Red River Valley (1941)

A singing cowboy (Roy Rogers) chases a gambler for robbing a water-project fund.

Four Days (1999)

During a botched bank heist in Montreal, a robber (William Forsythe) is shot, and his teenage son (Kevin Zegers) ends up fleeing with the money. The boy heads to an agreed-upon meeting point, pursued by his dad's partner, Fury (Colm Meaney), who was doubled-crossed in the holdup. Along the way, the boy encounters Chrystal (Lolita Davidovich), a shapely redhead, who pays him special attention to make her husband jealous. A confrontation follows in the woods of northern Quebec.

Of Good Report (2013)

A high school teacher in rural South Africa starts an affair with a pupil.

Condemned (1929)

A suave Devil's Island prisoner (Ronald Colman) times his escape with the exit of his lover (Ann Harding), the warden's (Dudley Digges) wife.

My Little Friend (2011)

An artist cannot tell her best friend that she is a lesbian. They go out for a night of drinks and confront sexual tension, leading the two friends to a blurred line in their relationship.

Hands of the Gunfighter (2003)

In the last years of the Franco regime two men (Jordi Vilches, ngel de Andrs Lpez) find that their interest in UFOs has attracted government attention.

Terror of Rome Against the Son of Hercules (1960)

Poseidon, the son of Hercules, is forced to fight four Roman gladiators to save the lives of captive Christians.

Pinocchio (2015)

Filmmaker Andr-Line Beauparlant sets out to rescue and understand her vagabond brother after she learns he is being held in a Brazilian jail.

Julio and His Angel (1996)

A young boy escapes from the slavery of an orphanage and receives help from a guardian angel.

Strays (1991)

A Chicago lawyer (Timothy Busfield) moves to the country to please his wife (Kathleen Quinlan), but their house is overrun with cats.

Death in a French Garden (1984)

David is hired to teach guitar to a rich couple's daughter. He quickly has an affair with the wife and he is saved from a mugger by a hit man who has been hired to kill the husband.

Head (2015)

Five friends who go on a weekend camping trip discover they're staying in a place where a brutal mass murder took place.

Mahapurush: The Holy Man (1965)

A suitor (Satindra Bhattacharya) is suspicious of a holy man's (Charuprakash Ghosh) claims that he knows Plato, Leonardo da Vinci and Buddha.

The American Epic Sessions (2016)

Contemporary artists use equipment from the 1920s to record music.

Slit Mouth Woman in L.A. (2014)

A woman discovers urban legends are true.

The Perils of Pauline (1947)

Pearl White (Betty Hutton), a beautiful but talentless sweatshop girl, wins a spot in a theater company run by Michael Farrington (John Lund), with whom she becomes involved. But after a dispute with Mike, Pearl quits, hoping to try her luck in movies. When a film director humiliates her best friend, however, Pearl wreaks havoc all over the studio lot. Surprisingly, Pearl's rampage earns her the lead in an upcoming silent action movie. Soon, Pearl is on a collision course with fame.

Two Faces of Evil (1981)

A mysterious hitchhiker and awful nightmares figure in two tales from the British "Hammer House of Horror" TV series.

Sit Stay Ride: The Story of America's Sidecar Dogs (2014)

Motorcyclists train their dogs to ride beside them in sidecars and take their beloved canine co-pilots on short trips and long cross-country adventures.

Broken (2013)

A young man is released from police custody and told where to find his lost sister. He finds her and seeks refuge in the home of a lady who has been keeping a secret from her family.

Raw Visit (2014)

Helen (Joanna Bool) will do anything it takes to get revenge on the men who killed her husband and daughter.

Take My Advice: The Ann and Abby Story (1999)

Identical twins (Wendie Malick) grow up to become rival advice columnists Abigail Van Buren and Ann Landers.

Corazón muerto (2014)

Two men kidnap a woman to blackmail her father.

The Savage Guns (1962)

A gunslinger (Richard Basehart) sides with an ex-Rebel officer (Don Taylor) against an outlaw's (Alex Nicol) gang in a ranch valley.

The Honey Killer (2011)

Hedge fund manager Darryl discovers that his exotic fiancee is a serial gold-digger who has a penchant for violence.

