Down the P.C.H. (2006)

An ex-con (Vincent Grashaw) must prevent his younger brother from following in his footsteps.

Autopsy (1973)

The household servants of a rich blind man conspire to kill him with the help of his trophy wife.

The Cater Street Hangman (1998)

A Victorian woman (Keeley Hawes) has mixed feelings about an inspector (Eoin McCarthy) who is investigating murders in her household.

Godzilla vs. Megalon (1976)

Godzilla and flying cyborg Jet Jaguar meet a giant cockroach and a big black chicken sent by Seatopians.

Late for Dinner (1991)

In 1962, Willie Husband (Brian Wimmer) and his brother-in-law, Frank (Peter Berg), go on the lam after their confrontation with heartless land tycoon Bob Freeman (Peter Gallagher) takes a disastrous turn. Willie and Frank end up in Los Angeles, where they are deceived into being cryogenically frozen by a mad scientist. Thirty years later, they are thawed out and must learn to cope with the radically different world of the 1990s as they try to find out what has become of their loved ones.

Prime Suspect: The Lost Child (1995)

Jane Tennison (Helen Mirren) leads her police inspectors in the search for an abducted child, while dealing with a personal trauma.

Overwhelming Women (2002)

Unlucky in love, a graphic designer (Giovanna Antonelli) turns to a matrimonial agency for help in finding her soul mate.

The Bad Lord Byron (1949)

The 19th-century romantic poet (Dennis Price) lies on his deathbed in Greece, recalling his life and loves.

Amsterdam Connection (1977)

A film company fronts for prostitution and drug smuggling on location in the Far East and Europe.

Tiger's Claw (1978)

A martial artist becomes fast friends with the man he set out to kill.

The Mute (2013)

Judge Constantino Zegarra, a judge with an impressive conviction rate, thinks someone is out to get him.

After the Game (1994)

The murder of a gambler raises his son's suspicions when he discovers that the victim won money the previous night.

National Health (1973)

Ward patients suffer the daily routine of the nurses (Lynn Redgrave, Sheila Scott-Wilkenson) and staff in a run-down London hospital.

Timber Tramps (1977)

A rough-and-tumble logger assembles his crew to help save a widow's lumber camp from unscrupulous competitors.

Intruders (2013)

A screenwriter moves into an isolated cabin and is disturbed by an uninvited guest.

Open Marriage (2015)

Two couples enjoy their open marriages until jealousy and suspicion invade their relationships.

Children of the Marshland (1999)

In the wake of World War I, Garriss (Jacques Gamblin) moves to a small French town by the Loire River, nursing deep psychological wounds from the war. He befriends a man named Riton (Jacques Villeret), who struggles to raise three children from his second wife, while Garriss pursues a maid named Marie (Isabelle Carr). Both men are reeling from past pain, and Riton often drinks to forget his lost first love. The men's romantic and career problems play out as their friendship grows.

Estamira (2004)

For more than 20 years, Estamira and her elderly friends who form a small community live off the scraps of a landfill in Rio de Janeiro.

The Bloody Fist (1977)

Chinese heroes battle an opium smuggler who has learned a unique martial-arts form while exiled in Japan.

The Red Rope (1937)

Tom Shaw (Bob Steele), a ranch hand engaged to the beautiful Betty Duncan (Lois January), is shocked when he receives a package that includes several spent rounds of ammunition and three pieces of stained rope. While the local battles between ranchers over land have been escalating, this cryptic box serves as a clear threat from the notorious hired gunman Rattler Haynes (Lew Meehan). To save Betty's family's ranch, Tom sets out to face off against the nefarious gunslinger.

Heart of Gold (2003)

A man (Arjun Rampal) cares for the woman (Aishwarya Rai) he loves after a car accident leaves her with amnesia.

A Blind River (2009)

An adopted son, raised in Australia, breaks up with his girlfriend and returns to his native South Korea to find his biological mother.

The Penalty (1941)

A bank robber's (Edward Arnold) son (Gene Reynolds), raised as a criminal, is placed with a farmer (Lionel Barrymore) and his family.

Manon of the Spring (1952)

A French country girl (Jacqueline Pagnol) avenges her father by stopping village water at its source.

Breathing Fire (1990)

Two teenage kickboxers (Jonathan Ke Quan, Eddie Saavedra) protect their family from a criminal threat (Bolo Yeung) too close to home.

A Blonde in Love (1965)

A young woman in a small town sleeps with a band member from Prague, and after he does not contact her, she goes to his home and causes upheaval for him and his parents.

Unchain (2011)

A million keys a day could be a good excuse for passion.

