Peyote (2013)

Pablo, a shy teenager, meets Marco, a slightly older teenager. They embark on an impromptu road trip to the Mexican desert to discover their sexuality.

The Red Dance (1928)

The Bolshevik Revolution takes its toll on the lives of three people from different walks of life.

Red, White and Busted (1972)

A draft resister (Darrell Larson) returns from Canada and runs into two buddies: a Vietnam veteran and another resister (Dennis Olivieri).

Scream Free (1969)

A man (Richard Beymer) flees with his girlfriend (Lana Wood) from a love-in and motorcycles to Mexico with drug smugglers.

Drive-In (1976)

During a hot summer night in Texas, the local drive-in plays host to a number of hook-ups and hijinks. Glowie (Lisa Lemole), the town's most attractive girl, tries to dodge the attentions of local bad boy Enoch (Billy Milliken) and at the same time seduce the sweet but socially inept Orville (Glenn Morshower). Meanwhile, bungling stick-up man Will Henry (Gordon Hurst) repeatedly tries and fails to rob the place, and a couple of local gangs argue over who owns what turf.

The Monsters (1963)

Nineteen sketches of society's contradictions.

The Singularity (2012)

The effects of supercomputers on what it means to be human.

Torture: Made in USA (2013)

Filmmaker and journalist Marie-MoniqueRobin investigates the events and the machinations of key policy leaders that led the United States to adapt the systematic use of torture in Afghanistan, Guantanamo and Iraq in the name of war.

A Long Walk (2006)

A retired principal (Ken Ogata) bonds with an abused, lonely girl (Hana Sugiura).

Uomo (2013)

A married lawyer who's caught in the grip of a midlife crisis comes to a personal realization after befriending a transvestite hooker.

Miss 420 (1998)

After an agent, Miss 420, is assassinated, an investigative reporter discovers some evidence that points to underworld gangster Diwan Kapoor. However, the reporter is kidnapped, leaving his sister and her boyfriend searching for him in a dangerous world.

Kingdom of Shadows (1998)

Clips from more than 40 silent-film classics highlight a study of the horror film's early evolution. Rod Steiger narrates.

Out in East Berlin: Lesbians and Gays in the GDR (2013)

Gay men and women share their personal histories during the socialistic GDR until the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Life and Mind of Mark DeFriest (2014)

Filmmaker Gabriel London examines the case of Mark DeFriest, a longtime inmate with a knack for escaping from prison.

Jesus Christ Saviour (2008)

Klaus Kinski's final stage performance.

Voyage to the Edge of the World (1976)

Undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau and the crew of his vessel Calypso undertake a dangerous trip to the Antarctic.

Fistful of Brains (2008)

In a small town, two brothers battle over a mystical lake.

22:22 (2013)

Upon awakening at his desk, Franck tries to leave the office, but somehow, whether by stairs or by elevator, finds himself back where he began.

Book of Ruth (2013)

Ruth, a young woman from northern Mexico, embarks on a journey through the desert without food or water for a chance to have the most basic human rights.

Immigrant (2013)

Daanyik, a 9-year-old Russian immigrant in the United States, has to overcome nearly insurmountable odds to save himself and his mother from destruction.

The War Within (2014)

A battle rages for the soul of Michael Sinclair, a cartoonist whose faith is tested when his world falls apart.

Following the Ninth: In the Footsteps of Beethoven's Final Symphony (2012)

The impact of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony on people's lives around the world.

Sasquatch: The Legend Of Bigfoot (1976)

A team of scientists searches for the elusive legend in the Pacific Northwest and finds more than each expected.

Secret of the Twilight Gemini (1989)

A European mobster gives Chase Tracer a diamond which is the key to opening Celtic treasures.

Drawing Out the Demons: A Film About the Artist Attila Richard Lukacs (2004)

Painter Attila Richards Lukacs must beat a drug addiction or lose his work and life.

Any Gun Can Play (1967)

A banker (Edd Byrnes), a bandido (Gilbert Roland) and a bounty hunter (George Hilton) vie for gold bullion in the desert.

Bedlam (1946)

After getting a glimpse of the conditions at the St. Mary's of Bethlehem Asylum, known as "Bedlam," Nell Bowen (Anna Lee) is concerned that the patients are being mistreated. When she seeks to better the situation, the head of St. Mary's, George Sims (Boris Karloff), uses his political savvy to have Nell committed. Being within St. Mary's does not deter Nell, however, and she starts to turn the patients against Sims in a bid to violently oust him from power.

Expiration Date (2008)

A young American Indian (Robert Guthrie) falls in love while preparing to get hit by a milk truck.