Ken Foster (2016)

The life and work of the Vancouver-based artist.

The Girlfriends (1955)

This Italian drama, based on a novella by Cesare Pavese, follows Clelia (Eleonora Rossi Drago), a young woman from Rome who relocates to Turin to open a fashion boutique. Clelia soon meets and befriends a group of wealthy and cultured women, including the artistic Nene (Valentina Cortese) and the lively Mariella (Anna Maria Pancani). Tensions develop within the group, however, when Nene's fianc, Lorenzo (Gabriele Ferzetti), becomes interested in one of the other women.

Murder on the Air (1950)

The members of a radio quiz-show panel become unwitting accomplices to a crafty killer's murder spree.

Broken Glass (2013)

A man must sort through his mind's tricks to unlock his mysterious past.

Welcome to the Rozes (2003)

While being transferred from one prison to another, convicts Gilbert (Lornt Deutsch) and MG (Jean Dujardin) escape and proceed to take Daniel Roze (Andr Wilms) and his wife, Beatrice (Carole Bouquet), hostage in the couple's house. Though MG simply wants his share of the money from the bank robbery that landed him in jail, the criminals find themselves welcomed by the pair and their 18-year-old daughter, Magali (Clmence Posy), who all seem to relish the sudden danger.

The Under-Pup (1939)

A prize gives a girl from the wrong side of the tracks a vacation amid a snobbish group of debutantes.

Kalabha Kadhalan (2006)

A young woman falls in love with her brother-in-law, but he keeps rejecting her advances as he loves his wife.

Love, Honor and Obey the Law (1935)

A 1935 comedy featuring Harry Langdon and Monte Collins.

Managed Money (1934)

A boy wants to join a military academy, but realizes that he does not have the money required to pay for the course; his sister then helps him raise the money required.

9/30/55 (1977)

A young Southerner loses his grip on reality when his favorite movie star dies suddenly. College undergraduate Jimmy J. (Richard Thomas) is an avid fan of "Rebel Without a Cause" star James Dean, but he finds himself unmoored by his hero's untimely death, which occurs in an auto accident on September 30, 1955. Though he initially resolves to memorialize the actor in a touching fashion, Jimmy soon finds himself on a path that includes debauchery and danger.

Super Power (1981)

The son of a Manchu government official vows revenge on the experts who defeated Manchu boxers.

Hell River (1974)

Yugoslav partisans try to stop a German river boat from completing its mission to deliver Jews to a concentration camp.

The Toll (2006)

A human ventures into the lair of a troll to interview it about being evil, being accepted, and living under a bridge.

Lili's Apron (2003)

After his wife (Paula Uturiza) has a breakdown, a man (Luis Ziembrowski) poses as her and takes her job as a maid.

I.D. (2012)

Sharing a rented apartment in Mubai, a 20-something woman (Geetanjali) is irritated when a man (Murari Kumar) unexpectedly comes to paint a soiled wall.

Murdercycle (1999)

An alien comes to Earth and takes over a boy's body and motorcycle, melding them together to create a killing machine to destroy the planet.

Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction (2012)

David Lynch, Debbie Harry, Wim Wenders and others pay tribute to the iconic actor, who holds more than 200 films on his resume and possesses an untapped musical talent.

The Great American Wheat Harvest (2014)

The process farmers go through to harvest wheat.

Castle on the Hudson (1940)

Egocentric gangster Tommy Gordon (John Garfield) thinks he's so above the law that even when he's sent to Sing Sing, he's sure he'll be in line for special treatment. Slowly, and painfully, he realizes that his fellow hoods on the outside want him on the inside. Tommy is slowly rehabilitated by a caring warden (Pat O'Brien), who even grants him a day-release to visit his hospitalized girlfriend, Kay (Ann Sheridan). But when Tommy bumps into a bitter rival (Jerome Cowan), trouble looms.

The Waltz (2007)

As he accompanies a maid (Valeria Solerino) on her rounds, a former political prisoner (Maurizio Micheli) sees clues that reveal the reasons behind his daughter's absence.

Jinete Negro (1958)

Three passionate stories of El Jinete Negro.

