Swing! (1938)

Swing! is a 1938 American race film directed, produced and written by Oscar Micheaux.

A Plague So Pleasant (2015)

In a post-apocalyptic world, people become used to living alongside the ambulatory dead.

House Of The Damned (1996)

House of the Damned is a 1996 American zombie horror comedy film that was written and directed by Sean Weathers. It was first released on August 20, 1996 through Full Circle Filmworks, but was re-released in 2011 through Music Video Distributors (MVD). The film is Weathers' first film and was dedicated to his best friend and script supervisor Jahvaughn Lambert, who committed suicide before the film was finished editing.

What Have They Done to Your Daughters? (1974)

What Have They Done to Your Daughters? (Italian: La polizia chiede aiuto) is a 1974 Italian film directed by Massimo Dallamano. The film is about police officers investigating a case of a 14-year-old Silvia Polvesi who has been found hanged after receiving an anonymous phone call. After interrogating suspescts and witnesses, a tape is discovered where several sexual encounters are recorded. This leads the police to an underage prostitution ring.

20 Seconds of Joy (2012)

Emotional, intense, and riveting. Just a few words that describe 20 seconds of Joy, Jens Hoffmann's award-winning documentary that offers insights into the life, fears and career of B.A.S.E. jumper and free skier Karina Hollekim.

A Better Tomorrow III: Love and Death in Saigon (1989)

A Better Tomorrow III: Love & Death in Saigon is a 1989 Hong Kong action drama film co-produced and directed by Tsui Hark. It is a loosely based prequel to John Woo's A Better Tomorrow and A Better Tomorrow II.

Sing Me the Songs That Say I Love You: A Concert for Kate McGarrigle (2013)

Sing Me the Songs That Say I Love You: A Concert for Kate McGarrigle is a 2012 documentary film directed by Lian Lunson. It follows a memorial concert on May 12, 2011 at Town Hall in New York City had been made to pay tribute to musician Kate McGarrigle, who died from sarcoma at the age of 63 in 2010. The concert was headlined by Kate's children Martha and Rufus Wainwright, while also featuring her sisters Jane and Anna McGarrigle, comedian Jimmy Fallon, and musicians Emmylou Harris, Norah Jones, Antony and Teddy Thompson. The compilation album Sing Me the Songs: Celebrating the Works of Kate McGarrigle serves as the film's soundtrack.

Bewitched Love (1967)

Bewitched Love is a 1967 Spanish drama film directed by Francisco Rovira Beleta and based on the eponymous ballet by Manuel de Falla. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. It was also entered into the 5th Moscow International Film Festival.

Peace Over the Fields (1972)

Peace in the Fields (French: Paix sur les champs) is a 1970 French-language Belgian film directed by Jacques Boigelot and based on the eponymous novel by Marie Gevers. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Konets Saturna (1967)

In the second part of a trilogy, the Soviet Intelligence is able to outwit a clever enemy by using information gathered from German spies.

Mechanical Love (2007)

Mechanical Love is a 2007 documentary by Danish filmmaker Phie Ambo about Hiroshi Ishiguro and his work on robots that resemble humans (gynoids and androids).

We Won't Grow Old Together (1972)

We Won't Grow Old Together (French: Nous ne vieillirons pas ensemble) is a 1972 French drama film directed by Maurice Pialat. It was submitted at the 1972 Cannes Film Festival where Jean Yanne won the award for Best Actor.

Sympathy (2007)

A desperate bank robber and his rebellious teenage hostage attempt to throw off authorities by laying low in a ramshackle roadside motel.

Body (2012)

An attorney sends his anorexic daughter (Justyna Suwala) to see a psychiatrist after her mother dies.

China Behind (1978)

China Behind (再見中國) is a 1974 Hong Kong movie, directed by Tang Shu Shuen. The film painted a bleak portrait of both communist China and capitalist Hong Kong, yielding a thirteen-year ban by British colonial authorities, that was lifted in 1980.

Ignasi M. (2014)

Ignasi Millet, a promiscuous gay man with HIV, did not allow his sexual orientation to deny him a family or career as he became a well-known museum curator.

Summer Night Fever (1978)

Two young men and a teenage tag-along pack up their convertible and take off for a summer of fun and adventure.

