Carnal Crimes (1991)

A Beverly Hills wife (Linda Carol) has an affair on the wild side with a photographer (Martin Hewitt) she begins to suspect of murder.

The Little Rascals (1955)

Mischievous youngsters lead an anti-girl organization into all sorts of trouble.

The Eve of St. Mark (1944)

Three soldiers on leave from boot camp journey to New York. One of them, Quizz West (William Eythe), meets and falls in love with a local girl, Janet Feller (Anne Baxter), promising to write to her every day. West's unit is shipped out to the Philippines shortly before Pearl Harbor is bombed. Engaged in warfare against the Japanese, West's platoon must also battle the deadly malaria infecting the island. As he is tended to by a Filipino woman, West stays loyal to his country and his girl.

Powder Town (1942)

A munitions-plant foreman (Victor McLaglen) protects an absent-minded scientist (Edmond O'Brien) from spies.

Reach for the Sky (1991)

A petite Romanian gymnast (Izabela Moldovan) trains with her teammates for what she hopes will be Olympic perfection.

The Caiman (2006)

Bonomo struggles to film a movie and realizes that the work is the only thing keeping him alive, as his private life collapses piece by piece, including his wife divorcing him and the bank pressing him to repay long-standing debts.

Deadly Friends (2004)

A childhood friend (Brendan Fletcher) murders Nancy Eaton (Jessica Par), the daughter of a wealthy couple.

Bawang Bie Ji (1993)

In 1924, young Cheng Dieyi (Leslie Cheung) begins training at the Beijing Opera House at the same time as Duan Xiaolou (Fengyi Zhang). Cheng specializes in playing female parts, often against Duan's commanding male leads. While pretending to be in love with Duan onstage, Cheng begins to develop actual romantic feelings for his co-star, which are not reciprocated. Over the next 50 years, the two men maintain a complicated friendship as China undergoes turbulent changes.

You Can't Buy Luck (1937)

An orphanage assistant (Helen Mack) charms a superstitious racehorse owner (Onslow Stevens) accused of murder.

The King of the Kickboxers (1990)

A New York policeman (Loren Avedon) poses as an actor to expose the making of martial-arts death movies in Thailand.

The Fall (1999)

In Budapest two Americans (Craig Sheffer, Kymberley Huffman) become involved with a blonde (Hlne de Fougerolles) on the run from a former Communist.

Crash Course (1988)

Mischievous teens get a bad break when a difficult instructor signs on as the summer driving-school teacher.

Earth Minus Zero (1998)

Suburban humans are hunted by a malevolent alien that wants to make them part of an interstellar zoo.

Nomad: The Warrior (2005)

When Jungars from western Mongolia invade Kazakhstan, a mystical warrior named Oraz (Jason Scott Lee) warns the leader about a child who is destined to unite the Kazakh tribes and overthrow the Jungars. Oraz saves the boy from the chieftain's assassins and raises him to be a fierce warrior (Kuno Becker) who will set their people free.

Grim Reaper (1981)

A U.S. tourist (Tisa Farrow) and her companion (Saverio Vallone) fight a cannibal called Klaus on a Greek isle.

Cop-Out (1967)

A boozing barrister (James Mason) leaves retirement to defend his wild daughter's (Geraldine Chaplin) Greek boyfriend for murder.

Ring of Death (2008)

A former lawman (Johnny Messner) infiltrates a sadistic prison where inmates fight to the death.

15 Years and One Day (2013)

The relationship between a troubled teenager and his grandfather, a military retiree living in a village on the Costa de la Luz.

Bye Bye Red Riding Hood (1989)

The daughter (Fanny Lauzier) of an abandoned wife (Pamela Collyer) grows up in a magic forest and meets a man, a boy and a talking wolf.

Marry the Boss' Daughter (1941)

A woman (Brenda Joyce) persuades her father to hire the man (Bruce Edwards) who found her lost dog.

Stop Me Before I Kill (1961)

A psychiatrist (Claude Dauphin) works with a Grand Prix driver (Ronald Lewis) plagued by the urge to strangle his bride (Diane Cilento).

Before (2010)

Nacho used to be a happy young guy, but he has changed: he is lost and and tortured by what happened the year before.

