China Blue (2005)

China Blue is a 2005 documentary film directed by Micha Peled. It follows the life of Jasmine Li, a young seventeen-year-old worker from Sichuan province, in a Chinese jeans factory, Lifeng Clothes Factory (丽锋服饰制衣有限公司) in Shaxi, Guangdong producing Vigaze Jeans (a company based in Istanbul, Turkey ), hence the title. Jasmine earned about half a yuan for one hour's work (which amounted to about six US cents). The documentary discusses both the sweatshop conditions in factories in China and the growing importance of China as an exporting country on a global scale. At the 2005 Amnesty International film festival, it won the Amnesty International-DOEN Award. In April 2007 China Blue aired on the award winning PBS series Independent Lens.

Dal Puri Diaspora (2012)

Richard Fung investigates the origins of a spicy flat bread.

Fabiola (1949)

Fabiola (UK title: The Fighting Gladiator) is a 1949 Italian language motion picture historical drama directed by Alessandro Blasetti, very loosely based on the 1854 novel Fabiola by Nicholas Patrick Wiseman. The film stars Michèle Morgan, Henri Vidal and Michel Simon. It tells the story of the Roman Empire in which Christianity is growing around the 4th century AD.

That Is the Dawn (1956)

Cela s'appelle l'aurore (English: This is Called Dawn) is a 1956 Franco-Italian film, directed by Luis Buñuel. It was written by Buñuel and Jean Ferry, based on a novel by Emmanuel Roblès.

Crossland (2013)

Jason meets Nicole while jogging through a private forest. They are chased by something and lose each other while running away.

Oil Sands Karaoke (2013)

Oil Sands Karaoke is a 2013 feature documentary film directed by Charles Wilkinson. The film follows five people working in or around the infamous oil sands of Northern Alberta as they compete in a karaoke contest held at local watering hole Bailey's Pub. The film was produced by Wilkinson and Tina Schliessler, and executive produced by Kevin Eastwood and Knowledge Network's Murray Battle.

Love in the Time of Advertising (2014)

A young man lives inside of a billboard to update the advertisements.

Contre toute espérance (2007)

Summit Circle is a 2007 French-Canadian feature from Bernard Émond. The second in his trilogy of films on the Christian virtues of faith, hope and charity, which began with The Novena in 2005 and concluded with The Legacy in 2009. It was screened at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival.

Stacey (1973)

Stacey is a 1973 exploitation film directed by Andy Sidaris. Half the budget was provided by Roger Corman for his New World Pictures the rest was raised by Sidaris. It was re-released in 1975 as Stacy and Her Gangbusters.

Dead or Alive (1944)

Dead or Alive is a 1944 American Western film directed by Elmer Clifton and written by Harry L. Fraser. The film stars Tex Ritter, Dave O'Brien, Guy Wilkerson, Marjorie Clements, Rebel Randall and Ray Bennett. The film was released on November 9, 1944, by Producers Releasing Corporation.

Meet Sexton Blake! (1945)

Meet Sexton Blake is a 1945 British supporting feature drama film directed by John Harlow and starring David Farrar, Manning Whiley, Dennis Arundell and John Varley. It was one of two films in which David Farrar played Sexton Blake, the other being The Echo Murders (1945), both directed by John Harlow. Important documents are stolen from a dead man during an air raid, and the War Office call in Sexton Blake to investigate.

Obsession (1997)

Obsession is a 1997 Franco-German drama film directed by Peter Sehr and starring Daniel Craig.

Gospel According to Harry (1994)

Years before THE LORD OF THE RINGS catapulted him to international superstardom, Viggo Mortensen played Wes, a young husband locked in co-dependent discontent with his beautiful and needy wife. Combining the theatrical surrealism of Beckett and Ionesco, the the playfulness of Richard Lester, and the scathing social critique and imagery for which Majewski is renowned, THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO HARRY is a wholly original cinematic tour de force. Available here for the first time on DVD. Poland.

Fuss Over Feathers (1954)

Conflict of Wings is a 1954 British drama film directed by John Eldridge and starring John Gregson, Muriel Pavlow and Kieron Moore. It is based on a novel by Don Sharp. The film was made at Beaconsfield Film Studios and on location in Norfolk. The film sets were designed by art director Ray Simm. The film was re-titled for the American market as "Fuss Over Feathers".