The Sixth Part of the World (1987)

A Sixth Part of the World (Russian: Шестая часть мира, Shestaya Chast Mira), sometimes referred to as The Sixth Part of the World, is a 1926 silent film directed by Dziga Vertov and produced by Kultkino (part of Sovkino). Through the travelogue format, it depicted the multitude of Soviet peoples in remote areas of USSR and detailed the entirety of the wealth of the Soviet land. Focusing on cultural and economic diversity, the film is in fact a call for unification in order to build a "complete socialist society". A mix between newsreel and found footage, Vertov edited sequences filmed by eight teams of kinoks (kinoki) during their trips. According to Vertov, the film anticipates the coming of sound films by using a constant "word-radio-theme" in the intertitles. Thanks to A Sixth Part of the World and his following feature The Eleventh Year (1928), Vertov matures his style in which he will excel in his most famous film Man with a Movie Camera (1929).

The Eleventh Year (1928)

An interesting commemoration of the 11th anniversary of the revolution.

8 Ball Bunny (1950)

8 Ball Bunny is a Looney Tunes cartoon (reissued as a 1961 Blue Ribbon Merrie Melodies cartoon) directed by Chuck Jones and written by Michael Maltese. It was shot in 1949 and released theatrically on July 8, 1950.

Operation: Rabbit (1952)

Operation: Rabbit is a Looney Tunes animated cartoon first released theatrically in 1952. Directed by Chuck Jones, the cartoon features Bugs Bunny and Wile E. Coyote in the latter character's first attempt to capture and eat the former.

Those Happy Years (2013)

Those Happy Years (Italian: Anni felici) is a 2013 Italian drama film directed by Daniele Luchetti. It was screened in the Special Presentation section at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.

The Nun and the Sergeant (1962)

A Marine (Robert Webber) leads misfits on a mission in Korea with a nun (Anna Sten) and Asian schoolgirls for company.

What's Up Doc? (1950)

What's Up, Doc? is a Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Robert McKimson and released by Warner Bros. Pictures in 1950 to celebrate Bugs Bunny's 10th birthday that year, in which he recounts his life story to a reporter from the "Disassociated Press". Bugs talks about his birth, his rise to fame, the slow years, and when famous Vaudeville performer Elmer Fudd chooses him to be part of his act. Eventually the duo comes upon their classic formula of Hunter vs. Hare. The short also was the first to use the title card music which would continue to be used in Bugs Bunny's cartoons.

Sealed Verdict (1948)

Sealed Verdict is a 1948 American film directed by Lewis Allen. John Hoyt plays a high-ranking Nazi being prosecuted by an army tribunal in the aftermath of World War II. Sentenced to death, the general appeals to the American investigating Major (Ray Milland), claiming mitigating circumstances, and providing the names of witnesses who will clear his name. This sends the Major in a search through the ruins of post-war Germany to determine the degree of the general's guilt.

Hand in Hand (1961)

Hand in Hand is a 1960 black and white Associated British Picture Corporation dramatic film about the friendship between two young children, one a Roman Catholic boy about nine, the other a 7-year-old Jewish girl. Filmed in the summer of 1960 under the title "The Star and The Cross", Hand in Hand was released theatrically in the United States in 1961 by Columbia Pictures. Although ABPC's distribution arm in the United Kingdom, Warner-Pathe Film Distributors, screened the film for the British press in late 1960, it remained unreleased in the UK until 1963, when it finally went out nationally on the ABC cinema circuit as the supporting feature for the Tony Hancock comedy The Punch and Judy Man. It was shown to American children and adults when released on the CBS Children's Film Festival 1967 season hosted by Kukla, Fran and Ollie.

Sliding Home (1997)

A disgraced baseball player faces his past and the disappointment of his father after returning to his hometown.

Cochemare (2013)

The notions of voyeurism, femininity, and the separation of body and mind.

Århus by night (1989)

A director recounts his experiences on his first film and memories from his childhood.