Benares (2005)

Best friends (Kristeven Mootien, Davidsen Kamanah) leave their remote village to find adventure and women in the big city.

Madeinusa (2006)

For a couple of days, before Easter and after Good Friday, inhabitants of a Peruvian village feel free to engage in any sin imaginable. They believe that during this time, God is blind to sin as he is temporarily dead. Village girl Madeinusa (Magaly Solier) is chosen to play the Virgin Mary during the fictional Holy Time festival. But when geologist Salvador (Carlos J. de la Torre) arrives from Lima, Madeinusa is drawn to him, despite her father's attempts to exclude him from the Holy Time.

Couples Therapy (2015)

A man and his wife seek counseling after losing their child.

Hollywood Varieties (1950)

Robert Alda is master of ceremonies for a revue of entertainers (Shaw & Lee, Three Rio Brothers, Glenn Vernon).

Two Fists Against the Law (1980)

Three martial arts masters team up to take down a ruthless opium smuggler known as Silver Fox.

I Want Your Love (2012)

Jesse's friends and ex-lovers gather for his going away party and heighten his bittersweet feelings about leaving.

Inertia (2002)

In "Inertia," the lives of four characters are sidetracked by desire into deception, adultery, and incest. Joseph cannot accept that Laura doesn't want him anymore. Laura is infatuated with Joseph's close - and married - friend, Bruce. Bruce finds himself attracted to Joseph's 19-year-old cousin, Alex. Alex, on the other hand, has come to the city to move into Joseph's, with ulterior motives...

As Good as Dead (1995)

When Susan Warfield (Crystal Bernard) moves to Los Angeles, she becomes friends with party girl Nicole (Traci Lords). Nicole suffers from painful stomach ulcers but cannot be treated since she has no medical insurance. Susan decides to temporarily switch identities with Nicole so that her friend can use her insurance to have an operation. However, after Nicole suddenly dies following the procedure, Susan's legal identity also ends. Now Susan has to pose as Nicole and try to gain a life back.

Peaches (2008)

A family man's obsession with a seductive beauty threatens to undo everything he has worked toward over the last 20 years.

Canyon Crossroads (1955)

Henchmen in a helicopter chase a Utah prospector (Richard Basehart) seeking uranium with a professor and his daughter (Phyllis Kirk).

Johnny Holiday (1949)

Naive preteen Johnny Holiday (Allen Martin Jr.) has been hanging out with juvenile delinquent Eddie Duggan (Stanley Clements). After Eddie convinces him to rob a drug store, Johnny is arrested and shipped off to the state reform school, where he is placed under the watchful eye of Sarge Walker (William Bendix), a gruff but compassionate guard. Sarge makes good progress with Johnny's rehabilitation, but, when Eddie arrives at the facility, Johnny starts to backslide.

Kiss Me Deadly: A Jacob Keane Assignment (2008)

A one-time spy (Robert Gant) helps his former partner (Shannen Doherty) when she becomes the target of assassins.

Midnight Oil - Black Rain Falls (1990)

The Aussie band performs on a flatbed truck in front of the Exxon building.

Last Of The Wild Horses (1948)

A range war almost starts after a ranch owner is accused of trying to force the small ranchers out of business.

Transcend (2014)

Marathon champion Wesley Korir returns to Kenya to help his countrymen create better lives.

Hoodlum Empire (1952)

A mobster, his moll (Claire Trevor) and his underling (Forrest Tucker) appear before a U.S. senator's (Brian Donlevy) televised hearings on organized crime.

Psychopathia Sexualis (2006)

Re-enactments present case studies of Victorian sexual deviance, lifted from the pages of a notorious medical text. Stories include those of a sexually repressed man with a thirst for blood, a doctor who promises to cure a man of homosexuality, and a masochist who hires prostitutes for a bizarre performance.

The Girl and the Dogs (2014)

Three teenagers on their way to a party make a strange discovery on the local beach that will change the nature of their friendship.

The Last of England (1988)

Derek Jarman's experimental film ruminates on the decline of England.

Death Game (2002)

A young basketball player faces violence and corruption as he prepares to turn professional.

Pee Stains and Other Disasters (2005)

Two 16-year-old best friends share a summer they'll never forget.

In the Dust of the Stars (1976)

Astronauts encounter an alien race on a mysterious planet.

Listen (2014)

A woman in a burqa brings her son to a police station in Copenhagen to file a complaint against her abusive husband, but the translator seems unwilling to convey the true meaning of her words.

Sinai Commados (1968)

An Israeli captain (Robert Fuller) leads a Six-Day War mission to destroy radar stations on the peninsula.

Keys of Heaven (2014)

In 1984 in Iran, homeless brothers struggle to survive in a country at war.