What Price Honesty? (1981)

Danny Lee, Jason Pai and Sun Chien play newly-recruited law enforcers whose crime-fighting is hampered by their corrupt superiors, in this period-set martial arts thriller.


In 1950s Spain, a group of Argentines who are loyal to Juan Peron plan a robbery to regain the jewels lost by Evita, Peron's wife.

The Courier (1988)

A motorcycle courier (Padraig O'Loingsigh) goes after a Dublin drug dealer (Gabriel Byrne) for killing his girlfriend's (Cait O'Riordan) brother.

Tipping Point (2007)

A medical student investigates the death of a powerful man, but those around her begin to question her sanity.

Ski Fever (1969)

An American student at an Austrian resort disapproves of the games of seduction played by his fellow ski instructors.

The Perfect Killer (1977)

Mobsters recruit a convict (Lee Van Cleef) as a hit man, and he seeks out his lover (Tita Barker) and friend who betrayed him.

My Weakness (1933)

A wealthy young man makes a bet with his uncle that he can change a clumsy maid into a glamorous fashionista to marry off to his cousin.

Three Cornered Moon (1933)

Elizabeth Rimplegar (Claudette Colbert) inhabits a household populated by virtual lunatics. Her mother, Nellie (Mary Boland), mishandled the family fortune, and, alas, the stock market crash has depleted their worth. Elizabeth's goofy brothers cannot easily adjust to the life of the average worker. Meanwhile, the family doctor (Richard Arlen) has his eye on pretty Elizabeth, but he will have to compete with her suitor, a rude-mannered writer (Hardie Albright).

Oath of Death (1971)

A Song dynasty loyalist swears an oath of revenge against a man who was once his blood brother. He disfigures his own face to assume a new identity and gain access to his target's fortress.

Contagious (1997)

A Los Angeles doctor (Lindsay Wagner) and a narcotics detective (Elizabeth Pea) seek passengers of a plane from Latin America carrying cholera.

Heartaches (1947)

A foolish publicity stunt dreamed up by a Hollywood press agent almost proves to be the downfall of a famous star.

Everyday People (2004)

Ira (Jordan Gelber), owner of a diner in Brooklyn, N.Y., is thinking about selling his beloved establishment -- loyally frequented by locals -- to a major corporation out to redevelop the area. When Ira announces the place's imminent closing, he begins to realize how it will affect both his employees and the neighborhood. Among the predominantly black characters that come through the restaurant's doors are surly Akbar (Reg E. Cathey) and cautiously optimistic Samel (Billoah Greene).

The Beneficiary (1997)

Detectives Jimmy Price (Linden Ashby) and Connie Roos (Suzy Amis) suspect a beautiful young woman, Lena Girard (Stacy Haiduk), has murdered her billionaire husband -- but when Lena inherits the money from his death, she gives it all away to a charity, which rules out her motive. Since Price was a friend of the deceased, he doesn't quite want to believe that Lena killed him anyway. But when he starts to get close to her romantically, his suspicions begin to resurface as he discovers her secrets.

A Terrible Beauty... (2013)

The men and women of the Easter Rising in Dublin in 1916.

A Second Chance (2015)

A couple with a rocky past find married life to be very difficult.

The Devil's Playground (1946)

Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) and his partners (Andy Clyde, Rand Brooks) outsmart a crooked judge and sheriff.

Beyond the Blue Horizon (1942)

A saronged jungle girl (Dorothy Lamour) and a lion tamer (Richard Denning) try to prove her claim to a San Francisco fortune.

Aurora: Operation Intercept (1995)

An Air Force pilot combats a Russian scientist's daughter set to disable a plane carrying his family.

The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun (2015)

A secretary (Samantha Eggar) leaves Paris in her boss's (Oliver Reed) car, drives south and meets strangers who seem to know her.

Navy Blues (1930)

In the middle of a long-awaited shore leave, loudmouth sailor Kelly (William Haines) sweet-talks wide-eyed landlubber Alice (Anita Page). But, when the sheltered Alice assumes his casual advances are of a more serious nature, Kelly finds himself stuck with an unwanted tagalong. But, as the two get to know each other, Kelly begins to fall for the disarming Alice in earnest -- much to the chagrin of her straight-laced parents (J.C. Nugent, Edythe Chapman).

