The Good Guys and the Bad Guys (1969)

Older lawman Marshal Flagg (Robert Mitchum) is struggling to transition from the Old West to the more modernized one -- so much so that Mayor Wilker (Martin Balsam) forces him into retirement. Not one to go away easily, Flagg quickly fixates on his old nemesis, McKay (George Kennedy), formerly believed to be dead, who is now back in town and up to no good. But Flagg soon discovers that McKay might be his greatest ally in a fight to prove that the old-timers aren't useless in the New West.

The Daisy Chain (2009)

A series of strange occurrences takes place after a couple adopt an orphaned girl.

Muerto al Hoyo...y el Vivo También (1990)

A client of a brothel dies during his lovemaking session and they want to get him out of the room without others noticing.

The Prisoner: Or How I Planned To Kill Tony Blair (2007)

In 2003, Iraqi journalist Yunis Khatayer Abbas and his three brothers were arrested by American soldiers and accused of a plot to kill British Prime Minister Tony Blair. While his siblings were quickly released, Yunis spent nine months as a prisoner at Abu Ghraib, and was subjected to torture and deprivation. In this documentary, Yunis recounts his time in U.S. custody with the help of home movies, illustrative cartoons and testimony from his friend and protector, Army Spc. Benjamin Thomas.

Dream On (2015)

Filmmaker Roger Weisberg and political comedian John Fugelsang retrace the 1831 cross-country trip of Alexis de Tocqueville to see if the American Dream is alive and well today.

Decision Against Time (1957)

Test pilot John Mitchell (Jack Hawkins) knows that in order to buy his wife, Mary (Elizabeth Sellars), the house of her dreams, he must restore the reputation of his flagging aircraft manufacturing company. At the urging of company owner Reginald Conway (Walter Fitzgerald), John and his crew agree to pilot a prototype airplane. But when things go terribly wrong with one of the plane's engines, John must decide between parachuting to safety and trying to successfully land the plane.

Futurama: Bender's Game (2008)

While searching for fuel, the crew encounters an underworld inhabited by medieval creatures and knights.

A Weekend With Lulu (1961)

Four eccentric Britons (Bob Monkhouse, Leslie Phillips, Shirley Eaton) have a series of misadventures in France.

Gertrud (1964)

Hopeless romantic Gertrud (Nina Pens Rode) inhabits a turn-of-the-century milieu of artists and musicians, where she pursues an idealized notion of love that will always elude her. She abandons her distinguished husband (Bendt Rothe) and embraces an affair with a young concert pianist (Baard Owe), who falls short of her desire for lasting affection. When an old lover (Ebbe Rode) returns to her life, fresh disappointments follow, and Gertrud must try to come to terms with reality.

Radio Stars on Parade (1945)

Two talent agents (Wally Brown, Alan Carney) offend a mobster who likes a singer (Frances Langford) on "Truth or Consequences."

Passion's Web (2007)

A prison psychologist (Julie Warner) finds herself drawn to a dangerous inmate (Sebastian Spence) and advocates for his parole.

Pan Tadeusz (1999)

This period drama focuses on the lives of two feuding Polish families -- the Soplicas and the Horeszkos. As the country decides how to deal with Russia by either supporting its neighbor or invading it as allies of France, the tale reflects this conflict in the form of the handsome Tadeusz (Michal Zebrowski), a member of the Soplica family who must decide between a relationship with the young Zosia (Alicja Bachleda-Curus) or the refined Telimena (Grazyna Szapolowska).

Bomb Harvest (2007)

Australian bomb disposal expert Laith Stevens trains a young team of Laotians how to deal with bombs left over from the secret war with the United States.

Geisha: The Twilight of Flowers (2005)

A journey to the secret world of the geishas of Kyoto, Japan's ancient capital.

Birdwatchers (2008)

In Brazil, tensions rise when the leader of a group of Guarani Indians organizes an attempt to reclaim his tribe's ancestral territory from an unsympathetic farmer.

The Ninth Guest (1934)

Eight strangers are invited to spend the night in a penthouse apartment. They are greeted, wined and dined, but a voice on the radio tells them they will be murdered unless they outwit Death.