Madame Sin (1971)

A criminal genius (Bette Davis) forces an ex-CIA agent (Robert Wagner) to help her steal a Polaris submarine.

Like the Wind (2013)

Armida Miserere loses a loved one and becomes the first female governor of an Italian prison.

The Art of Murder (1999)

Trapped in a loveless marriage with a cruel man (Michael Moriarty), Elizabeth Sheridan (Joanna Pacula) finds sensual solace in an affair with her husband's debonair associate, Tony Blanchard (Boyd Kestner). Thinking she's been discreet in her infidelity, Elizabeth is stunned when she receives threats and illicit photos from an unknown blackmailer. Panicked, she pays as demanded. But, as blackmail turns to murder, Elizabeth finds herself irrevocably tangled in a dangerous web of deception.

Denise Calls Up (1995)

Modern technology connects six housebound workaholics and one outsider, all too busy for face-to-face encounters.

Lenin in October (1937)

Lenin's role in the October Revolution.

Min store tjocke far (1992)

A boy gradually realizes that his father's outward lust for life masks inner turmoil.

The Secret Bride (1935)

An attorney general (Warren William) secretly marries the daughter (Barbara Stanwyck) of a governor accused of bribery.

The Snow Queen (1995)

A girl sets out to find her brother after he is kidnapped by a mystic queen.

Those Damned Savages (1971)

A Canadian Indian chief gives a maiden as a gift to a fur trader (Pierre Dufresne).

Kannedhirey Thondrinal (1998)

A young man falls in love with his best friend's sister; but decides to sacrifice his love giving more value to his friendship. When the girl's brother learns of his friend's sacrifice, he gives his blessing to the couple..

The Masque of the Red Death (1990)

A dying millionaire (Herbert Lom) throws a castle costume party that's a killer.

Long Journey Back (1978)

Parents (Mike Connors, Cloris Leachman) witness their teenage daughter's (Stephanie Zimbalist) courage as she recovers from a serious accident.

The House (2011)

A former Wall Street banker moves to an empty vacation home and encounters trapped souls.

The Rack (1956)

Edward Hall (Paul Newman), a respected military officer, returns from a Korean prisoner of war camp only to find himself accused of succumbing to torture and facing treason charges. To make matters worse, Edward's father (Walter Pidgeon), a retired colonel, coldly renounces him after hearing of the charges. Still dazed from the brutality he has suffered, Edward is forced to defend his actions in a court-martial, where he recounts his time at the enemy camp.

Barabbas (1953)

A thief is spared from crucifixion and tries to comprehend the man sent to die in his place.

Lady Killer (1995)

A doctor (Jack Wagner) seeks revenge when a businessman's wife (Judith Light) ends their brief affair.

Speedtrap (1978)

Irate insurance companies expect a private eye (Joe Don Baker) and a policewoman (Tyne Daly) to trap a car thief in Phoenix.

Timepiece (1996)

An old watch plays an important part in a story of love and forgiveness in this prequel to "The Christmas Box.".

Vizontele Tuuba (2004)

Government bureaucrat Guner (Tarik Akan) moves to a small Turkish village with the mission of modernizing their library, but the entire nation is in turmoil, and the people would much rather watch television than read books. While caring for his daughter Tuuba (Tuba nsal), a winsome girl in a wheelchair, Guner tries to grab the attention of the populace. Fortunately, eccentric repairman Crazy Emin (Yilmaz Erdogan) takes a liking to the girl and helps to unite the village.

Splitsville (1999)

A school's student body is split down the middle between children of divorce and those whose parents are still together.

Midnight Mystery (1930)

When an island castle off the coast of Maine becomes the scene of a murder, a mystery writer tries to nab the criminal.

Indiscreet (1958)

Famous theater actress Anna Kalman (Ingrid Bergman) has resigned herself to her single life, believing that she has missed her chance at meeting a husband. Weary of socializing in Europe, she returns to her London flat, where her sister Margaret (Phyllis Calvert) and diplomat brother-in-law Alfred (Cecil Parker) invite her to a banquet. She demurs until Alfred's banker friend, Philip Adams (Cary Grant), arrives and a flirtation begins. Their romance blossoms -- but he's already married.

Derby (1971)

Bored with his uninspiring factory job, a man goes after excitement in the roller derby.

The Battle of the Century (1927)

A manager tries to throw a fight to make money.

Mittar Pyare Nu (2004)

Ranjyot, Amar and their widowed mother flee from Rampur after their friend warms them of an attack.

