Happy Birthday, Türke! (1992)

Resourceful Kemal (Hansa Czypionka) is a Turkish private detective who was raised by German parents. Although he feels like an outsider as a minority, Kemal finds comfort when a disgruntled Turkish woman named Ilter (Doris Kunstmann) hires him to find her missing husband. But, when the unusual case leads him to a sleazy brothel in Frankfurt, Kamal uncovers several dark secrets about Ilter's family -- and in the process starts to understand more about his own fractured identity.

Alcatraz Is Not An Island (2012)

A group of Native Americans change their sovereign rights by occupying Alcatraz Island.

Roadhouse Nights (1930)

A boozing newsman (Charles Ruggles) woos a singer (Helen Morgan) while spying on her bootlegger boyfriend (Fred Kohler).

Lights of New York (1928)

A man is framed for the murder of a crime boss. This film made history as the first all-talking motion picture.

Country (2000)

Young teenagers Jack (Dean Pritchard) and Con (Gary Lydon) are two brothers living in a rural village in 1970s Ireland. Their father, Frank (Des Cave), is a widower and leads a lonely existence, often taking out his frustration on his two sons. After a favorite uncle dies, the boys are even more adrift -- until their Aunt Miriam (Lisa Harrow) comes to live with the family. Her influence softens Frank's rougher edges, and she provides a motherly presence for the boys that is sorely needed.

Shadows of Death (1945)

Billy the Kid vows revenge on the engineers of a land-grabbing scheme that caused his close friend's death.

Under the Mud (2006)

On the occasion of daughter Olivia's (Jasmine Mubery) communion, the Potts family falls apart as parents Joe (Andrew Schofield) and Sally (Lisa Parry) must decide whether to stay together, especially when an old beau of Sally's shows up. Olivia and her brother go missing, but oldest daughter Paula (Lauren Steele) is too busy tracking down her absent boyfriend to find them. Magic (Lenny Wood), a lodger who has "adopted" the Potts, tags along, all the while suppressing his feelings for Paula.

Parking (2008)

A man meets strange people in order to get his car unstuck.

It's Good to Be Alive (1974)

In 1958, baseball star Roy Campanella (Paul Winfield) nearly loses his life in a car crash. Although lucky to be alive, the accident leaves him paralyzed, without any hope of ever playing ball again. Emotionally shattered by the event, Campanella grows resentful of his plight, pushing away his wife, Ruthie (Ruby Dee), and son, David (Ty Henderson). But with the help of a dedicated physical therapist, Sam Brockington (Lou Gossett), Campanella begins to brighten his outlook on life.

Night of the Living Dead (2014)

Random strangers become trapped in an abandoned farmhouse by an army of the undead.

A Day in the Death of Donny B (1969)

A heroin addict desperately searches for money to get his next fix.

The Swan Princess: Escape From Castle Mountain (1997)

Princess Odette is once again transformed into a swan as Prince Derek prepares to battle an evil magician.

Dark Justice (2000)

Fascinated by a comic-book superhero, a disturbed man (David Bowe) turns to vigilantism to avenge innocent victims.

Black Mold Exposure (2009)

A study shows bizarre health problems that mold can cause.

Voyage of the Rock Aliens (1984)

Alien ABCD (Tom Nolan) and his band land in a guitar-shaped spaceship and give a beach girl (Pia Zadora) a chance to sing.

Once Upon an Angel (2002)

A teenage maid follows her first lover to another town and later discovers she is pregnant.

Moneyocracy (2012)

An investigation into the rise of Super Pacs and how they influenced the 2012 presidential campaign.

Iron Ladies of Liberia (2007)

Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and other female leaders strive for peace and democracy in their country.

Rock Prophecies (2009)

Rock 'n' roll photographer Robert M. Knight photographs legendary rock bands and tries to find the world's best guitar player.

Lost Colony (2007)

A man (Adrian Paul) must solve the mystery behind three wraiths that are wreaking havoc on Colonists in 1587.

Obsessed (1988)

Montreal parents (Kerrie Keane, Daniel Pilon) of a hit-and-run fatality are legally unable to punish the U.S. businessman (Saul Rubinek) responsible.

