Lady Godiva Rides (1969)

The legendary Englishwoman endures imprisonment and a trans-Atlantic voyage after her husband is wounded by her lover.

The Crimson Ranger (2014)

A comic book artist's creation comes to life to mess with his personal life.

Luke of Lies (2015)

The relationship between three con artists deteriorates when a street savvy woman is recruited to help them.

On Time (1924)

A woman makes a difficult decision to get to her job interview on time.

The Hound and the Rabbit (1937)

A fox tries to lure a dog away from its rabbit friends, so it can round them up to eat.

The Comedian (2014)

A stand-up comic uses his routines to spark a connection.

The State of Sunshine (2007)

A young immigrant gives up on the future, even as his sister finds newfound hope.

Once Upon Tea (2013)

A 7-year-old discovers that not everything is as it seems.

Los Perros de Dios (1973)

A young girl is obsessed with the idea that God's mercy is infinite.

Po prostu przyjazn (2016)

The friendship between several people is tested by setbacks.

Call of the Wolf (2017)

Two strangers have to outsmart a killer after they become trapped in a winter storm.

Alistair1918 (2016)

While working on a thesis on homelessness, a student (Annie K. McVey) encounters a man (Guy Birtwhistle) who insists he has been transported from 1918 to present day Los Angeles.

Jailhouse Dog (2014)

A man takes revenge on his half brother by publicly accusing him of abusing his prized hounds.

The Sheriff of Rock Spring (1971)

The sheriff of Rock Springs (Richard Harrison) pursues an escaped outlaw who has kidnapped a young girl.

The 36 Shaolin Beads (1977)

A monk fights his way up a gloomy tower using his Shaolin bead technique.

Nightrunners (2015)

A woman volunteers at an orphanage on a Kenyan island plagued by malaria and discovers that the locals fear strange nocturnal monsters known as nightrunners.

Resurrecting McGinn(s) (2016)

A struggling author is confronted with revelations about his long-dead brother.

Phantom Soldiers (1987)

A Texas Ranger travels to Vietnam to find his Green Beret brother after he goes missing.

Serena (2012)

A woman tells her pastor she's in love with him.

Hor Taew Tak 3 – Wak Shimi (2011)

Three friends summon a spirit to help them defeat a horrible ghost.

Jesús (2016)

Santiago teen Jesús is in a particularly low place and his widower father is fed up with his aimlessness and his getting into trouble. After a night of partying, Jesús and his friends gang up on a boy and beat him so badly that he winds up in a coma. With the police looking for the culprits, Jesús is forced to turn to his father for help.

Happy Birthday to John (1997)

Friends of John Lennon gather to celebrate his birthday.

We Are the Champions (2005)

An aimless divorced dad (Lars Bom) gains a new lease on life when he is given the opportunity to coach his son's (Niklas Ingemann) soccer team.

Love Camp (1981)

When a senator and his daughter travel to Cyprus, they fall under the spell of a religious cult that runs a love camp.

Emily (2017)

A young woman struggles to keep her marriage from falling apart during her husband's identity crisis.

Hazing (2015)

Two incoming university students (Javier Butler, Luca Ramos) are subjected to brutal, humiliating hazing.

Every 40 Years (2017)

The band members of Gunhill Road chase their dreams one last time, returning to the music scene 40 years after their only Top 40 hit.

Pleasure in Paradise (1991)

Two heiresses meet a stranger who has more than a passing interest in their late uncle's bar.

Wild Gals of the Naked West (1962)

A stranger strolls into a town filled with bumbling cowboys, practical jokers and seductive women.

Stripshow (1996)

The hottest stripper in Las Vegas knows all the right moves to hit the jackpot with her adoring patrons.

The Seventh Sense (1999)

A gifted cellist is blinded by an accident, but her playing becomes even better.

Emmanuelle 5 (1987)

French star (Monique Gabrielle) wows Cannes, billionaire and potentate.

How to Succeed with Sex (1970)

Frustrated man tries everything to be intimate with his bride.

Catherine & Co. (1975)

An Englishwoman (Jane Birkin) goes to Paris, incorporates her favors and sells time shares to steady customers.

Los corsarios (1971)

Pirates who are stranded on a small Caribbean island after a shipwreck are hired to protect the viceroy's beautiful daughter.

Goodnight Brooklyn: The Story of Death by Audio (2016)

A chronicle of the origins, community building, influence and ultimate closure of one of Brooklyn's best DIY venues, ironically at the hands of a former champion of their efforts.

The Colours of Desire (2017)

In a violence-free world, a young man has to choose between human decency and self-interest when a powerful figure asks him to assassinate three people.

Sisters of the Plague (2015)

A haunted house tour guide looks to a medium for help when she's targeted by a vengeful presence.

Germaphobia (2017)

Three friends discover an ancient monastic order's plot to trigger the apocalypse.

Pig Pen (2017)

Thirteen-year-old Zack is forced to fend for himself when his sadistic stepfather throws him out of the house. When they meet again, only one of them will survive.

Kein Zickenfox (2014)

The largest female concert band in the world.

The Secret of Evil (2014)

Video footage depicting a supernatural encounter is all that remains of a filmmaker and his crew who disappeared while exploring a haunted house.

General Cemetery (2013)

A grieving teenager unleashes a series of terrifying events when she tries to contact her deceased father using a Ouija board.

