Cocinando en el fin del mundo (2016)

Nine young chefs join forces and share knowledge to transform the cuisine of Galicia in 2003. Grupo Nove uses radical new techniques to develop an idea of cuisine attached to the land and tradition.

King Dinosaur (1955)

Scientists (Bill Bryant, Wanda Curtis, Douglas Henderson) land on a planet, find primitive monsters and nuke them.

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things (1972)

A director (Alan Ormsby), his wife (Anya Ormsby) and a troupe call up the dead, starting with a corpse named Orville.

They Came From the Attic (2009)

A family moves to the country for a fresh start after a young boy dies. They soon discover that something worse than guilt and bad memories lives in the attic.

Underground Game (2005)

A nightclub pianist (Felipe Camargo) violates his rules of romance when he falls for a neurotic model (Maria Lusa Mendona).

You Will Kill (2015)

A beautiful woman is haunted by a malevolent spirit after a Ouija game goes horribly wrong.

Laramie Mountains (1952)

The Durango Kid learns that crooked scouts are behind attempts to escalate a war between a local tribe and the cavalry.

An Italian Straw Hat (1927)

A horse sparks a bizarre chain of events when he eats a hat in this silent satire of the petit bourgeoisie of the '20s.

Mr. Natwarial (1979)

Inspector Giridhari Lal (Ajit) is an upstanding lawman who takes care of his goofy younger brother, Natwarlal (Amitabh Bachchan). However, when Giridhari becomes a nuisance to a seedy group of criminals, they decide to set him up and get him arrested on phony extortion charges. Natwarlal then decides to take revenge on the men who took down his beloved brother, so he concocts an intimidating alter ego and begins ingratiating his way up through the criminal ranks.

Dragon's World: A Fantasy Made Real (2004)

An alternate scientific history -- in which dragons were real and lived on this earth -- is imagined in this fantasy docudrama. Dr. Tanner (Paul Hilton), a modern but renegade scientist, hopes to prove the existence of the creatures by discovering paleontologic evidence.

Outlaws of the Desert (1941)

Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) shops for horses in Arabia and meets a bad sheik (Duncan Renaldo) with a harem.

Donkey's Caroling Christmas-tacular (2010)

Donkey (Eddie Murphy), Shrek (Mike Myers) and The Far Far Away friends sing along to Christmas carols and holiday songs.

Hammy's Boomerang Adventure (2011)

RJ (Bruce Willis) and porcupines film Hammy (Steve Carell) playing with a boomerang that will not stay away.

Goldeneye (1990)

British writer Ian Fleming's (Charles Dance) life and loves suggest that of his spy-novel hero, secret agent James Bond.

The Pig Who Cried Werewolf (2009)

Heimlich (Sean Bishop) finds a conspiracy around every corner and warns his friends when the big bad wolf moves in next door. Tired of hearing him "cry wolf," they ignore Heimlich's warnings until it's almost too late.

Let Joy Reign Supreme (1975)

The Duke of Orleans (Philippe Noiret) rules for 5-year-old Louis XV in Regency France.

Dalai Lama's Compassion in Action (2014)

Revolutionary thinkers provide insights into the problems of the world.

Seven Devils (2015)

The seven deadly sins are explored through a series of vignettes. A blind woman hires a hooker to help her overcome her inexperience; off duty cops are attacked by organ thieves; a priest buys drugs from a mute.

House of Sticks (2011)

When a photojournalist is lost in grief after his wife and unborn child die, a strange woman comes to him with a message.

My Life Inside (2007)

A teenage immigrant named Rosa Jimenez is accused of committing murder in Texas.

Some Call It Loving (1973)

A young man (Zalman King) and woman (Carol White) get erotic with a sleeping beauty (Tisa Farrow) bought at a carnival.

Francis: Pray for Me (2015)

The life of Jorge Mario Bergoglio from his childhood to becoming Pope Francis.

The Magic Crystal (2011)

Santa Claus' evil twin plots to steal a magic crystal that will give him power over the minds of children.