Big Brown Eyes (1936)

Big Brown Eyes is a 1936 crime comedy film. In the film, police officer Danny Barr (Cary Grant) is chasing jewel robbers. His girlfriend Eve Fallon (Joan Bennett) is initially working as a manicurist, but quickly takes a job as a reporter assisting in the effort against the jewel thieves. Fallon and Barr become disgusted when one jewel gang member is acquitted after killing a baby in Central Park, and both leave their jobs. Soon thereafter, Fallon gets a lucky break while giving a manicure and the case is solved.

The Deadly Game (1954)

Third Party Risk, released in the United States under the title Deadly Game, is a 1954 British crime drama film, directed by Daniel Birt and starring Lloyd Bridges, Simone Silva and Finlay Currie. It is based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Bentley.

Cahoots (2001)

A loutish drifter (Keith Carradine) drags an old pal (David Keith) into an increasingly self-destructive circle of liquor and violence.

The Two Dollar Bill Documentary (2015)

The history of the $2 bill.

Canyon Ambush (1952)

A government agent (Johnny Mack Brown) searches for a masked rider and his murderous gang.

Theo's House (2014)

Theo (Hannu-Pekka Björkman), a Finnish architect, begins to design his dream house for a woman he met almost 50 years ago.

When Voices Meet: One Divided Country; One United Choir; One Courageous Journey (2015)

After Nelson Mandela is released from prison, South African musicians form a 500-voice choir to break through Apartheid's barriers.

Strawman (1987)

The last days of Japanese rule in a Taiwanese village.

The White Planet (2006)

The White Planet or in French, La Planète Blanche, is a 2006 documentary about the wildlife of the Arctic. It shows interactions between marine animals, birds and land animals, especially the polar bear, over a one-year period. The fragility of the Arctic is hinted at as a reason to prevent climate change. It was nominated for the Documentary category in the 27th Genie Awards in 2007.

While The Patient Slept (1935)

While the Patient Slept is a 1935 comedy murder mystery film starring Aline MacMahon as a nurse/crime sleuth and Guy Kibbee as her boyfriend and police detective. It is based on the novel of the same name by Mignon G. Eberhart. Nurse Sarah Keate is the protagonist of several Eberhart books; two others were made into films as well: Mystery House and The Patient in Room 18, both released in 1938, though MacMahon was replaced by Ann Sheridan.

D' Lucky Ones! (2006)

D' Lucky Ones! is a 2006 Filpino romantic comedy film starring Sandara Park, Joseph Bitangcol, Eugene Domingo, and Pokwang.

The Happiest Place on Earth (2015)

A daycare teacher's dreams of a home and family are nearly ruined by the loss of her husband's job and his disappearance.

Arbor Day (1936)

Arbor Day is a 1936 Our Gang short comedy film directed by Fred C. Newmeyer. It was the 145th Our Gang short that was released.

Striking Range (2006)

When Ted Billings (Glenn Morshower) double crosses a group purchasing a next generation weapon, he tells his Vice President of Security, Emily Johanson (Yancy Butler) to call her old boyfriend Eugene "Vash" Vasher (Lou Diamond Phillips) and his mercenary team to protect him. With attacks coming from within and from without, Vash must use all his resourcefulness to keep his client safe—a client he grows to respect less and less.

Darkroom (2013)

A woman (Kaylee DeFer) becomes trapped in a mansion with three psychotic siblings who are hell-bent on purging her of her sins.

The Cape Town Affair (1967)

The Cape Town Affair is director Robert D. Webb's 1967 glamorized spy film produced by 20th Century Fox at Killarney Film Studios in South Africa. The film stars Claire Trevor, James Brolin and Jacqueline Bisset. The film is a remake of the 1953 picture Pickup on South Street.

Eastern Bandits (2012)

An Inaccurate Memoir, also known as Eastern Bandits, is a 2012 Chinese thriller film directed by Yang Shupeng. and released in Malaysia and America only.

Drums Across the River (1954)

Drums Across the River is a 1954 American Technicolor Western film directed by Nathan Juran starring Audie Murphy, Walter Brennan and Lyle Bettger.

Stay Until Tomorrow (2004)

An actress tries to sort out her life while those around her are busy doing the same.

Jeong Seung Pil Mystery (2009)

A fund manager's seductive fiancee is the prime suspect in his disappearance.

