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Gracie is a 2007 American historical sports drama film directed by Davis Guggenheim. It stars Carly Schroeder as Gracie Bowen, Dermot Mulroney as Bryan Bowen, Elisabeth Shue as Lindsay Bowen, Jesse Lee Soffer as Johnny Bowen, and Andrew Shue as Coach Owen Clark. Gracie takes place in New Jersey, United States in 1978, before 1972's Title IX had taken much effect in women's college sports and when organized women's soccer was still very rare in the United States. Gracie, the film's central protagonist, overcomes the loss of her brother by convincing her family and school to allow her to play varsity soccer on an all-boys team. The story is very loosely based on the childhood experiences of Elisabeth Shue. The novelization Gracie, written by Suzanne Weyn, was released in June 2007.
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PG,10-12 PG,G,12,PG-13,L
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Gracie was one of the most popular Movies that year. This was Andrew Shue’s 2nd Movie. Gracie was one of this most popular pieces. This was Davis Guggenheim’s 8th Movies in this genre. His most popular Movie was Training Day. You can try similar movies like A League of Their Own, Girlfight, and Bend It Like Beckham.