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Door-to-door aluminum-siding salesmen Bill "B.B." Babowsky (Richard Dreyfuss) and Ernest Tilley (Danny DeVito) are professional rivals in an industry known for shady dealings and high-pressure sales. But their rivalry goes from professional to personal after a minor car accident that neither are willing to take the blame for. As the hatred between the two men grows to near insane levels, B.B. decides to take it even further by seducing and having an affair with Tilley's wife (Barbara Hershey).
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Tin Men is a highly popular Movie. This was Mark Johnson’s 7th Movie. Tin Men was one of this most popular pieces. This was Barry Levinson’s 70th Movies in this genre. His most popular Movie was Diner. Movie`s leading actors are Seymour Cassel, Danny Devito, and Bruno Kirby. Seymour Cassel was born in Detroit, Michigan on 1935-01-22, and won 2 awards. Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actor. Danny Devito was born in Asbury Park, New Jersey on 1944-11-17, and won 10 awards. Golden Globe for the Best Performance By an Actor in a Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical. If you liked that Movie, you should also try Glengarry Glen Ross, The Big Kahuna, and Used Cars.