The Sadistic Hypnotist (1969)

Die Mörderin (1999)

Krai Thong (2001)

Joy Ride: An Auto Theft (1976)

Al bar dello sport (1983)

Al bar dello sport (At the Bar Sport) is a 1983 Italian comedy film directed by Francesco Massaro.

Bollywood Made in Spain (2016)

Sadie Turns Seven (2006)

Dracula Bites the Big Apple (1979)

Tange Sazen: Hyakuman ryo no tsubo (2004)

Before a Falling Star Fades Away (2015)

The Attentive Doctor (2015)

La fêlure (2018)

Hayflower, Quiltshoe and the Rubens Brothers (2017)

Rendezvous im Salzkammergut (1948)

Fighting Back (1986)

Opernball (1939)

Opera Ball (German: Opernball ) is a 1939 German musical comedy film directed by Géza von Bolváry and starring Heli Finkenzeller, Fita Benkhoff and Marte Harell. An operetta film, it is based on the 1898 work of the same name composed by Richard Heuberger. In 1956 it was remade as Opera Ball in Austria with some of the same personnel. The film's sets were designed by the art director Robert Herlth .

Two Shy Ones (1943)

Two Timid Souls (French: Les deux timides) is a 1943 French historical comedy film directed by Yves Allégret, Marcel Achard and Marc Allégret and starring Pierre Brasseur, Jacqueline Laurent and Claude Dauphin. It was based on the 1860 play by Eugène Labiche which had previously been turned into a 1928 silent film version by René Clair. The film's sets were designed by the art director Paul Bertrand.

James Herriot's Yorkshire (2007)

Totò cerca pace (1954)

Toto Seeks Peace (Italian: Totò cerca pace) is a 1954 Italian comedy film directed by Mario Mattoli and starring Totò.

The Foundling (1916)

The Foundling is a 1916 silent film directed by John B. O'Brien. The film is a remake of the lost film The Foundling and serves as its replacement, as the 1915 Allan Dwan directed version was destroyed in the nitrate fire at Famous Players September 11, 1915.

The Fenouillard Family (1961)

The Fenouillard Family (French: La famille Fenouillard) is a 1960 French historical comedy film directed by Yves Robert and starring Sophie Desmarets, Jean Richard and Annie Sinigalia. It is based on a pioneering nineteenth century text comic, La Famille Fenouillard, by Georges Colomb.

Kuhana! (2016)

Skjold & Isabel (2018)

Hubby's Quiet Little Game (1926)

The White Black Sheep (1926)

The White Black Sheep is a 1926 American silent film produced by Inspiration Pictures and distributed by First National. it was directed by Sidney Olcott with Richard Barthelmess and Patsy Ruth Miller in the leading roles.

The King of the Jungle (1928)

King of the Jungle is a 1927 American adventure film serial directed by Webster Cullison. The film is considered to be lost; only a trailer remains.

Dumb Criminals: The Movie (2015)

Dynamite Doggie (1925)

Deathly Love (2013)

They Didn't Make it (2009)

Imagined Landscape (2012)

Finding Amelia (2010)

González: falsos profetas (2015)

Les dents de fer (1913)

The Crack (2012)

Koibone (2005)

Nils Holgerssons underbara resa i nutid (1996)

Ryang-kang-do: Merry Christmas, North! (2011)

Ded 005 (2013)

A Flower in the Rainy Night (1983)

Goldilocks and the Jivin' Bears (1944)

Goldilocks and the Jivin' Bears is an animated cartoon short written by Tedd Pierce and directed by Friz Freleng. It was released on September 2, 1944, by Warner Bros. Pictures as part of its Merrie Melodies series. The film's story combines elements of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood. All of the characters are drawn in blackface style. This would be the last Warner Bros. animated short to feature an all-black cast excluding Chuck Jones' Inki cartoons.

A Virtuous Vamp (1919)

A Virtuous Vamp is a 1919 American silent comedy film produced by and starring Constance Talmadge that was directed by David Kirkland and Sidney Franklin. It was written by Anita Loos and John Emerson based on the 1909 play The Bachelor by Clyde Fitch.On December 18, 2013, the Library of Congress announced that this film had been selected for the National Film Registry for being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

Peer Pressure (2012)

Sta. Niña (2012)

Sta. Niña (Santa Niña) is a 2012 Filipino drama film directed by Emmanuel Quindo Palo.The film is Palo's first directorial venture.The film tells the story of Paulino who unexpectedly unearths the remains of his 2-year-old daughter in a lahar-filled quarry. It was one of the official entries for the New Breed Full Length Feature Category in Cinemalaya 2012.

