Kings Of Pastry (2009)

Sixteen pastry chefs demonstrate extraordinary skill and artistry as they create sweet delights in competition for a coveted honor in Les Meilleurs Ouvriers de France.

Butterfly Sword (1993)

A woman leads a group of martial artists to destroy her rival and tries to win the love of a man who loves another.

Alice in the Navy (1961)

An admiral's daughter, smitten with a sailor under her father's command, stows away on his ship.

Alina (1950)

A woman takes her husband's place in a smuggling ring and steals the heart of his partner.

Dust of Life (2006)

Orphaned boys from southern Vietnam hatch an escape plan to get away from a re-education camp after the war ends.

All By Myself (1943)

Two couples experience the trials and tribulations of modern-day relationships.

Wild Card (2003)

Detectives in Seoul, South Korea, comb the city for a vicious gang.

Santa Maradona (2001)

A college graduate (Stefano Accorsi) faces rejection at job interviews while his roommate (Libero de Rienzo) doesn't bother to seek employment.

Slow Dancing In The Big City (1978)

In Manhattan, columnist Lou Friedlander (Paul Sorvino) experiences love at first sight when he sets his eyes upon a new tenant in his apartment building: Sarah Gantz (Anne Ditchburn), a ballerina who has recently broken up with her boyfriend. However, Sarah soon discovers that she has a terminal illness and should give up dancing for her health. Undeterred, she fights against the disease to keep her career while Lou documents her struggles, the pair growing ever closer to one another.

The Long Ride (1983)

Hungarian cowboys, an orphan (Kelly Reno) and a young woman (Ildiko Bansagi) help a ranch-raised American bomber pilot (John Savage) downed by Nazis.

The Misadventures of Buster Keaton (1950)

A compilation of the legendary Buster Keaton's classic comedy gems.

A Gaze at the Sea (2011)

Rufino is widowed and returns to the town where he met his wife. There, he reconnects with his friend Gaspar, who cares for an orphan girl named Ana-E, with whom he has a hostile coexistence. Solitude will challenge them and unite them at the same.

The Profession of Arms (2001)

Giovanni de Medici (Christo Jivkov) leads Italian troops in battle before facing amputation and an agonizing death in the 16th century.

The Aurora Encounter (1986)

The sleepy existence of a small turn-of-the-century Texas town is shaken by the arrival of a most unusual visitor.

Along the Oregon Trail (1947)

A trail guide and his group confront an evil land baron using Indians to run off pioneers.

The Naked Years: Classified S (2008)

Three beautiful women (Candela Pea, Goya Toledo, Mar Flores) become actresses in soft-core movies.

Gordon of Ghost City (1933)

A cowboy battles prairie fires, stampedes and outlaw bullets to snare a cattle rustler.

Jacare, Killer of the Amazon (1942)

Adventurer Frank Buck narrates this account of an animal-collecting safari in the jungles of the Amazon.

Reckless Ranger (1937)

A Texas Ranger (Bob Allen) hunts cattlemen for hanging his sheep-ranching twin.

Zion Canyon: Treasure of the Gods (1996)

Filmmaker Douglas Memmott explores the history and beauty of the Zion Canyon area.

El cara parchada (1980)

A young man fights his bitterness while looking for his father.

Simon of the Desert (1965)

Simon (Claudio Brook) stands on top of a stone column in the middle of the desert and prays for six years, six weeks and six days. In that time, he becomes something of a saint to his people, praised for his unwavering devotion and ability to perform grand miracles in God's name. Despite Simon's counsel and ceaseless penance on their behalf, his followers seem doomed to crumble to temptation. And Simon remains plagued by unrest, uncertainty and the devil herself (Silvia Pinal).

Bubblegum and Broken Fingers (2011)

A mysterious silver suitcase witnesses each of its owner's personal disasters.

Bucket of Blood (1934)

A murderer (Norman Dryden) keeps hearing the heartbeat of his latest victim (John Kelt).

Duck Beach to Eternity (2012)

Filmmakers follow four young, single and attractive Mormons as they look for suitable spouses at an annual gathering in North Carolina.

Rewind (2010)

Karen (Amy Huberman), a recovering addict, has successfully started a new life with her husband and young daughter until an ex-boyfriend shows up and forces her to confront a world she thought she'd escaped from.