Out of Scale (1951)

After Donald moves Chip and Dale's tree to make room for his toy train, they move into one of the miniature houses.

The President's Barber (2004)

A Korean president's hairstylist (Kang-ho Song) and his family witness many years in their country's turbulent history.

Back Home (1990)

An English girl (Hayley Carr) reunites with her parents (Hayley Mills, Rupert Frazer) after spending World War II in the United States.

Jedi Junior High (2014)

A small band of junior-high students stage a musical production of "Star Wars."

Danger: Mother-in-Law! (2005)

A bride-to-be (Katharina Schüttler) decides to fight back when her efforts to appease her fiance's nasty mother (Adele Neuhauser) fall flat.

Wake Up, Girls! -- Seven Idols (2014)

A talent manager at a failing production company helps form an idol musical group.

Two Dragons Fight Against Tiger (1979)

A dozen men discover a gold mine and send their best man to fetch brides, but a rape sparks a martial-arts confrontation.

Homecoming (2005)

Three veterans friendship is tested by allegations of betrayal.

Masquerade (1988)

Masked Man (Clayton Moore) poses as a Mexican to thwart a gold robbery and aid a revolution.

Lemora: The Lady Dracula (1973)

A 1920s Georgia vampire (Lesley Gilb) lures a gangster's (William Whitton) teenage daughter (Cheryl Smith) into a forest of zombies.

Laughing Boy (1934)

A Navajo warrior marries a woman who covets the lifestyle of the white settlers, eventually leading to tragedy.

Her Cardboard Lover (1942)

Songwriter Terry Trindale (Robert Taylor), who has a crush on Consuelo Croyden (Norma Shearer), racks up a large gambling debt to her while trying to gain her attention. To pay it off, she proposes that he pretend to be her lover, in order to make her former beau, Tony (George Sanders), jealous. Terry gladly accepts the offer and performs his duties with dedication, hoping that Consuelo will start to like him better. But, the more he keeps her from Tony, the more she seems to want Tony.

The Governor's Party (1990)

The daughter of a French civil servant comes of age while witnessing colonial unrest and her parents' stormy marriage.

Yamashita (2001)

Aging Carmelo (Armando Goyena), who now resides in the United States, likes telling his grandson, Jobert (Danilo Barrios), about his youth in the Philippines. Jobert especially likes the stories about Carmelo's time in World War II, where he helped bury the legendary Yamashita treasure. When Carmelo is kidnapped, it is left to Jobert to go to Manila, Philippines, using his grandfather's diaries to find the treasure and save Carmelo before a Japanese crime boss (Vic Diaz) can steal the fortune.

Hubog (2001)

A poor Filipino woman (Assunta de Rossi) tries to take care of her mentally handicapped sister amid the poverty and violence of the shantytown in which they live.

The Country Cousin (1936)

A mouse visits his relative in the big city.

15 Years and a Day (2011)

A man seeks an escape from reality.

Maryjane (1968)

Two high-school teachers (Fabian, Diane McBain) do something about students who smoke marijuana.

She Gods of Shark Reef (1958)

Two brothers (Bill Cord, Don Durant) are marooned with pearl-diving Polynesian beauties.

Agophobia (2013)

A being tries to escape from a digital world.

The Ra Expeditions (1971)

Inspired by his research into the lives and travels of ancient peoples, Norwegian anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl launches two sea journeys in boats with no modern features. Heyerdahl patterns his journey on the theory that ancient Africans might have navigated the seas in vessels made from materials such as papyrus, which they also used for paper. He and his small crew disembark from Africa for the first time in 1969, but a second voyage in 1970 proves more fruitful.

Kottai Mariamman (2001)

A 2001 drama directed by Ramanarayanan featuring Roja.

Weedeater (2015)

Nance Klehm shares her thoughts and philosophies on uncultivated weeds, human waste composting and soil.

Taming the Wild (1936)

A young socialite has a talent for landing in trouble; every time she gets in trouble, she is bailed out by her attorney. Exasperated by her escapades, the man decides to quit, until he realizes he has fallen in love with her.

