Yagodka lyubvi (1926)

Love's Berries is a 1926 Soviet comedy film by Ukrainian director Alexander Dovzhenko. The film was Dovzhenko's debut and the screenplay was written in three days. It deals with a dandified barber's attempts to get rid of his "love berry" - his illegitimate offspring.

Body For Life For Women (2006)


Beethoven: Missa Solemnis (1996)

Barry Manilow: Greatest Hits & Then Some (1993)

The Riot (1996)


The Sinful Bitches (2011)

Artrosis: Live in Kraków (Among the Flowers and Shadows) (2000)



Adulterio a la española (1975)

Sex for Sale: American Escort (2012)

Le confort et l'indifférence (1982)

Comfort and Indifference (French: Le confort et l'indifférence) is a 1982 documentary film by Denys Arcand, offering an analysis of the 1980 Quebec referendum, in which "sovereignty-association" was defeated as a first step to eventual secession from Canada. The film takes the position that the referendum result was a failure of courage and that the Québécois were numbed by prosperity and the explicitly Machiavellian manipulations of federalist leaders.

How to Kiss (1989)

The Godfather Family: A Look Inside (1990)

Beauty Prize (1930)

Prix de Beauté (English: Beauty Prize, UK title: Miss Europe) is a 1930 film directed by Augusto Genina. The film is notable for being the first sound film made by star Louise Brooks, although all of her dialogue and singing were dubbed. This film is an early example of sound film in France, along with L'Age d'Or and Under the Roofs of Paris.

American Revenge (1988)

Crude: The Incredible Journey of Oil (2007)

I Love N.Y. (2009)

Vergeßt Mozart (1985)

Forget Mozart (German:Vergeßt Mozart) is a 1985 West German-Czech mystery film directed by Miloslav Luther and starring Armin Mueller-Stahl, Max Tidof and Wolfgang Preiss. Following the death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a number of those who knew him are assembled to establish the cause of his death.

Kuang qing sha shou (1995)

È più facile che un cammello... (1950)

His Last Twelve Hours (Italian: È più facile che un cammello...) is a 1951 Italian drama film directed by Luigi Zampa and starring Jean Gabin.

Borg War (2007)

Mylène Farmer: Mylenium Tour (2000)

Un coupable (1988)

Night (2007)

Origine contrôlée (2001)

Origine contrôlée (US title: Made in France) is a 2001 French comedy-drama film starring Ronit Elkabetz. It is also the debut French-language picture to star Elkabetz, famous for Hebrew-language roles in her native Israel. Elkabetz acquired French fluency after moving to France in 1997. The film was written and directed by Ahmed Bouchaala and Zakia Tahri. It was awarded the Le Roger Award for Best French Feature by the Avignon & New York Film Festival.

Reconciliados (2014)

Astronauts (2005)

Dva kapitana II (1992)

Faith Rewarded: The Historic Season of the 2004 Boston Red Sox (2004)

Gussle's Wayward Path (1915)

Gussle's Backward Way (1915)

Old Jane of the Gaiety (1915)

7x6x2 (2013)

Rip Van Winkle (1921)

Rip Van Winkle is a 1921 American film directed by Edward Ludwig and starring Thomas Jefferson and Milla Davenport in oft-filmed story made famous in the 19th century by Thomas Jefferson's father, Joseph Jefferson. T. Jefferson had starred in a 1914 feature-length version of the story which was re-released in 1921 just as this film was premiering. However, they should not be confused as the same film, they are two different films starring the same actor.

Fun at St Fanny's (1955)

Fun at St. Fanny's is a 1955 British comedy film directed by Maurice Elvey and starring Fred Emney, Cardew Robinson and Vera Day. The film revolves around the teachers and students of St Fanny's private school, particularly the pupil Cardew the Cad who is kept at the school for many years after he should have graduated so that the dishonest headmaster can claim his inheritance. It was based on a radio show which was written by and starred Robinson. The film's sets were designed by art director Norman G. Arnold.