Walter Vetrivel (1993)

Sathyaraj plays the role of a sincere police official whose brother is part of a drug peddling gang being sought by police.

Smile Til It Hurts: The Up With People Story (2009)

Filmmaker Lee Storey examines the history of the musical group Up With People.

Zack's Zap Pack (2011)

A boy's life is turned upside down when his family moves and he is transported into his backpack.

Ayyanar (2010)

The eldest son of a family is always looked down on by his brother and his family as he is unemployed. Things take a turn for the worse when his brother is killed and he is the one held responsible for it.

Annie Laurie (1927)

A governor's daughter is caught in the midst of a Scottish clan war.

Sergio Herman, F... Perfect (2015)

Master chef Sergio Herman needs to let go of his Michelin-starred restaurant Oud Sluis to fulfill his dreams.

The Lemon Drop Kid (1951)

A racetrack tout (Bob Hope) has a month to pay back the sum a gangster (Lloyd Nolan) lost on a bad tip.

The Cossacks (1928)

A Russian villager is branded a coward because he would rather read than fight.

Dharavi (1991)

A taxi driver is caught up in a street war after borrowing money from Bombay slumlords to finance his dye factory.


Lines appear over images of flowing water.

Cinderellas, Wolves and a Charming Prince (2009)

An in depth look into Brazilian women who enter the sex trade hoping to meet a Prince Charming.

Four Ways to Die in My Hometown (2012)

A man who has shut out the world for seven years receives a visit from a spirit, who orders him to spread enlightenment to his fellow villagers.

Outrage! (1986)

Dennis Riordan (Robert Preston) is enraged after the man who raped and murdered his daughter is relieved of punishment because of a legal loophole. Riordan then assumes the role of judge and jury and kills the man himself. He subsequently refuses to plea insanity, leaving his defense attorney, Brad Gordon (Beau Bridges), in a tough spot. Gordon then resorts to desperate measures and calls the judge who released Riordan's victim to the stand for a tense debate of legal ethics.

Cinderella Swings It (1943)

Rural busybody Scattergood Baines (Guy Kibbee) urges an opera singer (Gloria Warren) to jazz up her act.

The Golf Specialist (1930)

A man (W.C. Fields) teaches a woman how to play golf, with disastrous results.

The Baby Cyclone (1928)

Two suburban women wage war over a dog. Based on the play by George M. Cohan.

Mad In Italy (2011)

A young woman in the hands of a maniac fights to stay alive.

Shelter of the Wings (1994)

Lakha hails from a family of bird catchers. However, he constantly questions the concept and merit of trapping birds. But he and Bhushan vend their caged birds to the local dealer.

Into the Mirror (2003)

A former lawman (Ji-tae Yu) links a string of mysterious deaths to a ghost that uses mirrors as a gateway to the living world.

Opposites Attract (1990)

Poles-apart candidates (Barbara Eden, John Forsythe) fall in love while running against each other for beach-town mayor.

Natural Causes (1994)

An American (Linda Purl) links her mother's death in Bangkok to a plot involving Vietnamese refugees.

Fièvres (2014)

When his mother goes to prison, Benjamin is sent to live with his father in a Parisian suburb.

Supervention (2013)

Skiers and snowboarders hit the slopes in Norway, Sweden, Canada and the United States.

L.A. Vice (1989)

A Los Angeles police detective (Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs) tackles a kidnapping case with his retired captain (William Smith) as backup.

Tiramisu (2008)

Jacob, a bookkeeper, meets Anne, an actress and his newest client. Her personal finances are in terrible shape and she has to sell her beloved houseboat. Jacob buys the boat and plans to give it to Anne, but she comes up with a plan of her own.

Happy (2015)

A young Parisian who dreams of America meets a lost girl from Texas on the streets of Paris.

Tito's Glasses (2014)

Actress Adriana Altaras goes on a journey to find a country that no longer exists.

Skull Heads (2009)

Supernatural creatures terrorize three art thieves who invade an old castle.

Lady from Louisiana (1941)

A New England lawyer (John Wayne) falls for a racketeer's daughter (Ona Munson) in 19th-century New Orleans.