Ringside (1949)

A prizefighter takes up the sport with a vengeance when his brother is blinded in the ring.

Beyond Here Lies Nothing (2013)

An agoraphobic teenager becomes deeply paranoid and obsessed with conspiracy theories.

A Beautiful Secret (2002)

A lonely spinster (Katy Jurado) tells her life story to a youngster.

Los fabulosos 7 (2011)

A music group is at a turning point in its history and its members face the dilemma whether to fight for their dream or finally give it up.

The Great Bird Race (2012)

Victor and his father participate in the Great Bird Race every year and try to spot the rarest bird. When Victor's rival shows up and appears to have the race won, Victor cheats and his small lie becomes a huge scandal.

The Patient in Room 18 (1938)

A nervous sleuth (Patric Knowles) solves a hospital case despite his butler (Eric Stanley) and nurse (Ann Sheridan).

Leave It to the Marines (1951)

A husky fellow's (Sid Melton) bride (Mara Lynn) joins him in the Marines after he enlists by mistake.

A Goblin's Tale (2011)

A goblin leaps out of the pages of its storybook and changes a young girl's life forever.

Gunfight in Black Horse Canyon (1961)

An outlaw gets even with the Wells Fargo agent who put him in prison by making him the target of bounty hunters.

She Loved a Fireman (1937)

A wise-guy firefighter (Dick Foran) flirts with his captain's (Robert Armstrong) sister (Ann Sheridan).

Tiger (2009)

Two models who fall in love in Tokyo are destined for a troubling relationship.

Marked for Murder (1945)

The Texas Rangers try to lasso the culprit behind an escalating range war between sheep herders and cattlemen.

Murder Mansion (1970)

Two fogbound bicyclists (Andres Resino, Anna Lisa Nardi) and a terrified woman (Anala Gad) seek shelter in a house of gloom.

No Love in the City (2009)

Three Russian expatriates in New York seduce numerous women -- until St. Valentine curses them with impotence to teach them about true love.

Stranger at Paso Bravo (1968)

An ex-convict has a showdown with the outlaws who burned his farm and killed his family.

Most Beautiful Wife (1970)

A 16-year-old Sicilian (Ornella Muti) becomes the target of a mafia hit man after refusing to go through with her prearranged marriage.

Return From the Ashes (1965)

An expert chess player, Stanislaus Pilgrin (Maximilian Schell) is also an unrepentant cad and schemer. Looking for a way to inherit a fortune, Stanislaus marries Dr. Michele Wolf (Ingrid Thulin), a rich Jewish widow. Later, however, he becomes involved with his wife's stepdaughter, Fabienne (Samantha Eggar), resulting in a complicated web of seduction and deception that ends in murder. Will the duplicitous Stanislaus succeed in getting Michele's money?

White Savage (1943)

A native boy (Sabu) plays Cupid for a shark fisherman (Jon Hall) and a South Sea Islands princess (Maria Montez).

Johnny Yuma (1966)

A man (Mark Damon) seeks revenge after the murder of a relative who left him money.

Where There's a Will (1955)

When a Londoner (Leslie Dwyer) inherits a rundown farm from his uncle, he ends up in a feud with a neighbor who has wanted to claim the place as his own for a very long time.

Hold Back Tomorrow (1956)

A man (John Agar) condemned to hang spends his last night with a prostitute (Cleo Moore).

Running Wild (1956)

To get evidence against a crooked garage owner, a rookie cop masquerades as a hard case who wants a job as a mechanic.

Step Down to Terror (1958)

Trying to outwit police, a psychopathic killer (Charles Drake) returns to his mother's home after a long absence to play the role of loving son.

Bernardes (2014)

The life and work of Brazilian architect Sergio Bernardes.

There's Always Tomorrow (1956)

Feeling neglected by his wife (Joan Bennett) and children, a toy manufacturer (Fred MacMurray) has a fling with an old flame (Barbara Stanwyck).

The Bridge of Warsaw (1990)

Among odd situations is a diver found in a burned forest.