Monte Carlo (1986)

An American writer (George Hamilton) on the Riviera courts a Russian singer (Joan Collins) who is spying on Nazis for revenge.

PerfectMatch (2012)

Two people looking for love meet on a popular online dating site.

In Old Montana (1939)

Singing Army officer Fred Dawson (Fred Scott) and his friend Doc Flanders (Harry Harvey) head for Fred's hometown in Montana, posing as a traveling medicine show. Once there, they find a smoldering feud building between cattlemen and sheep ranchers. Hoping to avert a range war, they try to broker peace between the two factions, but Fred gets accused of a crime and lands in jail. Luckily, he still has time to strike up a romance with June Allison (Jean Carmen), a fetching rancher's daughter.

Village by the River (1958)

Small-minded politicos take advantage of a man's death to turn their village against the local physician.

The Thundering Trail (1951)

There's plenty of trouble for Lash and Fuzzy in getting the newly appointed territorial governor safely to his office.

Santa Mesa (2008)

An American orphan (Jacob Shalov) experiences culture shock when he's shipped off to the Philippines to live with his grandmother.

For My Uncle: A Philosopher's Perspective (2016)

A filmmaker examines Filipino philosophies through the lives of his family members.

The Happy Time (1952)

A large French-Canadian family suddenly expands when father Jacques (Charles Boyer) invites an out-of-work magician's assistant to be their live-in maid. At the same time, charming ladies' man Uncle Desmond (Louis Jourdan) comes back to town to replace a sales manager who has died, and subsequently begins a romance with the new maid. Jacques' son Bobby watches these interactions with confused curiosity as he makes the tough transition from boyhood to adolescence.

Louis Cyr: The Strongest Man in the World (2013)

The life and accomplishments of the Canadian strong man.

Twisted: A Balloonamentary (2007)

Professional balloon twisters share a love for their vocation.

Lydia (1941)

An older unmarried woman, Lydia MacMillan (Merle Oberon), gets reacquainted with a previous boyfriend, Michael (Joseph Cotten). When he invites Lydia to his house for tea, however, she has no idea that she's about to be confronted with her past. Two other men who courted Lydia years earlier, Bob (George Reeves) and Frank (Hans Jaray), are waiting for her and want to know why she never married. Her answer dredges up memories of Richard (Alan Marshall), the man she loved and is still waiting for.

Die Präsenz (2014)

When three friends who are hoping to get proof of paranormal activity break into an abandoned castle that is a rumored hot spot, they find an evil presence of terror and madness.

A Sleepless Night (1940)

A mouse and a wife are kept awake by a snoring dog.

Escape from Darwin (2008)

A psychopath murders a getaway driver and takes the man's bag of stolen cash.

Tillie and Gus (1933)

Husband-and-wife card sharks (W.C. Fields, Alison Skipworth) reunite to save a couple's inheritance with a boat race.

Loot (1970)

This adaptation of Joe Orton's play focuses on a motley bunch of characters crammed inside a small hotel owned by Mr. McLeavy (Milo O'Shea). While the body of McLeavy's wife lies freshly dead in a nearby room, her nurse, Fay (Lee Remick), plots to become the next Mrs. McLeavy. Meanwhile, McLeavy's son and his friend try their best to hide the spoils of a bank heist. As a dim-witted priest and a crooked officer enter the fray, hilarious misplacements, trysts and shocks unfold.

Storm Season (2003)

The lives of a designer (Jorge Sanz) and an alcoholic intersect after each attempts suicide.

In the Line of Duty 4 (1989)

A murder witness is followed from Seattle to Hong Kong by the victim's colleagues and the underworld.

They Got Me Covered (1943)

A cowardly newsman (Bob Hope) and his girlfriend (Dorothy Lamour) foil Axis spies out to blow up Washington.

Whistlin' Dan (1932)

An avenging rancher (Ken Maynard) joins an outlaw gang to turn them inside out.

Sex & Bullets (2000)

A night on the town brings trouble for two friends who get mixed up with mobsters, women and hit men.

Where Trails End (1942)

A cowboy (Tom Keene) and his sidekick find Nazis in the valley.

Fifi Howls from Happiness (2013)

Bahman Mohassess was a celebrated artist before the 1979 Iranian Revolution, but he later destroyed many of his works before emigrating to Italy.

The Kindergarten Teacher (2014)

A young child's gift for poetry makes him an object of fascination for his kindergarten teacher. Her desire to protect and nurture his talent from a world that bulldozes purity leads her to claim some of his work as her own.

