lawyer from scandal and is sent to jail.

Residual Risk (2011)

A meltdown at a nuclear power plant leads to widespread panic.

Miss Julie (1951)

In late 19th-century Sweden, bold and beautiful young aristocrat Julie (Anita Bjrk) throws over her fianc after humiliating him, and impetuously decides to take up with servant Jean (Ulf Palme) -- despite his being engaged to Kristin (Mrta Dorff), the cook. To Julie's surprise, she genuinely falls in love with Jean, but she realizes that prevailing class attitudes prevent them from being together. Determined, Julie decides that the couple should elope to Switzerland.

Pehchaan: The Face of Truth (2005)

Mridula's suddenly finds herself in danger when investigating the mysterious circumstances surrounding her best friend's death.

He's a Woman, She's a Man (1995)

Music producer Sam (Leslie Cheung) has made a pop superstar out of his girlfriend, Rose (Carina Liu). After a fight, Sam decides to prove he can create a new male musician as popular as Rose. When he holds open auditions, Wing (Anita Yuen), who admires both Rose and Sam and is determined to meet her idols, disguises herself as a man -- and is selected as the winner. Wing moves in with the fractious couple to begin her training and, despite her innocent intentions, soon grows attracted to Sam.

Final Remains (2005)

A prank by college students turns deadly when they discover that a funeral home director (Leon Acord) may have been released from an insane asylum a bit too soon.

Late September (2012)

A woman throws a party for her husband; as the hours pass, old rifts, new relationships and secrets emerge among the attendees, causing underlying tensions in the marriage to erupt.

One Day Less (2009)

Eme and Carmen count the days until the next holiday celebration when their house will be full.

The Beat That My Heart Skipped (2005)

Tom Seyr (Romain Duris), a violent thug with a heart, grows weary of cracking heads for his smarmy, mediocre gangster father, Robert (Niels Arestrup), and longs for a chance at something else. A fortuitous encounter prompts Tom to renew his classical piano playing, like his mother before him, and he begins to study with piano teacher Miao Lin (Linh Dan Pham). But when he starts a passionate affair with Aline (Aure Atika), the wife of one of his cronies, his new happiness may be short-lived.

Sleepytime Gal (1942)

A singing kitchen maid hits all the right notes in a beauty contest.

On Our Merry Way (1948)

Oliver (Burgess Meredith) is a newspaper classified ads clerk, not the roving reporter he leads his wife, Martha (Paulette Goddard), to believe. But when Martha suggests an interview question, Oliver scrambles to make his deception a reality. He fools an editor into assigning him a story on how babies have changed interviewees' lives. On his quest for answers, two musicians (James Stewart, Henry Fonda), a famous actress (Dorothy Lamour) and a magician (Fred MacMurray) offer amusing responses.

Humkadam (1980)

Husband Shekhar's trust in his wife Indu wavers as she sets out to make a career of her own.

Haunted Ranch (1943)

The Range Busters learn that villains are responsible for a man's death and missing gold.

Cancerpants (2011)

Ro Poulson involves her partner, family and friends in her struggle against breast cancer.

Secret of the Blue Room (1933)

In a European castle, a mysterious room in which a murder once took place holds death for anyone who sleeps in it.

Freight (2010)

A gang of Russians sells Eastern Europeans in Britain, until they start a war with locals.

Small Time (1996)

A Harlem mugger (Richard Barboza) sits in jail for murder, recalling his life, confessing his crimes.

Chaos and Desire (2002)

When her hometown in Quebec exhibits strange tidal patterns, seismologist Alice Bradley (Pascale Bussires) travels from Tokyo to analyze the situation. Once she arrives, she meets a pilot, Marc Vandal (Jean-Nicolas Verreault), and is reacquainted with her old friend, Catherine (Julie Gayet), a journalist. While she develops a relationship with Marc, a widower, she encounters strange residents, such as a waitress and a sleepwalking child, who lead her to a supernatural conclusion.