Devilman (2004)

A powerful demon (Hisato Izaki) tries to prevent an apocalyptic war between his race and mankind.

Out West with the Peppers (1940)

A woman (Dorothy Peterson) takes her children (Edith Fellows, Dorothy Ann Seese) westward, where they proceed to get into trouble at a lumber camp.

Separated by Murder (1994)

Twin sisters Betty Gay Wilson (Sharon Gless) and Peggy Joy Lowe (also Gless) have always shared a deep connection with one another. In fact, the identical siblings even conspire a murder together. When they hatch the plan to hire a local handyman to kill Betty's rich husband, Dr. Duncan Walker (Bob Penny), Betty and Peggy think they are committing the perfect crime. All set to inherit Walker's estate, the sisters are in for a rude awakening when their hired man turns them in.

Wet and Wild Summer (1992)

A Los Angeles real estate agent (Christopher Atkins) poses as an exchange lifeguard to foreclose an Australian beach club.

Fire in the Night (1986)

A muscular coed (Graciela Casillas) bets her virtue and her father's business that she can throw a karate expert (Patrick St. Esprit) in the river.

Lone Wolf And Cub: Baby Cart In Peril (1972)

Ogami (Tomisaburô Wakayama) is hired to kill a female assassin covered with tattoos.

Brice the Nice (2005)

An obnoxious man (Jean Dujardin) and his dimwitted friend (lodie Bouchez) enter a surfing competition.

Change Of Plans (2009)

Friends attending a dinner party act like a dysfunctional family.

The Serpent Warriors (1985)

Three California zoologists try to keep a snake priestess from taking over an Asian high-rise.

Five Little Peppers in Trouble (1940)

Children at a boarding school take a dislike to five siblings (Edith Fellows, Dorothy Ann Seese).

Monster In The Closet (1986)

An obituary writer (Donald Grant), a professor (Denise DuBarry) and a brainy boy track a big-mouthed monster near San Francisco.

Fine Things (1990)

When an executive's (D.W. Moffett) wife (Tracy Pollan) dies of cancer, her former husband demands custody of their daughter.

Clancy (2009)

A runaway (Christina Dawn Fougnie) changes the life of a bad-tempered, homeless war vet (Jefferson Moore), who must now shelter her from the machinations of a corrupt mayor.

Rafales (1990)

A radio reporter (Denis Bouchard) who witnessed a Christmas Eve robbery exploits the culprit (Marcel Leboeuf) who got away.

Everything's Alright (1978)

Chaos strikes when a middle-class couple (Paulo Gracindo, Fernanda Montenegro) renovates their apartment.

Eden A L'ouest (2009)

Illegal immigrants struggle to live in the EU.

Smart Alec (1986)

A budding Hollywood filmmaker raises funds by trying to please a series of eccentric investors.

On The Second Day Of Christmas (1997)

The life of a security guard (Mark Ruffalo) transforms after he nabs a woman (Mary Stuart Masterson) and her niece (Lauren Suzanne Pratt) for pickpocketing, then takes them under his wing.

Social Error (1935)

A comedy of errors results when an heiress mistakes guards for kidnappers.

Plunder Of The Sun (1953)

An American tourist, Al Colby (Glenn Ford), is detained by Mexican authorities and questioned about his role in a treasure hunt expedition in the Oaxaca region that went horribly wrong. Colby recounts how he was hired by a woman, Anna Luz (Patricia Medina), and her husband (Francis L. Sullivan) to smuggle a valuable artifact into Mexico from Havana. He agreed and ended up attracting plenty of shady characters and trouble in the process, leading ultimately to murder.

Yahaan Sabki Lagi Hai (2015)

Three young Indians realize life's ultimate truth when their road trip goes bad.

The Man Next Door (1996)

A community reacts with fear and tension to the arrival of a recently paroled rapist (Michael Ontkean).

Samurai Reincarnation (1981)

In the aftermath of a terrible revolution, a beheaded warrior returns to exact revenge against the government.

Doubles Causes Trouble (1989)

Squabbling cousins find themselves in over their heads after their tenant ends up dead. Both good and evil are after them, but they have no idea what they've done wrong.

