Women & Sometimes Men (2018)

Engaged for one day, Sara decides to call off her marriage. Having had a short relationship with a woman in college, she seeks that feeling again, but how can she have a woman's touch without giving up men entirely?

Seed of Life (2015)

In August 2002, Israeli soldier Kayven Cohen is killed in Gaza. Moments after receiving the news, his parents make the decision to harvest sperm from his body so that he may still father a child.

Siete niños de Écija (1946)

In 19th-century Spain, the Seven Children of cija become lavish, independent bandits and stop being guerrillas.

La niña de mis ojos (1947)

A man falls in love with a Spanish singer. When he must leave the country, he promises to come back and marry her.

Bang bang al hoyo (1971)

The sons of a dead sheriff must confront four criminals that he arrested many years ago.

American Native (2014)

The Ramapough Mountain Indians of New York and New Jersey fight for recognition as a legitimate Native American tribe.

Cadena de vida (2017)

Documentary that promotes the altruistic donation of organs and tissues.

Violencia a mano armada (2003)

The police are investigating several murder cases in a rural area which is controlled by a gang of thieves.

Juntos Pero No Revueltos (1939)

A young pregnant girl is sent by her father to the capital city, where she succeeds as an opera singer.

Cuervo el Destructor (1991)

There is a war among drug traffickers, the mafia and the police forces.

Amor del bueno (1957)

A poor rancher falls in love with a young woman and must confront her family's obstacles.

La banda del Plebe (2002)

A 12-year-old boy known as "Plebe" works for a drug cartel in Sinaloa.

Wah Taj (2016)

Tukaram Marathe, a farmer from Maharashtra, fights against the government, claiming that the land where the Taj Mahal stands is his.

Bal Ganesh 3 (2015)

A group of alien kids visit Earth to learn more about their favorite god, Bal Ganesh. They meet three mice, Dhoti, Topi, and Suit Boot, who are ardent devotees ready to share his adventurous tales.

Nepali (2008)

Karthik's wife Priya is being harassed by a police officer, due to which she ends her life. However, Karthik is held responsible for her death and imprisoned, where a social worker offers to help him.

The Penalty (2018)

Three people embark on journeys of recovery, discovery and rebellion.

Submerged (2011)

A man receives word that his son is dead.

The Family Robinson (2017)

A woman introduces her father to her girlfriend.

A Taste of Cold Steel (1970)

Three sisters unite with a cousin to avenge their father, who was killed by a group of noblemen that has ties to a criminal gang.

You're Jinxed, Friend, You've Met Sacramento (1972)

Someone kidnaps a boxer's daughter, refusing to release her even after the ransom is paid.

Oubliette (2016)

A desperate young woman must overcome her inner demons to escape a cellar.

The Black Zone (2016)

Workers in a medical relief organization struggle to provide aid in the jungles of Burma.

24 Hour Comic (2017)

Eight artists take part in a challenge to complete a full 24-page comic book in one day.

Life Without Color (2015)

Filmmakers examine how color-blind people are affected by their condition.

Jungle Master 2: Candy Planet (2016)

Friends embark on an adventure to save their pals on Candy Planet.

Burn the Place you Hide (2016)

The life and work of musician Thomas Hansen.

Stones (2016)

When an alcoholic musician is taken in by an old friend, it is his last chance to sober up. Battling his addiction to alcohol and obsession with his ex-girlfriend, he has a hard time appreciating the girl who is trying to save him.

Greece: The Road Taken (2015)

A memoirist and a poet make their homes on the rugged island of Paros, Greece.

Single Wives Club (2017)

Jodi, an attorney and mother of two, turns to her single friends for support after her husband moves away in pursuit of a business venture.

Sweet Blood (2011)

Cree communities examine the connection between diabetes and returning to a pre-contact diet.

Monochrome (2016)

A brilliant detective uses his unusual neurological condition to hunt a serial killer who has been targeting wealthy landowners.

Selling Stupid (2017)

Two women working for an advertising firm have to come up with a campaign for a new video game.

Donut Shop (2016)

A donut shop owner shares his story of loss and perseverance before and after the Khmer Rouge genocide.

Halleluja and Sartana Strike Again (1972)

Semi-reformed horse thieves protect a small-town church from a gang of crooks.


Exploring the activists and whistleblowers of the digital age who are fighting for privacy and transparency in the technological world.

Off Piste (2016)

An ex-SAS operative who is living in the mountains of France to escape a traumatic past is hunted down by those whose lives he has destroyed.

The Free Man (2016)

An Olympic freestyle skier takes up new extreme sports, in which he has no prior experience in.

#Rucker50 (2016)

Filmmaker Robert McCullough Jr. examines the history and influence of the tournament.

First Kiss (2014)

First Kiss is a 2014 American short film directed produced by Tatia Pilieva.The film has music composed by Soko.

Dead Ringer (2018)

Show! (2013)

The Garden of Afflictions (2017)

Angelina Ballerina: Spring Fling (2014)

Spring is in the air, and Angelina and the mouselings dance their way through spring traditions from around the world.

Bricks in Motion (2016)

9/11 Inside the Pentagon (2016)

Degrees North (2012)

Degrees North is an intimate expose of what adventure means to leading action sports athletes. We see a dangerous and untried technique coupled with the worst snow season for generations. Degrees North is an adventure story filled with high and lows.