Valerie (1957)

Valerie is a 1957 Western film starring Sterling Hayden, and Anita Ekberg and Anthony Steel, who were married at the time. It was their only film together

Something Creeping in the Dark (1971)

Something Creeping in The Dark is a 1971 Italian horror film directed by Mario Colucci and starring Farley Granger and Lucia Bosè.

Heart of a Child (1958)

Heart of a Child is a 1958 film, adapted from a book written by Phyllis Bottome, directed by Clive Donner. It stars Jean Anderson and Donald Pleasence.

The Royal Bed (1931)

The Royal Bed is a 1931 American Pre-Code American satirical comedy film produced by William LeBaron and distributed through RKO. The film was directed by and starred Lowell Sherman, along with Mary Astor and Anthony Bushell. The screenplay was adapted by J. Walter Ruben based on the 1928 play by Robert E. Sherwood titled The Queen's Husband. It would be one of a handful of RKO pictures which was produced in both English and French language versions.

Pasaporte a la muerte (1968)

Blue Demon chases a villain who kills scientists to steal their secrets, then he causes artificial earthquakes.

The Pool Hustlers (1982)

The Pool Hustlers (Italian: Io, Chiara e lo Scuro, "I, Chiara and lo Scuro") is a 1982 Italian comedy-drama film directed by Maurizio Ponzi. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1983 Cannes Film Festival. It was co-written by Ponzi, male lead Francesco Nuti and established screenwriters Franco Ferrini and Enrico Oldoini. The symbolic names of the characters mentioned in the Italian title, "Chiara" and "lo Scuro", mean "Bright" or "Clear", and "the Dark One" or "the Darkness", respectively.

Murder in Peyton Place (1977)

Murder in Peyton Place is a 1977 American made-for-television mystery-drama film directed by Bruce Kessler. The film is based on the 1964–1969 TV series Peyton Place and it was billed as a reunion movie. It first aired on NBC Monday Night at the Movies on October 3, 1977. It focuses on the mysterious deaths of Rodney Harrington and Allison MacKenzie, as well as a diabolical plot of a powerful person to ruin the community.

Ich will nicht nur, daß ihr mich liebt - Der Filmemacher Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1992)

Actress Hanna Schygulla, cinematographer Michael Ballhaus and others discuss the life and career of German filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

Killervision (2014)

A man with a brain injury is tormented by visions of his friends being murdered. He becomes increasingly disturbed when he realizes it is only a matter of time before the killer comes for him.

Çarsi Pazar (2015)

Kahraman must battle a contractor to protect the hamam his family left him.

Blade in Hong Kong (1985)

Blade in Hong Kong is a 1985 American action/adventure television film directed by Iranian-born director Reza Badiyi. It is based on a novel by Terry Becker. It stars Terry Lester as a suave private eye who becomes embroiled in a battle against the Hong Kong underworld.

Vanessa, Her Love Story (1935)

Vanessa: Her Love Story is a 1935 American drama film directed by William K. Howard of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, starring Robert Montgomery, Helen Hayes, and May Robson. It is based on the novel Vanessa by Hugh Walpole. The film premiered on 1 March 1935.

Death Makes Life Possible (2013)

Anthropologist Marilyn Schlitz explores the mysteries of death.

Murder in the Cathedral (1952)

Murder in the Cathedral is a 1951 British drama film directed and produced by George Hoellering and co-written by Hoellering and T. S. Eliot based on Eliot's 1935 verse drama of the same name and starring Father John Groser. The film competed at the 12th Venice International Film Festival and received the award for Best Production Design, given to Peter Pendrey. It was released in the United Kingdom in 1952.

Tropic of Cancer (1970)

Tropic of Cancer is a 1970 American drama film directed by Joseph Strick and written by Betty Botley and Joseph Strick. It is based on Henry Miller's autobiographical novel Tropic of Cancer. The film stars Rip Torn, James T. Callahan, David Baur, Laurence Lignères, Phil Brown and Dominique Delpierre. The film was released on February 27, 1970, by Paramount Pictures. Filming took place on location in Paris, produced by Joseph Strick with some help from the author, whose persona was portrayed by Rip Torn and his wife Mona by Ellen Burstyn. The novel had provided a test for American laws on pornography in the early 1960s, and the film was rated X in the United States, which was later changed to an NC-17 rating. In the UK the film was refused a theatrical 'X' certificate by the BBFC. Strick had previously adapted other works of literature - Jean Genet's The Balcony and James Joyce's Ulysses.