Love, Speed and Thrills (1915)

Love, Speed and Thrills is a 1915 American short comedy film produced by Mack Sennett, directed by Walter Wright, starring Mack Swain, Chester Conklin and Minta Durfee, and featuring Billy Gilbert, Charley Chase and the Keystone Cops in supporting roles.

The Last Night Inn (2018)

Stories of desperation, sex and deceit take place in a rundown motel in Los Angeles.

Dyke Hard (2015)

Dyke Hard is a 2014 Swedish comedy film directed by Bitte Andersson. It was screened at the 2014 Stockholm International Film Festival and was shown in the Panorama section of the 65th Berlin International Film Festival. The film was funded by kickstarter.

419 (2012)

A struggling actor from New York loses everything to a scam based in South Africa. His two friends convince him to go there to find the con artist; his search goes well at first, then takes a dark turn.

Couch (1964)

Couch (1964) is a feature-length underground film directed by Andy Warhol, and starring Gerard Malanga, Piero Heliczer, Naomi Levine, Gregory Corso, Allen Ginsberg, John Palmer, Baby Jane Holzer, Ivy Nicholson, Amy Taubin, Ondine, Peter Orlovsky, Jack Kerouac, Taylor Mead, Kate Helzicer, Rufus Collins, Joseph LeSeuer, Bingingham Birdie, Mark Lancaster, Gloria Wood, and Billy Name.

Keepers of the Light (2010)

Pamela Weaver, a middle-aged woman living in Los Angeles, moves to Texas and subsequently takes a life-changing trip to Peru.

The Offering (2011)

A sheriff is forced into a web of death and intrigue after her daughter is kidnapped by a killer.

The Vigilante (2010)

In 2046, a genius orphan who is on the run finds redemption on the road with a mentally corrected serial killer.

Bait (2002)

A reclusive Briton (John Hurt) uses a young woman (Rachael Stirling) who looks like his daughter to set a trap and find her killer.

Journey to Rome (2015)

Vasek, a guard at a gallery, becomes a reluctant thief.

Ballad of Django (1971)

A Fistful of Death (Italian: Giù la testa... hombre ) is a 1971 Italian Western film directed by Demofilo Fidani and starring Klaus Kinski.

Morals for Women (1931)

Morals for Women is a 1931 Pre-Code talking film produced and released by Tiffany Pictures, often considered a low budget studio. The film stars Bessie Love and Conway Tearle and is preserved at the Library of Congress. It has also been released on DVD. This movie is a follow-up to Tiffany's 1925 silent Morals for Men, which starred Conway Tearle and is also preserved at the Library of Congress.

Unconditional Love (1999)

A reporter (John Kennedy Horne) moves from exposing crime to fighting it after a friend is killed by a businessman (Henry Silva).

Pink & Blue: Colors of Hereditary Cancer (2015)

Filmmaker Alan M. Blassberg investigates the effects of BRCA on men and women.

Easy Money (1987)

A bored millionaire decides to add some excitement to her life through an act of grand larceny. She hires a team of professional bank robbers to raid an armored car transporting several million dollars. Soon after, she's questioned by a persistent insurance investigator, leading to a steamy love affair.

Super Badass (1999)

A destructive bounty hunter must contend with an array of fearsome and surreal villains.

3:13 Three Thirteen (2015)

Peter becomes a victim of the U.S. recession.

A Self-Made Man (2013)

The life and work of transgender youth advocate Tony Ferraiolo.

The Painted Hills (1951)

The Painted Hills, also known as Lassie's Adventures in the Goldrush, is a 1951 action film produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) and directed by Harold F. Kress. Adapted by True Boardman from Alexander Hull's novel Shep of the Painted Hills, the film stars Paul Kelly, Ann Doran, and dog actor Pal (credited as "Lassie") in a story about a collie named Shep who seeks revenge after her master is murdered. Technical Advisor Nipo T. Strongheart for Native American topics worked with the Miwok people for their role in the movie. The Painted Hills was the seventh, and final, MGM Lassie film released.

My Father's Land (2015)

A humble gardener from the Bahamas returns to Haiti to see his 103-year-old father.

Compared To What: The Improbable Journey Of Barney Frank (2015)

The life and work of lawmaker Barney Frank.