The Godchild (1974)

Three escaped Civil War prisoners (Jack Palance, Jack Warden, Keith Carradine) stop to help a dying woman deliver a baby in the desert.

Sound and Chaos: The Story of BC Studio (2014)

Gentrification of his neighborhood threatens music-recorder Martin Bisi's 30-year career in the same studio.

Inevitable (2014)

A married banker (Darío Grandinetti) falls for an artist (Antonella Costa) and befriends a blind writer (Federico Luppi).

Past The Bleachers (1995)

A mysterious mute boy enables a Little League coach (Richard Dean Anderson) to come to terms with the loss of his son.

Smart Ass (2014)

Kelly, Dan and Louis use business tactics to inflate the popularity of certain students by hiring beautiful women as their dates for parties. When their new business takes on a life of its own, it quickly escapes their control.

Combustion (2013)

Mikel is about to marry Julia until a young woman introduces him to the dangerous world of street racing.

No Escape (1943)

A Nazi spy (John Carradine) and his gang spring a counterfeiter (Dean Jagger) from prison to help them fund the Axis.

Le monde nous appartient (2013)

Pouga and Julien meet one night on a bridge and their fates intersect.

Nailed (2006)

Upon taking shelter in what they think is an abandoned house, two fugitives encounter a bedridden, bandaged man and his enigmatic caretaker.

La Captura (2012)

After arresting one of the most-hunted delinquents in the country, Capt. Adolfo Rudas hopes for a raise but has a reversal of fortune when he is sent to Puerto Principe to capture the bandit Alvaro Salcedo.

Dog Flesh (2013)

During a complex period in his life, Alejandro -- a solitary, fragile and unpredictable man -- feels crushed by hostility and his mysterious past.

The History Of Mr. Polly (1949)

Bookworm Alfred Polly (John Mills) is a hopeless daydreamer who cannot keep his mind on the task at hand, hence his inevitable dismissal from his dreary job as a draper's assistant. He has no idea what to do with his life. Alfred's uncle (Finlay Currie) advises him to use the sum he inherited from his father to marry his cousin (Betty Ann Davies) and invest in a shop. He does all this, but does not find himself any happier -- until a stroll in the countryside leads him to a new opportunity.

I Miss You, Hugs And Kisses (1978)

Flashback scenarios suggest how a Canadian businessman (Donald Pilon) from Hungary killed his wife (Elke Sommer).

L'empreinte (2008)

An exploration of the roots of Quebec's unique identity.

Outlaws (1985)

Several teenagers escape from a rehabilitation center and quickly experience dissension in their group.

Secret of the Chinese Kung Fu (1977)

Martial-arts secrets are revealed after two sisters rescue a man from death in the sea.

Scalps (1983)

Members of an archaeological expedition make the fatal mistake of trespassing on an ancient Indian burial ground.

The Prince of Homburg (1997)

While experiencing a debilitating bout of insomnia, the Prince of Homburg (Andrea Di Stefano) falls prey to a prank by the Elector of Brandenburg (Toni Bertorelli). In his sleepless stupor, the prince fails to hear orders to avoid fighting with Swedish forces -- and so proceeds to ride into battle and defeat them. In retaliation for his actions, the elector sentences the prince to death. Meanwhile, the elector's determined niece Natalia (Barbora Bobulova) campaigns to save the prince.

A Taste of Blood (1967)

A modern businessman (Bill Rogers) becomes a vampire after drinking ancient brandy.

My Father's Angel (1999)

A Serb family and a Muslim one, both living in Canada, clash over differences in their native Sarajevo.

Shree (2002)

A rowdy longs for his dad's love after he is ostracized by his family because they believe that he played a part in the death of his sister.

Push (2006)

Desperate for quick cash, Joe (Chad Lindberg) quits his job pouring drinks at the local saloon and begins dealing drugs. When he and his buddies Mickey (William DePaolo) and Kevin (Pierce Forsythe) happen upon a package of Ecstasy in a dance club, they quickly set about finding a way to turn the pills into cold, hard cash. But when the naive trio gets tangled up with a Miami drug lord, Paul (Otto Sanchez), they learn too late that the drug trade comes with some big risks.