This Car Up (2003)

Tangled Up in Blue (2010)

Valibation (2013)

The Silver Surfer (1992)

Around the World in 60 Minutes (2011)

Zombie Reanimation (2009)

Man tian shen fo (1983)

On Top Down Under (2000)

The Meateater (1979)

Night of the Dolls (2014)

Muzhskoye leto (1970)

The Cayman Triangle (1977)

Charlie's Son (2009)

Afstiros katallilo (2008)

R2-D2: Beneath the Dome (2001)

The Absolution of Anthony (1997)

The Bubble (2002)

The Bubble (Greek: Η Φούσκα / I Phouska) is a 2001 Greek film. The film is directed by Nikos Perakis and stars Maria Solomou and Alexis Georgoulis. The film took part in the Thessaloniki Film Festival.

The Waiting Time (1999)

Female Company (1999)

The Bells Toll for the Barefooted (1965)

Phantom Canyon (2007)

Satorare (2001)

Arpa Colla (1982)

The Rolling Stones: Bridges to Babylon Tour '97-98 (1997)

El grosso concerto (2001)

Komtessen (1961)

Komtessen is a 1961 Danish family film directed by Erik Overbye and starring Malene Schwartz.

The hands (2006)

The Hands (Spanish: ''Las manos'') is a movie in 2006 Argentinean-Italian film directed by Alejandro Doria. The plot was inspired by the life and work of Catholic priest Mario Pantaleo. Doria and Juan Bautista Stagnaro wrote the screenplay. The film won one Goya Award.

Natalie - Die Hölle nach dem Babystrich (1997)

Blood Red Planet (2000)

Brandenburg Concertos (2008)

The Teddy Bears' Picnic (1989)

Sette ore di guai (1951)

Seven Hours of Trouble (Italian: Sette ore di guai) is a 1951 Italian comedy film directed by Vittorio Metz and Marcello Marchesi and starring Totò, Isa Barzizza and Carlo Campanini.

Ssunday Seoul (2006)

Cien metros más allá (2008)

Anything for John (1993)

Nukenin (2009)

Billie Turf kontra Kwel (1983)

Record/Play (2012)

Wo zhen xi jian dao gui (2001)

Krai Thong (2001)

Joy Ride: An Auto Theft (1976)

Chick Carter, Detective (1946)

Chick Carter, Detective is a 1946 Columbia film serial. Columbia could not afford the rights to produce a Nick Carter serial so they made Chick Carter, Detective about his son instead. This was based on the radio series Chick Carter, Boy Detective. A Nick Carter series was being made by MGM. In a "rather strange precedent" for a serial, the title character is rarely involved in the cliffhangers. For example, the first cliffhanger revolves around the reporter Rusty rather than Carter. The film starred Lyle Talbot as Chick Carter, Douglas Fowley as Rusty Farrell, Julie Gibson as Sherry Marvin, Pamela Blake as Ellen Dale, Eddie Acuff as Spud Warner, and Robert Elliott as Dan Rankin.

Unen canto con humor (1994)

Harry Hill: First Class Scamp (1998)

Return of the Thundering Herd: The Story That Inspired 'We Are Marshall' (2006)

Co-ed Call Girl (1996)

Co-ed Call Girl is a 1996 American television film, starring Tori Spelling. It was directed by Michael Ray Rhodes and was first aired at CBS in 1996.

Ensaio (2012)

Carsten Bang: Har satan en fætter? (2007)

Paul Simon, Graceland: The African Concert (1987)

Scrappy Birthday (1949)

A Bee in August (2007)

Esa voz es una mina (1956)

Karadjordje (1911)

Homage to Jean Tinguely's 'Homage to New York' (1960)

A Long Story (2012)

Uzun Hikâye (English: A Long Story) is a 2012 Turkish drama film, co-produced by Suat Kapkı and Taner Özbel written by Yiğit Güralp and directed by Osman Sınav based on a novella by Mustafa Kutlu. The movie premiered on October 12, 2012.

The Idea (2006)

Hapax Legomena II: Poetic Justice (1972)

Orizont (2012)

Fashion Film (1984)

Don't Get Angry (1953)

Dip N' Dance (2013)

Servant's Entrance (1932)

Servant's Entrance (Swedish: Vi som går köksvägen) is a 1932 Swedish comedy film directed by Gustaf Molander and starring Carl Barcklind, Tutta Rolf and Bengt Djurberg. The film's art direction was by Arne Åkermark.