Coo Coo Nuts (1970)

Case of the Cold Storage Yegg (1963)

Kate & Lily (2016)

Superhelde (2011)

10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight (2009)

Muscle Tussle (1953)

Muscle Tussle is a Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies theatrical cartoon short released in 1953 and reissued in 1961 as a Blue Ribbon, directed by Robert McKimson and featuring Daffy Duck.

Murderess (2007)

Embracing Chaos: Making the African Queen (2010)

Titanic: Sinking the Myths (2016)

Elephant Parts (1981)

Elephant Parts is a collection of comedy and music videos made in 1981 by Michael Nesmith, former member of the Monkees. Nesmith produced the video through his company Pacific Arts. Elephant Parts is one hour long and features five full-length music videos, including the popular songs "Rio", and "Cruisin'", which featured wrestler Steve Strong and Monterey-based comic "Chicago" Steve Barkley.

Titanic: 90 Years Below (2002)

Murder Is Like Sex (2009)

Super Daughter-in-Law (2008)

Karma Police (2008)

Murder Collection V.1 (2009)

Murder Collection V.1 is a 2009 American horror anthology film written and directed by Fred Vogel, and co-written by Don Moore, Shelby Vogel, and Jerami Cruise.

Tío, ¿de verdad vienen de París? (1975)

Carrie Underwood: An Allstar Holiday Special (2009)

E adesso sesso (2001)

E adesso sesso (And now sex) is a 2001 Italian anthology comedy film written and directed by Carlo Vanzina. It consists of eight segments, set in different Italian cities, all sharing sex as main theme.

Zombie Christ (2010)

Sunset (1971)

Thorns in the Heart (1985)

Forever Ealing (2002)

Tina Turner: One Last Time Live in Concert (2000)

Timothy Leary's Last Trip (1997)

Foreign Relations (2014)

Ante (2009)

Sundown Valley (1944)

Forces' Sweetheart (1953)

Forces' Sweetheart is a 1953 British comedy film directed by Maclean Rogers and starring Hy Hazell, Harry Secombe and Michael Bentine. The plot revolves around two gormless soldiers, played Secombe and Bentine who become infatuated with a female entertainer called Judy (Hazell). Both Secombe and Bentine wildly over-act.

Cariño (2013)

To My Dear Granny (2013)

This is Hamlet (2010)

Sunday Calm (1923)

Sunday Calm is a 1923 short silent comedy film directed by Robert F. McGowan. It was the 20th Our Gang short subject released.

MR James: Ghost Writer (2013)

Time Tracers (1997)

Summit on the Summit (2010)

Moving Through Time: Fire Walk With Me Memories (2014)

Justine: A Midsummer Night's Dream (1997)

Broken Promise (2016)

Mouse Menace (1953)

Mouse Menace is a 1946 animated short film featuring Porky Pig.

Center Jenny (2013)

Mountain (2012)

Motörhead The Birthday Party (1990)

Call Center (2008)

Doctor Mabuse: Etiopomar (2014)

Motorcycle Jesus (2015)

Just for Kicks (2005)

Just for Kicks is a 2005 American documentary film about the sneaker phenomena and history. It includes self-confessed "sneakerheads" like Grandmaster Caz, Reverend Run, and Missy Elliott. It tells the story of the Nike Air Force Ones, which are called in New York "Uptowns" in New York, and the beginning of Air Jordans. The documentary also tells the story of how hip-hop pioneers DJ Run, Jam Master Jay, and DMC had everyone wearing Adidas Superstars with their song "My Adidas".

The Gambler Who Wouldn't Die (2013)

Ti ho cercata in tutti i necrologi ("I've been looking for you in all the obituaries") is an English/Italian dramatic film directed by Giancarlo Giannini. Its English title is The Gambler Who Wouldn't Die. Nikita, a man who despises his own life, is offered as quarry to experienced hunters. His struggle for survival leads him to understand the true value of life, survival and redemption. While he is hunted, he knows and loves the elusive Helena.

Dissensions (2012)

Sugar Pathways (2009)

Suffer the Little Children (2006)

Die singende Stadt (1930)

The Singing City (German:Die singende Stadt) is a 1930 German musical film directed by Carmine Gallone and starring Jan Kiepura, Brigitte Helm and Walter Janssen. The film's sets were designed by the art director Oscar Werndorff. An English-language version of the film, City of Song, also directed by Gallone and starring Kiepura along with a British cast, was released in 1931.

Flashing On The Sixties: A Tribal Document (2008)

Moskau – Shanghai (1936)

Moscow-Shanghai (German: Moskau-Shanghai or Der Weg nach Shanghai) is a 1936 German drama film directed by Paul Wegener and starring Pola Negri, Gustav Diessl and Susi Lanner.The film's sets were designed by the art director Alfred Bütow and Willi Herrmann. It was shot at the Babelsberg Studios in Berlin.

'Caddyshack': The 19th Hole (1999)

Junkyard (2012)

17000 Block (2007)

Five the Hard Way (1969)

You may have been looking for Five the Hard Way (Prison Break episode) The Sidehackers (also known as Five the Hard Way) is a 1969 American action film about motorcycle racing with a twist. Each motorcycle has a sidehack (or "sidecar"), in which a passenger rides and tilts to one side or another when going around curves. The credits thank the "Southern California Sidehack Association"; sidehacking is also known as sidecarcross or "sidecar motocross racing".