The Wedding (2013)

The Wedding is a 1998 television film directed by Charles Burnett. Based on a novel by Dorothy West and written for television by West and Lisa Jones, it stars Halle Berry, Eric Thal, and Lynn Whitfield, and was produced by Oprah Winfrey's production company, Harpo Productions. The story touches on the subjects of marriage, race, prejudice, class, and family in 1950s Martha's Vineyard.

City of Wax (1934)

City of Wax is a 1934 American short documentary film produced by Horace and Stacy Woodard about the life of a bee. It won the Oscar at the 7th Academy Awards in 1935 for Best Short Subject (Novelty). The Academy Film Archive preserved City of Wax in 2007.

A Private Scandal (1931)

Krakatoa (1933)

Krakatoa is a 1933 American Pre-Code short documentary film produced by Joe Rock. It won the Academy Award in 1934 for Best Short Subject (Novelty). Educational Pictures was the film distributor of the film.

Do zavtra (1929)

The Little Street Singer (1924)

Alice and the Three Bears (1924)

Whistle in My Heart (1959)

El trato (2006)

Tire Trouble (1924)

Tire Trouble is a 1924 American short silent comedy film directed by Robert F. McGowan. It was the 21st Our Gang short subject released.

Poumse... (1990)

Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust (2004)

Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust is a 2004 documentary film directed by Daniel Anker and narrated by Gene Hackman that examines the treatment of the Holocaust in Hollywood films over a period of sixty years and the impact of the films on public perception and thinking, and vice versa. The film was originally produced for the American cable network, American Movie Classics.

Pobednyy marshrut (1939)

The Fat and Lean Wrestling Match (1900)

Nouvelles Luttes extravagantes, released in the United States as Fat and Lean Wrestling Match and in the United Kingdom as The Wrestling Sextette, is a 1900 French short silent film directed by Georges Méliès.

Mathiya Chennai (2009)

Mathiya Chennai is a 2009 Tamil Indian feature film directed by Vivekanand & Veerasingam. The film stars Jaivanth and Prakash Raj in the lead roles.

My Little Buckeroo (1938)

Der Minister (2013)

Porky at the Crocadero (1938)

Injun Trouble (1951)

Injun Trouble is a 1969 animated cartoon short in the Merrie Melodies series, directed by Robert McKimson and featuring Cool Cat. It is noted for being the final cartoon in the original Merrie Melodies series, ending a run which had lasted since 1931. Also, this was the 1000th cartoon short released by Warner Bros.

Lisboners (2004)

Famalicão (1941)

Caveman Inki (1950)

Forza Italia! (1977)

Sunday 3 (2012)

Life Is Most Important (1987)

Life Is Most Important is a 1987 Mexican drama film directed by Luis Alcoriza. It was entered into the 15th Moscow International Film Festival. The film was selected as the Mexican entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 60th Academy Awards, but did not garner a nomination.

En Büyük Şaban (1983)

Diet for a New America (1992)

Busybody Bear (1952)

Mr E. (1995)

Sweet Nightmare (1998)

Alice and the Dog Catcher (1924)

Matrimonio al Sud (2015)

The Blue and the Black (1966)

Clouds of Yesterday (2005)

Nika (2010)

Siberian Patrol (1931)

Tommy is a 1931 Soviet drama film directed by Yakov Protazanov based on the play Armoured Train 14-69 by Vsevolod Ivanov.

Alles für meine Tochter (2013)

Pick and Shovel (1923)

Pick and Shovel, also known as The Miner, is a 1923 silent comedy film starring Stan Laurel.

Under Two Jags (1923)

Under Two Jags is a 1923 American silent comedy film featuring Stan Laurel. The title spoofs the film Under Two Flags (1922).

Mouse-Taken Identity (1957)

A Grocery Clerk's Romance (1912)

Bangville Police (1913)

The Bangville Police is a 1913 comedy short starring Fred Mace, Mabel Normand and the Keystone Cops. The film, notable for being regarded as the seminal Keystone Cops short, was directed by Henry Lehrman.

An Extraordinary Cab Accident (1903)

An Extraordinary Cab Accident is a 1903 British short silent comedy film, directed by Walter R. Booth, featuring a gentleman making a miraculous recovery after being trampled underfoot by a horse and cab. The film, "seems something of a step back," "compared with the elaborate special effects fantasies that director W.R. Booth and producer R.W. Paul had already concocted," but according to Michael Brooke of BFI Screenonline, "more complex special effects might well have worked against the impression Booth and Paul were clearly seeking to create, which is that of a man being genuinely run over by a horse-drawn cab, his body being knocked down and trampled by the horse's hooves."

Shambala (2012)

Shambhala is a 2012 Thai Drama Romance film directed by Panjapong Kongkanoy. It's the story of estranged brothers and complete opposites, who are thrown together on a spiritual pilgrimage to Tibet. It was released on August 23, 2012. The film stars Sunny Suwanmethanon as Wut and Ananda Everingham as his older brother Tin. The filming of this film was done in Tibet.

Dibu: La Película (1997)

The Devil on Two Sticks (1910)

Sin memoria (2011)

The First Trolleybus (1964)

Tre finder en kro (1955)

Give Me the Moonlight (2001)

Troubles of a Grass Widower (1908)

Identification (1975)

Man Without a Name is a 1976 Hungarian drama film directed by László Lugossy. It was entered into the 26th Berlin International Film Festival where it won the Silver Bear for an outstanding single achievement.

The Vanished World of Gloves (1982)

Day for My Love (1977)

Day for My Love is a 1976 Czechoslovak drama film directed by Juraj Herz. It was entered into the 27th Berlin International Film Festival.

