Transport XX to Auschwitz (2012)

Filmmakers Karen Lynne Bloom and Richard Bloom examine the only documented rescue attempt on a Nazi death train during the Holocaust.

Gerry (2002)

Gerry is a 2002 American drama film directed by Gus Van Sant and starring Matt Damon and Casey Affleck, who also co-wrote the film with Van Sant. It is the first film of Van Sant's "Death Trilogy", three films based on deaths that occurred in real life, and is succeeded by Elephant (2003) and Last Days (2005). Frequently cited as an example of non-narrative cinema, Gerry is noted, among other things, for its slow pacing and unvarying set pieces.

Heroes of the Alamo (1937)

Heroes of the Alamo (1937) is a low-budget retelling of the events of the Texas Revolution and the Battle of the Alamo. It was produced by Anthony J. Xydias and reuses the battle scenes of his 1926 silent film Davy Crockett at the Fall of the Alamo. About 35 minutes of the latter film is available on the DVD of Heroes of the Alamo, all that remains of the silent film.

Human Highway (1982)

Human Highway is a 1982 American comedy film starring and co-directed by Neil Young under his pseudonym Bernard Shakey. Dean Stockwell co-directed the film and acted along with Russ Tamblyn, Dennis Hopper, and the band Devo. Included is a collaborative performance of "Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)" by Devo and Young with Booji Boy singing lead vocals and Young playing lead guitar. The film was shown in only select theaters and was not released on VHS until 1995. It received poor reviews upon its premiere but has received favorable reviews more recently.

Hot Money (1936)

Hot Money is a 1936 American comedy film directed by William C. McGann and written by William Jacobs. The film stars Ross Alexander, Beverly Roberts, Joseph Cawthorn, Paul Graetz, Andrew Tombes and Cy Kendall. The film was released by Warner Bros. on July 18, 1936.

A Technicolor Dream (2008)

Pink Floyd, Pretty Things and other bands hold a concert in 1967 to benefit a British underground newspaper called "International Times."

The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On (1987)

The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On is a 1987 Japanese war documentary film by director Kazuo Hara, whose title is loosely based on the classical tale "The Emperor's New Clothes". The documentary centers on Kenzo Okuzaki, a 62-year-old veteran of Japan's campaign in New Guinea in the Second World War, and follows him around as he searches out those responsible for the unexplained deaths of two soldiers in his old unit.

The Golden Touch (1935)

The Golden Touch is a Walt Disney Silly Symphony cartoon made in 1935. The story is based on the Greek myth of King Midas, albeit with a medieval setting.

The Beggar Student (1927)

The Beggar Student is a 1927 German silent film directed by Jacob Fleck and Luise Fleck and starring Harry Liedtke, Ida Wüst and Agnes Esterhazy. It is an adaptation of Carl Millöcker's operetta The Beggar Student.

Waban-aki: People from Where the Sun Rises (2006)

Filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin examines the Abenaki people of Quebec.

Behind the Wall (1971)

Jan (Zbigniew Zapasiewicz), a driven young assistant professor in a university chemistry department, spends nearly his every waking hour teaching, studying, and preparing for his next step, becoming a full professor. Frustrated science writer Anna (Maja Komorowska) comes to Jan for professional advice but ends up revealing her personal anguish. The preoccupied and indifferent Jan doesn't understand the depth of Anna's troubles until she makes a more dramatic statement about them.

Men In Love (1990)

A homosexual (Doug Self) takes his AIDS-victim ex-lover's ashes to Hawaii and joins a New Age guru's (Emerald Starr) group.

Rosie the Riveter (1944)

Rosie the Riveter is a 1944 American film directed by Joseph Santley and starring Jane Frazee.

Chattambinadu (2009)

Chattambinaadu is a Malayalam film released in 2009. The film was directed by Shafi and written by Benny P. Nayarambalam, and stars Mammootty, Suraj Venjarammoodu, Raai Laxmi, Siddique, Manoj K. Jayan, Vinu Mohan. The film was made under Mammootty's production company Play House which distributed it as well.