Tocá para mí (2001)

After a failed suicide attempt, a talented but troubled violinist learns to face his fears with a woman's help.

The Ten Million Dollar Grab (1967)

Greedy syndicate members reveal the secret lurking behind a priceless diamond.

...And Plays Tricks (1978)

A small green bear tries to impress animals with tricks.

Cry Tough (1959)

Cry Tough is a 1959 crime drama film directed by Paul Stanley written by Harry Kleiner, starring John Saxon and Linda Cristal. The screenplay of the film is based on the novel of the same name by Irving Shulman. However in the transition from print to film the Jewish Brooklyn gang of the novel became a Puerto Rican gang in Spanish Harlem.

Ming jian (1980)

The Sword is a 1980 Hong Kong wuxia film co-written and directed by Patrick Tam and starring Adam Cheng.

Blind Date (1996)

Blind Date is a 1996 Dutch film by director Theo van Gogh.

Urban Fruit (2015)

Four residents of Los Angeles start growing their own food.

So Little Time (1952)

So Little Time is a 1952 British World War II romance drama, directed by Compton Bennett and starring Marius Goring, Maria Schell and Lucie Mannheim. The film is based on the novel Je ne suis pas une héroïne by French author Noelle Henry. So Little Time is unusual for its time in portraying its German characters in a mainly sympathetic manner, while the Belgian Resistance characters are depicted in an aggressive, almost gangster-type light. So soon after the war, this was not a narrative viewpoint British audiences and critics expected in a British film and there was considerable protest about the film's content. The film was made at Elstree Studios with sets designed by Edward Carrick. Filmed during 1951, it was released in March 1952.

Marihuana (1936)

Marihuana is a 1936 exploitation film directed by Dwain Esper, and written by Esper's wife, Hildagarde Stadie.

Alleluia (2014)

Alleluia is a 2014 Belgian-French drama film directed by Fabrice Du Welz. It was screened as part of the Directors' Fortnight section at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. It received eight nominations at the 6th Magritte Awards, including Best Director for Du Welz.

Vannin' (2013)

A subculture of van enthusiasts keep the 70s dream alive.

Killer Barbys (1996)

A vanload of kids are stranded in a hilltop castle and become the unwitting victims of an immortal, sex-crazed countess (Mariangela Giordano) who retains her youth by feeding upon the blood of the young. Hardly the typical "Scooby-Doo" kids, these guests are members of the gore-punk band the Killer Barbies, who prove themselves quite well equipped to battle the horrors that confront them.

If I Were a Rich Man (2002)

If I Were a Rich Man (Ah! Si j'étais riche) is a 2002 French film written and directed by Gérard Bitton and Michel Munz.

Captain Fury (1939)

Captain Fury is a 1939 American adventure film set in colonial Australia directed by Hal Roach. It was one of Hollywood's few attempts to depict Australian history.

Train To Tombstone (1950)

Train to Tombstone is a 1950 American film directed by William Berke.

The Vanishing Outpost (1951)

The Vanishing Outpost is a 1951 American film produced and directed by Ron Ormond starring Lash LaRue and Al "Fuzzy" St. John. It was the tenth of LaRue's films for Ormond's Western Adventures Productions Inc. The film was the fourth to be released by Howco, Ron Ormond's new film company composed of Ormond and drive-in movie owners Joy N. Houck and J. Francis White, and Ormond's second film as director. The screenplay is credited to Ormond's wife June Carr and Maurice Tombragel. The film is composed mostly of footage from the previous Ormond LaRue Westerns Son of Billy the Kid (1949), Mark of the Lash (1948), Outlaw Country (1949) and Son of a Bad Man (1949) . No outpost, vanishing or otherwise is seen in the film. The story appeared in Fawcett Comics' Motion Picture Comics #111 (1952).

The Visitor from Planet Omicron (2013)

Frieda Cloiselle (Inge Jaklyn) helps an alien hide from the government after he crash-lands in her backyard.