Zhi guo yuan (1922)

Laborer's Love (Chinese: 劳工之爱情; pinyin: Laogong zhi aiqing) is a 1922 short film produced in China, and premiered October 5, 1922 at the Olympic Theater in Shanghai. It is also known as Romance of a Fruit Peddler or Romance of a Fruit Pedlar (Chinese: 掷果缘; pinyin: Zhi guo yuan) and as "Cheng the Fruit Seller". It constitutes the earliest complete film from China's early cinematic history that survives today. The film was also one of the earliest productions of the soon-to-be prolific Mingxing Film Company and was directed and written by Mingxing co-founders Zhang Shichuan and Zheng Zhengqiu, respectively. Notably, the film had both Chinese and English intertitles; a clear indication that at this early point in its history, cinema in Shanghai was made not only for the Chinese, but for the many Westerners residing there as well. In 2007, Australian ensemble Blue Grassy Knoll wrote a new score for Labourer's Love, and performed it live in Shanghai and Beijing as part of the Australian Theatre Festival.

Falastine Stereo (2014)

Palestine Stereo is a 2013 Palestinian drama film written and directed by Rashid Masharawi. It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.

I Used To Love Her (2008)

Simee (Toya Turner), a popular singer, loses her way in the music industry. When she falls in love with a man with a personality that is very different from her usual men, she fights to make sure her past does not ruin her future.

Samayou kemono (2013)

Kiyomi, a mysterious woman from a big city, cares for an old village woman. Kiyomi secretly enjoys the attentions of several men until a sinister man from the city arrives to find her.

Island of Desire (1952)

Saturday Island (also known as Island of Desire) is a 1952 British romantic war film directed by Stuart Heisler and starring Linda Darnell, Tab Hunter, Donald Gray and John Laurie, Lloyd Lamble and Peter Butterworth.

Magic Hour (2015)

In the summer of 1990, Ray moves to Venice Beach and befriends five brothers with a criminal background. When he witnesses the brothers beat up a bar owner's son, he becomes involved in the bar owner's quest for bloody revenge.

Racing Lady (1937)

Racing Lady is a 1937 American drama film produced by RKO Radio Pictures, which premiered in New York City on January 12, 1937, and was released nationally on January 29. Directed by Wallace Fox, the screenplay was written by Dorothy Yost, Thomas Lennon, and Cortland Fitzsimmons, based on a story by Damon Runyon, which had been further expanded by J. Robert Bren and Norman Houston. While more than 25 of Runyon's stories and novels have been used as the basis for films, this was one of only two films (the other being George White's 1935 Scandals) in which Runyon was directly involved with the story, it being based on his unpublished work "All Scarlet." The film stars Ann Dvorak, Smith Ballew, and Harry Carey.

Go Far: The Christopher Rush Story (2015)

The life and work of Christopher Rush.

The Land (1942)

American agriculture during the Great Depression.

Fuga (2006)

Fuga is a 2006 Argentine-Chilean drama film directed by Pablo Larraín. It is Larraín's directing debut.

What Now? Remind Me (2013)

What Now? Remind Me (Portuguese: E Agora? Lembra-me) is a 2013 Portuguese documentary film directed by Joaquim Pinto. It was selected as the Portuguese entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards, but was not nominated. The film is a first-person documentary about Pinto's life with HIV, documenting both his family life with his husband Nuno Leonel and his experiences in clinical trials for various experimental antiretroviral drugs.

Sorority Girl (1957)

Sorority Girl (also known as Sorority House or The Bad One) is a 1957 Film Noir exploitation film directed by Roger Corman. It stars Susan Cabot as Sabra, a sociopath who plays a very disruptive role in a sorority, with Barboura Morris as Rita, and Dick Miller and June Kenney. It was released by American International Pictures as a double feature with Motorcycle Gang. The film was remade in 1994 as Confessions of a Sorority Girl.

There's One Born Every Minute (1942)

There's One Born Every Minute is a 1942 American Universal Pictures comedy film directed by Harold Young. It was the debut film of Elizabeth Taylor. It is also known as Man or Mouse.

Jack, Jules, Esther & Me (2013)

Jack, Jules, Esther and Me is a 2013 coming of age independent film directed by Daniel Poliner. This comedy centers on four young high schoolers on their last weekend before heading off to college and the scheme to win a girl's heart. The film world premiered at Austin Film Festival where programmer Bears Fonté called it "an uplifting stumble through love in the time of awkward."