Nacho Mountain (2009)

Keefer competes against other locals in an illegal eating competition.

Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness (2007)

Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness is a documentary film about urban exploration directed by Melody Gilbert.

Sword of Heaven (1985)

A Japanese cop/martial arts expert is on vacation in Los Angeles when he receives an ancient samurai sword with mystical powers. Utilizing the power of the sword, he breaks up an extortion ring operated by a corrupt cop and a ruthless commando.

Dinner With My Sisters (2011)

Dr. Andrew Michael, a Greek doctor living in London, returns home to investigate his father's death. He is reunited with his three sisters and old resentments re-emerge as he uncovers the truth about their father's passing.

Dive! (2010)

Dive! is an American documentary film directed by Jeremy Seifert.

Dumbstruck (2010)

Five ventriloquists discuss their emotional attachments to their dummies.

Borrowed Hero (1941)

Borrowed Hero is a 1941 American film directed by Lewis D. Collins.

Apprehension (1982)

Apprehension (German: Die Beunruhigung) is a 1982 East German drama film written and directed by Lothar Warneke and starring Christine Schorn. The film was entered into the main competition at the 39th edition of the Venice Film Festival.

Swerve (2012)

Swerve is a 2011 Australian thriller film written and directed by Craig Lahiff. It stars Emma Booth, Jason Clarke, and David Lyons. Lyons plays an honest man who, after a car accident, retrieves a suitcase full of cash from the other car.

Dear Jack (2009)

Dear Jack is a 2009 American documentary film starring Andrew McMahon, the vocalist, pianist and primary songwriter for the bands Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin. The documentary chronicles McMahon on a rollercoaster year, through the highs of recording and releasing a solo album and the lows of being diagnosed with leukemia and breaking up with his girlfriend.

Andrew Bird: Fever Year (2011)

An acclaimed musician finishes a touring year on crutches.

Puss Gets the Boot (1940)

Puss Gets the Boot is a 1940 American one-reel animated cartoon and is the first short in the Tom and Jerry cartoon series, though the duo are not identified as such in this short. It was directed by William Hanna, Joseph Barbera and Rudolf Ising, and produced by Rudolf Ising and Fred Quimby. As was the practice of MGM shorts at the time, only Rudolf Ising is credited. It was released to theaters on February 10, 1940 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The Bull Of The West (1972)

A drifter (Brian Keith) and his buddy come to Wyoming; foreman Trampas (Doug McClure) tries to help a rancher (Charles Bronson).

While the City Sleeps (1928)

While the City Sleeps is a 1928 American silent crime drama film about a tough New York City police detective, played by Lon Chaney, out to get a murdering gangster. The film was directed by Jack Conway and co-stars Anita Page, Carroll Nye, Wheeler Oakman, and Mae Busch.

Trust Me (1989)

Trust Me is a 1989 American crime film written and directed by Robert Houston and starring Adam Ant, David Packer and Talia Balsam.

Der Fuehrer's Face (1943)

Der Fuehrer's Face is a 1943 American animated anti-Nazi propaganda short film produced by Walt Disney Productions and released in 1943 by RKO Radio Pictures. The cartoon, which features Donald Duck in a nightmare setting working at a factory in Nazi Germany, was made in an effort to sell war bonds and is an example of American propaganda during World War II. The film was directed by Jack Kinney and written by Joe Grant and Dick Huemer from the music by Oliver Wallace. However, Wallace's original song "Der Fuehrer's Face", in a version by Spike Jones, was released before this short film.

Mamele (1938)

Mamele is a Yiddish Language Polish musical film made in 1938.

Maternal Instincts (1996)

A woman (Delta Burke) desperate to have a baby seeks revenge on the people responsible for her emergency hysterectomy.

She Makes Comics (2014)

She Makes Comics is a 2014 documentary film about the history of women in the comic book industry since the medium's beginnings in the early 1900s. It features interviews with key industry professionals, including artists, writers, editors, and retailers, as well as with prominent members of the surrounding fan culture.