The Anatomist (1961)

Murder runs rampant after a surgeon suggests corpse-stealing to his students as a source of cadavers for experiments.

The Fearmakers (1958)

After two years as a Korean War POW, Alan Eaton (Dana Andrews) returns home, where the Washington, D.C., PR firm he co-founded was sold to Jim McGinnis (Dick Foran) just before Alan's partner died in a car accident. Invited to stay as a consultant, Alan grows suspicious when his friend Sen. Walder (Roy Gordon) tells him he suspects the company has become a propaganda outlet. Fearing his partner may have been murdered, Alan discovers McGinnis is behind an anti-nuclear-power communist plot.

The Rats (1997)

In 1950s Spain, a boy and his widowed father live near a poverty-stricken village and sell rodents for food.

Perfect Number (2012)

A brilliant mathematician and his neighbor become inseparable after he helps her cover up a murder involving her ex-husband.

A Love Affair: The Eleanor and Lou Gehrig Story (1977)

New York Yankees slugger Lou Gehrig (Edward Herrmann) was not a superstar player on the level of his rambunctious, cocky teammate Babe Ruth (Ramon Bieri), but he was a reliable and committed team player right up until he was forced to retire in 1939 due to the illness that would soon become known as "Lou Gehrig's Disease." This biopic, which focuses less on Gehrig's rivalry with Ruth than on his loving marriage with wife Eleanor (Blythe Danner), is based on her memoir.

Delphine 1, Yvan 0 (1996)

In a parody of reality television, cameras follow a Parisian proofreader (Julie Gayet) and a tour guide (Serge Hazanavicius) for a year.

Ti-Mine, Bernie pis la gang (1977)

A Canadian man and his family take his brother along when they move to Florida.

Boom Varietal (2011)

A history of the Argentine Malbec wine boom.

Transit Cities (2010)

Laila runs away from her disconnected life and finds that starting over is harder than she expected.

Le coup de sirocco (1979)

A shady Parisian (Michel Auclair) tries to take take advantage of a family of French-descended Algerians forced to move to France.

Right Cross (1950)

Prizewinning boxerJohnny Monterez (Ricardo Montalban) is mad at the world, feeling persecuted because of his Mexican heritage. Worse yet, his right hand is damaged from years of fighting. Then Johnny falls in love with Pat O'Malley (June Allyson), his manager's pretty daughter, even though his best friend, Rick Gavery (Dick Powell), is already besotted with her. Everything is on the line when Johnny, against Rick's wishes, agrees to a match with a fearsome opponent.

Les Croix De Bois (1932)

French soldiers endure the horrors of World War I.

Los Hijos De Don Venancio (1944)

A trader was widowed with five children in his care and who give him severe problems with their behavior.

The Case for Israel: Democracy's Outpost (2009)

Attempts to de-legitimize Israel are deflected using the truth and factual evidence.

Master Of The World (1961)

Mad inventor Capt. Robur (Vincent Price) kidnaps a team on a government expedition to investigate a mysterious crater in Pennsylvania. The team is taken aboard Robur's spectacularly engineered air ship, the "Albatross," which Robur plans to fly around the world to various military installations in his desperate desire to eradicate weapons of mass destruction, thereby bringing about world peace. The kidnapped team's leader, John Strock (Charles Bronson), responds by planning an uprising.

The Last Betrothal (1973)

The wife (Marthe Nadeau) of a gravely ill man (J. Lo Gagnon) secretly decides to die alongside her husband in their home.

The Best Of Benny Hill (1974)

Benny is joined by other British comics for a hilarious look at life and its complexities.

The Neighbor's Wife and Mine (1931)

A noisy party next door keeps a writer from finishing his story.

Six Days In Roswell (1998)

Filmmaker Timothy B. Johnson follows Richard Kronfeld, who hopes to be abducted by aliens, to an alleged crash site on its 50th anniversary.

The Invisible Men (2012)

Gay Palestinian men live under the radar in Tel Aviv.

Doonby (2013)

A handsome drifter arrives in a small Texas town and gets a job at a blues bar.

Two Men In Manhattan (1959)

A journalist tracks down a missing French diplomat.