Inside Men (2015)

Inside Men is a 2015 South Korean political crime-action film written and directed by Woo Min-ho based on Yoon Tae-ho's webtoon The Insiders that dissects the corruption within Korean society. Starring Lee Byung-hun, Cho Seung-woo and Baek Yoon-sik, it began filming in July 2014 and was released in theaters on November 19, 2015. Inside Men and the director's cut Inside Men: The Original have sold a total of 9.1 million admissions at the box office, thus becoming the top grossing R-rated movie of all-time at the Korean Box office.

Hangman's Game (2016)

When an American contractor is kidnapped and brought into the Colombian jungle, his kidnappers demand the password to a massive bank account, which forces him into a game that is impossible to win.

The Return of the Durango Kid (1945)

A stagecoach passenger poses as a masked avenger to track down the thieves who robbed him and his companions.

Devotion (1931)

Devotion (1931) is an American pre-Code romantic drama film starring Ann Harding and Leslie Howard based on the Pamela Wynne novel A Little Flat in the Temple. Its plot involves a woman who disguises herself and gains employment in the home of the man she loves.

London's Finest (2015)

A drug dealer gets into trouble when a crooked cop tries to steal a consignment meant for Welsh-Jamaican Yardies.

Pink String and Sealing Wax (1946)

Pink String and Sealing Wax is a 1945 British drama film directed by Robert Hamer and starring Mervyn Johns, Googie Withers and Gordon Jackson. It is based on a play with the same name by Roland Pertwee. It was the first feature film Robert Hamer directed on his own.

Viva Sapato! (2003)

A former dancer tries to find a pair of shoes that she sold before she learned there was money hidden in the heel.

No More Excuses (1968)

Downey takes his camera and microphone onto the streets (and into some bedrooms) for a look at Manhattan’s singles scene of the late sixties. Of course, that’s not all: No More Excuses cuts between this footage and the fragmented tale of a time-traveling Civil War soldier, a rant from the director of the fictional Society for Indecency to Naked Animals, and other assorted improprieties. No More Excuses was preserved by Anthology Film Archives, with funding provided by The Film Foundation.

Street Law (1974)

Street Law is a 1974 poliziotteschi film. It stars Franco Nero, Barbara Bach and was directed by Enzo G. Castellari.

Bad Georgia Road (1977)

Bad Georgia Road is a 1977 American action comedy film produced, co-written and directed by John C. Broderick and starring Gary Lockwood, Carol Lynley and Royal Dano.

Enter Madame (1922)

Enter Madame is a 1922 silent film comedy-romance produced by Harry Garson for his star Clara Kimball Young. Wallace Worsley directed. The film was based on a 1920 Broadway play Enter Madame by Dolly Byrne and Gilda Varesi. Prints of the film exist in two or three European archives. The film was remade as Enter Madame in 1935 with Elissa Landi and Cary Grant.

Jumpin' at the Boneyard (1992)

Jumpin' at the Boneyard is a 1992 American drama film written and directed by Jeff Stanzler. The film stars Tim Roth, Alexis Arquette, Danitra Vance and Samuel L. Jackson. The film was released on September 18, 1992, by 20th Century Fox.

Lucia di Lammermoor (2009)

A young woman is forced into marriage resulting in her boyfriend's suicide; based on the opera by Gaetano Donizetti.

In the Meantime, Darling (1944)

In the Meantime, Darling is a 1944 American drama film produced and directed by Otto Preminger. The screenplay by Arthur Kober and Michael Uris focuses on a wealthy war bride (Jeanne Crain) who is forced to adjust to living in spartan conditions in military housing during World War II.

My Breakfast with Blassie (1983)

My Breakfast with Blassie is a 1983 film starring Andy Kaufman and professional wrestler "Classy" Freddie Blassie.It is a mostly improvised parody of the art film My Dinner with Andre and is set in a Sambo's restaurant where Kaufman and Blassie have a discussion over breakfast. Lynne Margulies, who would later become Kaufman's girlfriend, plays a role; in fact, she and Kaufman met for the first time on camera. Also featured is Bob Zmuda, who plays a nosy fan. My Breakfast with Blassie was conceived of by Linda Lautrec and Johnny Legend as a satire on My Dinner with Andre. Linda Lautrec and Andy Kaufman loosely scripted the film over several months late at night on the telephone. Linda's dual role (as director and actress) was scripted as an irritating fan who requests Andy's autograph after he washes his hands.

