Perdona Nuestras Ofensas (2013)

Dananir (1940)

Ghiro ghiro tondo (2007)

In Search of the Jaguar (2003)

Willy and Wild Rabbit (2006)

Monster Island (2014)

Dummy (2006)

Secrets of the Soul (2007)

What is the soul? Is it genetically encoded in our DNA or the product of centuries of religious teachings dealing with our mortality? Secrets of the Soul takes an all encompassing look at the search for the soul, from the faithful who seek to touch it to the scientists who investigate its reality. This two-hour documentary special explores the western belief in the soul as way of understanding the afterlife, and the eastern concept that it is energy recycled through reincarnation. Scientists have long sought to confirm the reality of the soul since Dr. Duncan McDougall's first documented attempt to weigh it at the moment of death. Secrets of the Soul focuses on contemporary researchers looking at medium-ship, past lives, and Near Death Experiences for evidence of survival of consciousness after death as a way of verifying the soul's existence. Secrets of the Soul provides a window into the provocative question of what happens when we die? Many believe that something transcends our physical body- for some there might be a scientific answer, for others it's simply a matter of faith.

Malai Nattu Mangai (1973)

Julie Ganapathi (2003)

Julie Ganapathi (Saritha) is a staunch fan of a popular television show Manga. Over the years, Julie grows to identify herself obsessively with the main character of the show. The author of the series, Tenkasi Balakumaran (Jayaram), leaves his home for a few days to be alone to write the final few episodes of Manga. On his way back home after completing his work, his vehicle gets into an accident which leaves him seriously injured and crippled. Julie rescues Bala and takes him home, but she is revealed to be emotionally unstable, and deliriously obsessed with the character in Bala's story. Julie asks Bala to allow her to read the scripts for the concluding episodes that he has just completed. Over the next few days, she reads the story and finds the ending not to her liking. She forces Bala to rewrite the ending by various means, forcing him to escape his captor's clutches before it is too late. Soon after, Bala becomes aware of how Julie has not informed anyone of his situation and is not at all planning to release him anytime soon. As a result, he tries to escape her home. In this, he is caught and suspended to remain in his room. She also disables him from getting up. Afterwards, a policeman investigating Bala's disappearance decides to go to the house of Julie since she has made her love for Manga known around the village. When investigating her home, he discovers that Bala was in fact being kept there. Julie then draws a weapon and kills him. She then informs Bala that they will then die together. Just to get him some time he uses the excuse of having to finish his new version of the final Manga script. With that, he finishes, tricks Julie into getting him a weapon, and with a fight, manages to kill Julie and escape. The film forwards to Bala with his family, discussing with the press his experiences, stating that she was in fact an inspiration to him.

Anbu (1953)

Anbu (English: Kindness) is a 1953 Tamil language film starring Sivaji Ganesan, Padmini and T. R. Rajakumari in the lead roles.

Reef - Live (2003)

Sugarcoated Arsenic (2014)

A Bone for a Bone (1951)

A Bone for a Bone is a Looney Tunes short starring the Goofy Gophers. The cartoon, released in 1951, was directed by Friz Freleng and released by Warner Bros. Pictures, and was the first of four Goofy Gophers cartoon directed by Freleng, and would be the final work by J.B. Hardaway at the Warner Bros. studio, having returned after almost a decade at the Walter Lantz studio.

De Groote Philips Revue (1938)

Cinderella Meets Fella (1938)

Cinderella Meets Fella is a Merrie Melodies cartoon released to theaters on July 23, 1938. This short was directed by Tex Avery. The short was written by Tedd Pierce and animated by Virgil Ross.

Haan (2005)

The Enchanted Square (1947)

The Enchanted Square was a Noveltoon cartoon, produced by Famous Studios and released on May 9, 1947. It marks the third appearance of Raggedy Ann in a cartoon. The cartoon was directed by Seymour Kneitel, written by Orestes Calpini and Shane Miller, animated by Calpini and Al Eugster, with background art by Miller, and music composed by Winston Sharples.