The Life and Times of Paul the Psychic Octopus (2012)

Filmmaker Alexandre O. Philippe explores celebrity mania and the science of probabilities through the life and predictions of an octopus.

Hillbilly Blitzkrieg (1942)

Hillbilly Blitzkrieg is a 1942 American film directed by Roy Mack that was a sequel to Private Snuffy Smith. The film is also known as Enemy Round-Up (American TV title).

Western Mail (1942)

Western Mail is a 1942 American western film directed by Robert Emmett Tansey.

Hot Type: 150 Years Of The Nation (2015)

Filmmaker Barbara Kopple examines the history of "The Nation," the oldest weekly publication in the United States.

Fallout (2008)

Fallout is a one-off television film-length crime drama, broadcast on 3 July 2008, as part of Channel 4's Disarming Britain series. The drama explores the lives of a group of teenagers in South London, following the fatal stabbing of a mutual associate, Kwame Abena, and the subsequent investigation lead by DS Joe Stephens.

Silver City Revisited (1969)

Views from various apartments filmmaker Wim Wenders lived in as a student in Munich.

3 amerikanische LP's (1969)

Peter Handke and Wim Wenders discuss American music from inside a car.

The Arizona Kid (1939)

The Arizona Kid is a 1939 American western film directed by Joseph Kane under the Republic Pictures banner. The film stars Roy Rogers as a Confederate officer in Missouri during the American Civil War.

Shinobi No Mono 2: Vengeance (1963)

Goemon Ishikawa has settled down with his wife and child, and wishes only to live in peace – a wish that will not be granted. As mighty warlords battle and connive, Goemon must once again try to assassinate Nobunaga, in order to save the Buddhist religious community that has come to mean so much to him.

Shinobi No Mono 4: Siege (1964)

The besieged Toyotomi clan in Osaka castle, is all that stands between Tokugawa Ieyasu and complete control of Japan. Ieyasu’s ninja are the only ones who can penetrate the fortress, but unfortunately for Ieyasu, the other Toyotomi ninja can just as easily get out. As armies of samurai maneuver for battle, the fate of the nation will be decided by a desperate struggle in the dark!

The Return of Rin Tin Tin (1947)

The Return of Rin Tin Tin is a 1947 American drama film directed by Max Nosseck and written by Jack DeWitt. The film stars Rin Tin Tin III, Donald Woods, Robert Blake, Claudia Drake, Steve Pendleton and Earle Hodgins. The film was released on November 1, 1947, by Eagle-Lion Films.


An exploration of the desires and anxieties of today's hyper-connected world using archival material from the last 100 years.

Essex Boys: The Truth (2015)

An exploration of the events surrounding the Rettendon murders, in which three drug dealers were murdered, and the 10 bloodiest years in U.K. gangland history.

The Last One (2008)

A beautiful young doctor relocates halfway around the world to escape her tragic past. When creepy and unexplained paranormal events turn deadly for people around her, she has to find out what is haunting her before it is too late.

The Rawhide Years (1956)

The Rawhide Years is a 1956 Western directed by Rudolph Mate and starring Tony Curtis and Colleen Miller.

Secret (2007)

Secret is a 2007 Taiwanese film. It is the directorial debut feature film of Taiwanese musician Jay Chou, who also stars as the male lead and co-wrote the film. In addition to himself, the film also stars Gwei Lun-mei and Anthony Wong. Filming was conducted at Tamkang High School, New Taipei City, Taiwan, which is also the alma mater of Jay Chou. The budget was about NT$65 million dollars.

Lights Camera Dead (2007)

Lights Camera Dead is an American independent horror comedy film, directed by Indie filmmaker Tim Reaper and stars Richard Christy.

From Hell to Texas (1958)

From Hell to Texas is a 1958 film directed by Henry Hathaway and starring Don Murray and Diane Varsi. The supporting cast features Chill Wills and Dennis Hopper. It is based on the novel, The Hell-Bent Kid, by Charles O. Locke.

I Hate Tom Petty (2011)

An emerging guitar player and a sexy singer/songwriter become part of a cover band and deliberately work to be a success.