The Ambassador (1984)

Blackmailers have the U.S. ambassador (Robert Mitchum) to Israel's wife (Ellen Burstyn) on film with her PLO lover.

Karamoja (1955)

Dr. William B. Treutle and his wife record the customs and rituals of tribesmen in the Belgian Congo.

What's Up: Balloon to the Rescue! (2009)

A quirky professor and his young friends use a balloon-powered flying house to defeat a dastardly foe.

Varg Veum: Cold Hearts (2012)

A private detective (Trond Espen Seim) uncovers dark secrets while investigating the disappearance of a prostitute.

Hong Kong Hot Harbor (1962)

An American journalist investigates the death of a friend in Hong Kong and finds a mysterious film in his pocket.

2 by 4 (1998)

A New York construction foreman (Jimmy Smallhorne) dons makeup and costumes at night, prowling for male hustlers.

Tricheuse (2009)

Clmence, a brilliant young lawyer, uses lies and manipulation to trick people into doing things that will help her meet her desires.

Oklahoma Frontier (1939)

Corruption plagues the land after Oklahoma is opened for homesteading.

The Narcotics Story (1958)

Filmmaker Robert W. Larsen documents marijuana dealers luring small town teenagers into heroin use and prostitution and the efforts of the police to fight it.

The Kid from Cleveland (1949)

A sportscaster (George Brent) steers a wayward boy (Rusty Tamblyn) to his baseball idols, the Cleveland Indians.

Down to the Sea (1936)

Dissension erupts between divers and hookers in the Florida sponge fishing industry.

Toomelah (2011)

After he's suspended from school, an Aborigine boy (Daniel Connors) from a broken home tries to join the ranks of a gang of drug dealers.

Down Dakota Way (1949)

En route to a Wild West show in Cheyenne, Wyo., cowboy star Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers) intervenes when he sees young outlaw Steve Paxton (Byron Barr) murder a veterinarian who's on his way to tell local rancher H.T. McKenzie (Roy Barcroft) that his cattle herd is infected with hoof-and-mouth disease. With the help of grocer Sparrow Biffle (Pat Brady) and schoolteacher Ruth Shaw (Dale Evans), Roy tries to bring Paxton to justice and keep McKenzie from selling the diseased cattle.

Engagement (2012)

A man (Andrew Perez) suspects that his fiancee (Erika Rankin) may have an identical twin and that he is being subjected to an unusual test of fidelity.

Post Mortem (2010)

During Chile's 1973 military coup, a coroner's assistant (Alfredo Castro) becomes drawn to a showgirl (Antonia Zegers) who lives nearby.

Killer Ape (1953)

Jungle Jim matches wits with a scientist whose experiments with apes have led to a frightening discovery.

La Main tendue (2012)

The transformation of the Visconti courtyard in the Department of Islamic Art at the Louvre.

The Lottery Lover (1935)

A shy sailor falls in love with the woman grooming him for his prize-winning date with a star of the Folies Bergere.

Mushrooming (2012)

A journalist gets a tip about corruption rumors involving a politician.

The Creature Wasn't Nice (1983)

The crew of the U.S.S. Vertigo encounters an alien life form during a stopover at a distant planet.

Fish Meat (2012)

A fish scientist and an environmental engineer sail through the cradle of civilization to expose the world to modern fish farming.

No Vale Nada la Vida (1984)

A singer struggles to find balance in her love life, but instead falls into the clutches of alcohol addiction.

Dancers in the Dark (1932)

A dancer in love with a jazz musician finds her life complicated by a mobster from her past.

Everybody Has a Plan (2012)

Desperate to begin a new life, a man (Viggo Mortensen) assumes his late twin's identity. He gets more than he bargained for when he unwittingly becomes swept up in his brother's criminal dealings.

Libertador Morales, el justiciero (2009)

An honest and law-abiding motorcycle cabdriver dons a disguise and becomes El Justiciero -- an avenging hero who foils the crime spree of a local gang in Caracas.

Silk 2 (1989)

A Honolulu policewoman (Monique Gabrielle) looks for Japanese scrolls related to an art-museum insurance fraud.