Garden of the Moon (1938)

Swanky New York nightclub owner John Quinn (Pat O'Brien) must find a last-minute band replacement. He enlists his publicist, Toni Blake (Margaret Lindsay), who hires California bandleader Don Vincente (John Payne). When Don and John meet, they immediately butt heads, each causing endless trouble for the other while both pursuing the affections of Toni. Despite their mutual dislike, Don's band works well at John's nightclub, so the two must put aside their differences for the sake of the show.

In Real Life (2011)

Dissatisfied individuals turn to the Internet to find something, or someone, new.

Shaolin Deadly Kicks (1978)

A secret "Treasury Guide of Eight Diagrams" hidden by the Manchu Imperial Court is at the center of a criminal act.

The Opponent (1988)

A lowly boxer (Daniel Greene) tries to be heavyweight champion; a promoter (Giuliano Gemma) wants him to take a dive.

Dog Lady (2015)

A woman living in exile with a pack of dogs on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. She spends her days fixing her shack, foraging for food, and communing with nature.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Murdered Madam (1987)

Lawyer Mason (Raymond Burr) defends a man for killing his wife (Ann Jillian), an ex-madam doing PR work for bank swindlers.

Adwa (1999)

This film captures the independence and determination of the Ethiopian people. In response to the "Scramble for Africa," or carving up of the African continent by European colonizers following the infamous Berlin Conference of 1880, Ethiopians from all provinces and ethnic groups unified to defend their homeland from an Italian takeover. No one expected the Ethiopian army to successfully fight the well-trained and armed Italian army.

Jánosík (1921)

Juraj Janosik becomes the leader of highwaymen, robbing the rich to give to the poor, after a local warlord murders his parents.

Zucco: The Wine of the Son of the King of the French (2014)

Sicily's Duke of Aumale starts producing wine in 1854.

Taxi for Tobruk (1961)

French commandos (Charles Aznavour, Lino Ventura) kidnap a German captain (Hardy Kruger) and cross the North African desert in his car.

I'm the Father (2002)

Marco (Sebastian Blomberg) is an overworked architect who is just about to finish a project he believes will make his name in the architectural world. But Marco's success comes at a price. His relationship with his wife, Melanie (Maria Schrader), and son is suffering. Melanie is fed up with Marco's refusal to pay more attention to his family and files for divorce. Shocked by their departure, Marco must reassess his lifestyle if he wants to win back his family.

Housesitter (2007)

A struggling artist (Tori Spelling-McDermott) unwittingly puts her life in jeopardy when she cares for a wealthy man's (Jonathan Higgins) villa.

Face in the Rain (1964)

Rand (Rory Calhoun), an American spy in Nazi-occupied Italy, seeks shelter in the house of Anna (Marina Berti), who is having an affair with German officer Klaus (Niall MacGinnis). When he arrives to spend the night, Rand is forced to hide in the attic, with no way to escape. Anna realizes Klaus is in charge of the investigation searching for Rand and uses her son, Paolo (Massimo Giuliani), to get in touch with resistance fighters who can help the American escape.

The Mad Monster (1942)

A reporter's (Johnny Downs) girlfriend's (Anne Nagel) father (George Zucco) injects a farmhand with wolf blood.

Three Brave Men (1956)

In a film based on actual events, Bernard Goldsmith (Ernest Borgnine) is a career navy employee who was just fired from his job with no warning or explanation. He investigates, and is told he's been let go because of a tenuous connection he had in his youth with a communist organization. Desperate to clear his name, the ostracized Goldsmith contracts lawyer Joe DiMarco (Ray Milland) to dispute the dismissal. With Goldsmith's life and career on the line, DiMarco prepares to argue his case.

The Monster and the Girl (1941)

A mad scientist creates a monster when he transplants the brain of an executed murderer into the body of an ape.

The Synthetic Man (2013)

A paranoid and anxious woman escapes within her own mind.

Les affaires sont les affaires (2011)

An unscrupulous man (Rgis Laspals) takes advantage of everyone around him, including his family.

Bachchan (2013)

A kind-hearted businessman, who is in love with a girl, sets out to exact revenge on the people responsible for disrupting his life.

Tom Sawyer, Detective (1938)

Tom Sawyer (Billy Cook) and Huckleberry Finn (Donald O'Connor) help an Arkansas preacher (Porter Hall) falsely accused of murder.

Eyewitness (2015)

Armed thieves take a woman (Brigid Brannagh) and her teenage daughter (Leah Bateman) on a whitewater rafting trip to find their missing money.

The Melon Route (2006)

A man gets involved in human trafficking in Croatia.

Hostages (1943)

Nazis hold a freedom fighter (William Bendix) and other Czechs prisoner pending results of a murder inquiry.