The Nun (1966)

Suzanne (Anna Karina) unwillingly joins a religious order, but the presence of the kindly mother superior, Mme. de Moni (Micheline Presle), makes life seem bearable. When Mme. de Moni dies, though, she is replaced by Sister Sainte-Christine (Francine Bergé), a sadistic disciplinarian with a grudge against Suzanne. Suzanne obtains a transfer to a different convent -- until she discovers that her new abbess, Mme. de Chelles (Liselotte Pulver), is a sexual predator.

The Street Fighter (1975)

Martial arts master Terry Tsurugi (Sonny Chiba) may be an assassin-for-hire, but when he hears of a plot to kidnap Sarai (Doris Nakajima), the daughter of a dead billionaire, he offers her protection. As he attempts to keep Sarai safe, he also deals with a pair of siblings who refuse to pay up after Terry helps their convicted brother escape from prison. But it's Sarai's life he cares about, so when the mobsters manage to steal her away, Terry will battle whoever gets in his way to rescue her.

George Washington Slept Here (1942)

Connie Fuller (Ann Sheridan) surprises her stubborn husband, Bill (Jack Benny), by purchasing a dilapidated house in the countryside where George Washington was once rumored to have slept. Moving into the "fixer-upper," the Fullers are joined by Connie's sister, and her rich uncle (Charles Coburn) who turns out to be broke. Nearly broke themselves from all the repair work, the Fullers are further troubled by a neighbor who wants their property at any cost.

Un rêve américain (2013)

Filmmaker Damien Robitaille traces the history of people of French Canadian heritage in the United States.

Love 86 (1986)

A strict mother tries to marry off her daughters, Leena and Isha, to two brothers from a well-off family, but they prefer two down-and-out thieves.

Swashbuckler (1971)

In 1787, Nicolas Phillibert wants to marry a rich American heiress, but he is still wed to Charlotte in France. He returns there to divorce Charlotte, but when he sees other men romancing her, his interest rekindles.

The Woman in Red (1935)

A polo player's (Gene Raymond) wife (Barbara Stanwyck) becomes the mystery woman in a Long Island horsy-set murder trial.

Sister, Sister (1982)

Heated confrontations and revelations result when a divorcee returns with her young son to the home of her two sisters.

Night of the Warrior (1991)

A kickboxer (Lorenzo Lamas) has an accounting problem with the mobster (Anthony Geary) who lent him money for a nightclub.

The Big Game (1994)

A factory worker (Gary Webster) risks everything after falling in with four high-stakes gamblers.

Club Fed (1990)

When her gangster boyfriend is killed, Angelica (Judy Landers) is caught holding the bag for his illegal dealings. The one bright spot in going to prison is that she will serve her time at the unisex Club Fed, a minimum-security facility that seems more like a holiday than a harsh punishment. But her sentence will get a lot more difficult if corrupt Warden Boyle (Burt Young) and undercover FBI agent Howard Polk (Lance Kinsey) succeed in discrediting the prison.

SnakeEater II: The Drug Buster (1991)

An ex-commando urban policeman (Lorenzo Lamas) must escape from a mental hospital to fight drug dealers.

Tarzan the Fearless (1933)

While studying in the remotest regions of Africa, archaeologist Dr. Brooks (E. Alyn Warren) is kidnapped and held hostage by a tribe of jungle dwellers. Lucky for him, he happens to be a friend of Tarzan (Buster Crabbe), the noble hero raised by apes in the continent's darkest forests. With the help of Brooks' daughter, Mary (Jacqueline Wells), Tarzan searches the jungle to find and rescue the scientist, but little does he know Mary's safari guides have insidious plans of their own.

The Venetian Affair (1967)

A former CIA agent is called back to duty to investigate his ex-wife's ties to a fatal bombing in Italy.

Secrets (1933)

In the 1860s, Mary Marlowe (Mary Pickford) defies her father's wishes to marry a British lord and runs away with clerk John Carlton (Leslie Howard) as he heads West to make his fortune. Mary and John endure the difficult journey and settle into a small cabin, then face the hostilities of a cattle rustling gang, as well as the tragic loss of their only son. With Mary's help, John defeats the gang, which propels him to political power that, over the years, gradually erodes the once-happy marriage.