A Silent Love (2004)

Norman (Nol Burton) is a lonely university professor who teaches a class about silent film. He finds a wife through an Internet service and, after some strained interactions, his Mexican bride, Gladys (Vanessa Bauche), agrees to move in with him -- if her mother, Fernanda (Susana Salazar), is allowed to join them as well. Norman agrees, and the arrangement seems workable, until he begins spending more and more time with Fernanda. Eventually, an unexpected love triangle develops.

Lose Your Head (2013)

Luis, a Spanish tourist, enjoys the hedonistic and psychedelic sleaze of nightlife in Berlin, until he meets Viktor, a domineering Ukrainian who disguises Luis as a missing Greek student.

Preacherman (1971)

A self-ordained minister fleeces congregations throughout the South while seducing their female members.

Smell and Smile (1985)

Reserve troops are sent in to clear out a dangerous minefield.

The 28th Day: The Wrath of Steph (2013)

As Steph slowly succumbs to the influence of an evil spirit named Zasulground, she asks her friend Liz to help her defeat it.

Buy Me That Town (1941)

A gangster (Lloyd Nolan) and his buddies take over a small town and slowly become its leading citizens.

Personal Gold: An Underdog Story (2015)

Four underdog female bicyclists becomes America's hope for a medal at the 2012 London Olympics after the men's team is banned during the Lance Armstrong scandal.

The Secret (1992)

A Cape Cod town leader (Kirk Douglas) reveals his own dyslexia to enlighten his son (Bruce Boxleitner), whose boy is having trouble in school.

Hurricane In The Rose Garden (2009)

A Nigerian mother visits her son and daughter-in-law living peacefully in the USA and puts pressure on their relationship, demanding grandchildren.

All-Stars (2014)

Lance returns to coaching softball and is saddled with the 10-and-under team. As he teaches the girls the basics, he is forced to ride herd over their delusional parents whose horrible behavior threatens to ruin the experience for their children.

The List (2006)

A man (Wayne Brady) meets a woman (Sydney Tamiia Poitier) who tests his list of qualities wanted for the ideal mate.

The File of the Golden Goose (1969)

A U.S. agent (Yul Brynner) and a Scotland Yard man (Edward Woodward) infiltrate a forgery ring run by someone called the Owl.

Dust on the tongue (2014)

Don Silvio asks two of his grandchildren to help him die.

We Are Mari Pepa (2013)

Teens in a punk band spend the summer rehearsing their one song.

The Bandit Of Zhobe (1959)

After Maj. Crowley (Norman Wooland) arrests the warrior Kasim Khan (Victor Mature) under suspicion of attacking British troops, Khan escapes. While he is away, a rival warlord, Azhad Khan, dresses his troops as British soldiers and attacks Kasim's village, killing his family. Thinking that the British are behind the attack, Kasim wages war against them. Only Crowley's daughter, Zena (Anne Aubrey), with help from her guard, Stokes (Anthony Newley), sees that Kasim is not the enemy.

Fence Riders (1950)

Two cowboys (Whip Wilson, Andy Clyde) rescue a woman rancher (Reno Browne) from rustlers.

A Place on Earth (2013)

Antoine lives a lonely life until he becomes obsessed with Elena, a beautiful pianist living across the courtyard. He takes photographs of her at every opportunity until an intense relationship develops between them.

Follow A Star (1959)

A has-been British pop singer (Jerry Desmonde) makes a comeback miming his stagestruck student's (Norman Wisdom) voice.

Das weiße Abenteuer (1952)

A crime comedy directed by Arthur Maria Rabenalt, featuring Joe Stöckel.

Legions of the Nile (1959)

A Roman envoy (Ettore Manni) flirts with Cleopatra (Linda Cristal) and tries to sway Mark Antony (Georges Marchal).

Sweet Dreams (2012)

Members of Rwanda's only women's drumming troupe form a partnership with two American entrepreneurs to open Rwanda's first ice cream shop.

Crack in the Mirror (1960)

This unconventional drama presents two related stories with the three key actors portraying different roles in each tale. Tired of her coarse husband, Hagolin (Orson Welles), restless housewife Eponine (Juliette Grco) begins to fall for another man, the charismatic Larnier (Bradford Dillman). Before long, the intensity of their affair leads to murder. The second part of the film involves characters dealing with the actions of those from the earlier scenario.