Heroes in Blue (1939)

Heroes in Blue is a 1939 American film directed by William Watson.

What Remains of Us (2004)

What Remains of Us is a 2004 Canadian documentary film exploring the survival of the nonviolent resistance movement in Tibet. The documentary was shot over eight years without the knowledge of the Chinese authorities.

The Solitaire Man (1933)

The Solitaire Man is a 1933 American Pre-Code drama film directed by Jack Conway, starring Herbert Marshall and Mary Boland.

Lavatory Lovestory (2007)

Lavatory – Lovestory is a 2007 Russian animated short film directed by Konstantin Bronzit, about a lavatory attendant who finds a flower bouquet in her tip jar. The film was nominated for an Oscar in the 81st Annual Academy AwardS and won multiple awards at film festivals. It is also on the Animation Show of Shows.

The Sandman (1995)

An ambitious TV journalist (Karoline Eichhorn) becomes intrigued with a convicted killer (Götz George), recently released from prison, who is promoting his bestseller about a psychopathic killer.

Táu (2012)

A man confronts his deepest pain in the Wirikuta desert.

Ballerina (1937)

Ballerina is a 1937 French ballet film directed by Jean Benoit-Lévy and Marie Epstein, starring Yvette Chauviré, Mia Slavenska and Jeanine Charrat. The original French title is La mort du cygne, which means "the death of the swan". It tells the story of a 12-year-old girl who fears that her favourite performer at the Paris Opera will be replaced by a Russian ballerina, and sets out to engineer an accident for the rival. The film is based on the 1933 short story "La mort du cygne" by Paul Morand. The choreography was done by Serge Lifar. The film was remade in the United States as The Unfinished Dance, released in 1947.

Twenty-Four-Dollar Island (1927)

A celebration of the muscle, size, and majesty of Manhattan.

Wings: Sky Force Heroes (2014)

After his recklessness causes a comrade's death, a firefighter (Josh Duhamel) quits the brigade and goes to work in a coal mine.

Next Time I Marry (1938)

Next Time I Marry is a 1938 American comedy film directed by Garson Kanin and written by John Twist and Helen Meinardi. The film stars Lucille Ball, James Ellison, Lee Bowman, Granville Bates and Mantan Moreland. The film was released on December 9, 1938, by RKO Pictures.

The Death Of Andy Kaufman (2008)

People discuss the death of the performer.

More Than a Thousand Cameras Are Working for Your Safety (2003)

A disturbing phone call summons several strangers to a meeting at a deserted zoo.

Hanzo the Razor: The Snare (1973)

An honest lawman (Shintar Katsu) resorts to extreme measures to uncover corruption.

The Magic Crystal (2011)

Santa Claus' evil twin plots to steal a magic crystal that will give him power over the minds of children.

Attila (2013)

When American soldiers inadvertently steal Attila the Hun's secret wishes, the wrath of the barbarian is awakened, and the mummified warrior will stop at nothing to kill the intruders.

Willy McBean and His Magic Machine (1965)

Willy McBean and his Magic Machine (1965) is a Rankin/Bass full-length stop-motion puppet animation film released in theaters. Its main theme is time travel. It was also the first stop-motion animated feature film in the United States.[citation needed] Professor Rasputin Von Rotten builds a time machine to travel into the past to all the important accomplishments made in history to take credit for them himself. It is up to Pablo, his talking pet monkey, and boy genius Willy McBean to stop him.

Underbelly Files: The Man Who Got Away (2011)

Underbelly Files: The Man Who Got Away is an Australian made-for-television movie that aired on 21 February 2011 on the Nine Network. It is the third of four television movies in the Underbelly Files series, the other three being Tell Them Lucifer was Here, Infiltration and Chopper. It recounts the true story of British-Australian drug smuggler David McMillan, the only man ever to escape from Bangkok's Klong Prem prison.

That Texas Jamboree (1946)

That Texas Jamboree is a 1946 American Western film directed by Ray Nazarro and written by J. Benton Cheney. The film stars Ken Curtis, Jeff Donnell, Andy Clyde, Guinn "Big Boy" Williams and Robert Kellard. The film was released on May 16, 1946, by Columbia Pictures.