Daybreak Express (1953)

A ride on the Third Avenue El.

Arthur's Hallowed Ground (1984)

An elderly British gentleman struggles to save a cricket field from being "roughed up."

Recaptured Love (1930)

Recaptured Love is a 1930 early talkie pre-Code musical drama film based on the play Misdeal by Basil Woon about a man who experiences a mid life crisis that results in his divorce. It stars Belle Bennett and John Halliday.

Gobs and Gals (1952)

Gobs and Gals is a 1952 American comedy film directed by R. G. Springsteen and written by Arthur T. Horman. The film stars George Bernard, Bert Bernard, Robert Hutton, Cathy Downs, Gordon Jones and Florence Marly. The film was released on May 1, 1952, by Republic Pictures.

Alex & Ali (2014)

Alex, a gay American Peace Corp volunteer, moves to Iran in 1968 and falls in love with Ali. Prior to the revolution, Alex is forced to leave the country and Ali behind until they reunite in Turkey 35 years later.

My Name Is Alan, and I Paint Pictures (2007)

My Name is Alan, and I Paint Pictures is a 2007 documentary film directed by Johnny Boston. The film stars and is materially about Alan Russell-Cowan, an artist diagnosed with schizophrenia. The documentary My Name is Alan, and I Paint Pictures focuses on Alan Russel-Cowan, a street painter diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, as he works to break his way into the professional art world. The film also addresses larger issues which directly or indirectly affect Alan. Subjects addressed include the treatment and diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenia; the therapeutic benefits of art for mental illness; and the path to success for artists and the politics of the art establishment. The film had an art-house theatrical run in New York and Los Angeles in 2007 and 2008. Most recently My Name is Alan... was shown on the Ovation Arts Network in February and May 2009.

Sweet Mama (1930)

Sweet Mama is a 1930 American Pre-Code talkie comedy drama film with songs, which was directed by Edward F. Cline and produced and distributed by First National Pictures. The movie stars Alice White, David Manners, Kenneth Thomson and Rita Flynn. Planned as a full-scale musical, and released as such for a short time in the summer of 1930, most of the songs were cut from general release prints by the autumn of 1930 due to the public's aversion for musicals.

Captain Blood (1924)

Captain Blood is a 1924 American silent historical adventure film produced and distributed by The Vitagraph Company of America. The film is based on the novel, Captain Blood, His Odyssey, by Rafael Sabatini, and was directed by David Smith, brother of Vitagraph founder Albert E. Smith. Early silent film hero J. Warren Kerrigan stars along with resident Vitagraph leading actress Jean Paige.

Angola 3: Black Panthers and the Last Slave Plantation (2008)

The lives of three former members of the Black Panther Party who have spent more time in solitary confinement than anyone in modern United States history.

Black Church, Inc.: Prophets for Profit (2014)

Filmmaker Todd Williams investigates controversial issues faced by churches.

Kumpanía: Flamenco Los Angeles (2011)

Kumpanía: Flamenco Los Angeles is a 2011 independent documentary film by director Katina Dunn. The film explores flamenco, including its origins in the oppressed Gypsy community in 17th-century southern Spain and also the flamenco culture of contemporary Spain. The documentary focuses specifically on a group of flamenco dancers, singers, and guitarists in Los Angeles, who are dedicated to preserving the art in its original form. "Kumpanía" is a Romani word meaning "people who travel the same territory".

Demons Rising (2008)

A thief (E.J. Toxey) seeks revenge on a man who double-crossed him to possess an ancient book of evil that has the power to raise the dead.

Red Lines (2014)

Red Lines is a documentary film produced by Spark Media in 2014. It depicts the ongoing civil war in Syria and the efforts of activists Mouaz Moustafa and Razan Shalab-al-Sham to raise international support for the revolution and to promote democracy in the Middle East.

River People (2008)

Two Chinese cousins (Baowa, Laba) wonder what the future holds for them as the next generation of their family's fishermen.