The Adventures of Charlotte & Henry (2008)

With help from his best friend (Manon Gourlay), a boy (Kodi Smit-McPhee) confronts a bully and tries to rescue his dog.

Zoo (1988)

Two Italian adolescents develop a unique relationship through their mutual affection for animals.

Time of Happiness (1997)

A woman (Vernica Forqu) struggles with new, liberal ideals and a philandering husband (Antonio Resines) as she tries to keep her family together in 1970s Spain.

Chto tvoryat muzhchiny! 2 (2015)

A Russian system administrator who defected to America releases a computer virus that threatens Russia's security. The only way to stop the program is to find out what word his girlfriend shouts during sex, and he has dated dozens of women.

Daddy-O (1959)

Hoodlums want a singing truck driver (Dick Contino) to drive their getaway car.

To the Limit (1997)

A lawyer (Lydia Bosch) tries to stop a radio-show caller (Juanjo Puigcorb) who says he will kill within the next hour.

Summer Love (1958)

Members of a five-man band find romance and excitement when they fill a summer engagement at a coed resort camp.

Fork (2015)

A young rancher takes desperate action to save his family's failing operation.

The Private Lives of Adam and Eve (1960)

Stranded by a flood on the way to Reno, bus passengers become Adam (Marty Milner), Eve (Mamie Van Doren) and the Devil (Mickey Rooney) in a dream.

The Boys From Syracuse (1940)

Twin brothers (Allan Jones) and their twin slaves (Joe Penner), divided at birth, cause a comedy of errors in ancient Greece.

Cast from the Storm (2015)

Teenagers fleeing war and persecution come together in a life-changing theater program.

One Child (2013)

Three families who lost teenage children during the 2008 earthquake in China struggle to restore a sense of normalcy.

Just Across the Street (1952)

A plumber (John Lund) falls in love with a girl (Ann Sheridan) he hires, thinking she is the local banker's (Robert Keith) daughter.

Coffee to Go (2014)

An exhausted businessman chases his cup of coffee through the airport.

The Seventh Commandment (1961)

A car crash victim, feeling guilty over the death of the other driver, turns to preaching and murder.

Sidewalk Singer (2013)

A Christian singer (Alan Maki) faces down ungodliness on the streets and in the church as he struggles to rebuild his shattered life.

Il prefetto di ferro (1977)

A governor wages a one-man battle against corruption and organized crime in fascist Sicily.

Leather Burners (1943)

Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) helps his friend Johnny (Jay Kirby) find out where rustlers are hiding stolen cattle.

Electric Indigo (2014)

A strange girl considers the paths of her life and the two heterosexual men who raised her together.

Hansel and Gretel (1954)

Two hungry children encounter an evil witch and her gingerbread house in this Puppetoon version of the fairy tale.

Ernie Kovacs: Television's Original Genius (1982)

Steve Allen, Jack Lemmon and others recall the pioneer TV comedian, seen in clips from his shows in the '50s and '60s.

I Love You (1981)

Mysterious Maria (Sonia Braga) shakes bra-maker Paulo (Paulo Csar Perio) from his decadent lifestyle in Brazil.

Missing Peace (2003)

In this documentary, Ingrid Betancourt is running for president of Colombia in 2002. In the middle of campaigning, the politician encounters a possibly deadly setback when she is kidnapped by fighters from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. Her family continues her campaign and symbolically erects a cardboard cut-out of her during a public appearance on election day. This documentary traces Betancourt's career and brings her considerable tenacity into focus.

Eliot & Me (2011)

Lucy has a hard time with her parents' separation until she adopts a dog named Eliot from the shelter. When Eliot goes missing, Lucy goes on a dangerous journey to find him.

The Borgia (2006)

A bloody dynasty spawns Pope Alexander VI.

Breaking Free: The Shale Rock Revolution (2015)

Filmmaker Robin Bossert tries to explore the controversial practice of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing in the oil and gas industry in a balanced way.

Martial Monks of Shaolin Temple (1983)

Secret Shaolin techniques are revealed in a battle that pits monk against monk.