School of Life (2017)

Trapped behind the high walls of an austere orphanage in suburban Paris, Paul has only ever known one home. His chance to discover the great wide world comes when a bohemian couple, Célestine and Borel, take him back to their countryside home.

The Sound of Bells (2016)

A visual representation of religious experience in everyday life.

The Wild Pacific (2016)

The Pacific Ocean is the largest body of water on Earth. It is a vast ecosystem that is home to a stunning menagerie of creatures.

Logan's Syndrome (2016)

An artist who has an incredibly rare genetic disorder comes to terms with his disability through his bold art.

Hope Aur Hum (2018)

A nostalgia-loving patriarch creates havoc by refusing to give up on his clunky, broken-down copy machine.

Love & Shukla (2017)

A newly married man searches for a way to be alone with his bride while sharing a one-room apartment with his family.

Marcus Jansen: Examine & Report (2017)

Artist and Desert Storm veteran Marcus Jansen progresses from selling his art on the corner of Prince St. and Broadway in New York City to selling them in exhibits in museums around the globe.

Daughters of the Sexual Revolution: The Untold Story of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (2018)

From the Oscar-nominated director/producer of "Murderball."

Merku Thodarchi Malai (2018)

A laborer has to deal with corrupt politicians.

Mesrine (2009)

France's most-wanted criminal escapes from prison in 1978 and spends 18 months on the lam.

Le Marin masqué (2011)

Friends Laetitia and Sophie visit Laetita's hometown and face relationships past and present.

Inner Revolution (2017)

Three young men embark on a journey of self-discovery as they sail from northern Brazil to Ushuaia in Argentina.

Le Plus beau jour de ma vie (2004)

Before the announcement of the marriage of some friends, the members of a couple who live together for a long time begin to discuss and separate.

Money (2015)

Three criminals break into the home of a crooked politician.

Over the Moon (2015)

When a girl meets a boy and he flies into her heart, she wonders if it's love.

Gathering (2014)

Australian surfer Dave Rastovich explores the tension between the industrial and the natural.

Coal Rush (2012)

A rural Appalachian community accuses a coal company of contaminating its water supply.

Lovely Rita (2003)

An accountant helps a prostitute get rid of a corpse.

Loot (2012)

An armed man tries to rob a bank.

Making a Living (1914)

An out-of-work swindler takes a job as newspaper reporter.

The Small Woman in Grey (2017)

Teenagers encounter a vengeful spirit while partying in the woods.

The Trees of Eden (2016)

When Esarhaddon, a cruel Assyrian King, conquers an unsuspecting nation, a mysterious old man appears and forces the king to experience the life and memories of those he has sought to destroy.

McKellen: Playing the Part (2017)

The life and work of acclaimed stage and screen actor Sir Ian McKellen.

The Taste of Salt (2016)

After the death of his father, a fisherman who now lives as a vagrant begins to move on with his life thanks to support from his dog.

Sharon (2015)

Sharon, an ordained priest, discusses the role of women in the Church of England.

Platform 1 (2015)

People who make the early morning commute at a train station reveal their personal stories.

Leathermarket (2014)

Residents of Bermondsey, South London, discuss memories of the streets of their past.

American Dresser (2018)

When a man discovers he has a child he's never met, he and his best friend get on their motorcycles to drive across America.

Any Bullet Will Do (2018)

In 1876, a bounty hunter tracks his own brother through Montana with the help of a fur trapper.

Anatomy of Awkward (2018)

Kautuk Srivastava talks about his first date, almost starting a war with Pakistan, and how Jet Airways taught him the meaning of true love.

The Fight Rules (2017)

When his mother falls ill, a talented boxer turns to the brutal world of illegal fights in the hope of earning enough money for her treatments.

Panopticon (2015)

Alex, an isolated loner who is allergic to the sun, hacks into webcams with an app he created called Panopticon.

In Real Life (2014)

After battling online for over a year in a fantasy game called "Realm of Conquest," two gamers decide to meet up in real life.

Symbiote (2015)

Two survivors find each other during the end of the world.

Demoted (2017)

A Russian officer refuses the order to launch a suicidal attack on a German position.