Urban Ghost Story (1998)

After an ecstasy induced car accident, 12 year old Lizzie (Heather Ann Foster) lies dead on the roadside -- slowly she is taken into the light -- but is pulled back to earth when she is revived by the doctors. Lizzie feels sure that during the 184 seconds that she lay dead, something latched on to her and came back into her world. The nightmares and visions that follow only crystallize her belief that she should have died in the crash.

Inside Information (1934)

Tarzan the police dog is on hand to break the case wide open when thieves victimize a respectable banker.

God, Sex & Apple Pie (1997)

Nine diverse friends meet for a weekend in a resort town to reminisce and discuss their futures.

Hollywood Without Makeup (1965)

A compilation of home movies that captures some of Hollywood's celebrities in candid, off-screen moments.

The Big Fight (1930)

A prizefighter battles his way down the road to fame and fortune.

Karate Warrior III (1991)

An inept martial artist experiences yet more adventure, romance and victory.

Corsica (2004)

An expatriate (Michel Duchaussoy) returns to the island he left as a young man and soon becomes a suspect in a friend's assault.

Laughter in Hell (1933)

A man is sentenced to do hard labor for killing his wife and her lover.

Jungle Man (1941)

A doctor (Buster Crabbe) dives for his fever serum after a U-boat sinks the ship transporting it to patients.

Contrato con la Muerte (1985)

An ex-convict is released from prison and tries to reform, but his past acts as an anchor dragging him to the underworld.

Jacob, the Man Who Fought With God (1963)

The biblical figure seeks his father's blessing and eventually returns to his brother, Esau.

A Thousand Cuts (2011)

A stranger with a haunted past shows up at a Hollywood director's house to teach him what real horror is all about.

Out of Line (2001)

A hit man is sprung from jail to kill a socialite, but strikes up a romance with a pretty parole officer instead.

Amphibious (2010)

Marine biologist Skyler Shane (Janna Fassaert) partners with Jack Bowman (Michael Par) at a northern Sumatran lake to search for prehistoric samples. They rescue a girl from smugglers as more and more people are devoured by something in the depths.

Maisie Was a Lady (1941)

After losing her job and ending up in jail due to the drunken antics of wealthy Bob Rawlston (Lew Ayres), performer Maisie Ravier (Ann Sothern) is relieved when the judge sentences Bob to employ her for two months. Bob takes Maisie to his estate, where the butler, Walpole (C. Aubrey Smith), instructs her on being a maid. Bob's sister, Abby (Maureen O'Sullivan), excited about her engagement, takes a shine to Maisie, who meets her fianc and worries that Abby is marrying for the wrong reasons.

Defying Gravity (1997)

A college student (Daniel Chilson) must risk publicizing his sexuality after his partner (Don Handfield) is hospitalized by gay-bashers.

Pyar Ka Sagar (1961)

A man raises his younger brother after the death of their parents.

Gunsmoke in Tucson (1958)

An outlaw leader (Mark Stevens) and his lawman brother (Forrest Tucker) straddle a feud between farmers and cattlemen.

Night of the Wolf (2002)

A teenager (Zach Bostrom) evades deadly poachers while trying to find his mother (Anne Archer) in the mountains.

My Little Girl (1986)

In an effort to give something back to society, wealthy socialite Franny Bettinger (Mary Stuart Masterson) takes a position at a center for troubled youths. There she meets a group of hard-luck teens, many of whom don't take kindly to a little rich girl sticking her nose into their lives. Despite an initial culture clash, Bettinger soon finds herself becoming emotionally invested in the plight of several teens, despite the disapproval of her mother, Delly (Pamela Payton-Wright).

Rosa Carmín (2009)

Stories related to a family man who is involved in child trafficking and the kidnapping of young girls for sexual exploitation.

Woman of the Port (1991)

A sailor discovers his mother is a madam and his sister is a prostitute when he takes refuge in a bordello.

Maisie Gets Her Man (1942)

Chicago showgirl Maisie Ravier (Ann Sothern) falls on hard times and begins a job working for Pappy (Allen Jenkins), a decent building manager. When she ends up getting them both fired, she lands a new position as an assistant to an aspiring comedian, Hap (Red Skelton). Hap's failings on stage, however, leave them in need of another job: working for a con man (Lloyd Corrigan) who bottles tap water. Eventually, Maisie and Hap fall for each other, but he still has a fiance back home.

Como Voy a Olvidarte (2004)

Troubles and toil pockmark the road to true happiness.

American Animal (2011)

A humorous battle of wills ensues when a young man (Matt D'Elia), who is borderline crazy and terminally ill, learns that his best friend and roommate (Brendan Fletcher) is leaving for a new job.

Zigs (2000)

A bookie's threat leads four gamblers to hatch a scheme to rig the outcome of a major-league baseball game.

