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Ghostride The Whip

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Ghostride the Whip is a documentary film, executive produced by Academy Award nominee Peter Spirer of Rugged Entertainment, that takes the viewer into the world of this phenomenon that started in San Francisco's bay area several years ago. At times, through a historical perspective, the film brings to light the elements and trends that may have been responsible for the origins of ghostriding. The documentary also explores the demographic that most appeals to this art form and the lifestyles of those that regularly participate in it. In its most basic definition, ghostriding the whip involves a car in motion with no one operating it. The closest thing that can come to describing ghostriding the whip is perhaps the Chinese fire drill that was popular back in the 1950s. However, unlike the Chinese fire drill the car remains in motion with no urgency to get back into it. In fact, the driver and passengers will walk next to the car as it casually rolls down the street, with thumping music playing at extreme volumes as the riders participate in free-form dance within close proximity to the car. Often the occupants of the vehicle will climb on the hood and roof, expressing themselves in dance high atop the automobile. It appears that ghostriding is greatly influenced by the Hyphy (pronounced Hi-Fee) movement, also originating from the San Francisco bay area by former rap great Mac Dre. Hyphy, meaning "rambunctious," is yet another movement that has helped define hip-hop in the bay area. Hyphy music is known for its gritty and pounding rhythms. Mac Dre is somewhat of a central character to the film, as he is considered to many as the forefather of a great many trends that had come out of the bay area during his rap reign. Things like Thizz, Hyphy, Ghostriding the Whip are all attributed to the rap star that was murdered in 2004 after performing a show in Kansas City, Missouri.
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Ghostride The Whip considered as one of the greates Movies of all times. This was Dj Vlad’s 1st Movies in this genre. His most popular Movie was Ghostride The Whip.