Land of Hunted Men (1943)

The Range Busters (Ray Corrigan, Dennis Moore, Max Terhune) track outlaws to their hide-out.

Women (1997)

Five middle-aged women examine their current state of affairs for a television piece on what women want.

A Family Secret (2006)

A woman (Céline Bonnier) learns secrets about her family while attending the funeral of her father.

Totò nella luna (1958)

An Italian errand boy is offered a trip to the moon after it's discovered his physiology is suited to space travel.

Warriors of Honor (2004)

Filmmaker Brian Barkley examines the causes and major battles of the Civil War through the exploits of Confederate Gens. Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

The House that Vanished (1973)

A woman involved with a petty thief is drawn into a nightmare of madness.

College Humor (1933)

A popular coed's infatuation with a singing professor inadvertently leads to trouble on the gridiron.

Bible of Blood (2013)

A medical student (Jasmin Lord) fights the forces of evil when an ancient manuscript threatens to unleash the Antichrist.

Mad About Music (1938)

In this musical, Gloria Harkinson (Deanna Durbin), the daughter of a widowed film star (Gail Patrick), is a boarding school girl with a big imagination. She spins daring adventures about her father, claiming he's not only alive but well worth the other girls' jealousy. When classmates begin to doubt Gloria's wild tales, she is forced to procure a fake father. At the local train station, she finds a dapper English composer (Herbert Marshall) who is charmed by her moxie.

Genji Kuro Sassoki Nuregami Nitoryu (1967)

A family entrusts a master swordsman to protect an antiquity.

Blues (2009)

An unlikely friendship develops during the Crown Heights riots of 1991 as two boys share a love of blues music.

It Conquered the World (1956)

A scientist falls prey to the clever schemings of an obnoxious extraterrestrial in this cult classic from Roger Corman.

Hank Boyd Is Dead (2014)

A young woman catering a killer's funeral discovers his crimes and death are not what they seem.

Message From Mungo (2014)

Filmmakers Andrew Pike and Ann McGrath spend eight years charting the history of "Mungo Lady."

Detective School Dropouts (1986)

A pint-size private eye (David Landsberg) and his hard-boiled mentor (Lorin Dreyfuss) get mixed up with feuding mob families in Italy.

The Passenger (2013)

A photographer (Urs Stämpfli) and his actress friend (Lynn Femme) fall under the spell of a charming stranger (Niklas Peters) who may have something more sinister than seduction in mind.

Plant This Movie (2014)

The rise of urban farming across the world.

My Brother Jack (2013)

Jack and Vincent, two young brothers, witness the murder of their parents. Twenty years later, Vincent is the prime suspect when their parents' killer is found dead. To protect him, Jack confronts his demons and tries to uncover the truth.

Starring Adam West (2013)

Actor Adam West's career includes a meteoric rise to fame as the title character in TV's "Batman" in 1966 and a late-in-life resurgence as a voice actor on the TV show "Family Guy."

The Pagans (1958)

Romans defend their city against Spanish invaders clamoring to enter the city.

Eve & the Fire Horse (2005)

Eve Eng (Phoebe Jojo Kut) is the 9-year-old daughter of Buddhist Chinese immigrants living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Although Eve has been raised with her family's traditional Chinese beliefs, she begins to doubt that their religion can see her family through a string of misfortunes. Much to the dismay of their traditionally-minded family members, Eve and her equally independent sister, Karena (Hollie Lo), take a new and unusual path: they discover Catholicism.

One Way Street (1950)

After fleeing to Mexico with a gun moll and the proceeds of a gangland robbery, a crime doctor decides to live an honest life.

The Threat (1960)

When the syndicate closes in on him, a detective makes a desperate attempt to clear himself of a murder accusation.

The Aviators (2008)

During World War I, some carrier pigeons and their mouse friend band together to save the lives of an American battalion.

Rise of the Appliances (2011)

A dysfunctional family leads the fight against a machine uprising.

Parachute Battalion (1941)

A football hero (Robert Preston) and a colonel's son (Edmond O'Brien) woo a sergeant's daughter (Nancy Kelly) in jump school.

Vengeance (1965)

An imprisoned Confederate captain (William Thourlby) avenges his slain brother after the Civil War.