Nobody Looks Up (2014)

A detective investigates deaths at an urban planning firm.

If You Saw His Heart (2018)

Cast out of his community, an unhappy man finds himself between a life of crime and the path of redemption.

How to Get Girls (2017)

A nerdy high schooler exploits his childhood best friend's newly found good looks to climb the popularity chain.

Headed South for Christmas (2013)

A troubled teen and her single dad spend Christmas with family members they hardly know.

Mad Marc Rude: Blood, Ink & Needles (2014)

A look at the turbulent life of artist and punk rock promoter Marc Hoffman, also known as Mad Marc Rude for his propensity for being brutally honest.

Love Thy Neighbour [OV] (2015)

Filmmakers go behind the scenes of the Love Thy Neighbour 2014 community event held in Perth, Western Australia.

Inside the Garbage of the World (2016)

Filmmakers explore the effects of plastic pollution on marine animals.

An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn (2018)

Lulu Danger's unhappy marriage takes a turn for the worse when a mysterious man from her past comes to town to perform.

Eating (2005)

A man struggles with food and cannot recall when his problem started.

La sombra de la muerte: un mismo crtel (2011)

The head of an important cartel aims to bring together all of the heads of the different Mexican cartels and important government figures to make a proposal: create the same cartel without deaths or fights for territories.

Next Gen (2018)

A rebellious girl and a runaway combat robot unite to stop a madman's technological plan for world domination.

The Comet Kids (2017)

Lucas and his friends set out to locate a piece of a comet that has crash landed near their home.

Bioscope (2015)

An anthology of four short films, each a cinematic representation of four famous pieces of poetry.

13 Lead Soldiers (1948)

Capt. Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond is called in to solve the murder of a man from whom two lead soldiers were stolen.

Beyond the Boundary Movie: I'll Be Here -- Mirai-hen (2015)

Akihito protects his friends from a new threat while trying to keep Mirai safe.

Mr. Cleaver (2018)

Seven punks break into a seemingly abandoned warehouse only to find themselves hunted by its bloodthirsty owner.

Raccoon Valley (2018)

A plane bearing hazardous material crashes into a town, leaving a deaf women to navigate her way through the aftermath.

Stealing Sunrise (2015)

Four criminals attempt to pull off a series of heists before retiring to a beach town.

Lady Luck (2016)

Three strangers come together to support each other.

Cyprien (2009)

A 35-year-old geek transforms into a total lady-killer thanks to magic deodorant.

Dimenticare Venezia (1979)

On an estate in the Italian countryside, Marta (Hella Petri), a retired opera singer, shares her home with Anna (Mariangela Melato) and Claudia (Eleonora Giorgi), two women involved in a love affair who rely on Marta for nearly everything. Looking to enjoy her retirement, Marta decides the three should take a trip to Venice. She invites her brother, Nicky (Erland Josephson), and his lover, Picchio (David Pontremoli), to join the trio. However, Marta's plans are soon met with complications.

Emma (2017)

A lifelong womanizer has a fling with a blind woman.

Champions (2018)

A basketball coach works with a team of mentally disabled players as part of his community service.

Forever Fighter (2017)

A young man endeavors to deal with his mother's cancer diagnosis, his estranged father's return, and his own impending fatherhood.

The Unquenchable Thirst for Beau Nerjoose (2016)

An apathetic man-child embarks on a journey to restore the spirit of his catatonic mother.

Three and a Half (2018)

The story of one house is shown during three eras.

Cuando dejes de quererme (2018)

A woman returns home to solve her father's murder.

In the Aisles (2018)

A film by Thomas Stuber.

The Land of Exodus (2016)

A Mexican child tries to help an abducted American.

Thenkashipattanam (2000)

Kannan is in love with his childhood friend, Meenakshi, but keeps it as a secret from his friend Das. However, the friendship between them is ruined when Das falls in love with her as well.

Sea of Dust (2008)

An unspeakable horror takes root in a village.

The Constitution (2016)

Four neighbors in an apartment building do everything they can to avoid each other.

Rocket Perelman (2017)

Ten people strive to live their version of independence and freedom.