Days (2001)

Bank manager Claudio (Thomas Trabacchi) is 35 and gay, and he's been HIV-positive for a decade. He's managing the illness, but his strict regimen of medicine has turned him almost robotic. His relationship with partner Dario (Davide Bechini) has also grown stale. When Claudio reunites with the mysterious Andrea (Riccardo Salerno), an old flame, the dullness of routine is suddenly broken. But soon, Andrea's romantic view of life tempts Claudio to engage in dangerous unprotected sex again.

Highway 13 (1948)

A trucker (Robert Lowery) exposes a series of so-called accidents.

Chains of Gold (1991)

A Miami social worker (John Travolta) goes out of his way to save a teen caught in the underworld of gangs and drugs.

Mickey the Great (1932)

A compilation of early Mickey McGuire (aka Mickey Rooney) comedies where anything can happen and often does.

The Hole (1998)

A man (Kang-sheng Lee) and a woman (Kuei-Mei Yang) live in quarantine from a virus whose victims display strange symptoms.

Sunny (1941)

The heir (Anna Neagle) to an auto fortune falls in love with a circus star (Ray Bolger) in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

Blondie Brings Up Baby (1939)

Blondie and Dagwood Bumstead (Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake) lose Baby Dumpling (Larry Simms) as well as Daisy the dog.

Nine Lives Are Not Enough (1941)

On the outs with his editor, reporter Matt Sawyer (Ronald Reagan) could use a big story. He finds one when he stumbles upon the suicide of missing tycoon Edward Abbott. But something about the facts doesn't add up, making Matt suspect that the millionaire was murdered. Joining Matt on his search for the truth is Abbott's lovely daughter, Jane (Joan Perry). Along the way, Matt will have to stay one step ahead of rival reporter "Snappy" Lucas (Charles Drake) -- and the real killer.

La Femme Musketeer (2004)

Jacques D'Artagnan (Michael York) is a former musketeer who has trained his daughter, Valentine (Susie Amy), to fence and fight as well as he ever could. Eager to follow in her father's footsteps, Valentine heads to Paris where Commander Finot (Roy Dotrice) balks at the idea of a female musketeer. Undaunted, Valentine sets out to prove herself by rescuing the king's fiance from a fearsome band of kidnappers, and is accompanied by the sons of other famous musketeers.

Racing Blood (1936)

A jockey transforms an injured colt into a champion Thoroughbred after saving it from the glue factory.

Genesis: The Creation and the Flood (1994)

A sage (Omero Antonutti) recounts biblical stories to his wide-eyed grandson and nomads around a desert campfire.

Paradise Ashes (1997)

A judge must sift through the confessions of a dead comrade's three sons to find the truth behind a woman's murder.

Alone in the Dark (1982)

Homicidal psychopaths escape during a blackout, do some looting, terrorize a hated psychiatrist and visit a punk-rock club.

Murder in New Hampshire: The Pamela Smart Story (1991)

A high-school teacher (Helen Hunt) stands trial after seducing a 15-year-old student (Chad Allen) into killing her husband.

Street Mobster (1972)

A criminal (Bunta Sugawara) tries to adapt to a new way of gang life after his release from prison.

Burn: The Robert Wraight Story (2004)

An activist (Jonathan Scarfe) goes against his mentor (Alan Scarfe) when protests turn violent against the oil company they believe polluted their land.

The World's Smallest Army (2015)

Leo and Rene join the Pontifical Swiss Guard.

Malarek (1989)

Montreal mail sorter Victor Malarek (Elias Koteas) turns cub reporter for a city editor (Kerrie Keane) and digs up news.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent (1991)

A man (Martin Sheen) crusades for his adult foster son (Caroline Kava), falsely convicted of a 1979 Brooklyn, N.Y., murder.

The Search (2014)

A 9-year-old orphan (Abdul Khalim Mamatsuiev) and a Russian soldier (Maxim Emelianov) encounter the horrors of war.

Invasion of the Scream Queens (1992)

The female stars of B horror and science fiction movies see and discuss their work.