Sure Fire (1990)

Wes (Tom Blair) is determined to purchase land in his hometown of Circlesville, Utah, then sell it to Californians eager to get away from urban sprawl. When bank manager Dick (Rick Blackwell) declines to go into a partnership with him, Wes tries to get his best friend, Larry (Robert Ernst), to help him with the business. Meanwhile at home, Wes is an overbearing father to his resentful son, Phillip (Phillip R. Brown), who is preparing for his first hunting trip.

The Beginning or the End (1947)

Gen. Leslie R. Groves (Brian Donlevy) oversees scientists on the Manhattan Project, the first atomic bomb.

City of Shadows (2010)

A doctor on his way home from North Africa tries to save a city from the plague.

Arizona Seaside (2007)

A factory worker (Alexandra Hunter) from Kazakhstan wants to be a country-music star.

Too Much, Too Soon (1958)

Based on the autobiography of Diana Barrymore (Dorothy Malone), the troubled daughter of actor John Barrymore (Errol Flynn).

U.F.O. (1956)

Re-creations and file footage, some in color, outline the findings of a government UFO study.

The Deadly Dust (1978)

Spider-Man swings to the rescue when a nuclear bomb created by three college students falls into criminal hands.

Percy's Progress (1974)

A man who had an unusual transplant returns from a cruise to find he is the only male in the world who is not impotent.

Solitude (2002)

Louis and Hilary are a twisted brother and sister who like to badger, berate, and bewitch each other. When Hilary comes home to announce that she is leaving Phoenix for good, she brings Soledad, a love-struck desert artist. As Louis and Hilary's fun and games escalate, Soledad gets a lacerating look at their perverse relationship and a preview of the betrayal to come.

Almost Perfect (2011)

A career woman tries to balance her demanding family and her perfect new boyfriend.

Satan's Princess (1989)

A detective (Robert Forster) tracks a missing person to a modeling agency run by a chic vampire called Nicole (Lydie Denier).

Code of the Streets (1939)

When a man is charged with murder, his son is joined by the arresting officer's son to clear his name of guilt.

Loving Couples (1980)

A Beverly Hills doctor (James Coburn) sleeps with a TV weatherwoman (Susan Sarandon) whose boyfriend sleeps with the doctor's wife (Shirley MacLaine).

Goldberg P.I. (2011)

Jackie (Jackie Mason) is at the end of his career until he helps a 16 year-old (Antony Del Rio) prove his mother's innocence.

Süskind (2012)

A member of the Jewish Council of Amsterdam finds a way to keep children from being deported to Nazi death camps.

Tranceformer: A Portrait of Lars von Trier (1997)

Danish screenwriter and director Lars von Trier rose to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s with a series of acclaimed experimental films, including his 1996 masterpiece, "Breaking the Waves." Von Trier is regarded as one of the most controversial and enigmatic filmmakers of his or any generation, and this documentary provides rare insight into his creativity. But there's also a lot of darkness in von Trier's story, including a string of crippling phobias and social anxieties.

Colorado Ambush (1951)

A ranger uncovers a connection between a liveryman and a hotel hostess while investigating three deaths.

Deadly Dancer (1990)

A Los Angeles police investigator becomes a suspect in a series of killings involving exotic dancers.

Cet Amour-là (2002)

French writer Marguerite Duras (Jeanne Moreau) begins a 16-year love affair with a much younger man (Aymeric Demarigny) who becomes her secretary.

The Most Terrible Time in My Life (1994)

Intrepid Japanese detective Maiku Hama is on the case in this adventure. Hama is suave, macho, and cold but he is a total klutz. His attempts at machismo always fall flat. When he's out on a case he spends more time getting beaten up than he does solving the case.

For Fun (1993)

A man (Huang Zongluo) starts a club for fellow retirees, but they soon discover their meeting spot will be torn down to put up a karaoke club.

Fortress (1985)

As the teacher at a small school in rural Australia, Sally Jones (Rachel Ward) leads a rather mundane life. However, for her and nine of her students, all of that changes when a band of criminals breaks into their school to take them hostage. Dragging the teacher and children to the outback, the kidnappers intend to hold their victims for ransom. But Jones has other plans. Leading her pupils, Jones turns on her captors and fights to first survive and then escape.