Men Don't Cry (2017)

With the end of the Yugoslav Wars less than 20 years in the past, a diverse group of veterans meets in a mountain hotel for days of therapy.

The Truth About Killer Robots (2018)

Filmmaker Maxim Pozdorovkin explores the many ways in which artificial intelligence is taking over people's lives and making them increasingly obsolete.

Paranormal Fears (2018)

Three ghost stories from beyond the grave.

Bugday (2017)

This film was inspired by a chapter from the Quran. It is a post-apocalyptic story set in a world where those that survive, are divided between the remnants of cities and agricultural zones.

Demonoids (2007)

Two college friends battle an army of demons after they lose a bet with the devil.

Pocket Angel (2005)

An angel helps a mother find her courage and faith after her son is kidnapped in Mexico.

Mabel's Blunder (1914)

Mabel becomes secretly engaged to Harry, the boss's son.

Festival: A Documentary (2016)

Filmmakers follow six people as they navigate the chaos of a three-day music festival.

Breach of Trust (2017)

Two girls suffer abuse at the hands of a family member.

Silencio (2018)

A woman stumbles upon long-lost family secrets while searching for a powerful stone in Mexico's mysterious Zone of Silence.

The House by the Sea (2017)

Three siblings gather by their father's side for his last days.

A Cat in Paris (2010)

A girl, struck mute by the trauma of her father's death, follows her pet cat across the Parisian rooftops and discovers that the animal has been working as a burglar's accomplice.

Morte per procura (alla pensione Edelweiss) (1959)

A suicidal man makes a strange bargain for an unexpected and "soft" death.

Cacería de braceros (2000)

Major Leiva must unravel the mind of a dangerous serial killer in order to solve the case of several bodies found severely mutilated.

Motherhood: Life's Greatest Miracle (1925)

Two women react differently to the news of their pregnancy.

Back for Good (2017)

A fading reality-TV star suddenly finds herself with no money, friends, or a place to live and is forced to move in with her mother and younger sister, a bullied teenager who is dealing with her own problems.

Cmprame un Revlver (2018)

In a timeless Mxico, women are disappearing, and a girl who is called Huck wears a mask to disguise her gender while she helps her addicted father take care of an abandoned baseball camp.

The Field Guide to Evil (2018)

This global anthology of eight narratives explores dark folklore through a series of myths and tales that have captivated, galvanized and frightened communities throughout history.

Pramo (2017)

A suicidal young man embarks on a journey of self-discovery after having his thesis about a mythical town rejected.

Road to Christmas (2018)

Los Angeles television producer Maggie Baker unwittingly falls for Danny Wise, the son and former producer of his mother's popular annual Christmas special.

Redeeming the Time (2017)

A high school football star's faith is put to the test when an unthinkable tragedy strikes his family.

Shanghaied (1915)

A tramp is asked to help a ship owner sink a ship to collect insurance money.

Diallelos (2016)

Two local scam artists set out to con a naive Japanese businesswoman and steal a large sum of money.

Lost Face (2017)

A fur thief negotiates for his life with a Native American chief.

The Panama Papers (2018)

Journalists risk their lives to break a story.

Eugenia (2018)

Longing for a more interesting life, a middle-class Bolivian woman divorces her husband, quits her job and moves to a new city.

Newly Single (2017)

The life of a man on the verge of success is derailed when his girlfriend leaves him.

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: The Disappearing Game (2018)

After Aurora moves into her new home, four students from a nearby college vanish one evening; then one of the missing students turns up dead, prompting Aurora and her new neighbor, Nick, to begin their own investigation.

Sappho (1921)

Richard falls in love with an alluring woman, not realizing that she is the same woman who drove his brother into an insane asylum.

Noches de ronda (1942)

A poor and talented composer who earns a living as a piano player must choose between sweet Esperanza and Olga, a famous dancer.

Uyirile Kalandhathu (2000)

Out of jealousy, Raghuram tries to create problems in the life of his younger brother, Suriya. He tries to destroy Suriya's love life and eventually puts him in a life-threatening situation.

La Tropa de Trapo en la Selva del Arcoíris (2014)

The Happets use ingenuity and teamwork to save a rainbow from vanishing forever.