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For Queen and Country is a 1988 British-American crime drama film co-written and directed by Martin Stellman and starring Denzel Washington. Washington stars as Reuben James, a Black British former paratrooper, who joined the British Army to escape the poverty of inner city London; Reuben fights in the Falklands War, and upon returning home he finds that society ignores and challenges him while trying to adjust to normal life. The film received mixed reviews and was a box office flop. It has recently been reevaluated as a serious critique of Thatcherism and its effect in 1980's Britain.
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For Queen And Country was one of the most popular Movies that year. This was Tim Bevan’s 3rd Movie. For Queen And Country was one of this most popular pieces. This was Martin Stellman’s 3rd Movies in this genre. His most popular Movie was Quadrophenia. The leading actors for that Movie are Denzel Washington, Amanda Redman, and Frank Harper. Denzel Washington was born on 1954-12-28 in Mount Vernon, New York, and won 18 awards. Academy Award in 1987. Amanda Redman was born on 1957-08-12 in Brighton, East Sussex, England, and won 1 award. British Academy of Film & Television Arts in 2015. If you liked that Movie, you should also try Harry Brown, Bullet Boy, and My Beautiful Laundrette.