So Shall You Reap (1999)

Childhood of a Circle (2011)

Skal vi vædde en million? (1932)

Skal vi vædde en million? is a 1932 Danish romantic drama film directed by George Schnéevoigt and written by frequent collaborators Fleming Lynge and Paul Sarauw . The film stars Frederik Jensen and marked the film debut of Marguerite Viby.

La canzone dell'amore (1930)

The Song of Love (Italian: La canzone dell'amore) is a 1930 Italian romance film directed by Gennaro Righelli and starring Dria Paola, Isa Pola and Elio Steiner. It was the first Italian talking film. Alessandro Blasetti's film Resurrection was actually shot first, but delays meant that it was not released until 1931. The film was first publicly screened on October 7, 1930 at the Supercinema in Rome.The story was based on a novella by Luigi Pirandello, In Silenzio. The film was shot at the Cines-Pittaluga studios in Rome in three different versions: Italian, French and German using different casts and directors.

Return of Blackberry Babes (BBB) (2011)

Mexican Boarders (1962)

Mexican Boarders is a 1962 Looney Tunes cartoon short directed by Friz Freleng. Voice actors are Mel Blanc (doing the voices of Sylvester the Cat and Speedy Gonzales), Daws Butler as the narrator, and uncredited Tom Holland as the voice of Slowpoke Rodriguez. The cartoon has Sylvester trying to catch Speedy in a house they share in Mexico. Sylvester switches targets when Slowpoke Rodriguez, Speedy's cousin, comes to visit. This is the second and final classic Looney Tunes short (after Mexicali Shmoes) to feature Slowpoke Rodriguez.

Honey's Money (1962)

Honey's Money is a 1962 Merrie Melodies animated short featuring Yosemite Sam. Honey's Money is a remake of the 1950s shorts "His Bitter Half" and "Hare Trimmed." In The Bitter Half short, Daffy marries a woman duck for her money, but is thrown for a loop when his wife (who in Honey's Money is merely known as "the wealthy widow") immediately becomes a nag and forces him to do housework and spend quality time with a son she didn't previously reveal. The same basic situation appears in Honey's Money, with Yosemite Sam in Daffy's place, a different design for the son, Wentworth, and some different gags. Additionally, the personalities of the two Wentworths—the innocent, dim-witted hulk of a child in "Honey's Money," vs. the brat featured in "His Bitter Half"—are different, which results in different executions of the same cartoon. In addition some of the features from "Hare Trimmed" are added but without Bugs Bunny.

Sun Tunnels (1978)

In den dierentuin van Antwerpen (1910)

Jules Massenet: Manon (2007)

Live from Shiva's Dance Floor (2003)

Os Violentadores de Meninas Virgens (1983)

The Discontentment of Ed Telfair (2013)

Foreman vs. Ali (1974)

Wo die Lerche singt (1936)

Where the Lark Sings (German:Wo die Lerche singt) is a 1936 musical comedy film directed by Carl Lamac and starring Mártha Eggerth, Alfred Neugebauer and Hans Söhnker. It is an Operetta film, based on the 1918 work Where the Lark Sings by Franz Lehár. The film was a German language co-production between Hungary, Germany and Switzerland

Urs (2009)

Santa Barbara (2012)

Song 5 (1964)

Captain of the Guard (1930)

Captain of the Guard is a 1930 American musical film directed by John S. Robertson and Pál Fejös and starring Laura La Plante, John Boles and Sam De Grasse. It is set during the French Revolution.

The Singing Street (1952)

The Vagabond Queen (1929)

The Vagabond Queen is a 1929 British comedy film directed by Géza von Bolváry and starring Betty Balfour, Glen Byam Shaw and Ernest Thesiger. It was the final film directed in Britain by Bolváry before he returned to Germany. It was made by British International Pictures. A young woman takes the place of a Princess who is a target for an assassination.