SB (One Minute for Vienna) (2002)

Egypt: Secrets of the Pharaohs (1997)

Ambra: Honour & Glory (2002)

1000 Tage (2006)

Samoure (2005)

Snip (2008)

Private Eye Popeye (1954)

Maw and Paw (1953)

Felix the Cat Switches Witches (1927)

Mat Toyol (1969)

Ano ang kulay ng mga nakalimutang pangarap? (2013)

Alone in the Dark (1978)

Solos en la madrugada (English: "Alone in the Dark") is a 1978 Spanish film written and directed by José Luis Garci, starring José Sacristán and Fiorella Faltoyano. The film built on the success of Garci's previous and successful film Asignatura pendiente, but did not have the same results.

Gonzales' Tamales (1957)

Gonzales' Tamales is a Looney Tunes animated film.

Feng liu yun shi (1973)

Children of the Iron Snake (2011)

Gladio - Geheimarmeen in Europa (2011)

OL nikki: Waisetsu na kankei (1975)

The Blue Sky Maiden (1957)

Três Dias Sem Deus (1945)

Três Dias Sem Deus is a 1945 Portuguese drama film directed by Bárbara Virgínia. It was entered into the 1946 Cannes Film Festival.

Noye's Fludde - Unogumbe (2013)

I Get Off at the Next Stop, What About You? (1992)

Flop Goes the Weasel (1943)

Flop Goes the Weasel is a 1943 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Chuck Jones.

Pecan Pie (2003)

Pecan Pie (2003) is a short film by Michel Gondry, starring Jim Carrey, in which the main character drives around the streets in a bed while singing a song in the style of Elvis Presley. It also features French comic duo Éric et Ramzy as the gas station staff. It was attached as a bonus clip in the DVD for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. On the October 25, 2014 episode of Saturday Night Live, Jim Carrey performed "Pecan Pie" during the opening monologue.

Bakgat! tot die mag 3 (2013)

The Uncovered Wagon (1923)

An Anomaly of the Theory (2010)

The Panda Rabbit (2011)

Jokôsei report: Hanahiraku Yûko (1971)

Sons & Lovers (2003)

Chiko to iu onna: Kawaii hada (1965)

Deep Winter (1985)

Deep Winter (Icelandic: Skammdegi) is a 1985 Icelandic drama film directed by Þráinn Bertelsson. The film was selected as the Icelandic entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 58th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

Sun Ra: The Brother from Another Planet (2005)

Sex document: Môteru no joô (1973)

Graceful Swans of Never (2001)

The Wick: Dispatches from the Isle of Wonder (2013)

Tough Guy (1972)

Tarts and Flowers (1950)

Transistorized! (1998)

Chasin' the Bird (2007)

Mouse into Space (1962)

Mouse into Space is a Tom and Jerry animated short film made in 1961, released on April 13, 1962. It was the fifth cartoon in the series to be directed by Gene Deitch and produced by William L. Snyder in Czechoslovakia.

La chute des feuilles (2013)

Richard Himber & His Orchestra (1934)

Out of the Loop (1997)

Gumball 3000: Drivin' Me Crazy (2006)

Rope Dance (1986)

Histoire de détective (1929)

Histoire de Détective (1929) is the third film by the Belgian director Charles Dekeukeleire. The 138-minute film belongs to Dekeukeleire's avant-garde period and exudes the influence of the different avant-garde strands in Europe. Besides Histoire de Détective Dekeukeleire made three other avant-garde films: Combat de Boxe (1927), Impatience (1928) and Witte Vlam (1930).

A Study in Reds (1932)

A Study in Reds (1932) is a polished amateur film by Miriam Bennett which spoofs women’s clubs and the Soviet menace in the 1930s. While listening to a tedious lecture on the Soviet threat, Wisconsin Dells’ Tuesday Club members fall asleep and find themselves laboring in an all-women collective in Russia under the unflinching eye of the Soviet special police. In 2009, it was named to the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress for being “culturally, historically or aesthetically” significant and will be preserved for all time.

Cupid Gets His Man (1936)

Was ich von ihr weiß (2005)

Cairo As Seen by Chahine (1991)

Run, Run, Sweet Road Runner (1965)

Run, Run Sweet Roadrunner is an animated cartoon in the Merrie Melodies series released by Warner Bros.. It features Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner and was directed and written by Rudy Larriva for release in 1965. It was the first of the Road Runner cartoons subcontracted to Format Productions, and the one of the only three which composer William Lava was able to properly score. (The subsequent cartoons had to use a set of stock musical cues, due to extremely low budgets).

Morning Frenzy (1974)

Sheep Shape (1946)

The Fatalist (2005)

The Fatalist (Portuguese: O Fatalista, French: Le fataliste) is a 2005 Brazilian-French drama film written and directed by João Botelho. It is based on Denis Diderot's novel Jacques the Fatalist. It was entered into the main competition at the 62nd edition of the Venice Film Festival.

Virtuos Virtuell (2013)

Chaalchitra (1981)