Illicit (1931)

Anne Vincent (Barbara Stanwyck) is not particularly excited when it comes to marriage, despite her long-running relationship with Dick Ives (James Rennie). Although Dick would love to put a ring on her finger, Anne thinks marriage would spell the end of their love affair. Her opinion changes when people start to gossip about their nontraditional liaison. Worried about their reputation, the pair get married, as convention dictates -- and that's when the trouble starts.

The Strength of Water (2009)

A mysterious stranger's arrival in an isolated town forces Kimi and Melody apart and forces Kimi to let go of what he loves the most.

Praça Saens Peña (2008)

An alluring job offer has a deep impact on a family.

The Paw Project (2013)

A veterinarian fights big corporations to protect animals from being exploited.

Happy Husbands (2011)

Three married men meet a variety of women through a friend and have fun until their wives find out.

Turning (2012)

Antony, the Johnsons and Charles Atlas perform in major cities in Europe.

Submarine (1928)

Sailors and best friends Jack Dorgan (Jack Holt) and Bob Mason (Ralph Graves) receive separate assignments, and Bob remains at sea while Jack is sent to California. There, Jack meets and marries the vibrant Bessie (Dorothy Revier). But Bessie quickly becomes bored with marriage and looks forward to Jack's time at sea. While he is away, Bob arrives on leave and, unaware of Bessie's marriage, begins dating her. The men's friendship is severely tested when a life-and-death decision arises.

Dancing Man (1934)

Romance blooms for a couple in the musical entertainment world.

Joan Baez: How Sweet the Sound (2009)

Following folk musician Joan Baez on her extensive 2008-2009 tour, this film commemorates her career, which has spanned five decades. In addition to concert and archival footage are interviews with such disparate colleagues, friends and admirers as Bob Dylan, Jesse Jackson and David Crosby. In addition to the music, Baez's long history of global social activism is also touched upon, featuring footage of the singer visiting conflict areas such as North Vietnam and Sarajevo.

The Graveyard Story (1991)

An old doctor (John Ireland) finds a kidnapped girl's gravesite; a detective and a newswoman find out more.

Kasba (1991)

A dishonest businessman's (Manohar Singh) adopted daughter (Mita Vashisht) takes action when his eldest son (Shatrughan Sinha) is arrested for counterfeiting.

Execution (2013)

In 1995, Richard and Daniel, two fledgling filmmakers, get unprecedented access to a prison, and they speak with a condemned inmate. Their footage is confiscated by the warden and returned 10 years later.

Kushi (2000)

After crossing paths several times while growing up, a man and a woman meet and fall in love.

Danger in the Middle East (1960)

A criminal attempts to cap his career with a caper involving important documents thought to be worth a king's ransom.

Danger in the Pacific (1942)

An American spy is sent to investigate a Pacific island thought to be a secret enemy munitions site.

A Beautiful Belly (2011)

When Danny (Lauren Brown) gets pregnant on her first date with Jason (Chris Worley), the two decide to marry, but they each find themselves attracted to other people, as the due date approaches.

You Will Be My Son (2011)

A French winemaker's (Niels Arestrup) contentious relationship with his son (Lornt Deutsch) comes to a head when he asks the young man's childhood friend to become a partner in the winery.

A Pin for the Butterfly (1994)

Marushka (Florence Hoath) lives with her grandmother (Joan Plowright) and grandfather (Ian Bannen) in 1950s Czechoslovakia. While the girl's mother (Imogen Stubbs) tries to advance her acting career by currying favor with Communist officials, Marushka's uncle (Hugh Laurie) is an outspoken dissident, drawing the attention of the authorities and causing tension in the family. When her uncle secretly prepares to escape to the West, Marushka hopes to go with him.

The Dead One (1961)

A jealous woman (Monica Davis) uses voodoo to summon a zombie that will kill her brother's (John McKay) new wife (Linda Ormond).

Rolled (2012)

Filmmaker Whit Scott returns to his hometown to track down the members of a secret club that threw toilet paper on houses. He meets with his old friends and he is shocked when he discovers the current members have changed the tradition.

Sans Laisser De Traces (2010)

Stephen, about to become chairman of the group, wants to unburden himself of a bad choice he made early in his career.