Glissando (1982)

Glissando is a 1982 Romanian drama film directed by Mircea Daneliuc. The film was selected as the Romanian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 57th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

My American Wife (1936)

My American Wife is a 1936 American comedy film directed by Harold Young and written by Elmer Davis, Edith Fitzgerald and Virginia Van Upp. The film stars Francis Lederer, Ann Sothern, Fred Stone, Billie Burke, Ernest Cossart and Grant Mitchell. The film was released on August 7, 1936, by Paramount Pictures.

The Maiden and the Wolves (2008)

At the end of World War I, 20 year-old Angle is determined to become the first woman veterinarian.

Santitos (1999)

A woman (Dolores Heredia) goes on a quest to find the daughter she believes is alive somewhere in Mexico.

El Perro Negro: Stories from the Spanish Civil War (2005)

The stories of lovers relate a history of the Spanish Civil War.

The Tantalizing Fly (1919)

A housefly harasses a man and his drawing.

Penitentiary Angel (1996)

Penitentiary Angel (also known as Behind the Wall of Shame, is a 1994 Chinese drama film starring Zhao Wei and directed by Jin Xie. The film was adapted from the same name novel. Official selection of 1995 UN's Women Conference.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Murdered Madam (1987)

Lawyer Mason (Raymond Burr) defends a man for killing his wife (Ann Jillian), an ex-madam doing PR work for bank swindlers.

Who Says I Can't Ride a Rainbow! (1971)

Who Says I Can't Ride a Rainbow! is a 1971 American family drama film directed by Edward Andrew Mann and starring Jack Klugman. It also features Morgan Freeman in his first credited film appearance. It is based on the true story of Barney Morowitz, who "struggled to maintain a pony stable in Greenwich Village."

The Story of Joseph and His Brethren (1961)

The Story of Joseph and His Brethren (Italian: Giuseppe venduto dai fratelli) is a 1961 Yugoslavian/Italian film directed by Irving Rapper and Luciano Ricci. The film is also known as Joseph Sold by His Brothers, Joseph and His Brethren (American DVD box title) and Sold Into Egypt in the United Kingdom.

Face in the Rain (1964)

Face in the Rain is a 1963 film by Irvin Kershner.

Terry and the Pirates (1940)

Terry and the Pirates (1940) was the 10th film serial released by Columbia. It was based on the comic strip Terry and the Pirates created by Milton Caniff. In his biography, Meanwhile..., Caniff stated that he hated the serial for changing so much of his comic strip, and that "I saw the first chapter and walked out screaming."

Africa Uncensored (1971)

A disturbing documentary based on a tour of 20 African countries.

Mabel Lost and Won (1915)

Mabel Lost and Won is a 1915 American short comedy film directed by and starring Mabel Normand. The supporting cast includes Owen Moore as her love interest, Alice Davenport as her mother, and Fontaine La Rue as a vamp.

Backwater (2013)

Cass (Liana Werner-Gray) and Mark (Justin Tully) travel to a secluded area for a long weekend and suspect someone is stalking them.

The Little Kidnappers (1953)

The Kidnappers (US: The Little Kidnappers) is a 1953 British film, directed by Philip Leacock and written by Neil Paterson.

Vampire (1979)

Vampire is a 1979 American made-for-television horror film directed by E. W. Swackhamer, co-written and produced by Steven Bochco, and starring Richard Lynch, Jason Miller, E. G. Marshall, Kathryn Harrold, Jessica Walter, and Joe Spinell.

Pictures of Superheroes (2012)

Marie is dumped and fired on the same day and gets a job cleaning up after a businessman and his forgotten roommate.

Desmundo (2003)

Desmundo is a 2002 Brazilian drama film by Alain Fresnot, based on the novel of the same name by Ana Miranda. The film is set in 1570, a period when orphan Portuguese girls were sent to marry the settlers' sons. This was done to prevent the Portuguese from having sons with the indigenous peoples and black people in order to keep the Christian marriage and a "pure" heritage. The film follows Oribela (Simone Spoladore) as she is sent from Portugal to Brazil to marry Francisco de Albuquerque (Osmar Prado).