There's Something About a Soldier (1943)

Wally Williams (Tom Neal) and Frank Malloy (Bruce Bennett) are friends at an officers' school. Tension builds between them when they befriend Carol Harkness (Evelyn Keyes), a secretary at the school. While both men vie for Carol's affections, Wally alienates himself from the rest of the squad with his brashness. He has a change of heart when Carol tells him about Frank's heroic military service. He alters his behavior and wins Carol's heart in the process.

Summer of Tomorrows (2003)

The life of a mentally disabled man (Christopher Johnson) magically improves following an accident.

Marijuanos (2007)

An ex-convict starts a bloodbath in the barrio.

Everybody's Couch (2009)

Zoe and Alex learn to trust each other as they hitchhike across the country.

The Battle: Cinco de Mayo (2009)

A university man becomes a street fighter in efforts to pay for his grandmother's operation.

Nerawareta Gakuen (2012)

A new student comes to Kamakura Junior High School with orders to take over the campus using his powers of telepathy. Only one student is able to resist and is the only one who can free the school from the mind-controller.

Precious Knowledge (2012)

Tucson, Ariz., high-school seniors become academic warriors to save their classes.

Dongala Mutha (2011)

Sudheer and Rani break down near a resort and quickly realize they are in a do or die situation.

WWE: The True Story of WrestleMania (2010)

The evolution of professional wrestling's biggest event spotlights key players who made it popular.

The Sons of Tennessee Williams (2010)

In New Orleans, a carnival club known as the Krewe of Armeinius celebrates its 40th Mardi Gras ball for gay men.

She'll Be Sweet (1978)

A freighter captain (Tony Lo Bianco) kidnaps the jet-set daughter (Sally Kellerman) of a magnate who has seized his ship.

Fighting With Kit Carson (1933)

Kit Carson and cavalrymen search for the outlaws who have stolen a shipment of government gold. From the serial.

The Forest (2011)

After committing suicide, a girl returns as a ghost to wreak violent revenge.

Nightfall (2002)

Panic-stricken inhabitants (Robert Stevens, David Carradine, Linden Dalecki) of a planet with six suns prepare for their very first night.

Rok Sako To Rok Lo (2004)

A biker inspires a young man and his friends to face life's challenges.

Europe '51 (1952)

A society woman (Ingrid Bergman) helps the poor in postwar Rome and goes mad.

The Ghost Camera (1933)

A chemist (Henry Kendall) becomes involved in a mystery when a camera containing evidence of a murder lands in the back seat of his car.

Mystery on Monster Island (1981)

Loosely based on a Jules Verne tale, this creature feature follows a group of international explorers who become stranded on a remote island while sailing around the world. The shipwrecked crew must not only find a way off the unaccommodating isle, they also have to deal with its ferocious inhabitants, which include dinosaurs and other aggressive animals. Also appearing is the enigmatic and villainous Skinner (Terence Stamp), who has his own devious agenda.

Fantomas vs. Scotland Yard (1967)

Arch-criminal Fantomas scams respectable citizens and underworld figures alike.

Signer's Suitcase: On the Road With Roman Signer (2009)

Artist Roman Signer discusses the creative process.

Port Djema (1997)

A doctor (Jean-Yves Dubois) from Paris travels to North Africa to investigate the murder of a friend and find a lost boy.

Mad Lover (1944)

A fictionalized account of the life and loves of Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda minister.

Mutters Courage (1995)

After being taken to a Nazi concentration camp, a Jewish woman (Pauline Collins) convinces her captors that she has paperwork guaranteeing her safety.

Greatest Lover (1988)

An illegal immigrant (Chow Yun-Fat) in Hong Kong goes to the wrong rendezvous point and meets a woman (Anita Mui) and others who change his life.

Main Street Lawyer (1939)

A prosecutor's career and his adopted daughter's happiness hang in the balance when he is blackmailed by a gangster.

Where the Streets Have No Name (2010)

A man works for 20 years to alleviate homelessness in Cairns.

Black Water Gold (1970)

Mexican historian Alejandro Zayas (Ricardo Montalban), marine archeologist Christofer Perdeger (Keir Dullea) and scuba diver Ray Sandage (Aron Kincaid) are looking for treasure. Somewhere on the coast of the Bahamas is a sunken Spanish galleon, and it's filled with gold. But they're not the only ones after the underwater loot. Treasure hunter Lyle (Bradford Dillman) is also searching for the gold, and he'll kill anyone who tries to beat him to it.