Our Relations (1936)

Sailors Stan (Stan Laurel) and Ollie (Oliver Hardy) have a beer-garden mix-up with their henpecked twins and gangsters.

Cleveland Vs. Wall Street (2010)

The city of Cleveland battles 21 banks in court over a devastating string of foreclosures.

11/25: The Day Mishima Chose His Own Fate (2012)

In 1970, famed Japanese writer Yukio Mishima (Arata Iura) commits suicide after leading a failed coup.

Final Payback (1999)

A former policeman (Richard Grieco) must prove his innocence in the murder of a married woman with whom he was having an affair.

A Killer in the Family (1983)

Three brothers help their father escape from jail, but their love is betrayed when he leads them on a murder spree.

Confession Of A Child Of The Century (2012)

Octave (Pete Doherty) is betrayed by his mistress and sinks into despair and debauchery. He moves to the country after his father dies and falls in love with an older widow (Charlotte Gainsbourg).

Buone notizie (1979)

A junior executive (Giancarlo Giannini) deals with his sexually repressed wife (ngela Molina) and a frantic friend who thinks his life is in danger.

Strip Nude for Your Killer (1975)

A fashion model dies during a botched abortion, and the people closely connected to her are murdered one by one.

Song of the Land (1953)

Filmmaker Henry Kester's examination of the destruction and rebirth that mark the cycle of nature.

Flame Of Stamboul (1951)

A master thief known only as "The Voice" (George Zucco) travels to Istanbul, where an international peace conference is being held, to obtain top secret defense plans. American agent Larry Wilson (Richard Denning) tries to intercept the wily criminal, only to be waylaid by exotic dancer Lynette Garay (Lisa Ferraday), who is actually a part of The Voice's elaborate plan. The Voice seeks to also use Garay's charms to seduce an Egyptian who stands in the way of him and the defense plans.

Conquest of Cochise (1953)

A cavalry major (Robert Stack) sides with Apache chief Cochise (John Hodiak) against Comanches after the Gadsden Purchase.

Windfall (2002)

Caught stealing from a casino, two robbers must now stop its security chief from committing his own heist.

Susa (2010)

Tough living conditions in the Georgian Republic are seen through the eyes of a young teen.

The Evil Cult (1993)

Two different schools of kung fu fight for possession of two magic swords that will let the owner know all martial-arts secrets.

Blade (1973)

A New York police detective (John Marley) ties the death of a congressman's (William Prince) daughter to a crazed karate killer.

The Sound and the Fury (1959)

The once-prominent Compson family of Jefferson, Miss., has been reduced to near-penury by generations of alcoholism and sin. Levelheaded Jason (Yul Brynner) struggles to keep the family together, but his teenage stepsister, Quentin (Joanne Woodward), chafes against his strictures. When Quentin's estranged mother (Margaret Leighton) reappears in town and carnival worker Charles (Stuart Whitman) attempts to seduce the virginal teen, the family may finally be headed for complete collapse.

The Dragon Lives Again (1979)

A martial-arts expert runs into trouble when he refuses to work for an organized-crime boss.

The Dragon Dies Hard (1975)

Numerous film clips illustrate the film career of Bruce Lee, the legendary Chinese-American star of martial-arts films.

A Jumpin' Night in the Garden of Eden (1987)

The musical genre known as klezmer, a heavily improvised celebratory form developed by Eastern European Jews, has a mysterious history. This documentary traces the evolutions of two pioneering klezmer bands, the Klezmer Conservatory Band and Kapelye, uncovering some of the genre's shrouded roots. Featuring a wealth of performance and compositional footage, the film also documents the transition from the old guard of klezmer to the new age that took off in America in the early 20th century.

Earl of Puddlestone (1940)

An elderly patriarch attempts to elevate his granddaughter's social status by fabricating her noble lineage.

The Earth Cries Out (1949)

Two Jews and their former British comrade land on opposite sides of the Palestine issue following World War II.

Papa the Great (2000)

A witness to murder, a cowardly man (Kishen Kumar) testifies against a killer who escapes from prison and comes looking for him.