Countersex (1964)

Controsesso, internationally released as Countersex, is a 1964 Italian anthology comedy film directed by Franco Rossi, Marco Ferreri and Renato Castellani. All the episodies have sex as main theme. The episode of Ferreri is considered by several critics as the masterpiece of the first Italian period of the director.

Beach of the War Gods (1973)

A knight rallies humble fishermen to fight Japanese pirates.

Cattle King (1963)

Cattle King is a 1963 film directed by Tay Garnett. It stars Robert Taylor and Robert Loggia. It also appears to have been called Guns of Wyoming in some countries.

Free to Leave (2007)

Distracted by the flirtatious behavior of Anna, station master Thomas causes a catastrophic train accident. He and Anna lie to escape blame, and their shared lie forges a bond between them.

Untamed (1940)

for others with the same name, see Untamed (disambiguation) Untamed is a 1940 American film directed by George Archainbaud starring Patricia Morison and Ray Milland. It is based on the 1926 Sinclair Lewis novel Mantrap.

Chicken Every Sunday (1949)

Chicken Every Sunday is a 1949 American comedy film directed by George Seaton. The screenplay by Seaton and Valentine Davies is based on the 1944 play of the same title by Julius J. Epstein and Philip G. Epstein, which was based on the memoir by Rosemary Taylor.

Mamarosh (2013)

Mamaroš is a 2013 Serbian comedy film written and directed by Momčilo Mrdaković. It competed in the main competition section of the 35th Moscow International Film Festival.

Deathbowl to Downtown (2009)

Filmmakers explore the skateboard culture in New York City..

Hollywood Round-Up (1937)

Kindly, fading star Carol Stevens (Helen Twelvetrees) accepts a role in a two-bit Western movie and arrives for an on-location shoot in a small town. When Stevens has words with her pompous co-star, Grant Drexel (Grant Withers), Drexel's stuntman, Buck Kennedy (Buck Jones), steps in to defend her. Kennedy's honorable gesture costs him his job. After a group of gangsters posing as a film crew frames the newly unemployed Kennedy for the robbery of a local bank, he must struggle to clear his name.

Wellness (2008)

A salesman tries to invest in a nonexistent business.

The Three Es (2015)

The Dunn family struggles to prepare for a son's return after he is severely injured while serving in Iraq.

Nos voisins Dhantsu (2007)

Two reporters (Ral Bland, Stphane Lefebvre) travel to Tokyo to measure the tolerance and sense of humor of Japanese people.

American Girls (2013)

Schoolgirls are abducted and murdered in an all-American town.

Une histoire inventée (1991)

An Imaginary Tale (French: Une histoire inventée) is a 1990 Canadian drama film directed by André Forcier. The film was selected as the Canadian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 63rd Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

Evil Brain from Outer Space (1965)

Evil Brain from Outer Space is a 1964 film edited together for American television from films #7, #8 and #9 of the 1957/1958 Japanese Super Giant film series.

Philharmonic (1944)

In 1933 Germany, a classically trained violinist decides to leave the Berlin Philharmonic to join a group of musicians playing popular music.

The Monster and the Girl (1941)

The Monster and the Girl is a 1941 science fiction/horror black-and-white film released by Paramount Pictures, on a low budget.

Bachchan (2013)

Bachchan is a 2013 Indian Kannada-language action-psychological thriller film directed by Shashank and starring Sudeep, Bhavana, Parul Yadav and Tulip Joshi. The film features background score and soundtrack composed by V. Harikrishna and cinematography handled by Shekar Chandru. Producer V. Ravichandran released the teaser trailer on 31 May 2012 at Gold Finch Hotel. The film released on 11 April 2013. The film also released in Dubai and other middle eastern countries on 18 April 2013. It released in Germany on 22 June 2013, in Perth on 30 June 2013, film dubbed in Hindi in same name by Goldmine films and Malayalam. 2014 Tamil version released and telugu version relesed as kiccha, Melbourne on 6 July 2013, Adelaide on 27 July 2013, in California on 1 November 2013.