Woman Hater (1948)

An English lord (Stewart Granger) who dislikes women meets a French movie star (Edwige Feuillre) who dislikes men.

Steal The Sky (1988)

An Israeli spy (Mariel Hemingway) poses as a U.S. oilman's wife to seduce the Iraqi pilot (Ben Cross) of a new Soviet MiG in the 1960s.

Favela Rising (2005)

In Rio de Janeiro, a former drug dealer and a community activist use Afro-reggae music to transform a slum.

Blondie's Secret (1948)

Stolen luggage and other delays keep the Bumsteads (Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake) from going on vacation.

The Goose and the Gander (1935)

Divorce Georgiana (Kay Francis) learns that Betty Summer (Genevieve Tobin), the woman who "stole" and married her husband, Ralph (Ralph Forbes), is planning a rendezvous with yet another man, Bob McNear (George Brent). Determined to take revenge, Georgiana devises an elaborate scheme to lure Bob and Betty to a remote cabin, then bring Ralph there. The plan works well -- until a couple of thieves snatch Betty's car for their robbery escape and end up at the cabin at a crucial moment.

No, My Darling Daughter (1961)

Tansy (Juliet Mills) is a tomboy living in London. One day, the teen meets and falls for visiting American Cornelius (Rad Fulton), the son of a business associate of Tansy's father, Sir Matthew Carr (Michael Redgrave). When the two are seen together in Scotland, Sir Matthew thinks they have eloped and sends Tansy's friend, Thomas (Michael Craig) -- who is secretly in love with Tansy -- to find the couple. When he does, Tansy has to choose which boy she really wants to be with.

Lydia Bailey (1952)

An American lawyer (Dale Robertson) comes to Haiti for a woman's (Anne Francis) signature during a rebellion against Napoleon.

Sisters of the Gion (1936)

A geisha sets up schemes to get rid of a bankrupt businessman being supported by her sister.

Hound-Dog Man (1959)

A farm boy and his dog go hunting with his teenage brother (Fabian) and an older friend (Stuart Whitman) in 1912.

Light Drops (2002)

A middle-aged man (Lus Sarmento) recalls his life as a 14-year-old (Filipe Carvalho) in Mozambique.

Rio Rita (1929)

In a small border town, Texas Ranger Jim Stewart (John Boles) aims to catch the notorious local bandit known as "Kinkajou" by disguising himself as a Mexican. Once in Mexico, he falls for local girl Rita (Bebe Daniels), whose brother, Roberto (Don Alvarado), could be the criminal Jim is looking for. Meanwhile, Russian aristocrat and casino kingpin Ravinoff (Georges Renavent) attempts to seduce Rita, but she sticks with Jim, even after discovering his deception.

1 Way Up: The Story of Peckham BMX (2014)

Two London teens prepare to compete in the BMX World Championships.

Sleepwalker (2011)

Yi, a sleepwalker, is accused of murdering her ex-husband. Reality begins to unfold after all clues are gathered.

For Tomorrow: The TOMS Shoes Story (2008)

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Blake Mycoskie founds TOMS Shoes, a business that donates footwear to children in need.

Tugboat Annie (1933)

Annie Brennan (Marie Dressler) is one of the Pacific Northwest's best skippers, though her drunk husband, Terry (Wallace Beery), is no help. Annie's son, Alec (Robert Young), an industrious student, becomes the youngest ship's master on the Pacific Coast and gets engaged to his boss' daughter. Terry continues to drink heavily, causing an accident in his stupor that makes Alice lose her boat. Angry with his father, Alec refuses to talk to his parents until, in trouble at sea, he needs their help.

Return of the Frontiersman (1950)

A sheriff (Jack Holt) leads a posse to capture his son (Gordon MacRae), who has been framed for bank robbery.

Mabel's Strange Predicament (1914)

A drunk Tramp is trying to find his room at a hotel when he meets Mabel, who is locked out of her room; they eventually end up in the room of an old man with an extremely jealous wife who sees Mabel hiding under the bed.

The Other Shore (2013)

Diana Nyad comes out of retirement and braves shark-infested waters to swim more than 100 miles from Cuba to Florida.