Awake and Sing (1972)

National Geographic: Wild Adventure - Vol. 2 (2012)

Raskalyonnaya subbota (2002)

Goosebuster (1991)

Wild About Hurry (1959)

Wild About Hurry is a Warner Bros. cartoon in the Merrie Melodies series featuring Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner released on October 10, 1959.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner (2010)

Ding Dog Daddy (1942)

Ding Dog Daddy was a 1942 color Merrie Melodies cartoon, directed by Friz Freleng and written by Tedd Pierce

A Quick Shave and Brush Up (1900)

The House of the Rising Sun (2013)

The Weekend (2014)

Never Forget (2016)

Love Retake (2013)

Home for Good (2006)

Neil Sedaka: The Show Goes On (2008)

The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill (1966)

Callejon: Live in Köln (2015)

Zwerge sprengen (2010)

Crash Site (2015)


Blusher (2011)

Zwei Matrosen auf der Alm (1958)

can we just love (2018)

Himmel, Amor und Zwirn (1960)

Himmel, Amor und Zwirn is a 1960 West German comedy film directed by Ulrich Erfurth and starring Hartmut Reck, Ann Smyrner, Grit Boettcher, Hannelore Schroth and Elke Sommer.

Il tempo delle api (2017)

Haru no ibasho (2006)

The Deserter (2006)

The Great Flight (2015)

44 (2007)

Trouble Backstairs (1935)

Trouble Backstairs (German: Krach im Hinterhaus) is a 1935 German romantic comedy film directed by Veit Harlan and starring Henny Porten, Else Elster and Rotraut Richter. It marked the directoral debut of Harlan, who had previously worked as an actor, and quickly developed as a leading director of Nazi Germany. It was based on a play by Maximilian Böttcher, and was remade in 1949.

Marika (1950)

Child of the Danube (German:Kind der Donau) is a 1950 Austrian musical film directed by Georg Jacoby and starring Marika Rökk, Fred Liewehr and Harry Fuß. It was one of a cycle of popular musicals made by Jacoby and Rökk. The film was shot using Agfacolor at the Soviet-controlled Rosenhügel Studios in Vienna.

The Lost Stooges (1990)

Veerabhimanyu (1965)

The Photographer (2003)

To proxenio tis Annas (1972)

The Matchmaking of Anna (Greek: Το προξενιό της Άννας) is a 1972 Greek drama film directed by Pantelis Voulgaris.

The Adventures of * (1957)

Cikgu Gangster (2014)

Ah Lok Kafe: The Movie (2004)

The Association (1974)

New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen (2009)

The Puritan (1938)

The Puritan (French: Le puritain) is a 1938 French crime film directed by Jeff Musso and starring Pierre Fresnay, Jean-Louis Barrault and Viviane Romance. The film's art direction was by Henri Ménessier and Serge Piménoff.

Sunny Land (2010)

Ani to sono imoto (1939)

Breakfast at Ben's (2000)

The Girl Stage Driver (1914)

The Girl Stage Driver (1914) is a silent short Western film. It was directed by Webster Cullison and was thought to have been lost, but an incomplete 35mm positive print was found in 2009 in the New Zealand Film Archive. The film was shot in Tucson, Arizona.

Piège pour Cendrillon (1965)

For the British film of 2013, see Trap For Cinderella. A Trap for Cinderella (French: Piège pour Cendrillon) is a 1965 French-language film directed by André Cayatte. It is a film adaptation of Sébastien Japrisot's novel of the same name.

Pukyutan (2001)

Bed for Day, Bed for Night (1977)

Open letter (1967)

Scopo (1966)

The First Film of Palestine (1911)

Todo Todo Teros (2006)

Young Playthings (1972)

Pao's Story (2006)

Everyone Dies Alone (1976)

Everyone Dies Alone (Original title: Jeder stirbt für sich allein) is a German film produced and released in West Germany in 1975, adapted from the Hans Fallada novel, Every Man Dies Alone. It was released in English in 1976. The book was based on the story of two ordinary Germans, Otto and Elise Hampel, who committed acts of civil disobedience against the Third Reich, were caught and sentenced to death.

Proces (2010)

Dance, Pocoyo, Dance (2011)

Reverberation (1969)

Umpa (1933)

El pobrecito Draculín (1977)

Guo hun (1948)

Dip N' Dance (2013)