The Deal (2006)

Laura's family dies in a fire while living in Spain, and as she prepares to move back to the United States, she learns their deaths were not accidental. She goes undercover to find out the truth and becomes embroiled in mob crimes.

Love or Money (2001)

A couple (Emma Cunniffe, Steven Duffy) who marry on a television show must stay together for six months in order to win a monetary prize.

Golden Earrings (1947)

A British colonel (Ray Milland) escapes from the Gestapo to the Black Forest and poses as a Gypsy's (Marlene Dietrich) mate.

Alice in Wonderland (1985)

Lewis Carroll's little heroine (Natalie Gregory) explores a musical fantasy land of strange notions and characters.

What Love May Bring (2010)

A woman reflects on her troubled youth and her past loves.

Do or Die (2001)

The mother (Kate Ashfield) of a 6-year-old leukemia patient travels from London to Australia to find the boy's father.

Countdown (1996)

The moment Chris Murdoch (Jason London) meets Kaori Ozaki (Miwa Kawagoe), an alluring Japanese student studying in Seattle, he becomes utterly obsessed with her and wants her all to himself. Using "revenge for Pearl Harbor" as an excuse, he begins setting off bombs all over the city, killing as many Japanese men as he can. But FBI agent Sara Daniels (Lori Petty) is hot on his trail, and she teams up with a member of the Tokyo police department to capture Chris and save Kaori.

Los Hermanos del Hierro (1961)

A man murders a rancher and to avenge his death the widow trains her children to kill and fifteen years after they reach their goal.

Gypsy Girl (1965)

A simple teenager (Hayley Mills) falls in love with a handsome Gypsy (Ian McShane) after he saves her from drowning.

The Cradle of Courage (1920)

A former crook who served in WWI returns home and joins the police force where he is forced to confront his old gang.

La Familia Pérez (1948)

A family, excessive in its claims, learned several lessons about humility, love and family togetherness.

Save Me (2000)

Facing rejection after a brief affair with a surgeon, a young Romanian (Rona Hartner) falls for a cabdriver (Roschdy Zem) in France.

Feet of Mud (1924)

Harry is a star athlete but he cannot marry Natalie until he works as a sanitation worker to impress her father.

Champions Forever (1989)

This documentary delves into the lives and careers of boxing greats Muhammad Ali, Larry Holmes, George Foreman, Ken Norton and Joe Frazier. Through interviews with the boxers as well as clips from their fights and archival footage, the film explores their lives, ideals and struggles. Competitive relationships between the boxers come to light, and the effect that issues such as race, religion and politics have on the boxers and their careers is carefully examined.

Mutant on the Bounty (1988)

A musician and a pair of petty thieves enliven the proceedings on an interstellar cruiser in this science-fiction parody.

Cholos Malditos (1999)

A man wants to avenge the deaths of his wife and son and for them he becomes a gangster to eliminate the murderers.

The Rocking Horse Winner (1949)

Shy, young Paul (John Howard Davies) escapes his mother's incessant whining about his family's lack of wealth by riding his rocking horse. While rocking at a lightning speed, Paul discovers he has the ability to pick winners at the racetrack. By exploiting Paul's talent, his family soon grows rich but squanders the money as quickly as they make it. Paul soon grows exhausted, and his riding ultimately results in devastating consequences for both him and his family.

One Wonderful Sunday (1947)

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, a laborer, Yuzo (Isao Numasaki), and his fiance, Masako (Chieko Nakakita), have only 35 yen at their disposal -- hardly anything at all for a day in Tokyo. Determined to enjoy themselves on their day off despite their financial limitations, the two set out looking for adventure. From visiting model homes to playing baseball in the park, the couple continues to keep the activities rolling, thanks to Masako's can-do attitude pushing Yuzo to keep up with her.

Piernas de Oro (1958)

In a bicycle race, a young tailor's assistant defeats the perennial champion, who, incensed, challenges him.

Chalet Girl (2011)

While working a job at an exclusive ski resort to support her Dad, Kim (Felicity Jones) learns to snowboard and is so good at it that she enters a competition with a huge cash prize. She has to dig deep to overcome her fears, but her life gets more complicated through her spoken-for boss, Jonny (Ed Westwick).

Hellsinki (2009)

In the mid-1960s, three small-time Finnish bootleggers (Samuli Edelmann, Peter Franzn, Kari Hietalahti) seize control of their Helsinki neighborhood's black-market liquor business.

D.R.E.A.M. Team (1999)

An intelligence agent (Jeff Kaake) teams with three models working as undercover crime-fighters for a Caribbean millionaire (Martin Sheen).