Mapa (2013)

A young Spanish director is fired from his job and travels to India to search for inspiration. He learns his search is not in India and returns home to figure out what he is trying to escape from.

The Blue Tower (2009)

A young British man resolves to take drastic measures as hopes of improvement in his personal circumstances recede.

Casual Day (2007)

Tensions rise among frustrated co-workers (Juan Diego, Javier Ros) when they gather for a company retreat.

The Issa Valley (1982)

Tomaszek, a country boy living on a rich estate, ignores the mounting political conflicts and loses himself in the forest and his fantasies.

Malos hábitos (2007)

Mathilde (Jimena Ayala), a zealous nun who frequently fasts, believes her sacrifice will prevent natural disasters. She shares her religious passion and philosophy with chubby Linda (Elisa Vicedo), a young girl preparing for her first Holy Communion while refusing dieting advice from her very thin, exercise-obsessed mother (Elena de Haro). Though her mother believes she's nearing perfection, her father (Marco Antonio Trevio) has fallen for a woman with wider curves and ample love handles.

North of the Border (1946)

Alberta, Canada is the setting for an tale based on a James Oliver Curwood story.

Swallows and Amazons (1974)

Four British children, the Swallows, rival two tomboys, the Amazons, on a Lake District holiday in 1929.

House Of Forbidden Secrets (2013)

Jacob is hired as the overnight security guard in an old manor, and his first night is interrupted by a dark past breaking through the boundaries of space and time.

The Seven Days (2008)

A large family with a lot of problems sit for seven days at a home after a family member dies.

Child of Manhattan (1933)

Down-and-out dancer Madeleine McGonegle (Nancy Carroll) becomes the lover of rich playboy Paul Vanderkill (John Boles). One unintended pregnancy later, they are forced by social custom to get married. But, when their child dies, a distraught Madeleine goes to Mexico to obtain a divorce, wrongly believing that Paul does not really love her. When Paul heads south of the border to retrieve his bride, he discovers her in the company of an old flame, "Panama Canal" Kelly (Charles "Buck" Jones).

Pecoross' Mother and Her Days (2013)

A baby-boomer raised in Nagasaki, Japan, struggles to take care of his mother who is suffering from dementia.

G.I. Jane (1951)

Drafted by the Army, a TV producer (Tom Neal) faints and dreams of being stationed with a Wac (Jean Porter).

Benny Loves Killing (2012)

A young woman making a horror movie becomes increasingly aware of the horror in her life.

Montana (1950)

Aussie shepherd Morgan Lane (Errol Flynn) moves all the way to Montana in hopes of finding the perfect terrain for raising his sheep, but the local ranchers aren't keen on sharing their land with outsiders. Before long, Morgan clashes with powerful cattleman Rodney Ackroyd, and their rivalry is only intensified when Ackroyd's fiance, Maria (Alexis Smith), has eyes for Morgan. However, her sympathies still lie with her lover, and it seems that only a gunfight can settle the conflict.

The Adventures of Ragtime (1998)

A miniature pet horse outsmarts kidnappers (Shelley Long, Jay Thomas) who ask its owners for a ransom.

After the Spill (2015)

People try to save the Gulf Coast after the effects of Hurricane Katrina and the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon.

Carry On Sergeant (1958)

A British sergeant (William Hartnell) turns his last batch of misfit recruits into the top troops in camp.

18 Years Later (2010)

Estranged for 18 years, two brothers (Edoardo Leo, Marco Bonini) embark on a road trip to deliver their father's ashes to their mother's grave.

What's Buzzin', Cousin? (1943)

Musicians help a woman (Ann Miller) and her friends make some money with a ghost-town hotel.

Frozen Sing-Along (2013)

A fearless young princess (Kristen Bell) sets out with a mountaineer (Jonathan Groff) to find her sister (Idina Menzel), whose icy powers have trapped their kingdom in eternal winter. With on-screen lyrics and a bouncing snowflake to follow along.

The Pinch Hitter (1917)

A shy college student (Glenn Hunter) tries out for the baseball team; the coach thinks that he'll make a good mascot.

The Cohasset Snuff Film (2012)

A high school senior murders three classmates and uploads videos of the crimes to the Internet.