A Question of Love (1978)

Linda Ray Guettner (Gena Rowlands), a divorce, fights in court to keep custody of her two sons after her ex-husband files for full guardianship. While he had previously been content to let Linda raise the boys, the father finds out that she has moved in with Barbara Moreland (Jane Alexander), another single mom, and that the two are pursuing a lesbian relationship. The ensuing legal battle carefully argues whether an environment with two homosexual parents is healthy for children.

Kamikaze (2014)

Slastan's plan to blow himself up on a plane from Moscow becomes complicated when the plane is delayed. When he is forced to stay in a hotel with the other passengers for a night and sees them interacting, he cannot go through with his plan.

Summer Of Blood (2014)

Summer of Blood is a 2014 horror comedy vampire film written, edited, and directed by Onur Tukel. The film stars Tukel, Anna Margaret Hollyman, Dakota Goldhor, Jason Selvig, and Dustin Guy Defa.

Unknown Powers (1978)

Actors introduce dramatic segments on astrology, extrasensory perception, psychic surgery and other areas of the occult.

The Heirloom (2005)

The Heirloom is a 2005 Taiwanese supernatural horror film. It concerns a house in which an entire family committed mass suicide at the same time and same hour. A young man with his fiancee returns to claim it as his inheritance, after this, mysterious deaths declared as suicides start to happen. It was released in the US on DVD by Palisades Tartan on their Tartan Asia Extreme imprint.

LA Pupa Del Gangster (1975)

Sex Pot (Italian: La pupa del gangster) is a 1975 Italian comedy film directed by Giorgio Capitani.

Hanzo the Razor: Who's Got the Gold? (1974)

A lawman (Shintar Katsu) tracks embezzlers to a supposedly haunted castle.

Hungry Hearts (1922)

Hungry Hearts (1922) is an American film based on stories by Anzia Yezierska about Jewish immigrants to the Lower East Side of New York City. The film was directed by E. Mason Hopper, produced by Samuel Goldwyn, and starred Helen Ferguson and E. Alyn Warren.

Silver on the Sage (1939)

Silver on the Sage is a 1939 American Western film directed by Lesley Selander and written by Maurice Geraghty. Starring William Boyd, George "Gabby" Hayes, Russell Hayden, Ruth Rogers, Stanley Ridges, Frederick Burton and Jack Rockwell, it was released on March 31, 1939, by Paramount Pictures. Silver on the Sage was Hopalong Cassidy series entry number 25.

The Accomplice (1915)

A translator becomes involved with a burglar and his partner.

Ramparts of Clay (1970)

Ramparts of Clay (French: Remparts d'argile), is a 1971 French drama film directed by Jean-Louis Bertucelli. The film stars Leila Shenna, as well as the villagers of the Algerian village of Tehouda. The film was selected as the French entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 44th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee. The film tells the story of a young woman (played by Shenna), who tries to free herself from the role imposed on her by the village culture. The film explores the exploitation of the rural Tunisian people, although it was filmed in an Algerian village.

Wild Horse Rodeo (1937)

Wild Horse Rodeo is a 1937 American Western film directed by George Sherman and starring Robert Livingston, Ray Corrigan, and Max Terhune. Written by Oliver Drake and Betty Burbridge, based on a story by Drake and Gilbert Wright, the film is about a champion rodeo rider who returns to his home town in search of a legendary wild horse called Cyclone. The film is part of the Three Mesquiteers series of B-movies produced by Republic Pictures. Wild Horse Rodeo was the first film directed by George Sherman, who later directed numerous Western films for Republic, Columbia Pictures, and Universal Pictures.

Cortex (2008)

Cortex is a 2008 French crime film directed by Nicolas Boukhrief.

Totem (1999)

Six people are inexplicably transported to a remote cabin with a nearby graveyard and a carved statue with three demonic entities trapped inside.

Beyond the Line of Duty (1942)

Beyond the Line of Duty is a 1942 American short propaganda film, directed by Lewis Seiler. The documentary film reenacted the life and career of United States Army Air Corps Captain Hewitt T. "Shorty" Wheless.

Tevanik (2014)

A day in a Karabagh village unfolds from the perspective of three Armenian youths.

Hedy (1966)

An egotistical faded star stands trial with her ex-husbands serving on the jury.

The Creator of the Jungle (2014)

A man builds a jungle along the highway, and time after time, he burns it to the ground to start over.