Peter and the Wolf (1946)

Peter awakens to the first day of spring, and the beautiful morning turns into an amazing adventure as Peter and his friends -- a bird, a cat and deliriously dizzy duck -- outwit a mighty wolf.

Emperor Chien Lung and the Beauty (1980)

Emperor Chien Lung ventures into the country disguised as a peasant and woos a courtesan, gambles and helps earthquake victims.

Dirty Dishes (1978)

With two sons and a pushy husband (Pierre Santini), a French housewife (Carole Laure) tries diversions to change her life.

Arizona Heat (1988)

An Arizona police detective (Michael Parks) and his new woman partner (Denise Crosby) hunt a killer of police officers.

Chinese Roulette (1977)

Shocking revelations occur when cheating spouses and their daughter (Andrea Schober) gather at their country estate.

The Rise and Fall of a Small Film Company (1986)

A director is determined to save his failing career. He uses an assembly line to audition actors, hustles Germans for production money, and discusses film history with filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard.

Roamin' Wild (1936)

Crooks hatch a plot to rob miners of their rightful earnings by masquerading as government officials.

It's Great to Be Young (1946)

Young performers (Leslie Brooks, Jimmy Lloyd, Jeff Donnell) impress a Broadway producer with a borscht belt show.

The Green Goddess (1930)

A plane carrying British Maj. Crespin (H.B. Warner), his wife Lucilla (Alice Joyce) and Dr. Traherene (Ralph Forbes) crash-lands in the small Near East nation of Rukh. There, the rajah (George Arliss), whose three brothers are about to be executed by British forces, informs them that they will be killed in retaliation -- but then finds himself attracted to Lucilla. She refuses the rajah's advances, but distracts him so that Crespin and Traherene can get to the telegraph machine to summon aid.

Arcana (1972)

A police detective and a strange amnesiac capable of communicating with the spirit world strive to stop a mass murderer.

Knights And Emeralds (1986)

In a small English town, drummer Kevin Brimble (Christopher Wild) leads a marching band known as the Knights. The Knights, comprising white kids from Kevin's high school, are, with the exception of its leader, musically inept. However, Kevin's budding romance with Melissa (Beverly Hills), the conga player of rival black group the Crusaders -- musically, the superior of the two bands -- threatens to split the Knights apart and create a rift between Kevin and his prejudiced father.

Stolen Path (2015)

Victoria matures from a privileged girl to a woman who follows her heart.

Nefertiti's Daughters (2015)

Egyptian artists discuss the critical role street art played during the Egyptian uprisings.

Heroes Shed No Tears (1980)

Kao is given a mission by his elderly master to take a cursed sword and solve petty squabbles between skilled martial masters.

Apocalyptic (2014)

Journalists uncover the truth surrounding a bizarre doomsday cult, the Bytherainians.

Projections of America (2014)

During World War II, Robert Riskin and other filmmakers create powerful short documentaries that showed America's strength.

Imagine I'm Beautiful (2014)

A young woman moves to New York after her mother's death. After a rocky start with her troubled roommate, the two find solace in each other's difficult pasts.

The Electronic Monster (1958)

A U.S. insurance investigator (Rod Cameron) finds a European clinic where patients' dreams are twisted by a machine.

Strange (2003)

An uncommunicative former surgeon (Julio Chvez) moves in with a pregnant woman (Valeria Bertuccelli) whose roommate committed suicide.

Lady in the Corner (1989)

The veteran editor (Loretta Young) and publisher (Brian Keith) of a fashion magazine thwart a takeover by upstart counterparts.

The Black Falcon (1967)

Two female fighters unite to battle against a notorious Singaporean crime syndicate!

Big In Japan (2015)

Tennis Pro, a struggling Seattle rock band, take a final shot at making it by touring Tokyo.

The Black Tavern (1972)

The down and dirty meet in a tavern to plot their nefarious schemes.

Ordo (2004)

A French sailor (Roschdy Zem) tries to reunite with his ex-wife (Marie-Jose Croze) after his shipmates tell him she is a movie star.

Blackwater (2007)

A psychopath stalks four young women in the Florida Everglades.

The Butterfly Chalice (1965)

Tien Yu-chuan meets a beautiful woman while on the run for accidentally killing a bully.