La rabbia (2008)

The Rage (Italian: La Rabbia) is a 2008 Italian film directed by Louis Nero.

Mars (2007)

Something good (2013)

Vincent (1981)

Traumfabrik (2019)

The Harvest (2020)

Killer Mosquitos (2018)

Sky Sharks (2018)

Deep in the ice of the antarctic, a team of geologists uncover an old nazi laboratory still intact where dark experiments had occured. In order to conquer the world, the Nazis created modified sharks who were able to fly and whose riders are genetically mutated, undead super-humans. A miltary task force called „Dead Flesh Four“ - reanimated US soldiers who fell in Vietnam - is put together to prevent world downfall.

SEE Factory Sarajevo mon amour (2019)

Peaches and Cream (2019)

Padmavyuhathile Abhimanyu (2019)

Nevrland (2019)

Nevrland is an Austrian feature film by Gregor Schmidinger, released in 2019 with Simon Frühwirth and Paul Forman in the lead roles. The premiere took place on 16 January 2019 as part of the film festival Max Ophüls Prize, where the film was invited to the competition and won the Prize of the Youth Jury. Lead actor Simon Frühwirth was also honored as Best Newcomer. The Austrian premiere took place in Graz in March 2019. The Austrian theatrical release is planned for fall of 2019.

Muerte en Léon. Caso Cerrado (2019)

Hang on to Your Hanger-Ons (2019)

Hand Rolled (2019)

Freie Räume (2019)

Deception of the Novelist (2019)

Dance with Me (2019)

Dance with Me is a Japanese musical film starring Ayaka Miyoshi. It was released on August 16, 2019.

Blowing Up Right Now (2019)

Blood of War (2012)

Moving Art: Deserts (2014)

Dans met de Duivel (2015)

Hallo Bungalow (2015)

Toen was geluk heel gewoon: De film (2014)

Sing Song (2017)

The Stones in the Park (1969)

There has never been a concert like it. There never could be again. It was July 5th, 1969, two days after the tragic death of guitarist Brian Jones, when half a million people gathered in Hyde Park to pay homage to the pop group described as the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world, the Rolling Stones. The Stones In The Park is a vivid record of this momentous occasion.

Prinsesse for en dag (1962)

Rafaël (2018)

Rafaël is a 2018 Dutch drama film directed by Ben Sombogaart. The film is based on the book of the same name, written by Christine Otten. In July 2018, it was one of nine films shortlisted to be the Dutch entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 91st Academy Awards, but it was not selected.

De IJslandbende (2018)

Family Way (2012)

Family Way is a 2012 Dutch comedy film directed by Joram Lürsen. It is a sequel to Alles is Liefde.

La cuccagna (1962)

La cuccagna, internationally released as A Girl... and a Million, is a 1962 Italian drama film directed by Luciano Salce. In 2008 it was restored and shown as part of the retrospective "Questi fantasmi: Cinema italiano ritrovato" at the 65th Venice International Film Festival.

Father of four - at sea (2012)

La ragazza in vetrina (1961)

Girl in the Window (Italian: La ragazza in vetrina, French: La fille dans la vitrine) is a 1961 Italian-French drama film written and directed by Luciano Emmer and starring Lino Ventura and Magali Noël. It is based on the novel by Giovanni Comisso.

Son of Mine (2015)

Son of Mine (Limburgish: Gluckauf) is a 2015 Dutch crime film directed by Remy van Heugten.

Ventoux (2015)

Ce N'est Qu'un Debut (2010)

Das Mädchen vom Änziloch (2016)

Feuer unter Deck (1979)

Chouans! (1988)

Chouans! is a 1988 French historical adventure film directed by Philippe de Broca and starring Sophie Marceau, Philippe Noiret, and Lambert Wilson. Based on the 1829 novel Les Chouans by Honoré de Balzac, the film is about a woman who must choose between two brothers on opposite sides of the French Civil War of 1793. For her performance in the film, Sophie Marceau received the Cabourg Romantic Film Festival Award for Best Actress.

Dora Heldt: Tante Inge haut ab (2011)

Die Nordsee von oben (2011)

Spirited Killer (1994)

Dieter Nuhr - Nuhr die Wahrheit (2009)

Das kalte Gericht (2015)

Der Hund begraben (2017)

Alice: The Darkest Hour (2017)

Die Wolke (2006)

The Cloud (German: Die Wolke), is a 2006 German drama film based on a novel by Gudrun Pausewang.

Halal Love (2016)

Love Halal, also called (Halal Love (and Sex)), is an international film from 2015, written and directed by Assad Fouladkar. The film premiered on December 13, 2015, at the Dubai International Film Festival and had its international premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in 2016 in the World Cinema Dramatic Competition.

Trash Detective (2016)

Dear Courtney (2014)

The Taming of the Scoundrel (1980)

Il Bisbetico Domato (The Taming of the Scoundrel) is a 1980 Italian film directed by Franco Castellano and Giuseppe Moccia, credited as Castellano & Pipolo. It was the top grossing film in Italian market for the season 1980/1981, earning about 17 billion of lire. The plot is loosely inspired by William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew. The closing theme song "Innamorata, Incavolata A Vita" performed by Adriano Celentano was a minor hit, ranking 18 and staying on the Italian singles chart for 16 weeks.

Inspektor Jury: Der Tod des Harlekins (2018)

Kidnap - Bo's Most Exciting Holiday Ever (2015)