Deputy Droopy (1955)

Droopy (Bill Thompson) comes to the rescue when two villains try to steal gold from a safe.

Die Standing Up (2011)

The son of Mexican militants promotes socialism and the Cuban Revolution.

Tum Haseen Main Jawaan (1970)

A navy officer who has had a number of affairs with attractive young women meets a beautiful girl and falls in love. Though she loves him in return, another admirer of hers tells the officer that she is deceiving him and is the mother of a child.

Just My Luck (1957)

Jewelry store assistant Norman Hackett (Norman Wisdom) is attracted to Anne (Jill Dixon), who works across the street, but he doesn't earn enough to feel comfortable courting her. After he learns about an unusual bet that pays a thousand to one if a jockey wins six races in a row, Norman invests a pound with small-time bookie Lumb (Leslie Phillips). As his chosen racer, Eddie (Vic Wise), racks up victories, Lumb and his partner worry they may have to pay Norman 16,000 pounds they don't have.

Shalimar (1978)

A dying jewel thief invites the cream of his profession to his private island to steal a legendary ruby.

¿Y tú quién eres? (2007)

A man (Manuel Alexandre) shows early signs of Alzheimer's disease while spending the summer with his granddaughter (Cristina Brondo).

Tied (2013)

A married woman (Laetitia Casta) begins a sadomasochistic relationship with a banker (Benot Poelvoorde).

Vampire Sisters (2012)

Two half-vampire siblings leave Transylvania for Germany and struggle to hide their true nature from fellow students at their new school.

Cold Prey III (2010)

A maniacal killer stalks unsuspecting friends in the woods of Norway.

Check Your Guns (1948)

Gunslinger Eddie (Eddie Dean) rides into the Wild West town of Red Gap, Colo., which is run by land-hungry saloon owner Brad Taggart (Stan Jolley) and corrupt circuit judge Hammond (Bill Fawcett). When the sheriff is killed by members of Taggart's gang, Eddie is appointed to take his place. Along with his deputy, barbershop owner Soapy Jones (Roscoe Ates), and ranch owner Cathy Jordan (Nancy Gates), Eddie takes aim at Taggart and his gang, led by sharpshooter Ace Bannion (Mikel Conrad).

1918 (1985)

World War I and a deadly flu epidemic change a Texas family (William Converse-Roberts, Hallie Foote, Matthew Broderick) and town.

Eskil & Trinidad (2013)

Eskil arrives in his 11th home in as many years and befriends the town eccentric, a man whose secret project holds the key to a new life.

Putting Pants on Philip (1927)

J. Piedmont Mumblethunder (Stan Laurel) takes his nephew from Scotland (Oliver Hardy) to get proper pants.

Deranged (1974)

Obsessed with his domineering mother (Cosette Lee), a man (Roberts Blossom) preserves her corpse and adds others to keep her company.

Children of Srikandi (2012)

Eight gay women in Indonesia share their lives.

The River Used to Be a Man (2012)

A German actor visits a rural African waterway to find meaning in ancient tradition.

Switchmas (2012)

En route to Florida, a yuletide-obsessed Jewish boy figures out how to get the Christmas of his dreams by trading plane tickets with a boy going to Christmastown, Wash.

Rat Fever (2012)

Zizo spends his time spewing subversive poetry to his outsider friends until the beautiful Eneida injects a love story into his mundane life.

Wuthering Heights (2011)

A poor English boy is taken in by a wealthy family where he develops an intense relationship with his younger foster sister.

Breathing (2011)

A juvenile delinquent (Thomas Schubert) on a work-release program has difficulty holding down a job until he finds his niche at a morgue.

Society Smugglers (1939)

A Treasury Department agent attempts to bust smugglers who are using a luggage shop as a front for their activities.

Elles (2011)

A journalist (Juliette Binoche) tries to balance the duties of marriage and motherhood while researching a piece on college women who work as prostitutes to pay their tuition.

Samsara (2011)

Filmmaker Ron Fricke creates a global travelogue with pictures and music, exploring the Himalayas, the American Southwest, European cathedrals, and other beautiful sites.

Victor and the Secret of Crocodile Mansion (2012)

Victor finds a diary in his great-uncle's mansion among African masks and stuffed crocodiles. The book and its drawings reveal a long-hidden secret about a young woman who died in the house many years earlier.