My Father's Happy Years (1977)

My Father's Happy Years is a 1977 Hungarian drama film directed by Sándor Simó. It was entered into the 28th Berlin International Film Festival.

La próxima estación (2008)

Polar Flight (2013)

Silmät hämärässä (1952)

The Taming of the Shrews (2009)

The Battle of Chile - Part 3 (1979)

Bella Vita (2010)

...Scusi, ma lei le paga le tasse? (1971)

Secrets of a French Nurse (1958)

Sippai (2016)

Gimme Some Respect (2010)

I due vigili (1967)

Latif (1930)

Junk Movie (1992)

Mother Love (1938)

A Mother's Love or Mother Love (German: Mutterliebe) is a 1939 drama film directed by Gustav Ucicky and starring Käthe Dorsch, Paul Hörbiger and Wolf Albach-Retty. It was made by the Vienna-based Wien-Film which had been established following the German annexation of Austria the previous year. The film's sets were designed by the art directors Kurt Herlth and Werner Schlichting. The film portrays the various sacrifices of a mother for her children. It was one of the comparatively few films made in Nazi Germany that celebrated the role of mothers in society, despite the Nazi Party's official promotion of a cult of motherhood.

Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon (1981)

Japanese, Subtitled in English. A teacher, Sakiko Kurata (Yuki Kazamatsuri), receives a phone call regarding one of her former students. Young Sueko (Ayako Ôta) is accused of being a prostitute and has requested Sakiko’s help. This minx seduces random strangers for sex, but does not ask for payment. Sakiko has moved to another town and barely remembers Sueko, but there’s something about her that awakens painful memories of her own secretive past. What is that strange paint thinner smell on Sueko? Who is the man in the nylon ski mask that violently assaulted Sakiko many years ago? In her search for answers, Sakiko discovers that her past may have inadvertently destroyed another family’s future. The “lusty schoolmistress” provided an obvious fantasy figure for Nikkatsu Roman Porno scenarios. There were at least a dozen films made with the FEMALE TEACHER banner, each pitting a plethora of pert young cuties against their more mature and experienced classroom rivals. FEMALE TEACHER: DIRTY AFTERNOON is one of the best, and most controversial, of this series of films.

The Magnetized Man (1907)

Kiinni on ja pysyy (1955)

The Enchanted Pond (1907)

Wall Driller (1985)

Grisou (1938)

Tjoet Nja' Dhien (1988)

Tjoet Nja' Dhien is a 1988 Indonesian film directed by Eros Djarot and starring Piet Burnama, Christine Hakim, Rudy Wowor, and Slamet Rahardjo. Based on the life's story of female Acehnese guerrilla leader Cut Nyak Dhien, it focuses on the six-year period between her second husband, Teuku Umar's death and her capture by the Dutch colonial army. Tjoet Nja' Dhien was released to critical acclaim, winning 9 Citra Awards, and was screened at the Semaine de la Critique du Festival de Cannes. It also became Indonesia's submission to the 62nd Academy Awards for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Animated Series (2004)

Buffy: The Animated Series is an animated television series concept based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer created by Joss Whedon. Initially greenlit by 20th Century Fox in 2002, it went ultimately unproduced and unaired when no network was willing to buy the series. The series would have taken place in the middle of Buffy season 1, as writer Jeph Loeb described the continuity as "Episode 7.5".

The Beloved (2007)

Dream of the Moon (1905)

Screen Play (1992)

The Sea Serpent (1984)

Alias Batman and Robin (1991)

Alyas Batman en Robin is a 1991 Filipino musical-comedy film produced by Regal Films spoofing the 1960s Batman television series. It stars comedian Joey de Leon as Batman, his son Keempee as Robin and Dawn Zulueta as Angelique Legarda. Several villains are also featured such as the Joker and the Penguin, respectively portrayed by comedians Rene Requiestas and Panchito Alba.

Munich: Secrets of a City (2000)

Never Touched Me (1919)

Never Touched Me is a 1919 American short comedy film featuring Harold Lloyd.

I'm on My Way (1919)

I'm on My Way is a 1919 short comedy film featuring Harold Lloyd. A print of the film survives in the film archive of the Museum of Modern Art.

Love (1919)

Love is a 1919 American short comedy film directed by and starring Fatty Arbuckle. Prints of the film survive in collections.

Den frusna leoparden (1986)

The Cloud Door (1994)

The Cloud Door is a 1994 short Indo-German drama film, directed by acclaimed Indian director Mani Kaul and featuring Hindu erotic literary themes. The film was produced by the German producer Regina Ziegler. The Cloud Door was featured along with other short films such as Susan Seidelman's The Dutch Master and Ken Russell's The Insatiable Mrs. Kirsch, as a part of Ziegler Films' compilation of short erotic films called Erotic Tales.

Fra den gamle købmandsgaard (1951)

Rika barn leka bäst (1997)

Hey There (1918)

Hey There! is a 1918 American short comedy film featuring Harold Lloyd.

Bud's Recruit (1918)

Bud's Recruit is a 1918 American short comedy film directed by King Vidor. A print survives at the UCLA Film and Television Archive.

Minions: Banana (2010)

Donald Applecore (1952)

Operation Splash (1964)

Indi (2007)

Vous pigez? (1955)

Huns and Hyphens (1918)

Huns and Hyphens is a 1918 American silent comedy film featuring Larry Semon and Stan Laurel.

Plop en de toverstaf (2003)

Should a Mother Tell (1915)