The Devil's Chair (2007)

A psychiatrist (David Gant) brings a murderer (Andrew Howard) to an abandoned asylum to uncover the truth behind a girl's death.

The Journey (2007)

A couch potato (Andres Londono) follows his ex-girlfriend to Mexico.

Princess Yang Kwei Fei (1955)

In eighth-century China, the emperor (Masayuki Mori) mourns the loss of his wife. The opportunistic Yang family offers a distant cousin as a concubine in hopes of gaining influence at court. Captivated by the girl, Princess Yang Kwei Fei (Machiko Ky?), the emperor places family members in the court. But General An Lu Shan desires more power, and leads a popular revolt against the emperor. To buy the protection of his Imperial Guards, the emperor must make a dear sacrifice.

Scampolo (1958)

An architect helps to bring happiness to a melancholy orphan girl.

Spin a Dark Web (1956)

An ex-GI gets mixed up with underworld elements in London when his girlfriend is kidnapped.

The Curse of Blanchard Hill: Raped by Nature (2006)

A man disappears for 22 years after he awakened a deadly Native American curse and returns to unleash a killing spree.

The Stray (2012)

Stuck in summer school, four children (Mason Johnson, Dunham Stewart, Trey Loney) try to hide a cute puppy from their principal (Fran Gable).

Ernesto Che Guevara, the Bolivian Diary (1994)

Filmmaker Richard Dindo creates a portrait of the revolutionary whose attempt to start a war in Bolivia led to his execution.

Island Of Grace (2009)

Three co-workers have to learn to rely on each other after they survive a plane crash on a remote island.

If These Knishes Could Talk (2012)

Official and unofficial "experts" talk about evidence suggesting that the unique accent of New Yorkers is disappearing.

Adventure's End (1937)

A pearl diver marries the daughter of a whaling captain whose crew is on the verge of an all-out rebellion.

World Full of Nothing (2010)

A girl posts a video on the Internet that piques the interest of a pedophile and an FBI agent who tries to track down the pervert before it is too late.

Massacre in Rome (1973)

A Vatican priest (Marcello Mastroianni) opposes a German colonel (Richard Burton) ordered to kill 10 Romans for every soldier killed by partisans.

The Seed of Discord (2008)

On the day she learns of her pregnancy, a woman (Caterina Murino) also finds out that her husband (Alessandro Gassman) is sterile.

Hana, Dul, Sed (2009)

A glimpse into the workings of society in Pyongyang shows the way ideology affects citizen's lives.

The Adventures of Mandarin (1960)

A mercenary assembles a group of outlaws to battle injustice in a tyrannical Spanish territory.

How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song (2012)

Joe and his girlfriend, Eve, want to make it big on Broadway. Joe is hired to write for an Off-Broadway musical and has to choose between hiring his girlfriend or his muse.

Die Zurcher Verlobung (1957)

A flighty young woman decides to leave Germany to seek adventure and romance after a dispute with her fiance.

Cinar Agaci (2011)

Baris (Deniz Deha Lostar) looks forward to having his grandmother move in when it is his family's turn to care for her.

The Music Master (1908)

Two estranged brothers walk different paths in life; one becomes a poor but beloved musician, the other a wealthy but lonely industrialist.

Ninah's Dowry (2012)

Ninah runs away from her husband, and he goes to find her when he learns she is pregnant.

My Last Five Girlfriends (2009)

Depressed and suicidal, a London architect (Brendan Patricks) reminisces about five failed romances.

Oddsac (2010)

The band Animal Collective puts out a visual album.

Eating Alabama (2012)

Filmmaker Andrew Beck Grace and his wife move back to Alabama and decide to eat a diet composed of local seasonal food, but they soon find that accomplishing that goal is not as easy as they first thought.

Devil Doll (1936)

Wrongfully convicted of a robbery and murder, Paul Lavond (Lionel Barrymore) breaks out of prison with a genius scientist who has devised a way to shrink humans. When the scientist dies during the escape, Lavond heads for his lab, using the shrinking technology to get even with those who framed him, and vindicate himself in both the public eye and the eyes of his daughter, Lorraine (Maureen O'Sullivan). When an accident leaves a crazed assistant dead, however, Lavond must again make an escape.