Off Season (1992)

A middle-aged man (Sami Frey) recalls the characters he met as a boy (Carlos Devesa) at his parents' Swiss Alps hotel, now slated for razing.

Taureau taureau (2013)

A rugby player (Alaa Safi) finds an injured bull on the side of the road.

Vaitheeswaran (2008)

A young boy is killed by an aspiring politician; his upset mother tries to kill herself, but a man tells her that her son will be reborn. She waits for her son in a temple for 30 years; this attracts the curiosity of a doctor who offers to treat her.

Music for Madame (1937)

A naive opera singer's desire to perform at the Hollywood Bowl plays into the hands of mobsters who want him as a front.

Waikiki Wedding (1937)

Advertising agent Tony Marvin (Bing Crosby) devises a campaign for Todhunter's Imperial Pineapples in Hawaii to select a "Pineapple Girl" to find romance in Hawaii for three weeks, and later relate her adventures in print. When Georgia Smith (Shirley Ross) is selected but fails to find romance, Tony is pressured into providing it. Unknown to him, Todhunter also arranges for Tony and Georgia to receive a mysterious black pearl, which will lead them to an adventure on a smaller island.

Kizhakku Vasal (1990)

A young orphaned girl is taken care of by a prostitute, when she grows up; she falls in love with a young man in the village. But, the village head also likes her and tries to separate them; but they fight him and stay together.

Sainik (1993)

Lieutenant Suraj Dutt has been in the Indian army for years. It is now time for him to take a leave of absence so that he can meet his father.

The Mystery of Spoon River (2000)

A Chicago lawyer (Lauren Sinclair) returns to her rural hometown to defend a man (Brian McNamara) accused of murdering the local game warden.

Must Be Santa (1999)

An angel (Deanna Milligan) must convince a new recruit (Arnold Pinnock) that he should be Santa, to the dismay of her boss, the North Pole's CEO (Dabney Coleman).

Vaanchinathan (2001)

A cop, who can go to any means to arrest a criminal, is challenged by a popular newspaper owner, who always prints chaotic news. He was the eye witness to the murder done by the newspaper owner but he cannot prove it.

Asphalt Watches (2013)

Visual artists Seth Scriver and Shayne Ehman travel across Canada and encounter dull violence, consumerism and eccentric people.

You're Telling Me (1934)

Sam Bisbee (W.C. Fields) is an eccentric optometrist who moonlights as an amateur inventor. Unfortunately his inventions are largely useless and have, along with his own various gaffes, made him the laughingstock of the town. Only his daughter Pauline (Joan Marsh) has any confidence in him. When Bisbee's one shot at fame ends up backfiring spectacularly, it takes the fortuitous intervention of a princess (Adrienne Ames) to set things right and show the world that Sam Bisbee means business.

James Pandu (2000)

Two porters cum ex-friends, who have a fall out because of their love interests, have to rob the same person. The man, who gave them the job, is trying to scam both of them and take the money without being involved.

Haatim Tai (1990)

Hatim, the chief of a small district, volunteers to break a local woman's curse by completing seven quests.

Almost Human (2013)

Seth sees his best friend disappear in a flash of light. Two years later, Seth is still dealing with the fallout and suspicions when a series of grisly murders rocks the community.

The Moro Affair (1986)

Aldo Moro (Gian Maria Volonte), chief of Italy's Christian Democrats, pulls political factions together, then is kidnapped and murdered.

The Secret Cross (2013)

A man (Anthony Tullo) and his wife are stalked by a mysterious stranger.

The Choir (2007)

A group of inmates battles to survive in South Africa's Leeuwkop Prison.

Goodbye Gemini (1970)

A pair of inseparable twins (Judy Geeson, Martin Potter) becomes involved in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with a London swinger.

Reach for Glory (1963)

A London schoolboy (Michael Anderson Jr.) and his gang bully a Jewish refugee on the coast during World War II.

The Lone Gun (1954)

A marshal (George Montgomery) courts a rancher's sister (Dorothy Malone) and rids a town of rustlers.

The Eye Creatures (1965)

Car headlights help a teen (John Ashley) and his girlfriend save the world from flying-saucer aliens.