High Freakquency (1998)

An intern, a disc jockey and others oppose a corrupt manager (John Witherspoon) trying to sabotage his radio station's successful ratings.

Choices of the Heart: The Margaret Sanger Story (1995)

The heroic nurse defies 1914 pornography laws by publishing information about birth control. Based on a true story.

Blood Moon (1990)

An unseen killer stalks teen lovers at a headmistress's (Christine Amor) boarding school in Australia.

Trigger Pals (1939)

Ranch hand Lucky (Art Jarrett) and his buddies Stormy (Lee Powell) and Fuzzy (Al St. John) have their hands full fending off the cattle rustlers that plague their acreage. When the ranch's owner dies, Lucky inherits half of the property, and the other half goes to Doris (Dorothy Faye), the late boss's tenderfoot daughter. While Lucky deals with the travails of being an unwilling partner with Doris, suspicion grows that he is actually in cahoots with the rustlers.

Bitter Creek (1954)

A man (William Elliott) arrives in town seeking proof that a wealthy rancher is responsible for his brother's murder.

The Entertainers (2012)

Six piano players strive to win the World Championship of Old-Time Piano.

Angels in the Attic (1998)

A bank robber learns that two boys found his hidden money and used it to help needy neighbors.

Sharks (2013)

A filmmaker describes sharks not as mindless eating machines but as impressive survivalists that have endured since before the age of dinosaurs.

Crocodile (1981)

From the depths of the ocean, a savage fury emerges.

Violent (2014)

During a catastrophic event, a young woman recalls the five people who loved her most.

The Last of the Blue Devils (1979)

The heyday of Kansas City jazz is relived with musicians including Count Basie, Joe Turner and Jay McShann.

King of Jazz (1930)

This lost film found in 1970 features dance numbers, pioneer special effects, animation, the Rhythm Boys with Bing Crosby.

Comodines (1997)

A federal agent joins forces with another man to break up a powerful ring of drug dealers.

Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (1979)

The beloved fantasy tale by C.S. Lewis is given the animated treatment in this adaptation. After four orphaned British siblings find a passageway at the back of a wardrobe to the magical world of Narnia, they embark on an exciting journey, encountering talking animals and mythical creatures. Ultimately, the children get caught up in an epic conflict between a heroic lion and a sinister witch. Amidst the battle between good and evil, the kids wonder if they'll ever return home.

The Bear (2011)

Chaos strikes when a circus manager steals a bear for financial gain.

The Battle of Chile, II: The Coup d'Etat (1976)

In the second film of the series, filmmaker Patricio Guzmn analyzes the 10 weeks before the junta's takeover.

Dr. Christian Meets the Women (1940)

The country doctor (Jean Hersholt) rescues local women from a quack and his risky weight-loss program.

Sir Doug and the Genuine Texas Cosmic Groove (2015)

The life and music of Texas musician Doug Sahm.

Our Waves (2011)

An exploration of Italy's surfing scene includes visits to Liguria and western Sardinia.

The Heart and the Sea (2012)

Surfers share an intimacy with the sea. Filmed in Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, France and Spain.

Circle of Danger (1951)

An American (Ray Milland) goes to Britain to ask witnesses how his brother died on a World War II commando raid.

Au Clair de la Lune (1982)

A has-been bowler (Guy L'Ecuyer) and a pale drifter (Michel Côté) share an old Chevrolet and quirkiness in Quebec.

The Avenger (1962)

Aeneas (Steve Reeves) seeks military aid from the Etruscans to secure a Trojan stronghold along the Tiber River.

Keeping My Man (2013)

One woman will do anything to get her husband to notice her, while another avoids intimacy at all costs. Both take advice from their friend who appears to have a perfect marriage.

Impávido (2012)

Ray is a car thief without family; one day, due to the love of a woman, he ends up in jail. After getting out, he decides to start a new life in the world of gambling, but things change when he loses.

This Is Not a Test (1962)

In the midst of establishing a dragnet to trap a killer, a state trooper is warned of an imminent nuclear attack.

Race Gurram (2014)

A pair of brothers grow up hating each other, much to the upset of their mother.

Husband Shopping (2014)

A career woman with no plans to marry is forced to find a husband.