Family Man (2011)

Sam has played out his hopes and dreams on poker tables for years, and he has one last chance to win big or he could lose his family.

Chappaqua (1966)

Painful reality and hallucinations about his New York childhood merge for a junkie (Conrad Rooks) being treated in Paris.

Tom Thumb (2001)

During a famine, a logger and his wife abandon their seven sons in the forest, but Poucet scattered stones to find his way back.

Heleno (2012)

Brazilian soccer great Heleno de Freitas (Rodrigo Santoro) becomes the idol of many, but his personal demons and tumultuous life threaten to destroy him.

Knick Knack (1989)

Trapped in a snowglobe, a snowman looks for a way to escape from his glass prison.

Backstabbed (1996)

An interactive game becomes a deadly reality when teens encounter a mad killer in a house they thought was abandoned.

Dismissed From Life (1992)

An amnesiac must avoid the two former policemen who beat him up so badly he lost part of his memory.

The Wild Westerners (1962)

A U.S. marshal (James Philbrook) and his wife (Nancy Kovack) bring Union gold east through outlaws and Indians.

Nuit 1 (2011)

Clara and Nikolai meet at a rave and wind up having a passionate night at Nikolai's apartment. When Clara tries to sneak out in the morning, the one night stand takes an unexpected turn.

The IMAX Nutcracker (1997)

A girl (Lotte Johnson) witnesses her toy nutcracker come to life in an enchanted land with a Sugar Plum Fairy (Miriam Margolyes) and other wonders.

Mariage à Mendoza (2013)

Marcus and Antoine travel to Argentina to attend their cousin's wedding and discover the many pleasures of Buenos Aires.

From the Clouds to the Resistance (1979)

Two segments from Cesare Pavese's stories.

Life Without Principle (2011)

A criminal, a bank officer and a cop are forced to abandon their morals and principles to solve their financial problems.

Kick Off (2009)

Eight homeless people in Austria compete in a soccer game.

The Snows of Kilimanjaro (2011)

A French couple (Ariane Ascaride, Jean-Pierre Darroussin) take care of two orphaned youngsters after their older brother, who earlier robbed the couple, is arrested.

Santa Fe Marshal (1940)

Marshal Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) arrives with a medicine show and stops a little old lady's gang.

We Have a Pope (2011)

A therapist (Nanni Moretti) is called in when a newly appointed pope (Michel Piccoli) refuses to accept the mantle of responsibility.

Back to God's Country (1919)

Based on the novel "Wapi, the Killer." A woman is blackmailed into marrying her unscrupulous suitor.

Sharpe's Sword (1994)

A British rifleman (Sean Bean) is wounded and left for dead while hiding a spy from his French nemesis.

You Might As Well Live (2009)

Robert (Joshua Peace) tries to be somebody by getting a girl, some money and a championship.

Running Turtle (2009)

An escaped convict (Jeong Gyeong-ho) makes off with a cop's (Kim Yun-seok) gambling winnings.

Remember Pearl Harbor (1942)

A disgraced American soldier makes a heroic sacrifice during the sneak Japanese attack.

The Whisper Home (2010)

A man faces resentment from his brother after returning home to turn his life around.

The Conquest (2011)

Nicolas Sarkozy (Denis Podalyds) deals with marital problems while trying to become president of France.

Teenage Dirtbag (2009)

A popular high-school cheerleader (Noa Hegesh) forms an unlikely friendship with a troubled classmate (Scott Michael Foster).

Mark of the Gorilla (1950)

Jungle Jim (Johnny Weissmuller) and his aide (Trudy Marshall) recover a queen's (Suzanne Dalbert) gold stolen by Nazis.

Adam & Eva (1997)

A young husband (Bjrn Kjellman) escapes the boredom and routine of his marriage by having an affair with his brother's baby sitter (Dubrilla Ekerlund).

The Creeps (1997)

A mad scientist animates Dracula, Frankenstein and other movie monsters, but they're only three feet tall.

Los cómplices del infierno (1995)

Trying to overcome the death of her friend, a young woman is haunted by strange people and her life is at risk.