Sensations (1987)

A call girl and a hustler both end up with half of a multi-million dollar lottery ticket... but the only way they can collect the money is to be married to each other for two weeks!

Decision Against Time (1957)

The Man in the Sky (released in the U.S. as Decision Against Time) is a 1957 film starring Jack Hawkins and produced by Ealing Films, Michael Balcon's new company, set up after Rank had sold Ealing Studios in Ealing Green, West London, to the BBC in 1955. Balcon, who had run the company on behalf of Rank since 1944, left Rank in 1956 and set up the new company, striking a distribution and production deal with MGM. This was the first Ealing production to be made at MGM-British Studios in Borehamwood, North London.

A Weekend With Lulu (1961)

A Weekend with Lulu is a 1961 British black and white comedy film directed by John Paddy Carstairs and starring Bob Monkhouse, Leslie Phillips, Alfred Marks, Shirley Eaton and Irene Handl.

Radio Stars on Parade (1945)

Radio Stars on Parade is a 1945 American comedy film directed by Leslie Goodwins from a screenplay by Robert E. Kent and Monte Brice, from Kent's original story. Produced and distributed by RKO Radio Pictures, it was released on August 1, 1945. The film stars the comedy team of Brown and Carney (Wally Brown and Alan Carney), along with Frances Langford.

Deadtime Stories 2 (2009)

An anthology of horror tales depicts a woman searching for her husband in the jungles of South America, a man finding a jade box on a beach that holds something sinister, and a doctor finding -- during a house call -- a boy with a mysterious illness.

His and Hers (1961)

His and Hers is a 1961 British comedy film directed by Brian Desmond Hurst and starring Terry-Thomas, Janette Scott and Wilfrid Hyde-White. The film follows an eccentric author who tries to impose his lifestyle on his reluctant wife.

Dreadnaught (1981)

Dreadnaught is a 1981 Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Yuen Woo-ping and starring Yuen Biao, Bryan Leung and Kwan Tak-hing.

The Lost Son of Havana (2009)

After 46 years in exile, former major league baseball star Luis Tiant returns to Cuba to confront old demons.

The Great American Beauty Contest (1973)

The Great American Beauty Contest is a 1973 American satirical comedy-drama TV film, starring JoAnna Cameron and featuring Eleanor Parker, Robert Cummings, Louis Jourdan and Farrah Fawcett in an early film appearance.

7-10 Split (2007)

After his bid at an acting career fails, a man (Ross Patterson) becomes a professional bowler.

Night Plane from Chungking (1943)

Night Plane from Chungking (also known as China Pass and Sky Over China) is a 1943 American war film released by Paramount Pictures, directed by Ralph Murphy, and produced by Michael Kraike and Walter MacEwen from a screenplay by Lester Cole, Earl Fenton and Theodore Reeves, adapted by Sidney Biddell from the story by Harry Hervey. The film stars Robert Preston and Ellen Drew, with Otto Kruger and Stephen Geray. Night Plane from Chungking was a remake of Paramount's earlier film Shanghai Express (1932). The film was remade as Peking Express (1951).

Among the Living (1941)

Among the Living is a 1941 film noir directed by Stuart Heisler, and starring Albert Dekker, Susan Hayward, Harry Carey and Frances Farmer. The film is a mix of social drama, horror film, and suspense thriller.

The Tong Man (1919)

The Tong Man is a 1919 American thriller film directed by William Worthington and produced by Haworth Pictures Corporation.The Tong Man survives and is available on home video. The film has long been preserved by the Library of Congress.

Knock on Any Door (1949)

A young man, product of skid row, accused of murdering a cop, is defended by a prominent attorney who has known him from childhood. The DA breaks him on the witness stand. Based on a novel by Willard Motley.

Donald in Mathmagic Land (1959)

Donald in Mathmagic Land is a 27-minute Donald Duck educational featurette released on June 26, 1959. The film was nominated for an Academy Award, and became a widely viewed educational film in American schools of the 1960s.

CLAW: The Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers (2012)

Women dress up as characters and arm wrestle for charity.